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Life goes too fast, slow down and enjoy yoga at YogaSix ✨
Our Holiday Wine & Dine event is TWO DAYS away! Join us for hot chocolate, cookies, Santa photos, the Cotton Candy Lady, champagne, refreshments & snacks, massage chair treatments & a chance to win a free 60-minute massage at CLOVR Life Spa - Gainey Ranch; a Blow-Up Snow Globe, live holiday music, kombucha tastings, raffles, and a retail sale at YogaSix, Horse & Carriage Rides, Wine Tastings at Koibito Poke, Famous 48, Village Tavern, Bandolero Cocina de Mexico, Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana & juice tastings at Kaleidoscope Juice and more! The event is FREE to attend from 5pm-8pm ❄
Stay strong, stay focused and breathe at YogaSix. Start the week out right with one of their six core classes 🙌🏻
Our Outdoor Shopping Sale starts tomorrow! Join us beginning at 10am for great sales and specials from Diva Women's Wear, Ritzy Rags and Shoes, Posh Boutique Scottsdale, YogaSix, CLOVR Life Spa, A Cool Breeze, At-Ease Fine Men's Clothes, Bryn Walker, Carine - Women's Apparel, Club Pilates, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Femme, Nina McLemore, Paris Paris and StretchLab
Sculpt & Tone with us at YogaSix 💪🏻
Energy flows where focus goes. ✨💯 YogaSix
Looking for ways to stay in shape this holiday season? YogaSix is offering their best class pack deal yet! Buy 10 classes get 6 FREE! $195...offer valid until December 6. You don’t want to miss out on this 🎁
Check out this special going on now at YogaSix 👇
Each of the yoga classes offered at YogaSix has a specific focus and produces specific body benefits. Whether you're looking for strength & agility, or flexibility and balance, we have the class for you!
A temporary closure shouldn’t stop you from getting your Six on! YogaSix is offering outdoor classes at the The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch. Your first class is free...see you on your mat ✨
Before my 2nd class yesterday with Christine! Love my Yoga6 team!
My husband and I doing his 1st yoga class in Park City! People thought it looked like a crime scene 😂🤣😂. He wasn’t too excited but I’m trying to convince him to try it again at YOGASIX ❤️🧘🏼‍♀️
Happy Mother's Day! Treat mom to a private shopping experience at YogaSix! You can shop retail and enjoy 30-40% off everything; curbside pickup is also available! Virtual yoga classes using ZOOM are free for their members and $10 for anyone who wants to drop in for a class. Sign up for a class on their app or online at
Looking to celebrate your Mom with some local love? North Phoenix Family Magazine shared a few great ideas from Press Coffee, Merkin Vineyards,YogaSix and Garden Goddess Ferments!
Don't miss the clothing sale at YogaSix! Enjoy savings of 30-40% off selected styles!

YogaSix is changing the way people think and experience yoga.

We believe that everyone deserves the mind-body experience of yoga and the brand delivers that experience by connecting students to a practice that is energizing, empowering, and fun!

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Power of the mind, body, and soul! Who's ready for the post class energy reset?!🤩

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Yoga is the perfect way to show some love to ourselves and our bodies💙

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It's as simple as that💗

Yoga instructors share 8 relaxing yoga poses to try before bed so you can get a better night's sleep 01/31/2023

Yoga instructors share 8 relaxing yoga poses to try before bed so you can get a better night's sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping soundly through the night, you're not alone. Evidence suggests practicing yoga before bed may help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Yoga instructors share 8 relaxing yoga poses to try before bed so you can get a better night's sleep Adding gentle yoga to your bedtime routine may help you fall asleep faster and get better sleep. Here are eight poses yoga instructors recommend.

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Nothing better than finding your flow💙

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Who is crushing their goals so far this month?! Let us know in the comments below 🤩

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Stay motivated, stay focused, and let your practice transform you 🤩

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Join the YogaSix family and discover your best self 💙

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Small changes can make a big difference. Start incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine and watch your wellness improve!

