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Upgrade your workout and grab a partner!
These exercises are harder than they look.
Thank you The List for sharing these tips from Matt Hoodie at Transform Scottsdale.
Hidden Gems: Meet Matt Hoodie of Transform Scottsdale
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Extreme heat is coming to the Valley later this week!
If you drive a car, check out Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals for tips to ensure you aren't stuck on the side of the road. Definitely have your tires checked by Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair too.
How long has it been since you've had your home's AC maintained? Donley Service Center is ready to help you stay cool.
No one wants to heat up the kitchen, so try a new crisp and delicious salad from Miracle Mile Deli. Or, try my fave, the grilled New Yorker on rye ;)
Celebrating a graduation, birthday, or craving a night out? Organ Stop Pizza is the perfect spot to enjoy dinner and a show!
You need more than water to stay hydrated! Throw out the sugary Gatorade and get the right electrolytes from family-owned Scottsdale nutritional company Jigsaw Health.
The kids need to get some exercise! Impact Gymnastics Academy offers numerous programs, Zoom online classes, and summer camp right now.
If you are sick of looking at your honey-colored cabinets, contact Rachel at Restyle Ju**ie for a quote to have them painted. Or, show off your projects in her DIY Tips,Tricks and Projects Facebook group.
Ready to lose that "Quarantine 15?" Give the pros at Transform Scottsdale a call. If Matt Hoodie can lose more than 100 pounds and keep it off, you can too. (AND, he isn't going to make you go on keto!)
How are things going at work? If you are facing a difficult situation and need legal help, contact the Law Office of Joshua Black, PLC. Joshua fights for employees!
Keep reading to your kids during COVID. Southwest Human Development suggests parents and caregivers take advantage of this extra time to foster literacy growth and vocabulary development.
Got a teen who wants to get behind the wheel? Driving MBA offers assessments and professional opinions to help you understand if they really are ready to get a driver license.
Get out and GROW with Project Roots AZ. Support this grassroots nonprofit founded by WNBA Champion Bridget Pettis as she helps to bring gardening education and food to those who need it through their community gardens in Phoenix.
We are currently in a situation where there is a fear of the unknown. Cancer survivors know this feeling all too well. Find inspiration from the women who are thriving in their 2nd act of life at
What does a guy who has lost more than 100 pounds (and kept it off) carry in his gym bag? Check out his PHOENIX magazine profile featuring Matt Hoodie of Transform Scottsdale 💪
Transform Scottsdale owner Matt Hoodie gives us a look inside his gym bag and shows us his essential products.
Fitting fitness into work, school, and endless distractions at home probably feels impossible. But Transform Scottsdale gym owner Becky Hoodie says your health, both physically and mentally, is worth adapting for.
Thank you, Megan Thompson ABC 15
Lots of awesome local businesses who qualify for PHOENIX magazine’s Best of the Valley!
Please take a look and consider nominating Donley Service Center, Organ Stop Pizza, Miracle Mile Deli, Transform Scottsdale, Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair, Law Office of Joshua Black, PLC, Project Roots AZ, Impact Gymnastics Academy and Restyle Ju**ie!! i’m also proud to say many of these folks have won BOV in the past. They truly are some of the best!
Can't go to the gym to work out? No problem! Matt Hoodie of Transform Scottsdale has some clever ways to stay in shape with items you can find in your home. Thank you Todd Covelli and The List!
These Valley small business owners and nonprofits appreciate your support! 
Organ Stop Pizza • Restyle Ju**ie • Miracle Mile Deli • Donley Service Center • Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals • Impact Gymnastics Academy • Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair • Transform Scottsdale • • Southwest Human Development
It is almost Sleeveless Season! Start toning your arms now with these tips from Becky Hoodie of Transform Scottsdale as seen on FOX 10 Phoenix with Anita Roman Fox 10 this morning.
Not all protein bars are created equal… Reading the labels and ingredients is essential to making sure you’re getting what you really want out of a bar. Great advice from Matt Hoodie of Transform Scottsdale. #GMAZ #ProteinBars #ProteinShakes #Nutrition #Trainer #Fitness #Scottsdale #WeightLoss @ Ktvk 3tv
CNN just evaluated top diets and KETO was voted almost dead last -

Transform Scottsdale has been helping clients lose massive amounts of weight using what would be considered a HIGH carb diet.

