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A month ago, I spoke with Andrew regarding my knee issues. I injured my knee while in the military and have had constant pain for the last three years. I told Andrew that I was trying to run again and that my shins were really in pain. I had experienced shin splints before but, nothing to this extent. I was soaking in ice baths every night and taking medication, with no relief. I was also experiencing major knee pains that I could not get rid of. I spent an hour on the phone with Andrew as he explained what I needed to do in an in depth manner that was understandable, easy, and that accounted for my injuries . He stressed that although I was experiencing the knee pain, I had to strengthen my leg muscles. Something I had not done since my surgery in 2014.

Four weeks later, I called Andrew with an update from our conversation, not only to report the good news regarding my shin splints, but to tell him that my knee pain has dramatically decreased. I am now doing a lot more leg exercises such front squats, dead lifts, and hand cleans. Living with the idea that no doctor, medication or remedy can help with lessening your pain is something I hope no one goes through. As a younger individual who has two kids and, lots of life to live out, taking medication like Tic Tac's is a practice that I do not want to follow. I remember seeing Andrew in college and he was so passionate about fitness and helping people achieve lifestyle goals and reflects in his coaching ability today. I cannot thank Andrew enough for listening to my struggle, helping in a positive manner, and being an all around motivator. You truly have a God given gift of helping people overcome injuries, fitness obstacles, and being dedicated to the success of others.

We are a group of people that are dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering people to achieve whatever goals they have, with a special inte

An organization that empowers our clients to live life fully by removing limitations imposed by fitness and aligning actions and aspirations.

Operating as usual

Emotional Coping Skills, Pain, and Performance | Humex Fitness 03/27/2018

Emotional Coping Skills, Pain, and Performance | Humex Fitness

New post (Emotional Coping Skills, Pain, and Performance) has been published on Humex Fitness

Emotional Coping Skills, Pain, and Performance | Humex Fitness As a performance psychologist and coach, I find that this is the BIGGEST limiter of performance and adaptation: how people deal with their emotional “baggage.”


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"If you're not assessing, you're guessing." - someone smarter than me

My left shoulder has been a weak point in my development so things like this 10- mo old DB press help with changing the stimulus and forcing my trunk to brace.
If you have good overhead mobility, give this one a try for an accessory piece!

Not sure if you have good overhead mobility or wondering why you're not performing on the level you want? Shoot me a message and I'll help ya out 🤠

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Timeline photos 12/25/2017

Merry Christmas from our fitness family to yours!

Here's to a day full of family, love, and laughter.

Can't wait to share what 2018 brings... Big things coming!

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Joint by joint approach: Sometimes i’m talking to nice people about a lower painful back that they spend a lot of stretching out. The joint by joint approach purposes that the lumbar is a stable joint(s) area. So when you’re continually stretching your lower back - Might be doing more harm than good. Consider stretching the muscles above and below those joints such as glutes, hamstrings, lats, etc, etc - I’m no physcial therapist but I am a fan boy of moving without pain! #trainpainfree #trainhard #trainlong #lifeunleashed #HumExFitness

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These pants used to be too tight on me, with little muffin top rolling over the side! 😱 Little by little, and a lot of hard work and I am almost at my fitness goals!

Timeline photos 12/06/2017

#Repost @micaela_dee 💪🏁
These pants used to be too tight on me, with little muffin top rolling over the side! 😱 Little by little, and a lot of hard work and I am almost at my fitness goals! @coach.andrew.garritson

Compete Elite Performance & Health updated their information in their About section. 11/22/2017

Compete Elite Performance & Health updated their information in their About section.

Compete Elite Performance & Health updated their information in their About section.


Protein Consumption Recommendations | Humex Fitness

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Protein Consumption Recommendations | Humex Fitness I had one of my clients ask me a great question about protein intake and why some of you may have some higher numbers to hit daily. While this doesn’t apply to everyone, it may provide some potentially useful information when clients get to that stage of their nutritional journey.


Be Scared, and Do It Anyway | Humex Fitness

New post (Be Scared, and Do It Anyway) has been published on Humex Fitness

Be Scared, and Do It Anyway | Humex Fitness Growing up I was never one for being fit and healthy. I ate what I wanted, and avoided exercising at all costs. Give me a wine glass full of sugar for breakfast, and this girl was happy with her weird, classy self. Ask me to join you on a run, and I will give you a minute of my time before stopping…

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Blogs can't replace coaches as @samsmithopex explains on another #whiteboardwednesday.
Blogs aren't coaches.
Template / Blog Programs are a dime a dozen today. The reason? It's fast, EASY, and can generate A LOT of revenue.

Who benefits from that? The people putting out the programs, and them ALONE. Why just them?

Everyone is unique, and has unique needs relative to their goals, values, limitations, biological age, and training age to name a few.

How can 1 program cater to the unique demands of 1,000 different people? It CAN'T. And as a result, LOTS of people leave unfulfilled, burnt out, injured and/or have some sort of reoccurring/nagging issue. (All 4 of those are NOT normal and should not be apart of someone's daily life).

