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What are your favorite Instant Pot recipes?
#ALLOUTFORHOUSTON 💥🍊💥 Member or not you can rock this shirt to show your support knowing it's going to a VERY credible source to support SE Texas.
Jen, this is the tank I was telling you about today. And for sure, I've never ever once said this to myself in your class ;-)
Good morning and happy Monday! Question for you can the mileage for OTF Marathon be done at any OTF studio or just the one you signed up at?
So, I feel the need to apologize to you for saying "I CAN'T do that" in reference to the rower. You and the other coaches at OTF have done nothing but show me what I CAN do. Guess me slipping off the seat was karma for saying that.
I'm so mad - I saw Jason and your doggies while I was out taking my wedding photos yesterday!!!!! I wish I had gotten a pic with them that would've been funny!
Today I broke my splat point and calorie record. Thanks FUEGO Orangetheory for motivating me to get through it, and making it enjoyable even though I was dying..
Slim is really enjoying endurance day today!! Getting ready for hell week to start on the 24th running through the 31st!!
**ALSO, find your trainers below and add them to see updates on what's happening downtown at our location!!!!

Colton Smith Orangetheory FUEGO Orangetheory
Nic GetFit
Mel G Otf
KindraFit - Orange Theory Fitness

Jordan Lindholm
Miranda Maciel
Molly Miller
Bri Messamore
Today was rough! Note to self: don't go to a concert and then to Jennifer's class. 😝 Orangetheory with a hangover is no fun!

Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Fitness and Aerobics Association of America and ZUMBA. I am PASSIONATE about FITNESS!

Operating as usual


💥DRI TRI💥 takes UNDER AN HOUR! 🍊2,000m Row = sub 7:00 - 13:00 (if you took your time) 🍊300 body weight exercises (exact floor work as “Infinity” workout = under 15:00 and lastly 5K on the tread (3.1 miles) if you ran at 6mph the whole time it would take approximately 30mins (Power Walkers 1.55mi Bike 12.4mi Strider 9.3mi) That’s UNDER AN HOUR! And if you need more time YOU GOT IT! Attack it HOWEVER YOU WANT! As a challenge or as a GREAT workout! ANNNND you get SWAG at the end! 😆🙌🏼💥I get to coach that day so 🥳COME TO MY PARTY!!🥳 Sat 9/18 12:00 1:30 3:00 Non-members welcome too! $25 to participate + SWAG/SNACKS/DRINKS! #otf #orangetheoryfitness #orangetheory #otfdritri #dritri #otfcoach #health #fitness #rowing #running #powerwalking #strongertogether #stronger #faster #healthier #train @otfhackensack thanks for the pic above! @otfscottsdaleparadise

Timeline photos 10/10/2020

The extent of my “fall decor”🍂🎃since 🤞🏽🤞🏽we will be moving into ✨Magic House✨ soon🤞🏽🤞🏽 #newmexicogirl #505 #greenchile #sugarskull #fall #diadelosmuertos @seraparito

Timeline photos 10/10/2020

🔥☠️ I usually have to fight for 400+ calories and 13 splat points... NOT TODAAAAAY! 🔥☠️🍊🔥 #hellweek #otfhellweek #runforrecovery #orangetheoryfitness #otf #otfhellweek That felt 🤩AMAAZING🤩

Timeline photos 10/10/2020

🌅 Sunrise AND I got to snuggle on two pups!🐶🐶 Time to go walk my own two babies • Take @coachjosh_otf ‘s 8:30 Hell Week ☠️🔥 class @orangetheoryscottsdaleranch • Hit ♨️Red Light Therapy (10 mins) and then ♨️Infrared Sauna (30 mins) for faster recovery @quantumred_scottsdale (OTF🍊 members and staff get special deal on RLT!) and then talk Hubs❤️ into getting some sunshine by the pool ☀️ #healinglight #sunshine #light #orangetheoryfitness #orangetheory #otf #otfhellweek #redlighttherapy #infraredsauna #recovery #mitochondria

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It’s FRIYAY!!💥3 CLASSES💥 all 3G 60 MIN!!💥BOOK NOW💥 @orangetheoryscottsdaleranch

Timeline photos 10/08/2020

I almost burned as much coaching the 5am as I did in my actual workout 🤣☠️🔥🤣

Timeline photos 10/08/2020

Annnnnd WELCOME TO 🔥☠️HELL WEEK☠️🔥 as a COACH LOL!! 🤣 It’s not even 1:00pm and this is my calorie burn 🤣 Coached 3 took 1 💥🙌🏼☠️🔥💥 LOOOOVE it!! And NO I am not going to go “reward myself with food” I’m going to keep it clean, nourish and most of all RECOVER with some RED LIGHT THERAPY @quantumred_scottsdale Orangetheory members and staff get 25% OFF their first month! #orangetheoryfitness #orangetheory #otf #otfhellweek #hellweek #eleventogo #redlighttherapy #keto #healing #recovery

Timeline photos 10/08/2020

🔥☠️HELL WEEK DAY ONNNNNE!!🔥☠️ WHO’s EXCITED?? 👉🏽THIS GIRL👈🏽 Coaching 3 and taking 1... the calorie burn should be interesting...

