Shahrazad Dance Company

Shahrazad Dance Company


Don’t miss our upcoming performances!
March 19, 7-9 PM at Al Omda Ho**ah Tempe

March 26-27 at Arab American Festival

April 29-May 1 at Dreams From Cairo

Mezance featuring Lana Fannana Kinga and Sabina
Costumes Magdi Sheko at Sheko Oriental

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In 2009 We put together a group of 8 friends called Shahrazad Dance Company . Armed with a Saidi choreography Warda learned in Egypt from Ahmed Shalaby of Reda Troupe, a few combinations by Momo Kadous and a Shaaby choreography by Lubna Emam, Warda Shahrazd created a full show. She was new enough to the dance and had only been to Egypt 🇪🇬 twice to train at Ahlan Wa Sahlan - أهْلاً وَسَهْلاً . Some Arizona teachers told me I had no business starting a troupe and performing at such a big festival. But the dancers wanted to dance, and a troupe brings so much energy, color and joy to the festival- that not going through with it was never an option.
The producer of the festival Ashraf Elgamal gave me my start as a troupe leader. Our team this year has achieved to prepare an exciting show with surprises we think the guests will love ❤️ can’t wait to see you all!
(Link in comments to our first Saidi show)
When Dancers are new to Egyptian dance and history, they often over simplify things into neat categories forgetting the complex history and inter woven historical complexity that enacted on the dance forms. Ghawazee is one of the foundation’s of Egyptian dance style although they themselves were not Egyptians originally. After their escape from the palaces of Cairo a group called Banat Mazin made their way to upper Egypt. They were often referred to as horses, in reference to them being ‘Conquerers of the Hearts’ of those they dance for. For this reason they sometimes incorporated the steps and sticks of the Saidi people, to conquer their hearts! In the same way the Egyptian Superstar sahar Samara uses Iraqi in her entrance song, not because Egyptians don’t have their own steps, but to celebrate the audiences culture! Please read my book, The Origins and History of Bellydance’ with Dr. Hassan Khalil, available on Amazon Kindle, to find out more fascinating facts ALL of which are come if from Egyptian PhDs and dancers!
What a wonderful night with such beautiful memories! Thank you Cassandra Richelle for allowing us to perform at your student recital! Everyone Raqed!
Tonight!!! Join us and marvelous friends drumming and dancing at Layaly Shahrazad Arabian Nights Show free Hafla - all welcome 🤗 7-9 pm at Al Omda Tempe 💃🏻
Our most beloved show ❤️🤩💃🏻 We love this event and everything it stands for, community and joy and friendship!
My team at Shahrazad Dance Company is working hard to put on our best show ever because we love what we do and we love you 😘 #الرقصالشرقي
Thursday Level II Class: 6-7 PM
Saturday Iraqi Style Workshop: 11 AM-1 PM
Saturday Layaly Shahrazad Hafla at Al Omda Ho**ah Tempe : 7-9 PM
Photo at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
Its official. Warda Shahrazad’s book with Dr. Hassan Khalil is available on Amazon Kindle. Working on the paperback next…
Join me in Scottsdale Az (4151 N Marshall Way), for a professional Iraqi Dance workshop. You will learn a choreography, moves and technique, combinations. You will receive music and translation.
Email: [email protected]
Or just drop in. $35
Class tonight 6-7 PM, just drop in at Az Sun Dance Studio (4151 N Marshall Way, Scottsdale Az
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Shahrazad Dance Company, International Champions. Authentic Egyptian and Arabic Bellydance troupe, founded by Warda Shahrazad. Exciting, Elegant , and Legendary Fun.

We bring Egypt to you. Shahrazad Dance Company: Bellydance, a Professional Arabic Dance Troupe. Dances of Egypt and the Arab World. Classes, Costumes, Performances are offered. The Shahrazad Dance Company has performed the dances of Egypt and the Arab world at Casino Arizona, Talking Stick Resort, Wild Horse Pass Casino, The Miss Arab USA Pageant, Arab American Festivals in San Diego and Phoenix, Ahlan Fesival Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mexico, Cairo, Egypt and more!

