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Get the Body You Want with the Metabolism You Have There are many ways to workout, all lead to mindful muscle memory! If your s**t is that good - pony up.

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Operating as usual

Timeline photos 07/15/2022

Timeline photos


Your body can stand almost anything

The best specificity training
man or women I've seen filmed in 2021..

Amazing breaking the beast mode barrier..


Are you an aspiring personal trainer or working FitPro looking to make a impactful career in fitness?

Is selling for a gym not your thing?
Does having 40. 50 or even 60% income split of your wages make you feel taken advantage of?

Would earning a million a month as a FitPro be a career path you can strive towards..

Join the only personal trainers group that focuses on having a fitness career worth winning..


The Muscle Memory Group is securing distressed fitness center Youfit in Phoenix Az.

This 26,000 sq ft facility will become a rebranded flagship called ModBod Health and Fitness.

Three featured membership plans with our Genesis Plan starting at 7.99 per month

Personal training
Youtube production studio
Signature Food products
Social media
Become a FitPro Program

and did I say the facility is by-Invite only and every contact gains access to the Award Winning Fitness Life Skill book located in the link below.


Workouts Wearing You Down?

Use these back to full strength recovery techniques


Fix My B***y: Granny Panty Free Methods for Making Tweeks to Cheeks

Let Me Hear Your Body talk. Discover how to fix unsuspecting b***y blind spots and exercise error messages by entering the 24 hour Let Me Near Your Body Talk Blitz Challenge.

enter to get a free print copy of

the 2020 Davinci Eye Award Winning Fitness Life Skill Book

The Non Exerciser's Guide to Awakening the Fitness Within Where Barriers Meet Breakthroughs

to snag your copy simply complete the
Fitness Power User's (FPU) Member Info Pak at the link below...and you're all set.

Drawing will be held a the Life Force Friday before Valentines day..
FPU Confirmation Holders opting in within the next 24 hours of this posting will recieve two chances of winning a print copy


The exacting application of both food energy and the use of exercise on human metabolisms two systems of body fat through each of the four phases of fitness.


How do you acquire clients online or off?
Offer free sessions give aways. ?
spend money of services like thumbtack ?
Provide discount type packages?

Is it possible to attract,innovate and retain clients without any of these selling tactics?

Tune into The Non-Exerciser's Guide Tv coming soon to YouTiube where you'll witness 100,000 new clients twice a week you'll have a way to get clients, build a massive newsworthy Fitness Career all while showing the world your skills are at the top of the fitness food chain.

Promo video enclosed


I help FitPros fill their rosters, become client facing asset based and in the rough before their work becomes hard work.


Most fitpros give away
Free sessions to get clients. Not good a idea. Here's a chnace to win consumer on absolute need for your service instead of selling on price.

How would you like to make your discovery session sosolution oriented that the client wants to pay you on the spot

Dont Do Free..Dish out Buyers Pride

Here's my new tool to help you do this
The Periodic Table fo Fitness Life Skills will help extend your reach and create real vale any time you are working with some one new.

Down laod this free digital copy..
If you would like the authors audio.and laminated educators copy

It's availble for $ 9.99


Are you a FitPro with a desire to engage with non exercisers? Looking to make an impact and fill vacant rosterr time slots ?

The Non exerciser's s Guide TV is launching its new
Guest-Exerciser Program.

Each episode show cases the issues, answers, and fitness inhibitions of everyday non-exercisers who by the end of each episode begins a winning fitness adventure that nourishes their souls journey

All Guest-Exercisers showcased come away with

1) Proficiency before goal setting,
2) Advancing levels of muscle memory
3) An originally mastered lesson plan
4) The ability to organize exercise work flow, and
5) Understanding the four phases of fitness
6) the skill to unlock their three gateways to motivation
7) a royalty of 4% on downloaded lesson plans curayed from their guest-exerciser participation.

Know a non exerciser ? Are you a FitPro at Work?
Interested in having this channel pay you to work
with 100,000 non exercisers?

The Muscle Memory Group would like to hear from you. PM us for more info, recieve get access to our downloadeable FAQ sheet and acquire your free fitness career activation key.


Hard work paying off
Let Me Hear Your Body Talk newsletter - first issue rolling out next month February
Guess Exerciser Program on Youtube channel in production
FitPro at Work app and its fitness career path partners and cloud based the installment to the final fitness infinity stones.


Hey FitPro's and those looking to dive into the field..

Taking your skills above and beyond can be treacherous...
Its simply dicey playng field.

from free session give-aways to continuing ed credits what is the cleaning pathway to end to end fitness career success..

Well for all those who do not live in high net worth zips codes or belong to gyms that feed cleints to you or if you are book smart about exercise but handle the poeple part as if its a conveyor belt product...

