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So proud of you, Anita! You inspire me (to at least keep up my daily walk and weekly Curves' exercises).
Every time!
Happy thanksgiving, friends!!!

Class Schedule: MissFit is currently ONLINE & IN-PERSON. Call or email for hours and pricing. Fitness for all ages! MissFit is a personal training business for men & women, in the privacy of a home, also seniors, ages 50-90 (chair exercise), and Kids Fitness class ages 8-16.

MissFit is run by an ACE certified personal trainer offering strength, sculpting, and conditioning for one on one training or group classes.

Operating as usual


Protein balls! Quick and healthy. I keep them in my freezer whenever I run out the door without breakfast, one or two for a snack, or to satisfy my sweet tooth at night.

*1 Cup gluten free oats
*1 Cup rice Krispies
*1/2 Cup Nut butter (you choose)
*2 Tbsp vanilla extract
*Honey (I put enough in to help bind the dry ingredients. You can't over do)
*Protein powder of choice. If the protein shake calls for one scoop, I double it. I used Salted Carmel Vegan Protein from Sprouts.
*semi sweet chocolate chips (dark chocolate would be even better!)
*sometimes I put a dash of Himalayan salt in the mixture
*I use coconut oil to rub in my hands before I blend all ingredients in a bowl. Make into small balls. Place in Tupperware and freeze or refrigerate.
*if it is too dry and crumbly, add a little water and/or honey




These Foods SATISFY Your Body

What am I always pushing? #PROTEIN


This week in The Daniel Plan Class, we are on the chapter of #FRIENDSHIP. The "Secret Sauce" of this program. I love how God has put the most amazing people in my path, just at the perfect season in my life.

All of these woman, through the years, have taught me how to be a better friend/mom/sister/wife/person.

So grateful for this one here 👆
We have been exercising together for about 5 years. I went from being her trainer to friend pretty fast. She is turning 93 in April. 🎂🎈🎉

She has taught me so much. What's her secret? Hard work, consistency, a good attitude (she never complains! Never talks "down" to herself) and most importantly, her FAITH in Christ.

If you want to know more about this amazing lady, you can read her recently published book!! Book signing April 7, 11am, SBC room C201

Love you @dorothybentz! Happy early birthday!

#staydanielstrong #bettertogether #faith #food #fitness #focus #FRIENDS


Thank you, Gretchen! I love to hear how this program is changing people's lives! Great job at staying focused and dedicated to your personal health and well-being. ❤💪 I'm so proud of you!

What's In Your Pantry? with Dr Daniel Amen 03/21/2022

What's In Your Pantry? with Dr Daniel Amen



What's In Your Pantry? with Dr Daniel Amen What's in your pantry? Dr. Daniel Amen & Tana Amen BSN, RN clean out one family's pantry. Watch as they show you which foods are good for your health and w...


This week on The Daniel Plan, we are focusing our attention on #FITNESS. That just happens to be my sweet spot. Just add movement to your day. The best exercise to can do is the one YOU WILL DO. 💪


Love the skin you're in!

Photos from MissFit's post 03/12/2022

FIT SPRAY. This is the citrus spray I was speaking of. Takes all the wax and toxic chemicals off of our produce.

My daughter just ate one of our strawberries (not knowing I washed them 30 seconds earlier) and said "WOW, this is the best strawberry I've ever tasted!".
Yup... it makes that much of a difference.

#staydanielstrong #bettertogether #faith #FOOD #fitness #focus #friends


#staydanielstrong #bettertogether #faith #FOOD #fitness #focus #friends

Photos from MissFit's post 03/02/2022

Keeping myself fueled for my day. I always have food staples in my fridge and pantry.

* spinach (I had cilantro too)

* fruit (today I had half apple w/cinnamon for snack and threw blueberries in my shake for breakfast and on my salad for lunch.)

* walnuts and almonds

* $5 rotisserie chicken from Costco

* hummus

* English cucumbers

* Almond milk (for shake)

***I'll send protein ball recipe soon

#missfit #nutritioncoach #personal trainer #thedanielplan #whatsforbreakfast
#whatsforlunch #healthysnack #proteinballs #youtubechannel www.youtube.com/missfit4u


The Daniel Plan class has begun! I know we are not in our FOOD chapter yet, but some of you want to get a JUMP START on losing extra weight, eliminating brain fog, and feeling better.

My 4 "jump start" suggestions:
1. Ditch sugar!
Yes, you can have fruit. No, avoid artificial sweetners. Yes, you can use Stevie, honey, agave.

2. Pitch Processed Foods! If it's in a bag or box, toss it! Avoid the struggle of temptation. I will give you other great snack ideas when we get into the chapter of FOOD.

