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Urban Garage Gym is Scottsdale's premiere personal training spot, providing individual fitness and n Urban Garage Gym is Scottsdale's Premiere 1 on 1 Personal Training Studio, providing each of it's members complete guidance and accountability to achieve your goals and get the results you want.

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Now is YOUR time. Work hard. Play harder.


Work hard. Play Harder. Urban Garage Gym.

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Leg day doesn’t have to be this…but it shouldn’t be the second pic either. Learn more how to improve your muscle structure and overall health.


And then…get to work changing it.

Work hard. Play harder.


Let’s start building.


I’m not here for a long time but I’m here for a good time. At Urban Garage Gym we always try to work hard and get down to business - but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some fun while we are at it! Personal training that makes a difference.


Did you know that physical training helps with your sports endeavors? By training with weights and balancing your diet you can get the most out of your favorite or most competitive athletic activities. Don’t underestimate the power behind building muscle to support your efforts.


Did you know the difference between “fit” and “fat” is often just the mix of diet and exercise you have? What is your mix? You can’t have a bad diet and train and expect great results just like you can’t eat healthier and have no physical movement and expect amazing body results. Learn the proper mix and what practical steps you can take for better health, strength and endurance with personal training. Individual results for your life.

Work hard. Play harder.


Who ever said size doesn’t matter?


Four words.

Work hard.

Play harder.


Happy Easter - from our gang to yours! Have an amazing day. Rest, enjoy and maybe…maybe…get a lil exercise in.


The say age is only a number - but it’s also an attitude, a lifestyle choice and a way of staying healthy. Don’t stop living start getting healthy and stronger. Learn more when you visit our gym for individual, personalized training at Urban Garage Gym.


What are your weekend plans?

Moving and sweating contribute to your overall well-being. Start small and go from there. Your mental and physical health will that you for it.

Learn more at Urban Garage Gym. Work hard. Play harder.


Looking for a balanced approach to your health? Come find out how you can gain endurance strength and better health no matter your age. Don’t fall for dads or friends when solid, personal and experienced help is the path to your goals.

Photocred: not our photo. Dm for credit.


The formula is easy when you get down to it. Let’s start today!


Now get on and buckle up, cuz we’re about to take a ride together that will make you scream with delight! Work hard. Play harder. Learn more at Urban Garage Gym.


Stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day. Get ready for tomorrow, when you get back at it.

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You’re not a robot. So we won’t treat you like one. Instead we personalize your strength, endurance and health conditioning program to your needs. No cookie cutter approaches for you at Urban Garage Gym. Contact us to learn more about our individual training programs.


How do you approach the Nee Year? Cautiously or full on. If you’re ready to get your health back and regain strength then we got what you need. Contact us for more details and go full into this year for best results!


Merry Christmas! Here’s hoping your holidays workout.


Age is just a number. But hard work will last a lifetime. So start working hard. And you too will last a lifetime.


Plot twist. Bad technique might get you somewhere...but probably not where you want to be.

While we won’t “bend over backward” we will do everything within reason to help you get fit, healthy, strong and gain endurance.

Work hard. Play harder.


Pensive? Ya, we got pensive. Tb.

And we also got bad ass, though. Swing by after your Thanksgiving food coma and we can show you how to get to the latter. 😍😍😍 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Work hard. Play harder.


If you’re gonna dog your workout this Thanksgiving at least be cute about it. Helpful tips (sort of):

1. Don’t overstuff yourself. Regret sucks
2. Do enjoy your family.
3. Do have fun and be thankful for all you have.
4. Do wear cute outfits.
5. Don’t play too ruff.
6. Don’t over stuff yourself...
7. Repeat.


Thanksgiving isn’t about food. Don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s about your family. It’s about your connection to the world and others you love. And to those who love you. To your past, your present, and your future.

...okay, fine...and stuffing.


Only in Arizona is it still hot during the fall...

Play harder. Work hard. 😍


They say you are a combination of attributes, made up of your five closest friends. I must be mountains, lakes, good food, iron and my bff wife.

What are you made of?


No clowning around. It’s time (right now) to get to a good personal trainer (us) and get healthy, strong and gain endurance (bad ass).


You can NEVER get too big. 😍😍😍

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From one vet to another - thank you good sirs and ma’am’s for your service for our country. Today we honor you!


Yah life gonna throw stuff your way but what are you gonna do? Fall or beat it?

Work hard. Play harder.


Whatcha doin this weekend? Just...hangin around?

Work hard. Player harder!


What’s missing from this picture? You.

Work hard. Play harder.

Our Story

Since 2007 Urban Garage Gym has been Scottsdale's premiere personal training and indoor cycling studio providing individual fitness and nutritional guidance. No matter your fitness level, the road to strength, stamina and total body health is straight ahead. Expert, motivating instructors will know you, providing the right support to help you to exceed your goals. Urban Garage Gym. This is personal fitness that fits you.

Personal Training

Members are paired with a fitness team to achieve success. Whether you are competing, post - birth or recovering from an injury. You won’t believe how you will feel. Sessions are one-on-one, 45 minutes and constantly evolving to trick your body and challenge you. Intense, fun and meant to keep you on track sessions are your "me" time.

Nutrition Consultation

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We would like to welcome you to our playground. That's right, we view our club as your playground where you can come and get away from the stress of the day. Think of it as your recess. Improve your well-being, learn from our staff, and have fun!


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