Operating as usual


Bellydance Action,
Today Thursday Class 6-7 pm at Arizona Sun Dance Studio🇪🇬🥁
Layaly Shahrazad Events THIS Saturday at Al Omda Tempe 7-9 pm 🪬🥁✨
Arizona Dance Festival Saturday September 24 at TTempe Center for the Arts
Raks al Haram Festival Oaxaca Oaxaca Mexico, October 28-31💨🖤❤️‍🔥
Costume Magdi Sheko

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#танецживота #肚皮舞 #ベリーダンス #الرقصالشرقي

Shahrazad Dance Company-Helwa Laaba Di at Mijana 09/15/2022

Shahrazad Dance Company-Helwa Laaba Di at Mijana

Like the wind 💛🤍🧡 our entrance once upon a time 🤩

Shahrazad Dance Company-Helwa Laaba Di at Mijana Choreography Warda Shahrazad, Song-Helwa Laaba Di2018 at Ahme Sheba Concert

Warda Shahrazad-Fe Youm wa Leila 09/14/2022

Warda Shahrazad-Fe Youm wa Leila

Good morning ☀️ all!!
Class Thursday 6-7 pm at Az Sun Dance Arizona Sun Dance Studio🇪🇬🥁
Layaly Shahrazad Events THIS Saturday at Al Omda Tempe 7-9 pm 🪬🥁✨
Arizona Dance Festival Saturday September 25 at Tempe Center for the Arts 🎭
Raks al Haram Festival Oaxaca October 28-31 in Oaxaca Mexico! 💨🖤❤️‍🔥

Warda Shahrazad-Fe Youm wa Leila Layaly Shahrazad Hafla at Al Omda Temp Az. August 2023. Video Joe McKiernan.

الراقصة التي انحنت لها ملكة بريطانيا The Egyptian dancer that Queen Elizabeth of Britain bowed to 09/13/2022

الراقصة التي انحنت لها ملكة بريطانيا The Egyptian dancer that Queen Elizabeth of Britain bowed to

الراقصة التي انحنت لها ملكة بريطانيا The Egyptian dancer that Queen Elizabeth of Britain bowed to حساباتنا على المواقع المختلفة الفيس بوك موقع نجوم الغلاف https://negoumelgolaf.blogspot.comجروب الإبراج على أصولها ...


So excited and proud to feature HAWA during the open stage portion of Layaly Shahrazad Events! 7-7:30 drum circle, 7:30-8:30 open stage and 8:30 - 9 social dance and 🥁 circle! Just show up and perform (digital music 7:30-8) or hang out!
ورده #فنانه #ملكه #رقس
#танецживота #肚皮舞 #ベリーダンス #الرقصالشرقي


Welcome to Layaly Shahrazad Events ‘Genuine Hafla’! Al Omda Tempe September 17, 7-9 Pm! Show up and drum 🥁, tabla, dance, perform or chat!


Discipline enables you to capture the emotions and the wisdom and translate them into action. 🪬🪄✨ ورده #فنانه #ملكه #رقس
#танецживота #肚皮舞 #ベリーダンス #الرقصالشرقي



Shahrazad Dance Company, Mezance, Desert Dance, Tempe 09/04/2022

Shahrazad Dance Company, Mezance, Desert Dance, Tempe

This was our last performance at Tempe Center for the Arts 🎭 This September 24th, our director Warda Shahrazd will perform alone. We currently don’t have a troupe as our director will take some time off to focus on broader horizons such as traveling to teach workshops and perform! She will be at Raks al Haram Festival Oaxaca

Shahrazad Dance Company, Mezance, Desert Dance, Tempe Special Mezance, Choreography Warda Shahrazad, (Music by Nader Zakaria) 2018Video Joe McKiernanCostumes Sheko Oriental

Origins and History of Bellydance 09/03/2022

Origins and History of Bellydance

Would you love to learn more about Bellydance? My book is available on Amazon Kindle and soon paperback as well! Here’s the link to get yours!

Origins and History of Bellydance 'Origins and History of Bellydance' gives an overview of the metamorphosis of Bellydance in the words of cultural ambassadors from the country of the origin of this incredible dance form. Dr. Hassan Khalil, who specializes as a PhD in his native Egyptian History and Culture adds his expertise alo...

Warda Shahrazad Sahara 09/01/2022

Warda Shahrazad Sahara

From Layaly Shahrazad Events back in the day!

To catch my performance this month join me at Kava Kona in Mesa Friday at 10pm

Layaly Shahrazad Hafla: September 17 at Al Omda Tempe where I welcome all bellydancers and drummers to come socialize and perform, (just show up and put your name on).

Arizona Dance Festival: September September 24 at Tempe Center for the Arts.
To hire me send a message here or Instagram or call or email 🎁🧿🪬

Warda Shahrazad Sahara Mergence-Sahara, Layaly Shahrazad Haflamusic Khaled Mahmoud Costume Sheko OrientalTempe, Az 2019 FebruaryVideo Joe Mckiernan


✨️Our Director Warda Shahrazd Show at ARIZONA DANCE FESTIVAL 2022!
On Saturday , September 24th! ✨️
Check in at Tempe Center for the Arts 🎭
Photo Apatrou Photography
Costume Magdi Sheko

Shahrazad Dance Company-Grand’ Entrance 08/27/2022

Shahrazad Dance Company-Grand’ Entrance

Ou Show For the Mayor of Phoenix International Dinner. ❤️💃🏻🧿🪬

Shahrazad Dance Company-Grand’ Entrance That moment that the choreography design reaches the highest quality, the dancers developed to the highest stage, and there you are in The Premier League, pe...