In fact, to date, they have helped more than 20+ clients lose 100 pounds or more. Additionally, one of the owners has lost 130 pounds himself and kept it off nearly a decade.
Becky and Matt Hoodie can discuss why KETO doesn’t work for long-term weight loss success. They can share the best strategies for making food and fitness goals that are attainable for 2020 and debunk other weight loss misnomers like not skipping breakfast, intermittent fasting and eating mini meals.
The Hoodies can also share some “good” carb options to incorporate into our diets.

Looking to change your fitness routine or weight loss efforts? Join the gold standard of transformations at Scottsdale’s premier personal training gym!

Transformation Scottsdale is a private-studio gym that only offers private personal training and semi-private training, so you get the results and attention you desire! Our personal trainers are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable trainers in Scottsdale and have tried all our training on themselves! Our owner, Matt, lost over 100 lb.’s himself! Each member also receives nutrition coachi

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 03/04/2020

Build it up 💪🏼 Stretch it out 🧘🏻‍♀️

Timeline photos 03/02/2020

It’s more than a physical transformation. It’s a complete change of mindset!

Timeline photos 02/26/2020

@stretchlabnorthscottsdale in the studio this morning! Happy to be partnered with such a cool company.

Be sure to check them out and let them know we sent you! 💙


StretchLab will be in the studio Wednesday morning bright and early! Come check it out!!!

Timeline photos 02/21/2020

Happy Friday! What did you workout today?

Timeline photos 02/19/2020

So proud of our client Ivonette! She lost 20lbs of fat and gained 10lbs of muscle in 6 months! No secrets, just hard work.

Think you’ve tried “everything”? You haven’t tried Transform 😉

Timeline photos 02/18/2020

Haaaaaave you met Ben??
He’s our newest trainer here. His specialty is in strength-based aesthetics (he’ll not only get you stronger, but you’ll look great doing it!) Ben is well versed in general fitness, TRX functional training, as well as nutrition. He enjoys training back and leg movements that lead to a strong core and healthy posture!

👋🏼Everyone say “Hi Ben!”👋🏼

Timeline photos 02/14/2020

💕Happy Valentines Day!! 💕
Shout out to all the couples that love eachother sooooo much, that they come to the studio and workout together!!

Timeline photos 02/10/2020

You don’t have to do this alone. We are here to help you! 💪🏼💪🏼

Timeline photos 01/30/2020



“Transform has had a major impact on my physical health and strength but also impacted my mental health, and my life outside of working out. I remember being embarrassed to even be around friends or walking into a gym after so long being away. Working with a team who understands has allowed me to push and work towards my best potential!

I’ve never felt so motivated and excited about the direction my life is going. Without working with Matt and the transform team I would probably not be far off from where I was. Having so much encouragement and accountability has allowed me to realize being healthy, and in better shape can still mean eating out and enjoying time with friends and family not panicking about “insert fad diet”.

It’s allowed me to be grateful and live balanced day by day. Huge thanks to the team and I’m beyond excited for what’s next.”

Timeline photos 01/23/2020

A little throwback to over the summer. Trainers @matthoodie and @fitrhi543, with clients @phoenix_girl_rising and @dillondunshee getting their cardio on at @cyclebarscottsdale101! 🚴🏻
Who’s ready for summer to be here again! 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏼🙋🏼‍♀️☀️☀️☀️•

Timeline photos 01/14/2020

We’re here for you!

Timeline photos 01/09/2020

Battle ropes. One of our favorite methods of cardio here at Transform! What’s your favorite type of cardio??

Timeline photos 01/04/2020

Are you ready to transform?


There are 5 days left in 2019. What will you do with your time?

Timeline photos 12/19/2019

“I used to hate working out! I would just diet, and then I decided to make a change. I found Transform and with Rihanna’s help, I have completely transformed! Now working out is one of my favorite things to do and my body has completely changed for the better. I look forward to coming here, and to continuing my journey to grow stronger everyday. “

Timeline photos 12/15/2019

Our goal wall from earlier this year. Some have changed. Some have stayed the same. What’s your goal coming into the new year???


So proud of Alex!!

