I help women 50+ w/chronic pain & fatigue build strength & increase energy so they can be active

I help women over 60 experiencing chronic pain and fatigue build strength and increase energy so they can enjoy an active lifestyle! ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor who loves educating and empowering those looking to live a healthier lifestyle to make better food choices and how to incorporate more activity into everyday life.

Operating as usual


Exercise is not black & white.

Something we don’t hear enough of and it’s keeping many of you from reaching your goals.

This time of year especially.

I know wayyyy too many friends and clients who get injured trying a new fitness class or new type of exercise.

Exercise is not black and white! There are many ways to move your body.

Listen and let me know what you think?

Timeline photos 01/13/2023

Timeline photos

Our habits determine our future ✅


Here we go into week #2 of our healthy habits…

We take what we recorded last week for water 💦 and sleep 😴 and start to create our healthier habits.

Are you ready for week 2?

Timeline photos 01/06/2023

Every day is a fresh start!

Each new day is a new opportunity 🌟


Who’s ready to be more proactive with their health and wellness?

Like most areas in life, it’s best to be proactive.

These days, prevention is much more affordable and time saving than doctors and medication.


Which one can you claim for 2023?


Some truths about personal trainers and working with us. It’s not for everyone.
It takes hard work on both sides - client and trainer. But big changes can be made in your life.

That’s why I’m here. To change lives!


New Year 💥
New Week 💥

Let’s make some new habits!

Who’s with me in taking a few small steps that will lead to big improvements in the way you feel? 🙋‍♀️

This week we are tracking our current habits:

How much water/hydrating beverages do you drink each day?

How much sleep are you getting each night?

Both are extremely important for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

For the next 7 days, let’s pay attention to our current drinking and sleeping habits. Maybe keep a journal or your phone notes close by for some daily tracking and a reference of where you are starting this 12-week habit makeover.


If something didn’t serve you well or you felt that something held you back in 2022, take a moment to recognize it and then leave it.

Leave it in 2022. You are are stronger and more prepared than you think to move past those barriers!

Wishing everyone who sees this an amazing 2023! Cheers!



Join me in 12-Week Challenge.

Start today, start tomorrow, start January 1…it doesn’t matter as long as you start.

When you break things down into small bites, new habits can be easy to incorporate into daily life. One bite at a time.



“Don't underestimate the power of doing really simple things consistently over a long period of time.⁠

Walking, sleeping, eating protein and vegetables, getting sunshine, laughing with people you love — they might not get attention on Instagram — but they work.⁠”

H/T to GGS Woman-in-Charge Molly Galbraith for this!

Give us a ❤️ or a 👏🏻 if you agree!


MY STORY: This is how I came back from injury, arthritis, and joint pain and you can too!

Most of my life I’ve enjoyed being active from swimming to hiking to running and more. Being active helped me get through a messy divorce and helped me feel confident in what my body could do.

Until running took its toll on body and it was one injury after another completely taking me out of any activity which was also a big part of my social life. One year I landed myself in physical therapy multiple times with foot and ankle injuries and then arthritis in my knee. All of this took me out of hiking and running due to pain from impact and even made going up and down stairs painful.

I missed out on running races alongside my friends, I had to sit out group hikes on the weekend. The less active I was the more tired I was and certain aches and pains seemed to get worse.

I knew I had to do something to keep my weight in check and for my overall health so I hit the gym and took up cycling classes but while it did help me feel better mentally, my knee arthritis persisted and I was still unable to participate in many activities of my past.

Then I got involved in a small group strength training class. I’d go several times per week. Soon I was lifting weights I never thought I could. Performing exercises without pain in my knees. I got excited. I was finding activity that I enjoyed and could share in with others all while my joints were feeling better and getting stronger.

After a year of working on strengthening my muscles, I noticed I could go up and down stairs pain free. I could hike again and yes, I could run again all with out pain or injury. I find myself moving through exercises with confidence and also recognizing what my body needs from movement. I’m not afraid to try new activities because I trust my body’s strength to get me through. I feel free to move!

That’s why I started helping women over 60 who also experience chronic pain and even fatigue from injury or illness build strength and increase energy in order to enjoy an active life and find freedom to move!

Comment “CHANGE” below if you’d like me to personally message you today and see if I can help you too!

Photos from Nickifit_az's post 12/10/2022

Did you know? 🤔

Rest is a major component of feeling better in your body.

And your body only truly gets rest when your surroundings are just right. Which means dark enough.

Even during sleep, your body recognizes when there’s too much light. Your heart rate increases and the quality or your sleep suffers.

Quality sleep helps our muscles to relax and recharge and this is when internal waste is cleared from the body.

Poor sleep can contribute what feels like a weak or “bad back” and also heightens our sensitivity to pain according to AARP researchers. Because our spinal discs haven’t had time to recharge.

So turn off those lights a little earlier. Turn off the TV and the phone. Get some room darkening curtains or use an awesome weighted sleep mask like I do to help you get quality sleep 😴

Your body will thank you!

