Digging Deeper for Success I Chaya Ben-Shabat

Digging Deeper for Success I Chaya Ben-Shabat


This article offers advice on how to rewire our brains and stay the leaders and the champions in our circles during a time of crisis. I especially love the idea of limiting our media intake.

I'm excited to join the joyful warrior tribe because since I started social distancing I've felt deep in my heart and soul that GD created this opportunity for me to grow!!!! I would LOVE to join others who feel the same so that we can help each other RISE!!!!!!!
Watched 10 Steps to transforming your health and I'd love the website to do my own research. And I'm responsible for my health not my doctor. I too want longevity because I've got lots to accomplish. I've already started about 15 years ago when I did 21 day juice fast. I had the most energy. I want that energy again. I'm thinking a plant based is the place for me. Love your thoughts on this. I already shop farmers markets and organic. I'm down to 2 meals/day thru intermittent fasting.
Chaya I have a question - If you run your business online how is the best way to handle your daily tasks? Should you make sure and take the time to get them done or do what you feel? I find myself doing what I feel but today I’m feeling this isn’t enough and need to be more focused if I want to grow faster.
I have been meaning to express my gratitude for being a part of this tribe. Since joining, my life has been more intentional and focused. I have learnt and appreciate the power of articulate planning. I don’t think there is another educator more equiped to do this than Chaya. From 20 year visions to daily DMO, there are simple strategies and habits that will have made my life so much easier.

For anyone who wants to kick some crazy goals or just want to refine their current successes, this is one tribe you need in your life.

Much love to you all ###
Hi everyone 🙌
We had a 90 days blitz with Mushka- How to change your life in 90 days!
It started for me as a good idea, to learn something new for life and maybe get a tip that will help me think of what’s next. Heard of cool coaching sessions before so I guess I wasn’t ready for this intensive life changing program! This is the first time in my life I’m getting out of my own box and thinking bigger, trying harder and actually doing things that until today was only a wish... Any change could freak me out and any addition to my intensive life was going well along with all the best excuses of why I can’t do it right now and how I can wait with it until all those excuses will be solved... It’s not only the answers I’ve got from Chaya Ben-Shabat, the clarity of how to organize my life better, but what gave me the biggest push to overcome all those excuses was the motivation and a whole new mindset that Chaya planted in our brain. I didn’t see it during this process, I guess when you’re in the picture you can’t really see it. I did wonder what effect will it leave after, would it be a nice idea that could work if..? Like most ideas I’ve got before...? I’m so happy and honored to feel otherwise, I’m taking things in life in a whole different approach, I have more time with my family, I’m doing things I said I wanted to do for so long and now with no time I’m making time and fixing up my priorities and active life to a way higher level!!!
It was not a good idea coaching, it did definitely change my life! And maybe even more important, my approach for life and making it what I deserve it to be!
Thank you SO MUCH Chaya Ben-Shabat!!! I can only pray for this world to be touched as much as possible by your light, you’re one soul that can change this whole world... One soul at a time, or 10... Thank you...
Here’s my homework will get last weeks to you tomorrow when I find the notebook I wrote it in 😬
My homework from our 10/3 call: Self Care for me looks like taking time to align with God by reading, studying, attending church and being quiet. It also means scheduling time to workout, get something like a pedicure or massage for relaxation. It's also listening to what I need in the moment even if it isn't planned. i.e. I came home yesterday and needed to just take a bath and relax after a hard 6 weeks of work commitments. When I don't do these things, I get anxious and feel like I'm spinning my wheels. I have to schedule it in so that it's not out of sight, out of mind. As with anything else we're working on, I feel it's a discipline :)
Sorry it’s late but I need prayers as I’ve had a migraine the past 3 days 😢😢😢but here it is
Here’s the other answers to the homework...it’s a little late but I did it despite being on a business trip out in the middle of nowhere and having a sick kiddo....
Here it is my “ideal” week!!!

Welcome to our tribe of High Achieving Women Entrepreneurs! We help goal-oriented women create thei This is the perfect place to sit with your coffee and learn the tools and resources you need to achieve your audacious goals without sacrificing your family, your soul, or your sanity.

We’re here to make sure you hit your goals in every area of your life so you can ignore the naysayers and build a multi six or seven-figure business while still finding time to bake cookies with your kids. Here are some of the challenges we help you tackle here:

#1 Finding more time so you can stop locking yourself in the bathroom to catch up on social.
#2 Climbing out of a rut so you can

Operating as usual


Helllllooooooo!! I hope y'all had a fantastic summer! As many of you know, I've been on hiatus as we've been working hard on our school launches. (Here I am in one of our preschool classrooms! 🥰)

As many of you also know, the season between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is my absolute most favorite PRODUCTIVITY SEASON of the entire year!! (aka 90-Day Blitz!!!)

We're still hard at work in school launch mode, but I couldn't let this powerful season pass us by without at least ONE POWER SESSION with my favorite women on the planet...our Digging Deeper Tribe! 🙌🏻🏃🏻‍♀️👊🏻🎉

Soooooo....here's the 411.

Within the next several weeks, I will likely host ONE free training webinar focused on the integration of mindset mastery, time management, & healthy boundaries in order to sky rocket your productivity and build your dream life.


You can help make it POWER-PACKED by answering a few short questions so that we can customize the training and tailor it for EXACTLY what you need.

PLEASE NOTE: I will only send the link out to the people who take the time to fill out this survey & tell me what they want to learn. Be specific!! Short answers won't help me or you, and I want to help you. So, gimme the deets!