Warda Shahrazad introduces Mezance for Shahrazad Dance Company ❤️‍🔥💃🏻 #bellydance #orientaldance 08/21/2022

Warda Shahrazad introduces Mezance for Shahrazad Dance Company ❤️‍🔥💃🏻 #bellydance #orientaldance

In case you missed it the first time! 💃🏻🙌❤️🪬🧿

Warda Shahrazad introduces Mezance for Shahrazad Dance Company ❤️‍🔥💃🏻 #bellydance #orientaldance Shahrazad Dance Company Grand Entrance, (Mergence Sahar) at the Arizona State Fairl

Arab American Festival, Arizona 2009, Shahrazad Dance Troupe, Part 1 08/19/2022

Arab American Festival, Arizona 2009, Shahrazad Dance Troupe, Part 1

Our first Show Ever, 2009! Choreography Warda Shahrazd Dancers: Amanda Rose, Candice, Anna Edith, Heather, Ciara, Susu.

Arab American Festival, Arizona 2009, Shahrazad Dance Troupe, Part 1 Faceboob fan page, http://www.FaceBook.Com/ArabFestivalArab American Festival, Glendale - Arizona 2009, Shahrazad Dance Troupe, Glendale Arizona


Let this ‘vintage’ photo, (circa 2017), remind us of the magic, the beauty, and the joy of ‘Oriental Dance’.
The manic continues Every Thursday Night: Warda Shahrazad Oriental Dance classes, 6-7 Advanced and 7-8 Beginning. All at Arizona Sun Dance Studio.

ورده #فنانه #ملكه #رقس
#танецживота #肚皮舞 #ベリーダンス #الرقصالشرقي


Don’t miss Hawa Ensemble at Layaly Shahrazad Events this Saturday along with a number of wonderful performers! This Saturday at Al Omda Tempe with myself and co-host Ustaz Rami !

Hawa Ensemble is an Arabic music group founded by dancers for dancers.

Stephanie Gayle was originally inspired by a trio of female percussionists (Susu, TerriAnne, and Amina) after watching them perform at Mendocino Middle Eastern Music Camp. This sparked an idea that smoldered for years before finally igniting through building friendships and connections. Near the end of 2021, 4 dancers with musical backgrounds joined together to embark on a new way of expressing themselves through music.

Why Hawa?
Hawa means wind or breeze or more poetically: love; not just any kind of love, but that feeling of being swept off your feet with new love. Not only were we swept off our feet with Arabic music and dance, we hope you, our dancers or audience members, will be swept up, too!

Our founding members consist of Kira Shane (keyboard, costumes), Rachel Ali (vocals, marketing), Samantha Lynn (clarinet, percussion, management), and Stephanie Gayle (percussion, ideas person). We also collaborate with other local musicians and community events in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Basic Etiquette For Dance Students — Iana Dance 08/15/2022

Basic Etiquette For Dance Students — Iana Dance

Very informative. Enjoy and don’t forget that classes are every Thursday 6-7 Advanced and 7-8 Beginning. Instruktor is our director Warda Shahrazd.

Basic Etiquette For Dance Students — Iana Dance Here is a simple guide for new dance students, and for dance teachers to share with their students in order to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Shahrazad Dance Company Mezance-Grand Entrance 08/13/2022

Shahrazad Dance Company Mezance-Grand Entrance

Unforgettable 💚

Shahrazad Dance Company Mezance-Grand Entrance Shahrazad Dance Company at Arab American Festival 2022. Mezance Sahar. With choreography by Warda. Dancers: Warda, Lana, Kinga and Sabina . Costumes Sheko Or...


Diamond 💎 life! Message me about my Majestic Egypt Tour! Includes Bellydance festival and Historical sites Tour, 2023! Dates and activities listed on my website.

ورده #فنانه #ملكه #رقس
#танецживота #肚皮舞 #ベリーダンス #الرقصالشرقي

Shahrazad Dance Co by Warda 08/07/2022

Shahrazad Dance Co by Warda

Warda Shahrazad with Shahrazad Dance Company Ghawazee Saidi mix! Check it out! YouTube: Warda Shahrazad Official on the playlist Shahrazad Dance Company! Did you notice all our costumes are genuine hand made originals in Egypt by Sheko Oriental !