Timeline photos 10/06/2020

I had your posters in my room with your signature guitar. I knew every nuance of every music video, background vocal and 🎸 guitar solo (still do) @jordanziff is the only guitarist I’ve ever heard that nails it every time I saw Metalhead. You were only 65 and though your spirit ascends to heaven, we will always have your music ❤️ @eddievanhalen #eddievanhalen #eddievanhalenfan @wolfvanhalen

Timeline photos 10/05/2020

Y’ALL!! We are looking for an existing OTFit Certified Coach to fill blocks at all three of our studios (@orangetheoryscottsdaleranch @orangetheorymccormickranch @orangetheorypv) DM me for details!


This ✨magic✨will never be lost on my eyes. Light heals but I also see this morning sunrise “peek”🌅 as God saying “I gave you another day Jennifer, how are you going to use it”? I’m not trying to save the world but I am going to focus on •Love •How well I love/support my Husband❤️•How I make people feel •My health and how I treat my body •Healing (I’m fighting my way out of Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and ✨WINNING✨ thanks to @drcourtneyhunt I highly encourage you to catch as many sunrises as you can! Find your “spot”, listen to music🎶 and just “be”. Peace be with you today.

In my cup is 12oz of warm water, 1/2 a lemon, 2 tbsp @apple_cider_vinegar_ng and a dash of cayenne pepper The healing benefits to this mix is a whole other post! Checkout @thomasdelauer for endless videos on this, Keto, intermittent fasting...
#sunrise #meditation #prayer #light #sunlight #healing #applecidervinegar #braggsapplecidervinegar #mitochondria #keto #ketohealing

Timeline photos 10/02/2020

OMGEEEEEE OCTOBER IS MY FAAAAAVORITE MONTH at OTF!!!💥🔥☠️🍊💥🔥☠️🍊💥🔥☠️ I’ll be in these workouts WITH YOU peeps!! (When I don’t get to coach them of course) GAHHHH 💥SO FRIGGEN EXCITED💥 for OCTOBERRRR @orangetheoryscottsdaleranch !!! #otf #orangetheoryfitness #otfcoach #otfhellweek #hellweekschedule #onemilebenchmark #orangeeverest

Photos from FUEGO Orangetheory's post 10/02/2020

Starting my day with ☀️SUNSHINE ON MY FACE!☀️Letting this light in my eye speaks to the suprachiasmatic nucleus in my brain (see diagram) which sets my body clock for the day (better sleep) and also allows my body to create the hormones I need. I also make this my prayer meditation and time for gratitude/intentions for the day. Get out of the dark, take a break from screens and ✨LET THE (proper) LIGHT IN!!✨Barefoot on the ground (grounding/earthing) for EXTRA BENEFITS🌏✨ I also got to see the last moments of the Harvest Moon 🌝🙌🏼 #amazingenergy #sunrise #healing #light #healinglight #mitochondria #prayer #meditation #vitamind #keto #ketohealing @drcourtneyhunt thank you for all you have (and continue to) teach me☀️ @ Scottsdale, Arizona

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🔥☠️🔥Registration begins this Thurs 10/1 ! TWELVE opportunities to get the 4 classes you need to get THE shirt! (Since we’re running at 1/2 capacity = more opportunities) 🔥☠️🔥 #getexcited #hellweek #orangetheoryfitness #otangetheory

Photos from FUEGO Orangetheory's post 09/29/2020

I coached twice as many classes as I normally do, took 4 and did my own DRI TRI (wearing a mask) before I coached them. To say I needed some ♨️NEXT LEVEL♨️ recovery is an understatement! I’ve added Far-Infrared-SAUNA #detox to the mix now thanks to owner Jake Weeks @quantumred_scottsdale There are two locations RLT inside @glorygainsgym and both RLT + Far-Infrared Sauna inside at @crossfit_infinite_strength and Orangetheory🍊members get 👉🏽20% OFF👈🏽 #redlighttherapy #healing #redlight #mitochondria #energy #sauna #selfcare #inflammation @ Quantum Red - Red Light Therapy Scottsdale

