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5 Surprising Signs You're Not Moving Enough During the Day 02/16/2022

5 Surprising Signs You're Not Moving Enough During the Day

So you’ve started and stayed committed to your exercise plan 🙌👏

But sometimes you wonder if your doing enough to benefit your mind and body 🤔

The best thing you can do for yourself is listen to your body!

Your body will tell you when you are doing too much and it will tell you when you’re not doing enough.

5 Surprising Signs You're Not Moving Enough During the Day If you're not getting enough exercise, your body will let you know. Here are the signs to look out for.

Best Foods for Your Brain as a Senior 01/21/2022

Best Foods for Your Brain as a Senior

A little fine tuning with your meals and what you keep in the fridge can keep you sharp well into your senior years 🥦🫐🥕

Best Foods for Your Brain as a Senior Certain foods may help older adults push back against cognitive decline.

Trainer Said If You Want to Lose Weight, "Chase the Habit, Not the Result" 01/15/2022

Trainer Said If You Want to Lose Weight, "Chase the Habit, Not the Result"

Great advice in here 🌻

Trainer Said If You Want to Lose Weight, "Chase the Habit, Not the Result" Certified trainer says for weight loss or other fitness goals, focus on healthy, sustainable habits; don't focus on the results.


The 3rd step we take in taking charge or our health is Hydration 💧

Our muscles, our skin, and our brain feel and function so much better when we are hydrated.

So drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies 🍓🥕 and you are well on your way to Feeling Better in Your Body.

With our first 3 steps to Taking Charge of Your Health you have the ability to start right now, nothing is in your way!!

We’ll get to exercise in a minute but by making these first 3 steps a priority and a habit, your body is going to adapt to exercise so much easier!


Ready to take charge of your health?

Did you know know you have one of the best health tools with you right now?

It’s always FREE!

It’s your breath! 🌬

We take our breath for granted. Going a out our busy life, not paying attention at to how we are breathing.

Most of us are actually gasping for air and we don’t even know it. Life is so busy and stress those short breaths in and out feel totally normal by now.

But it’s not. Short, quick breathing deprives your body and your brain of the oxygen it needs to recover from stress. To regulate the nervous system. To help with digestion. To help with focus and energy and proper immune functioning.

Retraining ourselves to take full complete breaths has a long list of benefits beyond what I listed above.

Take a break. Slow down. Follow your breath. Breathe in to the lungs and the belly. Breathe it all out. Repeat.

6 Small Steps You Can Take Daily To Maintain Your Mental Health 01/06/2022

6 Small Steps You Can Take Daily To Maintain Your Mental Health

6 Small Steps You Can Take Daily To Maintain Your Mental Health Insights into one of 2021's most-Googled topics.


🥱Sleep…or lack there of…is severely affecting our state of health!

Not only does lack of sleep contribute to low energy levels and decreased focus but the body and all of its systems fail to completely recharge when we are short on sleep.

Yes! Our nerves, our metabolism, our immune system, our cardiovascular system, and even our skin take a beating when we consistently lack sleep.

When looking to get your health in check, it’s important to get your sleep 😴 in check first. This will make all the difference in how your body adapts to exercise and dietary changes.

Its a change you can make right now to improve your health.


Movement is the 🔑 to unlocking your body!

Literally, if you feel stiff and locked up you need movement, usually mobility and flexibility movements are best to start with to unwind and unlock tight muscles and stiff joints.

We need movement at every stage of life to keep the body and mind healthy and functioning.

If you need some guidance on movement to unlock your body - whether your just researching your options, ready to get started, or need a change of pace to get you off a plateau - drop me a comment or message, let’s get you moved and feeling better in your body!


While virtual, on demand fitness options have made life a lot easier over the past year, jumping into an exercise regimen that you’re not ready for can set you back and sometimes even turn you off of exercise completely.

I’ve personally had clients try to keep up with a fitness app that wasn’t right for them and end up injured in some way.

While I do offer virtual training as well as in person, my coaching is always one on one so I can guide you through every movement help you with form and get you started in the right path…injury free! And feeling better than ever in your body!

Message me if you interested in getting started with guided movement. My programs are always customized to meet your needs and abilities.