There is help coming your way

a FitPro at Work fitness Career Path Kit
Filled with the complete industry outfitting tools you need to reach the top of the fitness food chain..

take a look at the infographic of what you get and leave a comment..


Is your fitness career on the right track?
Any idea what your roster fill rate looks like, how about break even

ever considered earning a field proficiency rating
known as a RAVE score that showcases your career proficiency and industry net worth?

What if you had analytics and insights that standardize your Fitness services so consumers and investors can see you as a bankable commodity.

Want your health coaching or personal training program to evolve and reach the top of the fitness food chain?
Introducing a remarkably better way to build a fitness career and become an asset to the fitness industry

It's Free! to all new members of FitPro at Work..Simply secure a fitness career activation key

MEASURE your SUCCESS with TOOLS, TACTICS, TECHNIQUES that will set you apart from bad actors and innovatively fill your roster.


All right FitPro's..

alot of new health coaches and personal trainers have taken exams.

Now What?
Do you know your next steps?
what field and profession related things should you be doing to to fill your roster and acquiring clients?

should you pursue an
On Commission based fitness career path
should you take a Work for Hire approach
or does an Asset-Based Client Focused way suit your skillset

whcih ever you choose you should have a

Fitness Career Path Plan...

you wont find this with certifications nor job search programs..
this is because the people formed these bodies have know idea what a career in fitness actually looks like.and how you can reach the top of the fitness food chain..

Don't be a career-less cog in the fitness certification health coaching wheel - Its an absolute dead end..

Free - to current FitPros or those who aspire to become a Fit Pro

a Fitness Career Path Plan

compete with Insight worksheets, monetization tables, and nonselling client acquisition power tools to make your fitness career remarkable , bankable , enduring and roster filling year after year.

Request an advance copy..there is no charge for this resource

remmeber The Muscle memory Group will be a private group soon

FitPro at Work will be it's new very public replacement.


The Muscle Is becoming a private fitness career building Group for Career Activation Key Holders who will be benefitng from FitPro at Work fitness Career building app


reach the top of the fitness food chain in debt free fashion.
with the
FitPro at Work Fitness Career Activation Key -

this card will enable it's bearer to seamlessly connect, align and deliver amazing level playing field ohysical conditioning services to any business, company, organization or enterprise in the world..without selling - friction free

the 2nd smart card rendering you can scrutinize below..

would any one here wish to provide suggestions or comment of
additional design elements or features they want to see.. ? Let your imagination run wild..

customization will be offered, but the non-activated
"Add to my Income" Field Edition" will be free to any and
all FitPros, who are either emerging in the field or are client roster ready


Shape of things to come..

if you are a health coach, personal trainer, or group instructor..The FitPro at Work smart card delivers you to clients like nothing else on the planet..

Available fall 2018


The FitPro at Work app almost ready
5 mobile app screens completed
5 left to go


Fit Pro at Work powered by The Muscle Memory Group

TEPS is now the

FitPRo at Work on the look out for

the new area Meetup..want to start one in your zip code? IM me

FitPro at Work PHX Meetup which helps instructors, personal trainers health coaches and those who would like a scalable, enduring, and financially rewarding career in the fitness.

Meetup will show you how to secure tenure year after year, the seven fitness career path phases and all attendees will receive a fitness career path planner..


FitPro at Work app update!

If you are looking to become a FitPro or are already practicing in the field The Fit Pro at Work App is the key to becoming an enterprise .

You get:

Scalability - ability to extend your reach across zip codes and state lines,
Traction - You are witnessing your career path plan advancing you year after year.

Positioning - how you have set yourself up to take advantage of all the income and revenue generating opportunities with in your sphere of influence

Currently coming up with an Icon.. a new explainer video will be out end of the ,month.


World's Best Fitness Career Building Website, for Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, and Exercise instructors from any and all certifications


in Search of Fit-Pros and Health coaches looking to dominate their zip code and make fitness history..
Spread more well-being per dollar work with companies institutions and enterprises


Rockstar Profciency

How Ramit Sethi Collects Leads 05/30/2017

How Ramit Sethi Collects Leads

One of best articles on email list building ever!
If you are a fit pro and want to put your fitness career path into over drive.. read this Thrive themes post..

All fitness unicorns and Camelot Advance app team beta's stay tuned as the internet and dominating your zip code is just around the corner

How Ramit Sethi Collects Leads Ramit sells his online courses only through email, and he sells millions of dollars worth of them... So you can be sure his lead generation strategies are on point! Discover the 8 strategies he uses on his website to get targeted leads for Find Your Dream Job


The 7 fitness Career Path Phases

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Scottsdale?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Our Story

Would you spend 20.00 to earn $100.00

Every day folk 9 out 10 times would say Heck Yeah! But for those who teach others how to exercise, the answer to this question is surprisingly not what you would expect.