Shahrazad Dance Co by Warda Dancing Elle Rabbe by Hakim at Arab American Festival March, 2022. Style Upper Egypt folklore fusion of Saidi and Ghawazee steps. Dancers left to right; King...

Shahrazad Dance Company-Shakshaka Iraqi 08/07/2022

Shahrazad Dance Company-Shakshaka Iraqi

Warda Shahrazd and Shahrazad Dance Company bringing the excitement and legendary fun to any event! Here’s a little bit of 🇮🇶 Iraqi style for you!

Shahrazad Dance Company-Shakshaka Iraqi Shahrazad Dance Company at Arab American Festival 2022. Inkasret El Shish-Shakshaka, Sajeda Obeid


I’m very happy to start Bellydance in the Shadow of the Pyramids- Bellydance with history, culture, music, technique, and conversation and connection with you my dear students. This and every Thursday for our new session. I have one secret, focusing on what I love and spreading it! ورده #فنانه #ملكه #رقس
#танецживота #肚皮舞 #ベリーダンス #الرقصالشرقي


Hi, I’m Warda Shahrazd the founder and director of Shahrazad Dance Company. I’m fired up to share with you! Classes start Thursday 6-7 Advanced, 7-8 Beginning. Beginning you will be amazed at how quickly your skills come together once I show you how to use your muscles and footwork to put you in control!
Advanced: you will learn which Cairo competitions and judges value what, how to change your muscles, face and footwork to go from Balady, to Oriental and Folklore. How to understand music and the characters it calls for and why. Learn new combinations for each styles and how to make your show exciting and get hired. If you look around, you will see my students working everywhere so don’t be shy! You can reach your goals whether it’s haveing fun and getting fit and feminine or being a pro or winner-Yallah ❤️ message me for details.

ورده #فنانه #ملكه #رقس
#танецживота #肚皮舞 #ベリーダンス #الرقصالشرقي


Have you ever wondered how Egyptians describe the history of Bellydance? Our director Warda Shahrazd has researched and found the stories of some of the world’s top Egyptian dance teachers and the PhD Hassn Khalil and put together an overview that is now available on Amazon Kindle:


Dear Dancers, I’m excited to bring you the most amazing classes ever! Because of the notebooks filled with important information and secrets- the advanced class will learn classical music structure and types of Balady and how to vary your use of muscle groups, technique and persona to change from folklore to oriental to Balady and more! Beginning dancers will learn the importance of how to use the floor, and thier posture and muscles to gain a strong, beautiful and feminine presence for themselves or audience if they wish to perform when ready. The first four to sign up and pay the session will receive a gift 🎁
Ten class beginning session is $100
Ten class advanced session is $100
Drop ins welcome at $18 a class.
All classes at Arizona Sun Dance Studio, (4151 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale Az, 85251

ورده #فنانه #ملكه #رقس
#танецживота #肚皮舞 #ベリーダンス #الرقصالشرقي


Since June I’ve been here in Egypt 🇪🇬💎💎💎 🎶 going more in depth in live music, translation , technique, culture. I’ve performed with orchestras and been to two week long festivals. So much to share with you, my dear students. Four new videos available on my YouTube: Warda Shahrazad Official. Have only one secret-focusing on what I really love and trying to spread it!
Photo by Ahmed Ismael 💙
#ورده #رقص

We Bring Egypt To You!

Shahrazad Dance Company is an International Award Winning Egyptian and Arabic Dance Company. The Professional Bellydance Company of Arizona. Bringing Authentic Costumes, Performances, and spirit of Oriental Dance to the World.

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Godesses of the Waha Oasis 🌴🌴🌴
Shahrazad Dance Company Ahlan Wa Sahlan - أهْلاً وَسَهْلاً  award winning performance of Inta Omri -Cairo, Egypt  Choreo...
Shahrazad Dance Company  -Helwa Laaba Di- Cairo, Egypt, Ahlan Wa Sahlan - أهْلاً وَسَهْلاًChoreography Warda Shahrazad-و...
Legendary Lucy of Egypt 🇪🇬 performing Gabar
Egyptian studio rehearsal with Sodfa Dancer of Egypt 🇪🇬
Taxi now in this glorious land of Egypt 🇪🇬
Tanoura Dance in Egypt 🇪🇬 Mohamed Ghareb
Egyptian Costumes, exquisite, professional on sale now! $400-$500
Shahrazad School of Raqs Sharqi: ....  taught/choreography Warda Shahrazad ❤️🔥Classes : 6-7 Technique 7-8 Special Raqs ,...
Shahrazad Dance Company




4151 N. Marshall Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ

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