Jeff Bridges Reveals He Worked with a Trainer to Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle at Her Wedding 11/17/2022

Jeff Bridges Reveals He Worked with a Trainer to Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

Working with a personal trainer isn’t just helpful for reaching your weight loss goals.

Knowledgeable trainers and coaches who are familiar with rehabilitation processes can be a great asset post rehab (i.e. post physical therapy) to strengthen and stabilize your body to get you back on your feet.

Jeff Bridges Reveals He Worked with a Trainer to Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle at Her Wedding In a recent interview, Jeff Bridges discussed the health challenges he faced before he would walk his daughter, Hayley Roselouise Bridges, down the aisle at her wedding in August 2021

Is “Pandemic Brain” Still Zapping Your Productivity? 11/16/2022

Is “Pandemic Brain” Still Zapping Your Productivity?

Stress can sneak up on us and affect us in many different ways.

Can you relate to the stress responses in this article? I know I can 😞

Is “Pandemic Brain” Still Zapping Your Productivity? Here’s what you can do about it.


Who’s ready for Monday!?!

Join me and team Transformed Legacy Fitness - Virtual boot camp
For a Monday night virtual workout - 6:00pm ET.

Get your FREE week here and check us out:

If you are looking for a supportive group of women to help you stay accountable on your fitness journey all while having fun! THIS IS IT!

Timeline photos 11/10/2022

Timeline photos

To all our fellow badasses out there!

Do You Have 2 Minutes To Exercise Today? It Could Help You Live Longer, According to New Science Findings 11/05/2022

Do You Have 2 Minutes To Exercise Today? It Could Help You Live Longer, According to New Science Findings

Starting an exercise program can feel overwhelming. The time commitment alone is a barrier to many.

What if just 10-15 minutes per week of movement (just 2 minutes a day) helped you prevent diseases of aging, gave you more energy, and shed a few pounds?

Do You Have 2 Minutes To Exercise Today? It Could Help You Live Longer, According to New Science Findings Doing a little can help a lot.


Is the Dead Bug 🪲 part of your exercise routine?

It should be!

This is the ultimate core movement for strengthening your core stabilizer muscles which run through the hips, butt, belly and back.

If you’ve never tried the Dead Bug before watch my full video over on YouTube 👉

Check out all of my movement tutorials while your over there.

I also have a free 7-day trial of 30-minute full body programs linked in my bio. Check it out!


If you didn’t invest in the maintenance of your car 🚗 it might break down when you are ready for that road trip.

Similarly, when we don’t invest in the maintenance of our body (think mobility, strength, stability, endurance, and flexibility) it might break down when we push it for that occasional physical challenge.

Small habits, practiced consistently, can save us from breaking down.

Don’t wait until you break down to find the solution.

What if we invested in prevention and maintenance?

Today I am going to talk a 15 minute walk outside 🚶‍♀️

Today I am going to work on strengthening my shoulders 💪

Today I am going to practice a mindful yoga flow 🧘‍♀️

Today I am going to go for a hike 🚶‍♂️

Today I am going to rest 😴

If you miss a day you move the next. Give yourself some grace.

As a health and fitness coach,
I’m here to empower you to find movement that feels right. To start where you are at.

Move with your body, not against. Move best, feel best!

Feel Much Younger Than Your Age With 7 Simple Tips 10/13/2022

Feel Much Younger Than Your Age With 7 Simple Tips

Great tips to live by for any age! 🏆

Feel Much Younger Than Your Age With 7 Simple Tips We've put together the seven best and easiest tips to help you turn back the clock and feel much younger than your age.


The road to better health can be overwhelming.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe it’s all or nothing when it comes to health and fitness.

This is an old, outdated belief.

In fact, just creating 1 new healthy habit. Just making a small effort. Can create positive changes in your mental and physical health.

All or nothing is out!

Baby steps are in!



It’s true! Small changes make a BIG impact on your health and fitness goals.

We’ve been conditioned to think we need strict diets and daily trips to the gym to make a difference.

The best thing you can do for long term, sustainable changes in your health is actually small baby steps changing 1 habit at a time.

Sit all day? Take 10 minute walk breaks.

Enjoy an alcoholic beverage or 2 (or 3) at the end of the day? Slip in a glass of water after each beverage to keep yourself hydrated.

Looking for accountability to reach your health goals?
Want to start a fitness program without judgement or intimidation?
Message me! I specialize in helping women find movement that feels good and creating healthy habits that are attainable and sustainable.

Ready to feel free, confident, and strong? Let’s do this!

Want to live longer? Influence your genes. 10/01/2022

Want to live longer? Influence your genes.

As we get older, it’s easy to think it’s too late to change things about our body and about our minds.

I am loving the recent research that basically says nothing could be further from the truth!

“ Science tells us that by the time you are about 60 years old, 75 percent of your health outcomes are determined by your choices.”

