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Time to create new healthy habits which will last a lifetime. It’s time to finally take control of your life, transform your body and regain your health. Too many people waste time trying “lousy” workout programs, taught by inadequate coaches. They throw money away at corporate facilities and trendy overcrowded class gyms - with little to zero results. What you need to become healthy and fit is a

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Effort is essential in strength training because it directly impacts the results you achieve. The more effort you put into your workouts, the more progress you can expect to see in terms of increased strength, muscle mass, and overall fitness.

When you train with intensity and purpose, you challenge your muscles to improve and adapt. This means that each workout builds upon the last, and with consistent effort, you can meet your goals and even exceed them.

Moreover, effort helps you stay focused and committed to your fitness journey. By pushing yourself to work harder, you'll prove to yourself that you are capable of more than you ever thought possible. You'll also develop mental toughness and resilience, which can translate to other areas of your life.

In short, effort is crucial in strength training because it helps you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself. So keep working hard, stay consistent, and remember that your efforts will pay off in the end!

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Being in nature should be part of the routine. It's good for the mind and soul.


I highly recommend this variation to everyone. Because squats are literally the one thing we do everyday in life and it's one of the best exercises you can do.

And for more muscle growth you need to get deeper. Your glutes will also thank you.


Training has been on point in 2023 and this is the time of the year to get it done if you wanna look good for bathing suit season. Which comes quick here in beautiful, sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

For the month of February I'm offering a 20% discount to anyone looking to get their fitness on point for bathing suit season. Offer applies to new sign ups and 1st month only.

Mention this post or DM me for more info.


If at first you don't succeed.. drop the weight 5lb and get the 45's for 5. Which is a PR for the Scottsdale deadlift queen.

I love this video because it shows how, Tracy likes to have fun lifting weights and is always pushing her limits (a key to gym success).

She's never done the 50s on this lift or the 45s. But sometimes I can be a bit pushy and like to see what people can do.

Never be deterred by failures. Just keep going and have fun!

Real soon she'll be putting up those 50s.


You can eat carbs and lose weight. Healthy carbs are best and you should know what carbs are good for you. If not, google it.

If you strength train 3-4 days a week then your metabolism is boosted and you're burning fat just by doing nothing. So go ahead and enjoy some potato chips (not too many) or a burger or my favorite, pizza. Moderation is key and you don't have to diet like a crazed fit person to see results and be happy.

Btw crazed fit people lie about their diets and are as****es. Don't be an as***le.


Kettlebell swings is a great exercise that I see most people do wrong. They like to squat it and throw it way over their head. I mean that's cool if that's your thing and I could care less.

However, it's a posterior pelvic tilt, a standing hip thrust is a good way to look at it.

Start with a hike then give it a strong posterior pelvic tilt. Simple as that.


If you eat more protein you'll be leaner.

I like 1g per pound of desired body wt but if you can get in 100g per day you'll be alright. However most people struggle and complain that it's hard to reach that total.

It's not that hard to reach 100g per day it just takes a little focus.

Protein shakes and powders are great supplements that help. Eggs, lean meats and veggies high in protein are going to be the best sources. Also, just about everything we eat has some protein in it.


If fit people only worked out when they wanted to.. they wouldn't be fit.

If you only worked when you want to.. you'd probably be broke.

Success principles are all the same. It requires consistency.

Being consistent is the biggest struggle most people have. It's easy to skip workouts when you don't feel like it or wanna do something else. Don't do that! You're not always going to want to work out. I don't! It's hard and uncomfortable but if you lack consistency you'll never see the results you want. Even sh*tty programs delivery results if you do it. So don't let those emotions win!

Remember.. consistency over time equals success. Create a plan and commit to it. Eventually it'll become a habit you hate to miss.

Happy December!


I gotcha

There are a few fundamental pillars of technique to follow that will ensure optimal performance and long term safety when squatting.

1️⃣ Stable feet (tripod foot)
2️⃣ Stable knees (minimize horizontal movement on the ascent aka knee cave)
3️⃣ Stable trunk (proximal stability enhances distal athleticism & power - )

There will be variations in other factors like depth & toe angle based on an individuals anatomy/mobility, injury history, and goals.

