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Twisters vs Scottsdale Dirtbags 2028 | Tournament baseball Live Stream 2022
Click The Link Below To Watch It
Watch Live Fullᴴᴰ👉:
11:30 AM
Field 5 @ Bell Bank Park
2022 14U PG - AZ Thanksgiving Classic- Bell Bank Park @ Legacy Sports Complex (OPEN)

Body Technologies
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Twisters vs Scottsdale Dirtbags 2028 | Tournament baseball Live Stream 2022
Click The Link Below To Watch It
Watch Live Fullᴴᴰ👉:
11:30 AM
Field 5 @ Bell Bank Park
2022 14U PG - AZ Thanksgiving Classic- Bell Bank Park @ Legacy Sports Complex (OPEN)

Body Technologies
Scottsdale Dirtbags Scottsdale Dirtbags Red Scottsdale Dirtbags 2026 Scottsdale Dirtbags GOLD 14U Scottsdale Dirtbags Black - 2027
Had a blast this past Sunday in Scottsdale, AZ running our Maximum Impact Camp at Body Technologies.

What an incredible facility. First class from top to bottom. I really enjoyed being able to use the Hit Trax with my students as well and show them the actual data that their swing was improving.

If you are a serious ball player and live in the Phoenix area then you NEED to check this place out.

Also - thank you to all the parents, coaches, and players who came out to the camp and invested their time, effort, and energy into becoming a better hitter.

Especially Geoff Grenert and the Scottsdale Dirtbags organizationally for promoting the camp to their parents and players.

Next camp up - SoCal Feb 24th and Feb 25th
An amazing state of the art facility with a very talented and accommodating staff and ownership. We are visitors but they let us use the facility. If you live in AZ and you want to build a bigger or better motor and/or do it in conjunction with becoming a better baseball player they have it all. If you are a visitor, stop by! You won't be disappointed! Thanks Orson and staff!!
If anyone is looking for a high intensity cross-training type group class, please feel free to join ours. If you would like to try it out first to see if you like it, feel free to. We have a class at 5:30 am on Tues and Thurs; and Mon-Thurs at 5 pm. You can contact us at 480-585-4010. One must sweat to make changes, just saying.......
For those who are unaware, Body Technologies Gym has moved. We're at 9171 E. Bell Rd. (next to the Ice Den) Our new facility is bigger and better designed for all of our services, especially group classes or group training. Let us know if we can answer any questions you may have. Thanks
Are you all aware that sitting too much (the sitting disease) is now linked to health problems like Type II diabetes, cancers, stroke, and heart related diseases. Get up people, and start moving. We can help you with that at Body Technologies Gym if need be.
Is anyone looking for an evening boot camp type group class? We're wanting to build classes for the after work crowd. Let us know....
If anyone is interested in a boot camp style class (involving weights, ropes, bosu balls, and more), let us know a preferred time of day and day of the week. As well, the hot new Tabata class (High Intensity Interval Training-HIIT) is here at Body Technology. If you are up for the cardio blast challenge, let us know a day and time of your choice. We can accommodate 8 people per class! Classes are $120 per month (8 classes) or a la carte is $20.
Hi Gary-
When are the workouts at CSHS? My girls are scheduled to begin the first week of October and need to know the days and times please. Thanks!
TGIF! I hope everybody has an awesome Friday! Should be a good one for me, In Home client this morning, Body Technologies Gym clients, working out, a couple more In Home clients, then a relaxing afternoon.
Time to kick off my morning! In home clients, Body Technologies Gym clients, strength training, then running. Should be a good and busy morning. Hope everybody is having a great week so far. Happy hump day!
Having a nice start to my week. Early morning in home client, core workout, Body Technologies Gym clients, upper body strength training, now about to have my last in home client of the morning, and following that with my 13 mile training run. Busy but fun! :)
Had a late start to my morning of clients today so I was able to get in to Body Technologies Gym early and get a nice run in, as well as a full body workout. Great start to a great Friday. I Hope everybody has an amazing end to your week!

Body Technologies Gym is more than a neighborhood gym. Experience the difference in complete health and fitness.

Operating as usual

Why you should spend your health savings money on a yearly health assessment 12/09/2019

Why you should spend your health savings money on a yearly health assessment

There really isn't a better way to take control of your health than understanding your body fat, lean weight, and caloric needs. These health markers can all be determined by an advanced body composition assessment measured by the BOD POD. Find a local provider and get measured now before the opportunity runs out.

Why you should spend your health savings money on a yearly health assessment Setting regular health goals can be difficult without a way to measure your progress. Health specialist Aley Davis visited with an Intermountain Healthcare LiVe Well expert for a comprehensive physical to get a head start on New Year’s goals.

Timeline photos 10/07/2019

This is what work looks like. Good luck to Courtney and the US National Beach Handball team as they head to Qatar. Whatever happens I know you're prepared.

Photos from Body Technologies's post 07/20/2019

Congrats to Courtney Heeley and the rest of the women's US National beach handball team on their recent NORCA gold medal victory and earning a trip to the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games in Qatar. It was great to see you work so hard and get a little sugar from it.


Making it look easy! Great to see these guys compete.


Time to start working again. The deadlift is a classic exercise with many benefits. Start by feeling the floor through your shoes. Make the mental connection and you'll get the most out of this exercise. Use light weights as you begin; you'll have plenty of time to increase intensity as you improve your technique and gain strength.

