XY Workout

XY Workout


The Movement Lab Presents an XY Workout Workshop hosted by XY Pro Trainer & Olympic Professional Skier Matt Margetts on

Sunday November 15th, 2015
11am -12pm

What is XY and why it works?

XY Workouts consist of (8 high interval) bodyweight HIIT exercises (High intensity interval training) mixed with (8 low interval) static yoga postures. (4 rounds) for the ultimate full body workout in 30 minutes that build muscle, burns fat, increases flexibility, and kicks your metabolism into high gear for 36 hours!

Check out xyworkout.com and themovementlab.com for more information.

Hi Chris, I'm interested in becoming certified. I sent you a pm, just wanted to make sure you got it! -Esker
Do you have any trainers in Sacramento California?
My husband uses Wake & Shake with Golden Ratio and does XY maybe two times a week mixed in with a BUTI tone, PT running and rowing- that's his mojo - anyway. He's lost 40 pounds since the grain free family challenge. He LOVES how he feels, EXCEPT lately he's starving by 10am. He's open to losing more weight, but he needs more food.... He eats endless greens, fresh fruit, deli meats - I don't know how else to pack it in. He really doesn't care for sweet potatoes, butter but squash or bean mug noodles. He's on a good path and loves his workout schedule as it has proven to beneficial for his PT tests in NAVY - so don't want to change that. How can we make more satisfying meals? What have you guys found to benefit eating machines? Lol
What equipment is needed to do XY workouts?
Andrew would like you to know.... He can now touch his toes while seated ... He of course attributes this to the XY workout and diet, which he's now down 22 pounds. And yes we will send photo just crazy with me sick and him always on the go!
Hawaii Urban Training provides free workouts to the community. We are very fortunate to have such an awesome group of participants.
Aloha from Hilo, Hawai'i!
Kailua-Kona XY Pro Trainer training..
We are so pumped to get the XY meal plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOTY HOOT! XOXOXOXO
How often do you recommend doing XY workouts?

XY® is the ultimate high-intensity interval workout (HIIT) that fuses plyometric, kettlebell and sandbag drills with targeted yoga asanas. The XY program is an innovative approach to the traditional HIIT workout.

Adding static yoga postures to the interval mix, helps build lean muscle mass, decrease injury rate and increase overall performance. Whether you want to gain muscle mass, lose weight or train for an MMA bout, XY will get you there in just 36 minutes.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 01/27/2017

This kids smile lights up my life 😁☀️❄️👨‍👦🌄

Timeline photos 01/10/2017

Another one of our XY instructors starting their year off right. Check out @fsyogafitness to get in on her insight and class schedule.

Timeline photos 01/05/2017

Whatever your workout routine is there is always room for improvement. Whether you're working out for ten minutes day or an hour and a half it's about the quality of of your workout methodology more than the quantity. It's about more depth than width and this practice is all about that. You can go for one X eight minute round or push it to four rounds. The effect of max output means wherever your limit lies you know you've done enough for the day. What's your limit?

Timeline photos 12/14/2016

DECEMBER IS THE NEW JANUARY. Don't put your goals on hold. These people got the right attitude!! Merry FITmas! Thank you for joining @kizmitcycle.says.mrao and I tonight!!! You ALL killed it!!!

Timeline photos 12/13/2016

Get into an XY class near you!

Timeline photos 12/08/2016

XY classes offered by @lissa96720 at UFC World Champion BJ Penn's gym @pennfitnessandtrainingcenter

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Combining the unparalleled effects of yoga and incorporating methodology, XY is a cutting edge workout that builds lean muscle and burns maximum body fat due to the intervals of max heart rate and max effort.
Get started and try out Flex workouts at xyworkout.com

Timeline photos 12/05/2016

@emmabgarden is coming to shoot new workouts in early January! Keep an eye out for them will be available for New Years resolutions 💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥🔥

Timeline photos 12/02/2016

Look at these smiling faces!! Remember to tag xyworkout after your classes so we can share them with everyone!!! @j_aimie_j @kizmitcycle.says.mrao @xy_hilo These people are so amazing 😁

Timeline photos 12/02/2016

Looks good to me 🍾

Timeline photos 11/30/2016

@ksalmi13 getting into it and making them sweat this week! Get into her XY class at Sportfit in or sign up to become a XY Pro Trainer and lead your own bad ass classes. xyworkout.com

Timeline photos 11/28/2016

Get back into the routine and check out XY classes with @amandagailfitness in or at a or near you.

Email [email protected] to bring a cutting edge format to your gym today!