Good coaches don’t make statements that everyone should squat the same way because some simply can’t and shouldn’t attempt to. Good coaches understand how to analyze those factors to find the best squat for the individual while also giving them tools to work on to enhance their lifts and find what’s most optimal in the long run.

If you want to learn how to screen your body to find what stance/depth may be best for you - check out my 2 YouTube videos “How to squat for your anatomy.”📲


Hey just a reminder that no matter how old you are you can still build muscle!! Mom's looking pretty good at 74 years young 💪


Shout out to, Kristina for staying focused and getting it done!! This Serbian born girl came to America 5 years ago and well.. put on some unwanted weight thanks to our gluttonous food culture. However, a few months ago she had enough. She reached out to me with the goals of losing weight and toning up. She knew right away that she had to change her diet. During our very first meeting we put together a macro and fitness plan. She immediately got after it!

Just in the past two and a half months she's down over 20 lb and has lost almost 10 inches off her body!! She works hard to improve her performance in the gym (ie getting stronger), works on improving her cardio while hitting 10-12k steps a day. And she's super focused on hitting her macros while being in a calorie deficit! Yes, you can definitely get stronger while being in a calorie deficit.

She's a great example of what it takes to lose weight while toning up. She's been losing 1 to 2 pounds a week which is perfect for weight loss (no crash diets or crazy fasts). She puts a ton of effort into her lifts and gets stronger. Hence the improved metabolism. Also, she's super sweet and everyone loves her presence in the gym. At the end of the day.. I told her to do exactly as I say and you'll see great results. So far we're both happy!

Keep working hard Kristina and looking forward to seeing more improvements!


Tracy hitting 225lb for the first time! This was her 2nd set of 2 so we had to film it and she only got one rep in lol. 3 total for the day and remember that strength training is fun! I love her laughter after missing the 2nd rep. It's easy to pout after missing a lift but if you're having fun it makes the process much more enjoyable!


Love twinsie day!


This morning one of my clients had some tight hip flexors. So this is what I had him do and came up with the idea to do a video. It's been a while...

If you've been lifting or sitting a lot chances are your hip flexors are tight. They're the little muscles right there in the front. So here's a good stretch and don't forget to roll those little guys. Your hips will thank you. Enjoy


My favorite morning complainer is down 20 lb since the new year. And she would kill me if she knew I snapped this photo and posted it but she's not on here so...

She stays in a calorie deficit, strength trains 3 days a week and walks every day. No crazy cardio or diet. Just staying focused on the process. That's all you have to do.

If you do see this, Joan just know I'm super proud of you!


I've been thinking a lot about changing careers lately. For a multitude of reasons. However, messages like this help reinsure that what I'm doing is helping people. Which is what I love most in life. Reinforces that I need to keep working harder, keep learning, growing and be the best person I can be. Thx you I needed this right now. Love you too and I did cry a little..


My man, Jimmy looking great and feeling good! He started about 6 months ago (mid summer) with the goal to lose 4 lbs. I laughed inside because I knew he was going to recomp and probably gain a pound or two. Which happened because muscle is denser than fat. He's leaned out from lifting heavy and his consistency is a testament to his results. He trains 3x a week and does cardio on non-lifting days. Every week. Plus he's one of the nicest and funniest guys around. Keep working hard, Jimmy!!


Seriously... get some help.

The number two thing that infuriates me as a trainer is hearing my clients say they weigh themselves every day. Second to lack of commitment..

This is such a mind f**k. Your body can easily fluctuate 5 to 10 lb a day. Based on water, fuel consumption and hormonal effects. Last week on the same day I had two clients with two different goals complain to me about the scale moving 1 to 2 lb in the direction that was upsetting. So this turned into a psychology session and I had to talk to these people off the ledge.. you're not going to gain 2 lb of fat in one day nor will you lose 2 lb of muscle in one day. It just doesn't happen.