*Medicare Advantage Statistics

Timeline photos 09/10/2021

Research to ponder 🤔

Not too long ago, a group of doctors and public health experts at Massachusetts General Hospital noticed something striking: Many of the patients who routinely showed up in the emergency room requiring the most medical services were also the patients who seemed to be the most nutritionally vulnerable.

They were patients with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other largely food-related chronic diseases. For hospitals and health insurers, these are among the highest cost, highest-need patients. Working with a local nonprofit group called Community Services, the doctors decided to launch a study to see whether providing these patients with nutritious meals would have an impact on their healthcare outcomes.

The researchers recruited Medicaid and Medicare patients and split them into different groups. One group received regular deliveries of healthy meals that were made from scratch and designed by a registered dietitian: Each meal contained ingredients like locally caught seafood and locally grown Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, zucchinis, fruits and other fresh produce that nearby farms donated. Another group received nutritious meals, but they weren’t specifically tailored to their individual medical needs. The third group did not receive any of the nutritious meal deliveries. What the study found in the ensuing weeks was astonishing. The two groups that had nutritious meals had fewer hospital visits, ultimately resulting in a 16 percent reduction in their health care costs. And that was after deducting meal expenses.

The average monthly medical costs for a patient in the nutrition group shrank to about $843—much lower than the roughly $1,413 in medical costs for each patient in the control group.

These types of groups recognize what our federal government sadly does not: To tackle the crisis, our national food policies must be aligned with our healthcare policies. Instead of just treating rampant chronic diseases, we have to start preventing them—and we can do that with our forks.


Get out your bands!

You know this is my favorite piece of equipment for everyone’s home gym.

You don’t need a big gym or big equipment to strengthen your legs doing leg presses. You can tone your thighs while strengthening your knee’s right at home with a single leg press just like I’m doing here.

Press your leg through the band at a nice controlled tempo to create stable movement for your ankle and knee. Believe me! You’ll set your Quads on fire 🦵🔥

Use a medium to heavy long resistance band - either a flat band or pull up band works great!

Anchor your elbows and upper arms on the ground at your side.

Press your leg out and slightly upward for a count of 15-20. I suggest 3 sets for each leg but you can do more of your feeling it or less!

How Exercise Improves Your Immune Health 07/28/2021

How Exercise Improves Your Immune Health

Exercise is THE BEST medicine 💊💪

How Exercise Improves Your Immune Health Regular movement is one of the best ways to tamp down inflammation — and up your immunity.


Strengthen your neck for better posture and better movements

There are several ways you can approach this neck strengthening exercise but today I’m using a resistance band or Theraband.

It’s not the sexiest exercise as your goal is to keep the neck straight while pushing the head back into the band, essentially giving yourself a double chin.

This is an isometric exercise. Finding tension in the band by gently pulling with the hands yet pushing back with the head to resist. This is where you hold, against the band. Start with 2 or 3 20 second holds, increase time in the hold as your neck gets stronger.

This is just the basics. I coach these types of movements with all of my clients from 17 to 70. If you want a more guided experience, let’s talk. Virtual training is open!


Are you hyperextending your knee?🦵

Most likely the answer is yes.

This could be due to an injury but I typically see this with a combination of weakness in the leg/knee joint and lack of awareness.

We want to prevent the knee from hyperextending. If we let hyperextension go on too long this could result in further injury such as ligament tears (ACL or MCL) which are painful and usually require surgery.

The biggest thing you can do today to prevent knee hyperextension is to pay attention to your knees.

Pay attention to knee position while standing in line at the grocery store. Pay attention to knee position while performing upper body exercises such as bicep curls.

Remember to “relax” your knees. Always allow a slight bend in the knee.

We need to get away from thinking we should be locking out or knees. This does more harm than good.

Strength training is super important to fix hyperextension in the long run.

If you need help strengthening your knees please reach out. I can create a customized strengthening plan for your knee health. Your body will thank you!



The way you move 💃🏼…they way you walk 🚶‍♀️the way you reach 🙋‍♀️ the way you bend over to pick something can feel immensely better with a little fine tuning.

Our movement patterns impact our everyday life. We move completely differently at 17, 35, and 65. All due to how we change our movement patterns.

Strength, flexibility, and mobility all make a huge difference in daily life and our movement patterns over a lifetime.

Stay with me here as I share new research, insights, and exercises you can implement right now to feel better in your body! 😌

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