Timeline photos 11/22/2016

XY Workout is coming to Porto, Portugal! With over 15 states offering Xy fitness classes, we're super excited to be spreading our training program to Europe with Portugal being our first stop! Xy is an incredible 36 minute fitness class that combines yoga with plyometric drills in a HIIT format, and guarantees to pack classes with people all over the country loving the Xy burn. Spots are limited so go over to our website and sign up today!!
xyworkout.com - certifications

Timeline photos 11/22/2016

New Training Coming Up in Porto Potugal! DM us to line up a training near you!!

Timeline photos 11/21/2016

These guys just keep pumping out the classes at @the_brave_fitness in Hawaii. @kizmitcycle.says.mrao @xy_hilo @jj_hilo @chrisbiollo
To sign up for online certifications and get XY to your gym or studio visit xyworkout.com or email [email protected] to book a training or sign up for an online certification. Get 3 trainers comped for booking a XY training at your gym OR get 20% off our regular price for a training if you email in the next 2 days!!


This is from last year age 32 and still got mad hops thanks to XY. It improves explosiveness, strength and mass in a ridiculously short period of time! Stay on your grind and get it in 3X a week 👊🏽💪🏽🔥


Timeline photos 11/19/2016

We're excited to announce another studio that will be offering XY Workout in Atlanta 🙌🏽 Thanks @pavelstuchlik for adding our classes to the schedule and joining the XY Team! We couldn't be more excited about working with you in the future!

Timeline photos 11/17/2016

XY has been taking over !! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
If you want to teach or take a class message us and we'll send you a free workout to get going!!
xyworkout.com. [email protected]
@hilobuffy @solidrockeasthi

Timeline photos 11/17/2016

The lovely @emmabgarden is coming to shoot our new with @chrisbiollo in January!! We're stoked to have her on the roster. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Get into one of her badass in @cyclepathicfitness

Timeline photos 11/10/2016

@jj_hilo gets her family down with and teaches classes every week. She's a huge 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 raising her kids, her career as a teacher and relationships , while getting in and every couple days!! XY is a great addition to everything you're doing with workouts available all across the country and at @the_brave_fitness 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
This girl absolutely destroys it 💪🏽

Timeline photos 10/27/2015

New XY classes are blowing up across the country Get over to our new website and sign up for our upcoming online certifications!!!
Click the link in our bio to become an XY Pro Trainer today!!

Timeline photos 10/26/2015

Get over to the new XY website and check out new look and feel!! All of our workouts are now available for purchase. It's never been more convenient to pick up a workout package. You'll enhance your performance, build functional strength and prevent injury with our 36 minute ultimate HIIT workouts.

Timeline photos 10/25/2015

Half the battle is deciding that you're going workout today. The rest is easy. Take that step -drop into an 36 minute XY Workout and make it part of your routine. You won't regret it.

Timeline photos 10/23/2015

Whether you want to bulk up or get shredded our HIIT workouts are formatted to give you the results you want. Check out or Kettlebell, Sandbag and Bodyweight Workouts on our YouTube Channel and download your free workout at www.xyworkout.com.

Timeline photos 10/22/2015

XY classes are blowing up at places like @yumaunited_mma AZ, @220fitsm CA with instructors kicking people's asses on the daily.
For more inspiration and motivation ⬇️⬇⬇️️ Follow ➡️ @amandagailfitness
Follow ➡️ @e_ro_the_hero
And go to www.xyworkout.com and download your free workout to get started!


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Stop wasting time and get the most out of your workout.


Timeline photos 10/21/2015

So stoked to see new XY Pro-Trainer @kizmitcycle.says.mrao working together with veteran like @xy_hilo and pack an XY class like this.
Email [email protected] to book an XY Pro-Training at your Crossfit Box, gym or studio. Ask about our online certification program and get certified anywhere, anytime. You can get ripped with XY instructors at these bad ass establishments and many more!!
@the_brave_fitness @bearcanyoncrossfit @pennfitnessandtrainingcenter @220fitsm @motionfitnesscanada @annapolis_power_yoga
Tag your gym and put your class on the map

Timeline photos 10/19/2015

XY athletes have been getting crazy results over the last year. Check out this picture of @emilyvendemmia, owner of @annapolis_power_yoga In Maryland. She took the XY Pro-Training in the spring while 8 months pregnant and brought the program to her studio. She's been teaching XY ever since and this picture was taken only 13 weeks after giving birth to her daughter Posey. This is what Emily has to say about XY.

XY has been the perfect workout for me!
I am a mother of two and this workout has allowed me to bounce back into shape much more quickly, and I feel amazing.
I completed the XY teacher training when I was eight months pregnant with my second child and was practicing during the seven months prior. The time frame of the practice made it easy for me to squeeze in a workout; even with a toddler.
The XY practice, along with following the nutritional tips provided by Chris and Bizzie, have allowed me to see you more definition in my stomach, butt and legs, and burn fat very quickly.
I love XY!

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