And that's where the beauty, and success, of individualized coaching comes into play. The client is fulfilled as their training, goals, and priorities are aligned through great discussion, awareness, and communication with their coach.

And the coach is fulfilled by being able to build people into better versions of themselves through delivery of support, challenge, and accountability. Win Win.

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Some good general info on how single-limb training can help!


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Coming in as a new coach, I personally believe everyone needs a coach for goals they want to achieve. .

Even coaches should have a coach haha because look at it this way. Your coach can see things that you can’t see all the time.

@coach.andrew.garritson offered to coach me as I train to
1. stay healthy when I wakeboard .

and .

2. Not just complete obstacle course races but crush them.
. #coachesneedcoaches #competeelite #coacheliseo #225squat #letsgetit

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So excited to announce that we've hired another coach! .

A lot of companies realize the power of hiring quality individuals s, but a lot of companies don't see the value in brushing off the dust and helping to CREATE a tangible future with the individual being hired. .

One thing we pride ourselves is on being able to take any individual that has a true desire to change lives, and giving those people the tools to follow through with THEIR dreams, not just the bottom dollar.

The natural result of empowering coaches in what matters to them is a love for what they do and thirst for how to do it more effectively. .

@eli_the_explorer created that his life was helping others live a life unleashed and uninhibited through health, and we're thrilled to be the people that serve and hold him accountable to have the impact for the world.

Welcome E, we're thrilled to create and change lives with you 🛥️ .

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Recently, everyone has been asking me what i’m up to and where i’m working.

Truthfully i’m hustling in a little bit here and there but my main focus has been as a remote personal trainer at @compete_elite . .

A remote personal coach is as it sounds... I don’t always have to be present for you to do your workouts. .

It allows you to workout where ever you are without having to travel to a physical gym to meet up. Now that doesn’t mean i’m just giving you random workouts to do. .

No, I assess and evaluate your current fitness and/weaknesses, talk with you on what your goals are and from there craft a program plan tailored specifically for you (which is brainstorming on the whiteboard is) that is delivered through the platform @thefitbot . .

If you have any questions or want a free assessment, hit me up! I’d love to speak with you if you’re interested!
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Love seeing our athletes performing at new levels!

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There is a lot more to #fitness and #performance than the #exercises or #workouts you do. Movement quality is another one of the keys to long-term #athletic #success. .

Movement #quality and #lifestyle #coaching have been two of the biggest contributing factors to one of my performance clients, Scott. .

Scott has been recovering from a herniated disc before he met me. After working his ass off for a year, he's gone from not being about to touch his toes to front squatting 290 lbs for a double! .

He's back and better than just by reducing overall perception of #stress, boosting his gut health, and putting in consistent work with a training plan that was crafted just for him.

The fruits of his labor? Hitting his previous 1RM front squat for a casual double that's lower than his previous max.

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After being with @coach_michael_bann for the last 15 months as an #athlete, my journey has evolved a ton. I'm finally starting to get things like my #aerobic sustainability dialed in, and the #gains I've seen come to fruition are tremendous and far-reaching.

By going after my gut #health and #lifestyle factors consistently, I'm hitting #PRs with the least amount of training I've ever completed. .

I went from #training 30+ hours a week and consistently having nagging #injuries that got progressively worse, to training 8-12 hours a week and hitting the same numbers more consistently than ever. .

The practicality of having Bann #coach me while I learned a lot of the #theories and #principles academically has allowed me to become more effective than if I had simply #read #books with no personal application. .

Moral of the #story: even coaches should have a coach. It helps keep me #honest and #accountable, as well as seeing blind spots that I may not notice or know how to deal with in a #practical standpoint.

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Putting up sheetrock and drywall on a house that doesn't have a foundation or might save you some time, but let's be honest: in the long run it'll be poorly constructed and fall apart.

In fact, the more steps skipped, the faster the house will fall into disrepair.

Fitness can be viewed in a similar way: without a foundation of movement competence, aerobic conditioning, connective tissue integrity, etc, you're skipping crucial steps necessary to having your "house" last you the 30 years you're paying your mortgage across.

Stop skipping steps, eat your veggies, drink your water, sleep your 8+ hours, chew your food, and really take on mastering the unsexy basics first, then go crush your dreams!

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This #whiteboardwednesday is brought to you by OPEX Head Coach Matt Connolly. ( @opexmatt )
Skill acquisition and development for fitness is a process that must be honored. Understand where you sit in your ability to make contractions aerobic and work appropriately - you will be rewarded.

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Feeling a little worn down or not as eager to #train 😩? Having a training #buddy can make that 10x more #exciting😄, or at least more palatable. .

Find someone that has similar training #goals, or at least similar interests and see how much more you seem to get out of your sessions🏋️🏋️‍♀️! .

Thanks @sophiemoranville for being my buddy for a few months in #Milledgeville leading up to the #CrossFit Open! .

Tag and share with someone you want to train with you!

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