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Find your motivation and let it guide you on the mat and off🧘‍♀️🤩

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Restart. Reset. Refocus. As many times as you need to. 🧘‍♂️

Fitness Friday: Yoga 01/20/2023

Fitness Friday: Yoga

Fitness Friday brought to you by YogaSix New Tampa on Great Day Live Tampa Bay explaining the benefits of yoga and why you should make it part of your health and wellness routine in 2023!

Fitness Friday: Yoga The ancient practice of yoga is known to have both physical and mental benefits.

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Visit your local YogaSix and discover the many benefits for yourself 🙌 Improve your physical and mental health, and find a sense of community and support😍

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Who is ready to FLOW with us?!

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Every day is a new opportunity to reach your goals💪

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The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday💪

The 5 Fitness Goals We Love (Not Including Weight Loss) - GoodRx 01/13/2023

The 5 Fitness Goals We Love (Not Including Weight Loss) - GoodRx

GoodRx article featuring YogaSix explaining how to set 5 Fitness Goals That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

The 5 Fitness Goals We Love (Not Including Weight Loss) - GoodRx Health and fitness doesn’t always have to be about weight loss. These alternative fitness goals can motivate you to keep moving while improving your health.

10 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses That Feel So Good 01/13/2023

10 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses That Feel So Good

Try these 10 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses, Y6 Vice President of Training & Experience shared with Bustle

10 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses That Feel So Good Move through these heart-opening yoga poses whenever you need to expand your upper body muscles and feel grounded at the same time.

Timeline photos 01/13/2023

We love the transparency 🤣...Don't forget to bring your partner to class so they can enjoy the fun too💙



Those companies honored are recognized for their exceptional performance in areas such as unit growth, financial strength and stability, and brand power. Congratulations to the rest of the franchisors named to the top 500 and thank you to our incredible franchisees, HQ team members, and studio teams for contributing to our growth over the past years.

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Set goals, make a plan, and take action. You are capable of achieving great things when it comes to your health and wellness 🤩

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Yoga is not a competition. It's a personal journey 💫 Take it at your own pace and focus on your own progress and well-being 💙

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Self-care is not selfish, your body will thank you🧘‍♀️💙

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Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning 💪

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The only limit to your practice is the amount of motivation you have. Let it fuel you🤩

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The best is yet to come ⭐ Here's to a new year filled with endless possibilities and opportunities!!

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And just like that, another year has come to an end, cheers to a new year full of growth and possibility ✨

How is ready to commit to creating your ✨ best self ✨ in 2023?!

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SIX reasons to add yoga to your routine: Boosts immune system, reduces blood pressure, lowers risk of heart attack, joint strength, increases energy, and improves brain function 🤩 💥 💙

Timeline photos 12/30/2022

Gratitude over everything😍

Timeline photos 12/28/2022

The journey to a healthier you starts with one step. Keep moving forward and don't give up🤩💪

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Motivation is the spark that ignites your practice... Let it burn bright🤩

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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way... to YogaSix! Happy Holidays ☃️

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Experience the power of YogaSix and find your strength, flexibility, and inner peace 💚

Timeline photos 12/22/2022

From stress relief to improved flexibility and strength, yoga has something to offer everyone. Try a class and see how it can benefit you🧘‍♂️💙

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YogaSix: Your sanctuary for mind, body, and soul ✨

Timeline photos 12/19/2022

Yoga is more than just a physical practice. It's a way to connect with your true self and find inner peace and joy in your daily life 🤩💙

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YogaSix: Where everybody is welcome 😍

Timeline photos 12/16/2022

Discover the joy of yoga 💙 Improve your mood, reduce chronic pain, and improve your overall health and quality of life!

Timeline photos 12/15/2022

It's cold outside, but our classes are still heatin' up🔥

Timeline photos 12/14/2022

You are worth the effort it takes to improve your health and well-being. Start today and don't look back👏🤩


It’s the first Wednesday of the month and you know what that means? Wine Down Wednesday of course!