As I was sitting in a CEC class to update my Master credentials for the American Counsel on Exercise certification I became dis allusioned by the content being taught. I recognize the material did not and could not improve the value of my services.

I suddenly realized that all the certification process was doing was teaching all 90 sitting taking notes to be drones, puppets, mere caloir counting cattle being blinded from the truth.

And that truth is, the fitness industry and its certifications teach you to spend $2000 to make $20, to evolve as a salesman at the expense of a clients needs, and leaves you with an unrecognizable career path that favors those who game the system and have no idea what quality work to the public looks like.

Fitness is however more about an ability to test and retest the physical equivalent of willpower over freewill.

This new mindset caused me to pivot away from a fitness sales cog that benefited not the client nor my work ethic but for those who only saw my CEC’s as a way to advance their financial wellbeing off the back of a certification that does not and has no ability to build a true fitness career.

The Muscle Memory group sprang from the realization that a career in fitness does not have a winning career path nor one that buiilds consumer confidence or the customer market place.
Is it important for you to earn more than you spend?

Would you like to more easily fill your client roster every day of the week?
Have courses class and clinics that people you work with really want to take?

Do you have an exposure campaign works for you better than giving away free sessions?
Are you able to align with companies other industries and enterprises looking to reach out for your services?
Are you interested in building a killer youtube channel?
Do you know how to improve the conversion rate of you webpage?
Have any idea which CRM is the best?
Do you have the skills to navigate the 7 fitness career path phases?
Do you have any interest in reaching the top of the fitness food chain without debt being a sales dog or gaming the system?.
Would an innovation advocate thats on your side at every level of your fitness career path clmb be of interest?

If you said yes to any of these question we welcome you to The Muscle Memory Group!

we are FitPro at Work company with a unique ability to provide:

A fitness career that does not depend on the selling products just to make ends meet
A fitness career that has standards across all consumer touch points.

A fitness career that is client centered and asset-based
A fitness career that could scale and align with other industries.

A fitness career where at the end of all those years of hard work there is something to show for it no matter who you work for or is working for you?

A fitness career that gives you a proxy, a vote, a say in the indutsry as a whole which protects you from unscrupulos lead hungry facility owners.

The Muscle Memory group sprang from the realization that a 99% of the certified and degreed educators have no fitness career path plan, no exit strategy or end game to speak of

Until NOW!
Get your Go Sheet and Welcome Packet
at this link

advancing levels of muscle memory, hierarchy of needs, emotional IQ

will arrive 24 to 48 hours after we receive your opt-in.

The Go Sheet and Welcome Packet is stuffed with
[ ] 25 Starter Credential Points
[ ] Fitness Career Path Break Even Analysis
[ ] Fitness Career Concept Map
[ ] Media Training & Publicity Creation Kit
[ ] Careerr Activation Key Card


THE MUSCLE MEMORY GROUP is open tpo allwho aspire to ascend to the top of the fitness food chain. We level the playing field

The Muscle Memory Group will be the most important group a fit-pro, health pro, or on-line personal trainer or any person even considering earning their livelihood teaching a learning relationship with their body will ever feel the need to join.

We strive to do this via a number of fascinating brave new and outstanding outside the box ways – Here is How:

1. Non selling Client Acquisition Power tools win you more clients than selling - This approach is so amazing it takes your breath away.

2. With Strategic Alliances and EZ to use technological applications – both online and off. Stop following and start sharpening your axe.

3. By helping any newly certified fit pro to easily fill your roster or retrofit

4. Via the teaching what the Fitness Career Path really looks like. We offer the blue print and mile markers for success.

5. By providing the fitness world’s 1st transparent field work and service report vehicle - this monthly reference tool enables any industry practitioner to become a highly marketable asset.


Join Our Private Group if:

A) You possess a curious mind & can step outside conventional wisdom you already know.

B) You aspire to become the FOOD CHAIN instead of being eaten by it

C) You have the chops to be a part of a fast moving fitness capital A-team.

D) You feel you have the emotional IQ to deliver a magical clienting experiences

E) You would like to witness enforceable industry standards that provide benefits that other more established occupations enjoy.

Examples include - Yearly Tenure, a signing bonus, and your own industry interns working on behalf of your enterprise.

F) You endeavor to be a Super Teaching Unicorn.

G) You pack true grit and guts and wish to win the hearts and minds of the unfit.

H) You simply seek to have work life home life balance.


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Fix My Booty: Granny Panty Free Methods for Making Tweeks to Cheeks
Fit Pro at Work powered by The Muscle Memory Group
World's Best Fitness Career Building Website, for Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, and Exercise instructors from any a...
Rockstar Profciency
The 7 fitness Career Path Phases
7 Fitness Career Path Phases
Earn Scale Succeed
Exercise short Codes  - What & Why



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