If you're exercising to improve your physique the best thing to do is to weigh yourself once a week. Pick a day where you have the same 24 to 48 hour routine. Later in the week is usually better because you're not bloated from the weekend. Do this first thing in the morning, take a mental note and move on.

If you're staying focused on the process, not missing workouts and eating nutritious foods you'll be all right.

Now if you're not exercising at all then it might be a good idea to weigh yourself a couple times a week to make sure you're not gaining more unwanted body fat.


Carl's been doing some pretty heavy stuff with his glutes lately. 1st vid is 670lb for 2 (rep 2 & 3 👍) and 630lb for some reps. And he FINALLY got his body wt over 170 yay! He's also great at baking so we're thinking about starting a bakery that specializes in Tren baking goods. I think the concept will sell... All jokes aside, Carl has been working his butt off very consistently for years now. He eats more than the animals he feeds (check his macros), hitting PR's and people are noticing. Well done buddy I'm super proud of you!

Carl is a great example of how much you have to eat to build muscle and counting macros is by far the most effective way to do so. Most everybody wants to be toned and lean. That means you have to lift weights and eat good nutritious foods. Then you will be lean and happy but mad because u can't do as many pull-ups as you did the week before 💪


Big shout out to for getting it done in the gym lately! He recently just hit a big weight loss goal while getting stronger and staying focused on the process. He never misses a workout, does cardio on non-lifting days and watches what he eats. All good habits for success! Keep it up, Derek!! Still have a few more lbs to go but you're on the right path.


Here's, Kristen working her ass off and losing inches!! She started back in June and has lost a total of 10in so far. She doesn't lift super heavy but she works hard, never complains or misses a workout. Nor is she obsessed with the scale. She stays focused on the process while improving her performance and the results are starting to show!! Keep it up, Kristen I'm super proud of you and happy you do what I tell you to do!

To see great results you don't have to lift super heavy and hit PR's all the time. You just have to get strong and work your ass off. Watch what you eat, do cardio and get your steps in. Consistently. It's not that hard...


335lb PR for this newbie deadlifter!! has been working her ass off (literally) getting her strength up. A few months ago (2nd video) she was struggling at 310 with a few hitches to finish. I wanted to fix that problem so we hit a ton of hip thrust to strengthen up the extension part of her deadlift (the finish). Also working on back squats to get her strength up. 3rd video is, Tracy cleanly pulling 315 without any hitches. This is great progress and she couldn't be happier. I definitely see 350 soon and perhaps a deadlift competition for this lady. Here's another thing I love about her...

She was a hard sell to this style of training. She started working out a year and a half ago at one of those gyms with 10+ ppl in a group doing light weight circuits. They would do deadlifts but with a Trapbar. She showed her old trainer she was actually doing DEADLIFTS and he was amazed. Now that she's been full-time with me her strength has gone through the roof and she is leaner because she's getting stronger!! When you do big group circuits with little weights you don't get that strong. You just sweat and it feels like a workout. Great results come from tried-and-true strength training.

If you're looking to get stronger, leaner, build some confidence and feel like a badass.. I'm offering holiday discounts through the end of the year and giving the gift of health is one of the best gifts you can give someone.


Ischial Tuberosities are the little muscles that sit right on the bottom of your p***c bone. Or your pelvic floor. And if you're doing a lot of heavy lifting (deadlifts, squats, hip thrust) these little guys can get tight and downright annoying. You can do all the pigeon stretching and yoga you want to loosen up that area but sometimes you need to get in there. Sitting on a lacrosse ball can help too but I find a barbell works best. So don't be afraid to get cozy with it and find the crunchy spots on the bottom of your p***c bone. Roll over those crunchy spots till they start to dissipate and loosen up.. You can set up the barbell on safety bars in a squat rack or you can use the j-hooks. Last tip: don't make eye contact with anyone..


All right Internet it's been a minute since I've posted one of these. However, atrocities like this are still happening in the gym. Do things right. Keep it simple and separate your exercises. You'll get a better result.


Back in 2008 this was my first Facebook profile pic. I was obviously ahead of the game...