Way to go Transform Scottsdale and Alex!
An inspiring story of losing weight the right way, no matter what your age.
Thank you Lovin' Life After 50
You can read it here or it will also be in print in more than 95,000 households and businesses in Phoenix, the West Valley, Scottsdale, the East Valley and the Southeast Valley.

Timeline photos 12/03/2019

Best of luck to @phoenix_girl_rising as she goes in for her final skin removal surgery today. We are so proud of you April! 💙

Timeline photos 10/22/2019

Meet Matt! Aka “New Matt”, “Other Matt”, “Matt 2” 😂 Matt has worked 2 years at Foothills Physical Therapy, 4 years in fire fighter fitness and reserve, as well as an EMT and Hazmat. 🤯🤯 Matt loves long walks on the beach and will torch your legs in a workout. Make sure to say hi next time you see him in!!

Timeline photos 09/25/2019

Which kind of workout do you prefer? Bands or weights?

Timeline photos 08/26/2019

Check out our trainers @fitrhi543 @the_fitnessginger and their spouses getting their fitness on outside of the studio!! Practice what we preach?? Oh yeah 😎

Timeline photos 08/15/2019

Meet Rhianna! She’s the studio manager here at Transform. She specializes in functional style training and overall fitness. Don’t forget to stop by @cyclebarscottsdale101 and take her spin class! And if you want an amazing glute workout, find Rhi!

Timeline photos 08/13/2019

Tuesday is our favorite day here at Transform! get it 😜
Check out the best training staff in AZ and start day 1 of YOUR transformation!


We are so excited to introduce the newest member of the Transform family... Rhianna Scolli!! Rhianna is an amazing fit at Transform, bringing with her a great education, years of training experience, and an incredible energy!! Her schedule is already filling up fast so message us today for a FREE consult and physical assessment!! 💪🤗

Matt Hoodie 12/21/2018

Matt Hoodie

My guy!! ❤️

Matt Hoodie Meet Owner of Transform Scottsdale personal training studio in North Scottsdale who lost 150 pounds himself and has kept it off for more than a decade!


🏃🏻‍♂️I’ve been trying to come up with more dynamic forms of cardio so that I don’t get bored (and actually do it 🤣🤣🤣)

🔥Right now this is one of my absolute favorites, battle ropes! Not only do you get the cardiovascular aspect, but it’s a great finisher for the arms & shoulders.

🙌🏼I use a 45/15 Interval Split as I do with all cardio. This means I go as hard as I can with the ropes for 15 seconds (AND I MEAN ALL OUT!!!) follows by 45 seconds of rest. I repeat this structure until I complete my assigned time!

🙋🏻‍♂️If you have any questions about the video or what type of you should be doing please post them below!


There are SO MANY benefits to weight training!
Here are just a few 💯💪


💥How to perform a proper Lat Pulldown💥
Often times we see people in the gym using too much weight, causing them to use momentum to pull down, losing control of the movement, which is just an injury waiting to happen.
In this video @beckyhoodie demonstrates how to do a pulldown.
Notice she is not gripping super wide, but just wider than shoulder width.
As she pulls down she is pulling with her elbows to the clavicle.
Squeezing the lats at the bottom of the movement, and controlling the weight back up.
She also keeps her hips down on the bench the whole time.

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There are 5 days left in 2019. What will you do with your time? #newyearsresolution #startnow #fitness #personaltrainer ...
🏃🏻‍♂️I’ve been trying to come up with more dynamic forms of cardio so that I don’t get bored (and actually do it 🤣🤣🤣)🔥Ri...
💥How to perform a proper Lat Pulldown💥-Often times we see people in the gym using too much weight, causing them to use m...
💥Audio on 🎙-Becky demonstrates walking lunges.-1. Start with dumbbells by the side, shoulders back and core tight.-2. Ta...
Flexible Dieting Done Right Episode 1: Poke Edition
💙💙 Here at Transform we are SO excited we literally can't even sit still anymore!! 🤗💙-💙 We're just over a day out now an... 🔥 Quick video with Tom Welch explaining HOW falling off the wagon on the weekend can be differen...
Little bit of glutes and hamstrings with Vanessa today! This combo of Glute Kickbacks & Single-Leg Deadlifts is great fo...


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