If you want to join us, comment "I'm in" and then answer the survey questions! ❤️❤️❤️

Answer the survey here: https://forms.gle/tv9VjMiXyasMB5PT7

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I usually aim for a quarterly mini-getaway and two bigger escapes per year to keep my head clear and my energy high in order to accomplish our missions amidst all the intensity and challenges.

But this year has been extreme.

Due to various circumstances, I wasn’t able to for over 18 months straight of 12+ hour days, and it started to show.

So at the very last minute, my family snuck away to paradise recently. We packed for an eight day trip in less than two hours. Don’t even ask me about that! 🤣

I still wasn’t able to fully “unplug”…and that’s ok. We have so much at stake and so much still in launch mode that we had to be available to our teams, albeit remotely.

Nevertheless, the ocean air was massively reinvigorating to my soul. And my mind was cleared up to focus on our strategy for the coming year.

A little R&R can go a long way! ❤️🌊


I hope that one day, I’ll be sharing my own miracle story with you…with my newborn baby in my arms.

Until that day happens…I’m learning to embrace my life as it is right now. My family as it is right now. For the past 8 years, I’ve put a lot of my dreams and goals on hold thinking I might get pregnant. Opportunities I’ve turned down because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it as a new mom.

While I still pray for another child, I know I have to step into this next chapter without shame or judgment.

To approach each day with real joy―as if I’m already living that “picture perfect ending” with my new baby.

It’s not easy. But I’m working toward this kind of acceptance every single day.



I usually aim for a quarterly mini-getaway and two bigger escapes per year to keep my head clear and my energy high in order to accomplish our missions amidst all the intensity and challenges.

But this year has been extreme.

Due to various circumstances, I haven’t been able to unplug in over 18 months, and it started to show.

So at the very last minute, my family snuck away to paradise on Sunday. We packed for an eight day trip in less than two hours. Don’t even ask me about that! 🤣

I am still not able to fully “unplug”…and that’s ok. We have so much at stake and so much still in launch mode that I have to be somewhat available to our teams. However, the ocean air is already reinvigorating my soul. And my mind is getting cleared up to focus on our strategy for the coming year.

A little R&R can go a long way! ❤️🌊


When I started my own health journey, I had to completely unlearn what I thought I knew about health and wellness. I had to have an open mind, challenge my previous opinions, and be willing to admit that I’d be wrong about, well, a LOT.

And to accept all this without judgment or shame for my choices. (Easier said than done, right?)

What unconventional health choices are you making today?


If someone is telling you there is only ONE way or the highway with your health, run. 🏃🏼‍♀️

Your body is one of a kind…so is your health. Finding a holistic approach that works for your specific strengths and challenges is the first step to achieving sustainable health for life. The best part? You’ll have more time and energy to achieve all those big dreams waiting for you on your list. ⚡️


Want to conquer your dreams like a warrior woman? 💪 Check out these 3 holistic health tips to help you step into champion status.


It’s the second week of 2022…and are your health goals already flying out the window?

As busy women with big dreams and full lives, our health often takes a backseat to everything else we’ve got on our list.

That’s why we’ll be making your health our TOP priority this week. Follow for some of our favorite tips to help you kick off your holistic health journey…plus 6 questions to ask yourself when getting clear on the type of health you’re looking to create in the new year.


A lot of times, we fool ourselves into thinking we have to be “motivated” in order to reach our goals. That rush of inspiration sure feels amazing, but it’s what you do when you are NOT motivated that really counts.


How’s your first week of 2022 going? As the beginning of the typical work (or school) week, Mondays can arrive in a massive knot of dread and anxiety. But here’s the thing about EVERY beginning. You have to start ugly. Nobody is a master on Day One―unless you’re some magical prodigy.

Which. I. Am. Not. 🙃

Before you become great, you've got to be good; before you become good, you've got to be mediocre; before you can even be mediocre, you’ve got to barely get the hang of it.

To get to Friday you have to begin with Monday. But what if we invested 2022 in building a life where we don’t actually dread Mondays?

Depending on how we frame our own perspective, Tuesdays can be terrible or terrific.

Wednesdays can be hump day or happy day. It’s all up to you. NOT what’s happening around you.

How willing are you to start ugly in order to reach your dreams?


Here’s a secret…I don’t feel motivated all of the time.

Right now, I’m feeling it. That excited rush that comes with being at the beginning of things. I’m excited for a new year, new goals and some new progress on some old ones, too. But I know I’m human, and I can’t stay up here riding the inspiration high forever. (However much I wish I could.)

That’s when discipline has to kick in. What’s the difference? Motivation is something you feel. Discipline is something you do, even when you feel like a pumpkin. And you keep doing it and doing it, until the motivation fairy decides to come back and light you up again.

Anybody willing to put in the work, can actually learn and master discipline. And once you do, you’ll be truly unstoppable.


I always love to save the last week in December for my annual War Week. By staying “in” and not taking a big trip, I’m able to address ANY areas of life that I’m not completely satisfied with―instead of escaping them. 🏃‍♀️

When you keep your problems in your head, it always, ALWAYS seems harder than it is. You know how good it feels to open up with a trusted friend? Well, you need to be that friend right now.

To yourself ❤️

By getting it on paper, you can be honest and clear about what you really want.

This will help you be creative with your solutions, rather than settling for problems.

Will you join me, mama warrior? 🐻


I will NEVER make a New Year’s resolution again. Here’s why.



Where are you on this beautiful December day?

I’m in full-on staycation mode. Cozy blankets, crackling fire place, and long walks in the (finally) not too hot Arizona air.

Sometimes, it’s the choice to NOT go on a big, end-of-year trip that your family really needs. To just stay home, relax and be present.

What’s your favorite way to staycation?

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