Gymboree Play & Music Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ Video November 19, 2020, 10:16pm

Videos by Gymboree Play & Music Scottsdale in Scottsdale. Gymboree Play and Music classes are uniquely and intentionally designed to support the whole family through the first five years. Our community is founded on play, connection, and growth for parent and child!

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‘3 Green & Speckled Frogs’ with Mr. Brit 🐸

Come experience ‘Beatlemania’ here at Gymboree! During our Family Music Class (Tuesdays & Thursdays @9am and Fridays @11...

A taste of what we are singing during our South Pacific Week in Family Music. ‘Hawaiian Rainbows’ 🌈

Come Try Our New Swing Set! ❤️
Come play with us! Here at Gymboree! 😊

Baby Message w/ ‘Moo Moo Brown Cow’ Rhyme
Mr. Brit showing you how to improve your Baby’s circulation with a relaxing message and a nice song to go along with. 🍼🐄...

Itsy Bitsy Spider/Miss Mary Mack
Get your spider-fingers ready and then we're going to clap 3 times at the end of each line of Miss Mary Mack. Whenever t...

'How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe?' by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Lap Ride: 'Little Birdies'
Mr. Brit & Gymbo!

Who’s ready for a Gymboree Day! Can’t wait to see you soon! 🥰

‘No More Monkeys’ Brought to you By the Number 5️⃣ With Mr. Brit & Mr. Bananas 🍌🐒

Lap Rhymes with Bubbles & Gymbo 🤡

The Classics: Freeze 🥶/Bubble/ Gymbo 🤡 Time with Mr. Brit

‘If You’re Happy & You Know it...’ w/Gymbo!
Clap your hands, stomps your feet, and shout, "Hooray!" with Gymbo! Can you do all 3 in a row? 😊

‘Five Little Ducks’
Count up to ‘5’ with Mr. Brit & Mrs. Quackers 🦆

Follow directions by using your hands with Mr. Brit! 🙌🏽

Story Time for a Rain Day
Storytime: ‘Rain, Rain’ ☔️

Live Yoga w/ Mr. Britain Booda Bhattan

‘ABC’s’ using Sign Language
Do you know your ABC’s using just your hand? Join Mr. Brit while using Sign Language going through the alphabet. And can...

Members! Come play with us! 🥰
Come along and play with us Only on Gymboree Play & Music Scottsdale, AZ Group. *Must be a current member at our Glendal...

Color Time w/Gymbo! ❤️🧡🧡💚💙💜
Tune in on Gymboree Play & Music Scottsdale, AZ Group @1:30pm