Photos from Body Technologies's post 11/08/2018

The Hitting Institute's Club Baseball Team has a few spots left for its roster in the 10 and 11U levels. Contact us if you would like to reserve a spot at our tryouts. Tryouts will be held at the Hitting Institute on December 1, 2018 beginning at 1P. Visit or call 480-585-4010 for more information. -


Very excited to have Courtney here at the gym. This class is impressive and her clients are sure to get the workout they desire. Great little stretch to start it all off.


This girl has been working hard. Really getting those feet moving. Way to go.

Untitled album 04/28/2018

Here comes summer. Body Technologies is here for you!

Timeline photos 12/26/2017

Back at it. Going for the gold again at the AZ Senior Olympic Power Lifting Event - Feb 24, 2018. Bench, Dead lift, and Squat at 73 years young! Great to be apart of it.


So much good comes of it when kids are being active. Try an agility clinic; it's a great way for your kids to stay active over the holiday break.

Timeline photos 12/21/2017

This ball was smoked.
Exit velo: 96mph
Distance: 386ft

Rob Deer Baseball Camp at Body Technologies – Body Technologies 10/08/2017

Rob Deer Baseball Camp at Body Technologies – Body Technologies

Baseball camp featuring 11-year MLB standout slugger Rob Deer. Spots still available.

Rob Deer Baseball Camp at Body Technologies – Body Technologies Come join us for a 2 day baseball skill and strength training camp at Body Technologies. DESCRIPTION: A comprehensive 2 day player development camp. Attendees will split time between baseball specific instruction as well as learning the valuable strength and conditioning techniques during the 3 hour...


Launch angle matters, but how much??? Bryce Harper swing metrics tell the story. Give or take a few feet, at an exit velocity of 110 MPH the ball will travel 393 ft with an 18 degree launch angle. Plenty of distance to clear the right-center field fence.

HI Montage2 09/12/2017

HI Montage2

Striving for your personal best with highly individualized programs at the Hitting Institute.

HI Montage2 Hitting Institute - Player Development Programs


Swing Metrics

Good looking swing!


Back to school is in full swing, so what's that mean for your workout routine? Bundle some core work in with your complex moves. This keeps our kids engaged and focused. Very important!


Kid deserves some "props". Triple off the wall. With a peak Exit Velocity of 91.6 and Launch Angle of 18 degrees you can see how to get a ball to the wall down the right field line. Oh ya, his wheels are pretty good too. His work with at the Hitting Institute is really paying off!


Motivational Monday. Did you get your workout in today? Only 23 more Monday's left this year. Don't let another one go by. #gym


It's Monday. Did this day get past you without getting your workout in? Only 23 more Mondays left this year! Don't let another one get by. Here's why. Your more likely to continue with your workouts during the week if you get this one in. Vigorous exercise is also critical to your neuroplasticity. Some impressive biochemicals shower your brain and allow for improved neurological function. Want more time in your day? Better start exercising because you'll be able to process more information, faster! And that saves time. Same thing goes for moving your body with better motor control.


Having the imagination to put something unique into your program can make the workout that much more enjoyable. ...even for the pros. Here is trainer "Cam" getting some work in before his next client.


Never really an "off-season" when you are having fun with it! Working on footwork and quick hands at the Hitting Institute. baseball


Using the multi-grip bar our athletes improve overall strength in the chest, shoulders, and forearms. Cam incorporates the neutral grip to reduce stress in the shoulders while activating different muscle fibers. This bar is a perfect alternative to the traditional straight bar or dumbbells used in pressing movements. Try it!


Having some fun this morning with our 7-9 year old athletes who attend our Ground-based Agility Training Camp! Working on controlled change of direction, acceleration, and deceleration. Getting better every day!




It's not always about the guns but it's sure good to have them. Workout Wednesday delivers the pro-style bar for lat pull downs. This bar allows the biceps to participate a bit more in the exercise, which a lot of fitness enthusiasts can miss out on. Lionel uses a variety of grip position with his clients to help them get the most out of their workouts Great to have a personal training gym that keeps the clients' needs first and foremost.

Timeline photos 06/27/2017

An additional rotator cuff exercise is the dynamic internal rotation. Place your arm against your side, elbow at 90 degrees, bringing your hand toward the midline of your body.

Always a watchful eye.

Personal training at Body Technologies is all about you. We have developed our program with one goal in mind: to deliver exceptional health and fitness instruction to every client, every time. Our ability to understand what it takes to help you achieve your goals sets us apart. With countless hours of research, practical experience, and collaboration with world-wide exercise science experts we have created innovative personal training and group fitness programs that help you reach your goals fast. Combine that with our proprietary on-line weight loss application and it’s easy to see that there is no other personal training studio in Scottsdale that looks or feels like Body Technologies. When you are looking for an exclusive, boutique style training center where you are the focus of our attention all the time we have a place for you. We want to be your last stop for personal training and wellness services, so feel free to give us a call or just stop by to learn more about what we offer. You won’t be disappointed.

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9171 E Bell Road, Ste 109
Scottsdale, AZ

General information

Body Technologies Gym is a one-on-one and small group personal training studio located in the north Scottsdale, Pinnacle Peak area. Body Tech is a blend of state-of-the art gym equipment, cutting-edge training aids, whole-body wellness philosophies, and scientifically evidence-based exercise and nutrition programming all under one roof.

Opening Hours

Monday 5:45am - 6pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 6pm
Wednesday 5:45am - 6pm
Thursday 5:30am - 6pm
Friday 5:45am - 6pm
Saturday 8am - 12pm

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