Photos from FUEGO Orangetheory's post 09/26/2020

Before I coach it, I do it myself. #dritri Yes I wore a mask. No I wasn’t trying to break any records. I did do “Catch Me if you Can” for the front half of my 5K and BARELY made it bc I knew I had another 1.5 miles after that. Overall it took me an hour (with breaks between the three challenges). I am 💥SO EXCITED💥 to coach these AMAZING PEEPS tomorrow!! I won’t be able to sleep... 💥😆🙌🏼🧡🍊💥 #orangetheory #orangetheoryfitness #otfcoach @ Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch

Timeline photos 09/25/2020

We now have 💥ONE DRI TRI SPOT OPEN💥 in the 3:15 heat! Book through the app or call the Scottsdale Ranch studio directly at 480-551-1111 YES YOU CANNNN!! 💥🙌🏼🍊💥 #dritri #mentalstrength #physicalstrength #otf #orangetheory

Timeline photos 09/21/2020

It’s a PACKED WEEK Y’ALL! Don’t get caught on the WAIT LIST! 💥BOOK NOW💥 And special shout out to our DRI TRI ATHLETES! I can’t WAIT to see you 💥CRUSH IT💥 on SATURDAY! We even added a 3:15 heat since the other 3 are FULL💥 #orangetheory #orangetheoryfitness #dritri #coachjen @orangetheoryscottsdaleranch

Timeline photos 09/19/2020

💥Y’ALL!!💥I get to see you on a SUNDAAAY!! (I’m covering for JJ). Not many spots left so 💥BOOK NOW💥 I’d LOOOOVE to see your beautiful and handsome faces!! #orangetheoryfitness #weekendvibes #morelife #exercise #positiveenergy #mitochondria #immunesystem #health #afterburn 💥🙌🏼😆🍊💥


Celebrating the life of one amazing woman today! #notoriousrbg 💥FITNESS💥 was a huge part of her life and how she maintained so many years on the bench! Come in and see us @orangetheoryscottsdaleranch @orangetheorymccormickranch @orangetheorypv TODAY to add 💥MORE LIFE💥to YOUR day! I dedicate this power day to you #rbg 🧡💥 and thank you @coachjosh_otf for the GREAT SWEAT SESH and jammin’ playlist! 🎶💥


WHY you should sign up for DRI TRI🍊💥 w/Coach Jen! Check it out...


Celebrate the Big Game with Orangetheory Fitness


It’s FITNESS FRIDAAAY! 💪🏼💥 Last week we focused on Serotonin. This week we focus on 💥DOPAMINE:💥

What is Dopamine?
There are 4 “Happiness Chemicals”

Often called the “motivation molecule,” dopamine provides the drive and focus we all need in order to be productive. It affects our attention span, focus, follow-through, motivation and the ability to experience pleasure.

Lack of dopamine can cause:
😞Lack of focus
😞Difficulty concentrating
😞Sugar cravings
😞Lower motivation

There are many unhealthy ways to seek out a “dopamine fix.” Nicotine, caffeine, and sugar-laden, fat-filled treats are all very effective at increasing dopamine levels. But the “high” is temporary and the consequences severe.

6️⃣ Ways to Boost Dopamine THE RIGHT WAY:

✅ Eat foods rich in TYROSINE which can be found in almonds, bananas, avocados, eggs, beans, fish, and chicken.

✅ EXERCISE REGULARLY (my personal favorite🍊). Physical exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and brain. It increases the production of new brain cells, slows down brain cell aging, can most definitely increase your levels of dopamine... the benefits are endless!

✅ MEDITATE. Meditation increases dopamine leading to improved focus and concentration. All this really means is giving yourself some “quiet time”. Disconnect, dim the lights, light a candle and consciously calm your mind, focusing on your breath. If you have a difficult time shutting off your busy brain, focus on the flickering candle or your slow deep breaths.

✅ GET A MASSAGE. One way to keep dopamine levels high is to avoid stress, which is nearly impossible. Stress produces CORTISOL❌. Massage therapy increases dopamine levels by nearly 30% while decreasing cortisol levels.

✅ SLEEP. To ensure that your brain increases dopamine naturally, you must get enough sleep! This is when all of the cells in your body repair and regenerate! It gives the brain a chance to wash away toxins that build up during the day and helps keep the nerve cell connections and pathways active and constantly self-renewing!

✅LISTEN TO MUSIC. It is no surprise that listening to calming music can increase pleasurable feelings, improve mood, reduce stress, and help with focus. This is achieved due to an increase in dopamine levels.

Because I love you, 🧡🍊💥
~Coach Jen

(Source: Studies from The Cleveland Clinic / NASM Curriculum )

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