Reckless Abandon Strength and Performance

Reckless Abandon Strength and Performance

Personal Training and Athletic Training Company Specialized sport performance and personalized training designed to increase overall athleticism, body composition and health/wellness.

The term reckless abandon means without regard or to take action without fearing consequences. To me this is how I chose to live my life and something I truly believe in. Everything we do in life should be done with our best effort, attention and discipline without holding anything back. Reckless Abandon is an attitude, it is a mindset you need in order to WIN. I follow four pillars of training:

1. Mindset (How to mentally prepare and attack a workout/competition)

2. Nutrition (Fuel your body for the correct body composition to achieve maximal performance)

3. Movement (Sport and goal specific exercises designed for every client to reach their physical peak)

4. Recovery (Teach how to properly recover and heal the body)

I am not here to just train you on how to lift weights and eat correctly. My job is to teach you how to WIN every single day for the rest of your life. Are you ready to have a reckless abandon mindset?

Operating as usual


Hey everyone it's been awhile but I'm back! I've been busy these past couple months rebranding, re-thinking how to run my business and everything in between and I believe I'm on to something in regards to my company. I've worn myself out a lot trying to run after potential clients and put a lot of time and money into ideas that ultimately didn't work for me or my clients BUT!!! That's just what happens when you're an entrepreneur. So with that being said, I'm working on an E-Book right now and the most important thing I need are people are interested to buy not only my nutritional and workout plan, but to be apart of the RECKFIT community. We will all help each other, share advice, share videos and follow the 12 week program to the T! I will be joining all of you in this journey as well and we will push each other and help grow this community to new heights!

Reckless Abandon Strength and Performance updated their phone number. 11/16/2017

Reckless Abandon Strength and Performance updated their phone number.

Reckless Abandon Strength and Performance updated their phone number.

Reckless Abandon Strength and Performance updated their business hours. 11/16/2017

Reckless Abandon Strength and Performance updated their business hours.

Reckless Abandon Strength and Performance updated their business hours.


Today’s ladies workout 💪🏾🍑


New personal training special available for a limited time! Group Training Sessions will take place at Glory Gains Gym off of Bell Rd. and the 101! Bring a friend and try your first session free!


Beach Workout

Plyo Push Ups
Elevated Mountain Climbers
Elevated Knees to Elbows
Wall Plank Push Ups
Complete every exercises for 45 seconds for 5 Rounds.


Roomie Bootie


Tonight we're doing a looooot of reps. Be prepared ladies to get your ass kicked 🍑🔥💪

Timeline photos 07/31/2017

Im very thankful to be featured on @arizonasfamily this morning for their segment on 🍑 a special thank you to @javiersototv for reaching out to me about this opportunity and a big shout out to @sammy_draper and @samanthabowe_ for performing the exercises and helping me put this together 💪🍑

Timeline photos 07/27/2017

Happy to announce that I will be on Good Morning Arizona Monday, July 31st at 8am and 9am to show the do's and do nots of for their segment with @javiersototv. Thank you for this opportunity Javie ! Tune in and check it out!

Timeline photos 07/20/2017

3 weeks of following the Reckless Abandon way and umm...I think it's working don't you think l?
Client: @shenzi_j


Banded Plate Hip Extensions & Kneeling Banded Hip Hinges. 5 Rounds of 20 reps for the booty gains 🍑🔥 | Client: @_ayveedee

Timeline photos 07/07/2017

We're almost ready!!! Release date details coming soon!!!
@levels_fitnessnutrition @azfitnessmag @samanthabowe_

Timeline photos 07/06/2017

Powered by 💪🍩

1000 meter rows
50 squats
25 snatch grip deadlifts
Complete two rounds. Good luck!
Shirt: @iifymapparel

Timeline photos 07/04/2017

De-load is over. Time to get back at it for the next few weeks💪🏾

Timeline photos 06/28/2017

Perform every sessions with focus, grace and intensity


👀 sneak peak of today's shoot with @azfitnessmag. Boooooy now I'm addicted to the process of getting ready to be in magazines. This was an awesome experience. I can't wait for what's next and for you guys to see he finished product. Thank you my gf @sammy_draper and my boy @savage_training_ and @samanthabowe_ for doing this shoot with me and being supportive of what we're trying to do 💪💪💪 @levels_fitnessnutrition will be featured in the magazine in July!


Some clips of a core circuit I put my young boys @christian_kirk2 and @lukerubenz through before they head back to school. Good luck this season fellas!

Timeline photos 04/24/2017

Happy to announce that I will be featured in a new fitness magazine called Arizona Fitness this summer along with @levels_fitnessnutrition. I will not only promote my business @recklessabandon_perform but will talk about my journey from playing arena football to becoming a trainer and Strength coach. Truly blessed for this opportunity! Please follow their ig page for updates and behind the scenes pictures and videos @azfitnessmag


Want to kill your chest? Add a medicine band to your incline presses. Complete 5 rounds for AMRAP. Superset with 12 plyometric push ups for extra work. Enjoy 💪.


Today's HIIT Circuit🔥
10 Rounds | 8 Squats at 245 | 12 Straight Leg Raises | 10 Plyo Push-Ups | Good f**king luck 😂💪🏾 | Video Credit: @joedonnellyfit
@levels_fitnessnutrition **kthestairmaster

Timeline photos 04/09/2017

@cynabun18_lfl welcome officially to the Reckless Abandon family. Thank you for believing in my brand and repping the @reckless_womenofficial apparel. Let's get reckless and good luck this season in the LFL @mylfl @levels_fitnessnutrition @recklessabandon_perform

Timeline photos 03/29/2017

Squaaaad🔥ReckFit Women's Crop Top Hoodies


QB Academy Finisher🔥
| Sprawl w/ Band Rows 50 each side | Side Plank Band Rotations 50 each side | Complete 3x |
Athlete: @suppaleak9 **ker

Timeline photos 03/13/2017

Today's every minute on the minute cardio session🔥💦💪
Please share and post at the bottom how you did!

Timeline photos 03/13/2017

Feeling generous today. Here's the workout I'm doing today. DO NOT half ass this workout. Aim to have it done under 40 min. Warm up not included. Let's get reckless.

Timeline photos 03/09/2017

This is why I do what I do...

@amyholderr: | I've never really posted a true progress picture because it was always embarrassing for me. But a lot has changed since the photo on the left. This picture really isn't for attention but rather me looking back at how far I've come and being able to be proud rather than embarrassed. My fitness journey has not been easy. I've struggled with my weight since I was young. There is about a 50lb difference between these two photos. About two years ago I decided to make a huge lifestyle change. I lost most of my weight by changing what I ate, when I ate it, eating completely clean and changing my outlook on both healthy food and junk food. With that, I didn't really workout consistently. I HATED the gym. I hated to workout because it was difficult for me. But the gym was what I needed to get past the next chapter in my journey. I started training with coach @ian.simon55 a little over a month ago and I honestly could not be more obsessed with the gym. I love how I feel after a workout, I love seeing the progress and I love my @reckless_womenofficial squad. Shoutout to everyone that has supported me and pushed me to be better. I am so excited to continue training with Ian and my girls and I'm excited for what's to come💪🏼
Btw, yes that is my real hair and I miss it so much😭

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Beach Workout




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