Corona Strength and Performance

Corona Strength and Performance

How Bad Do You Want It?! ASU Graduate
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Dolce Diet Level 1 Certified
ACE Certified Personal Training

Corona Strength and Performance works with exercise beginners to elite athletes. Strive to reach your goals with commitment. Certified as a strength and conditioning specialist, I create programs (not workouts) to reach your goals quickly and safely. During my time as an intern at Fischer Sports, I had the opportunity to prepare college football players for the NFL combine as well as professional football players from around the league. Along with 6+ years of training experience, I am committed to your goals as you are.

Operating as usual

Photos from Corona Strength and Performance's post 03/26/2018

I took a couple pictures from our shopping trip at Sprouts. Good deals on healthy food. Pasture raised eggs are a must!


@kamikaze978 hitting the @valslide reach outs followed by some body saws. He makes them look easy but I assure you when done correctly, they are not!
•Keep that belly button tight and don't let your hips drop. If you feel it in your lower back, you're doing it wrong on both. •on the reach outs, push down and back on the arm reaching out
•body saws, your first movement is back
@ SNJ Fitness


Trying to get peach to put a hole through the wall


When you don't feel like loading the plates for @cambaldwin you leave the 3 that are already on there and stand on the 💪🏼💪🏼


@lunaa123 hates to jump so naturally I have her jump over a mini huddle onto a 24" box. @kamikaze978 looks like he has springs for legs

Timeline photos 10/20/2016

decided last Saturday it was time for my hair to serve it's purpose. Grew my hair for 3 years to donate to children with hair loss. I have a ton of hair so I figure why not share :) Thank you @liliana.c.s for cutting my hair

Timeline photos 10/11/2016

I'm your local provider of the best recovery products! Why use inferior products

Timeline photos 09/27/2016

@simonsaysinspire with @repostapp
Take a risk.


Part of upper body circuit
4 rounds
Bench x12
Pull-ups AMRAP (at least 9 for me)
Tri extensions x12
Db hammer curls x12
Rest 60-75s, repeat"


Couple hitting the synchronized @valslide reverse lunge


Kendall and Luna killing the bodysaw variation. Adding in some upper body to a killer core exercise. Keep your belly button tight, don't let your hips drop, and most importantly resist arcing the lower back


Shelby's feet on fire! She's gna kill it, I'm excited!


Mia's out here getting better everyday! Only been working with her for 2 weeks but I'm happy with her progress so far. Looking forward to soccer season


Working on mechanics with my soccer girls and proper shoulder and elbow flexion
Me: make sure you keep that 90 in your elbow
Girl: proceeds to do the robot until she "finds" the proper angle, points at it "is this it?"
Haha they crack me up

Timeline photos 06/09/2016

walking to breakfast a couple weeks ago for my beautiful wife's bday @ahandley90


We would like to thank the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live free 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


It's Saturday and we're off and running! Get after it! Tessa Ann

Timeline photos 05/12/2016

to when we were in Italy for our honeymoon. We didn't know how big the pizzas were so we each got our own haha. Needless to say, we had no problem finishing them off @ahandley90

Timeline photos 05/09/2016

Get rid of the distractions and do what you know needs to be done!

Timeline photos 04/15/2016

Get your earthfedmuscle from us today!
@earthfedmuscle with @repostapp.
Yes, stole this from @ironoplot's Friday. Crush weights all day then it's time to drink whey and get wheysted!!!

wildboy wednesday addams 04/15/2016

wildboy wednesday addams

Its Friday! Let's make it a good one!!

wildboy wednesday addams wildboy wednesday addams

Don't Swing Your Kids By the Arms, Please. - MobilityWOD 04/12/2016

Don't Swing Your Kids By the Arms, Please. - MobilityWOD

I first heard this from Lee Taft. But Kelly explains in more depth. Please stop swinging your kids from their arms

Don't Swing Your Kids By the Arms, Please. - MobilityWOD Hey Supple Legion, Today's episode is a public service announcement for your children's arms and shoulders. The message is simple, if you feel the need to swing your kids around by the arms, make sure that they are holding onto you--not the other way around. Your kid's grip strength or lack there…

Timeline photos 04/11/2016

Couldn't have said it better myself Dan John

Timeline photos 04/11/2016

Be thankful for what you have but never be satisfied. Always want more! Set goals and crush them!

Why We’re Losing Athleticism 04/10/2016

Why We’re Losing Athleticism

Why We’re Losing Athleticism

Timeline photos 03/15/2016

Got this from Robert Yang. I think it speaks for itself, a positive attitude goes a heck of a long way not only when training but life itself. Just makes life that much more enjoyable.

Timeline photos 03/04/2016

Great article I saw on Coach Dos' FB page. A lot of people follow trends because it looks cool or they see a professional athlete use it. You have to have a "why" to what you're doing and understand how it's helping, or in this case not helping, you reach your goals. Don't just follow blindly.

A recent study investigated the claims of an Altitude Training Mask to allow for combined respiratory muscle training and altitude exposure during exercise.

"The training mask examined in this study did provide for respiratory muscle training (RMT) and cause hypoxemia when it was worn during endurance exercise. Importantly, the magnitude of hypoxemia was much less than what occurs at terrestrial altitude, and there was virtually no difference between the two altitude resistance mask configurations that were tested. However, just because something can be used does not mean that it should be. Reductions in sustained exercise tolerance and maximal exercise capacity would reduce training quality and negatively impact endurance exercise performance. The training mask caused inadequate hyperventilation that led to arterial hypoxemia and psychological discomfort, but the magnitude of these responses were small and they did not vary across mask configurations"
Photo credit: tahir.whitehead

Timeline photos 03/03/2016

Earth Fed Muscle is the best recovery product in the business! Get it from Corona Strength now! Soy free, GMO free, filler free!!

Photos from Corona Strength and Performance's post 02/22/2016

The play ground! Come play and be a better you!

Timeline photos 02/12/2016

Triathlete Saul getting powerful!

Timeline photos 02/12/2016

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 11/10/2015

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 11/10/2015

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