Read for yourself 👇

Want to live longer? Influence your genes. By making healthy lifestyle choices, you can self-engineer genetic alterations to prevent disease and boost longevity.


Excited to announce 🎉 you can now find me on Trainerize!

It's a free to use platform to help take your health and fitness to the next level by making it easy to connect with personal trainers like me 🤗

I have a FREE Trial for you if you follow the link below. You'll get 7-day of free access to sample On Demand workouts.

By the way...I'm accepting new Virtual and On Demand clients. Whether I meet with you virtually for your private training or I provide you with workouts to do on your time through the On Demand program, know that every program is completely customized to YOU!

I take pride in programming effective exercises organized in ways to help you reach your personal goals!

Learn more on Trainerize or message me!

Best Healthy Snacks for Active Individuals 09/28/2022

Best Healthy Snacks for Active Individuals

Snacks are always an issue for me when trying to balance energy for workouts and watching my weight.
The goal is high protein and fiber and modest amounts of carbohydrates and fats. But it can take a lot of thought to put a snack like that together during a busy day.

This article has some great suggestions if you find yourself in a snack rut like me.

Best Healthy Snacks for Active Individuals Snacking between regular meals can be a great way to keep your body fueled and repairing itself throughout the day. Read on to find out how!


If you don’t use it…you lose it!

This sentence applies to many things in life but today I’m using it to describe your mobility.

If you are not moving your body now - be prepared to lose proper mobility as you age, i.e. walking becomes difficult or even painful, standing up becomes difficult or even painful.

The time to get moving is now! 🕺🏻💃🏼So you can keep moving! 💃🏼🕺🏻

5 Surprising Signs You're Not Moving Enough During the Day 02/16/2022

5 Surprising Signs You're Not Moving Enough During the Day

So you’ve started and stayed committed to your exercise plan 🙌👏

But sometimes you wonder if your doing enough to benefit your mind and body 🤔

The best thing you can do for yourself is listen to your body!

Your body will tell you when you are doing too much and it will tell you when you’re not doing enough.

5 Surprising Signs You're Not Moving Enough During the Day If you're not getting enough exercise, your body will let you know. Here are the signs to look out for.


The 3rd step we take in taking charge or our health is Hydration 💧

Our muscles, our skin, and our brain feel and function so much better when we are hydrated.

So drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies 🍓🥕 and you are well on your way to Feeling Better in Your Body.

With our first 3 steps to Taking Charge of Your Health you have the ability to start right now, nothing is in your way!!

We’ll get to exercise in a minute but by making these first 3 steps a priority and a habit, your body is going to adapt to exercise so much easier!


Ready to take charge of your health?

Did you know know you have one of the best health tools with you right now?

It’s always FREE!

It’s your breath! 🌬

We take our breath for granted. Going a out our busy life, not paying attention at to how we are breathing.

Most of us are actually gasping for air and we don’t even know it. Life is so busy and stress those short breaths in and out feel totally normal by now.

But it’s not. Short, quick breathing deprives your body and your brain of the oxygen it needs to recover from stress. To regulate the nervous system. To help with digestion. To help with focus and energy and proper immune functioning.

Retraining ourselves to take full complete breaths has a long list of benefits beyond what I listed above.

Take a break. Slow down. Follow your breath. Breathe in to the lungs and the belly. Breathe it all out. Repeat.


🥱Sleep…or lack there of…is severely affecting our state of health!

Not only does lack of sleep contribute to low energy levels and decreased focus but the body and all of its systems fail to completely recharge when we are short on sleep.

Yes! Our nerves, our metabolism, our immune system, our cardiovascular system, and even our skin take a beating when we consistently lack sleep.

When looking to get your health in check, it’s important to get your sleep 😴 in check first. This will make all the difference in how your body adapts to exercise and dietary changes.

Its a change you can make right now to improve your health.


Movement is the 🔑 to unlocking your body!

Literally, if you feel stiff and locked up you need movement, usually mobility and flexibility movements are best to start with to unwind and unlock tight muscles and stiff joints.

We need movement at every stage of life to keep the body and mind healthy and functioning.

If you need some guidance on movement to unlock your body - whether your just researching your options, ready to get started, or need a change of pace to get you off a plateau - drop me a comment or message, let’s get you moved and feeling better in your body!


While virtual, on demand fitness options have made life a lot easier over the past year, jumping into an exercise regimen that you’re not ready for can set you back and sometimes even turn you off of exercise completely.

I’ve personally had clients try to keep up with a fitness app that wasn’t right for them and end up injured in some way.

While I do offer virtual training as well as in person, my coaching is always one on one so I can guide you through every movement help you with form and get you started in the right path…injury free! And feeling better than ever in your body!

Message me if you interested in getting started with guided movement. My programs are always customized to meet your needs and abilities.

*Medicare Advantage Statistics

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Ready to take charge of your health? Did you know know you have one of the best health tools with you right now? It’s al...
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