PR alert!! hit her 1RM goal 325lb x 1!! Way to go Tracy I'm super proud of you and the effort you put forth the past 2 months to get this! 2nd vid was her 1st attempt at 325 back on July 10 (fail). That day she was pi**ed but we put together a plan to do less weight and more reps and worked on getting her squat strength up. All worked well and today she got it! I'm thinking 275 x 10 next 💪🏼


to 2000 or '01 when I was working for the City of Scottsdale doing Fitness Patrol. I would go to all the #1 Clubs around town and teach the kids a thing or two about fitness. Funny thing is, I would use candy to get their attention during trivia (worked well). Then we'd play a fun game like dodgeball which was my favorite because I would go full on Billy Madison style on the kids and they loved it. No one cried ever. Another funny thing.. these kids are about 32 years old now and who remembers that TV set up??


Tips and tutorials with yo. Front foot elevated lunge thingys (reverse lunge). This is one of my favorite single leg exercises. Along with the rear foot elevated split squat (aka Bulgarians) & single leg deadlift (because it's a deadlift and awesome). A few key tips: hinge hips a lil, lean a bit forward, keep front shin vertical and push up though your front heel ✌️

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The desert is very green and beautiful yet full of mosquitoes. Bring off. Got bit like 9 times.


Oh hey meet, Patricia. She's an uninformed Scottsdale socialite that wants to tone up. She believes that lifting weights makes women bulky but her real issue is consuming too many carbs, fats and prosecco. What she needs to do is focus on getting stronger while adding protein to every meal but.. she's a work in progress and a bit of a hot mess. That's okay though because we're working on it.


To maximize the effectiveness of an exercise do it with your feet flat on a solid surface. The ground is usually a good place because exercises are better performed in a stable environment. And I'm not a complete hater of bosu stability exercises because they do have their time and place but not deadlifts & squats. Bosu is good for push-ups, 1 legged curls, ankle stability, abs and it can be a good pillow.


Amo golf...

Great capture 📷


It's been a minute since I've done a video like this or seen any atrocities committed. Actually atrocities are always committed. Always & especially in the squat rack. However, stop combining exercises... it's not very effective. Your squat weight shouldn't be the same as your lateral raise weight. So combining the exercises is not a good idea and you look stupid doing it. And if your trainer has you do stuff like this get a new trainer immediately. Have a nice day ✌️

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This is Gold via .henselmans &

Photos from Patrick Thomas Fitness's post 07/22/2021

Yes, recycle these 3 and you'll be good and fit for a long time. This trifecta is the foundation of PT Fitness and any well rounded strength training program. It doesn't matter what gender you are you, how old you are or what your goals are. Everyone can greatly benefit from these 3 and the many friendly variations suitable to all body types.

Also, add in some presses, pulls, abs, accessory work, some intense cardio and go for lots of fu*king walks. Yes, fu*cking walks because its the simplest way to strive off unwanted body fat 🙂


.8g per pound of body weight is good enough. Also, simplify your training and focus on getting stronger.

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Thanks for hooking it up again. This time I paid for it. Not my parents. Also started baking. Might open a bakery. Happy Wednesday ✌️


310lbs!! Another great PR today and I'm starting to think her strength is limitless. Should've just gone for 315 but 325 in a few weeks sounds good. What I love about Tracy is that she loves lifting heavy. She's fallen in love it lately and is starting to understand the lifting game. One week she goes lite and the next week she goes heavy based upon how she feels. It's been working out pretty well for her. But on the flip side you don't have to lift this heavy if you don't want to. You just have to lift with some good resistance to get a result. Tracy loves going heavy because it's a great feeling and she's good at it so we're going to see what she can do. Keep it up, Tracy love it!

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Hey just a reminder that no matter how old you are you can still build muscle!! Mom's looking pretty good at 74 years yo...
Tracy hitting 225lb for the first time! This was her 2nd set of 2 so we had to film it and she only got one rep in lol. ...
This morning one of my clients had some tight hip flexors. So this is what I had him do and came up with the idea to do ...
Seriously... get some help.The number two thing that infuriates me as a trainer is hearing my clients say they weigh the...




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