For those of you who have not attended this beautiful event, you may wonder how wine and yoga fit. The origin of this gathering goes back 4 years to when I was a relatively new instructor craving connection and building a yoga community. The idea of “breaking bread” and inviting newcomers to a community class to establish relationships and connect, is the why behind this wonderful monthly event. We meet people, see old friends, move our bodies, relax our minds and eat and drink together. (Non alcoholic beverages are always available.)

Please join us Wednesday, September 7th at 7 pm for a sensory rich evening filled with connection; to your body, mind and soul.

This week our very own .paige will be on hand with her magnificent .beads.bhakti bracelets.

See you on your mat! Don’t have one? Don’t worry we got you covered!


Did you know your diet is more than what you eat? It includes what you read, listen to, watch and your surroundings.

Making wise choices on what you allow your mind to ingest outside of your meals, how much time you spend on your screen and who you choose to include is part of your diet for a healthy life; mind, body and soul.

Tell us what you do to create a balanced plan for wellness and tag the person or people in your life who support your good health.

Would you like to make part of that plan? Tell us in the comments and let us show you how!


Motivation Monday may be almost over but the week’s just getting started!

What are you doing to set yourself up for success this week? We want to know! Share in comments below and tag a friend who you want to gift a complimentary class and we’ll reach out to them. You’ll earn entry into our summer referral raffle and may even win an overnight stay at !


We had the honor of creating an on-site corporate wellness program for today at their headquarters in Scottsdale.

Do you have a business that could benefit from mindfulness? Let us know! We customize programs suited to your population, bring all supplies necessary and can accommodate groups from 1 to 100!

Let us help your company maintain their mental clarity and production through the use of everyday relaxation techniques. No yoga experience necessary! DM for more information.

Photos from YogaSix's post 08/18/2022

⚠️ Cuteness Overload! ⚠️

Join us at our YOGASIX Scottsdale Shea location this Sunday, August 21st at NOON for our Downward Dog Flow for a Cause! 🐶🐶

This Slow Flow class will be donation based starting at $25! These donations will be going to our friends at the Az Chihuahua Rescue! Pups will be in the studio available for adoption 10 am- 1:30 pm!

to register, please DM us for the link!

Photos from YogaSix's post 07/12/2022

Wow we are so honored to witness this serious glow-up from Allie Johnson

We feel just as blessed to have members like her in our community!

What’s your favorite part about practicing yoga with other people? ❤️


Goals help keep us motivated and accountable to work on our practice!

What are your yoga goals this summer?

⭐️ Conquering an arm balance?
⭐️ Trying a more active class type?
⭐️ Just making it to your mat weekly?

We’d love to know so we can help support you with those goals—inside the studio and out!


Photos from YogaSix's post 06/17/2022

Well, yesterday broke 116 and we’re just over here trying to keep our cool!

Certain yoga poses can add heat to the body, while others help us cool down.

Try these yoga poses from when you need to cool down—either to wind down your hot yoga practice or to cool down here in these Arizona summer days!

Photos from YogaSix's post 06/13/2022

Kicking off the week with a little bit of member love!

We’re proud to feature rockstar who currently practices at both and (did you know you get access to both studios when you join??)

Alyzabeth is a wife, dog mom, and teacher but still makes time to prioritize her practice.

In fact, she’s completed almost 100 classes in a little under a year with us! 😮

The reason she makes Y6 part of her routine, she says, it because of how it has a positive ripple effect on the rest of her life:

“Since joining YOGASIX, my lifestyle has changed. I feel stronger and just more confident.

I love the culture at Y6–the instructors and other members are very welcoming. I feel good coming in each day and even better waking out.”

We’re so blessed to have members like you, Alyzabeth! You’re the reason we do what we do.


Don’t miss out on our biggest class pack sale of the year!
Link in story & bio to purchase.

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Start Your Yoga Journey with 5 classes for $99! Reset. Flow. Let It All Go. 🙏🏽...#yogasix #getyoursixon #yoga #yogagirl ...
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It’s a lovely day for sure with some copal and yoga flow classes 🤍✨Do you have a favorite incense you pair with your yog...




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