3. NO DAIRY. Again, this is a choice, but clients have found that there are negative reactions to our body when it comes to dairy. It's an inflammatory. You might find you have less bloating, less mucus and allergies.

4. NO GLUTEN. You might not think you have issues with gluten, but you might be surprised how much better you feel without it. There are a lot of great substitutes these days. I'll be sharing next week.


Our body's are a gift! Take care of it.

Photos from MissFit's post 02/28/2022

Great weekend with the kids! I love adding 2 great guys to the mix! 💙💙
#santabarbara #westmont #mastersbaseball @tmubaseball #collegeathletes #lovethecatcher #stopteasingme #blessedmomma


YOU!! If you joined The Daniel Plan Class (that starts TOMORROW!) You will have me, MissFit, as your personal trainer, with live workouts, meal planner, accountability partner, nutrition coach, and friend. 7 weeks FREE (the friendship part will last forever!) ❤

#thedanielplan #bettertogether #missfit @missfitaz also @sitdownshapeup #personaltrainer #nutritioncoach #motivationalspeaker #onlinetrainer #inpersonprivateappointments #youtubechannel www.youtube.com/missfit4u #musclegain #strengthandbalance #lovetheskinyourein #you only better #faith #food #fitness #focus #friends


Well those sound like good enough reasons!

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How Dr. Daniel Amen Repairs the Brain with Healthy Living 02/23/2022

How Dr. Daniel Amen Repairs the Brain with Healthy Living

Please WATCH...you'll thank me later!
#brainhealth #avoiddemensia #bekindtoyourmind #thedanielplan


How Dr. Daniel Amen Repairs the Brain with Healthy Living In this informative talk about brain health, Dr. Daniel G. Amen makes a powerful case for preventative living through healthy habits. In a time where bodies ...

Warm Up | RM Guide to Fitness - Red Mountain Weight Loss 02/23/2022

Warm Up | RM Guide to Fitness - Red Mountain Weight Loss

Time to WARM UP!
Before you begin any strength training exercise, make sure you warm up your muscles, get blood flow and circulation moving throughout your extremities! You are making sure you AVOID INJURY while trying to become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF! ❤💪


Warm Up | RM Guide to Fitness - Red Mountain Weight Loss Anita Terlizzi, RM Fitness Expert, guides you through the warm up portion of her workout video, Sit Down, Shape Up. Duration: 20 min Click here to get

Photos from MissFit's post 02/22/2022

My go-to post workout. Rice cake, peanut butter, 1/4 banana, dash of cinnamon. 😋

Always a good idea to get protein in after a workout. Check out the essential amino acids in this post workout shake!

#fuelyourbody #protein #carbs #legday




1st line of defense against any illness..YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM!


The Daniel Plan starts soon....February 28!

Not only do I have Arizona people joining me in-person, but I have new friends tuning in from NJ, IL, and CA! That's right, we are streaming live! 6:30-8pm

It's time to take back your health!


Watch this reel by fitness on Instagram 02/14/2022

Watch this reel by fitness on Instagram

Amazing! #neversaynever


Watch this reel by fitness on Instagram Haley Reinhart • Can't Help Falling in Love - Single


GREAT news for my Midwest and East Coast friends who have been requesting an early morning workout!

MISSFIT goes LIVE on Zoom 7am (AZ timezone)
You can expect to sweat, gain muscle & burn calories in this high intensity, low impact workout. 45 min!

***IMPORTANT: All of you who have signed up for The Daniel Plan Class (starts Feb 28), will be getting....



Next Daniel Plan class starts February 28!

Photos from MissFit's post 02/06/2022

What are you waiting for? This is it. This is your time. Take control of your health, from the inside out. I'll be with you for 7 weeks straight! I'll be your personal coach, trainer, your daily encouragement, your meal planner and accountability partner. You will walk away with RESULTS! Trust me!

Sign up here👇 It's FREE!

Photos from MissFit's post 01/26/2022

Yikes! 🤢😱🙅‍♂️
#thedanielplan Starts Feb 28

Photos from MissFit's post 01/24/2022

Fun Facts! God thought of everything!!!

Sign up today!
#thedanielplan #nutritionclass #faith #food #fitness #focus #friends


The next Daniel Plan Wellness Class begins Feb 28. Did I mention it's FREEE!


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@home Full Body Strength & Balance

Savvi Clothing Line...MY FAV!



Scottsdale, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 9:30am
10:30am - 11:30am
Tuesday 6am - 7am
Wednesday 8:30am - 9:30am
Thursday 6am - 7am
8:30am - 9:30am
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We would like to welcome you to our playground. That's right, we view our club as your playground where you can come and get away from the stress of the day. Think of it as your recess. Improve your well-being, learn from our staff, and have fun!

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