I'M A BELIEVER in ZOOM personal training! I did not think I would get a good work out or the same feeling from zoom workouts verses in the gym. Boy was I mistaken. AZALIA challenges me in just the right way and makes sure my form is correct. Believe me, she sees everything. And, the other best part is that when we are done, I can get back to what I was doing and not get back in the car to get home. I love that!

Thanks Azalia!
Just want to give a big hug and shout out to AZALIA who rocks at personal training! Thank you for pushing me gently and keeping me focused. You respect my body by understanding my injuries and always work around them without compromising the workout! Thank you!!
Zach, your Everybitfit
chocolate whey drink is yummy. Everyone has to try it! And good for you, too!
My latest designs I have been working on the last few days. Keeping myself busy and creative. Also, working out everyday is really helping my Mind, Body and spirit and my daily walk around our neighborhood with Mr V and Thanks for keeping me inspired and motivated Ulli Brokate and my new friend Zak over at Everybitfit for the 12:30 workouts Mon - Fri!

All new designs available at ICJUK.com Thank you for keeping my #SmallBusiness surviving. I appreciate you all. Peace and Love, Claire Jane!! 😘💝🍸🤩
Everybitfit is a convenient and clean gym located in the heart of Scottsdale. Zach O'Kane is a very knowledgeable trainer who cares about his clients and implements important workout tools that is tailor made for each person.

I have been working out with Zach for 8 months consistently and I am very happy with the results. I have put on muscle mass, loss of fat and increased in stamina. I feel amazing and couldn't have accomplished these goals without the help of Zach and his expertise.

There are small group classes offered along with personal training depending on customers preference. The environment is energetic and supportive that each person feels comfortable in his or her own body. Definitely a family environment is created with folks who want to work hard and feel great about themselves.

Top notch service and affordable prices. Highly recommend Everybitfit and Zach O'Kane for all your health & fitness goals!
💪thanks Everybitfit 👍
I can hardly lift my water bottle now 😬

"The best place to start your fitness journey"
5 1on1 Sessions for $99 *Special*
No Contracts. No Gimmicks. No Excuses. Just Results! Call (602) 743-6867 today to get your first session free and get started.

At Everybitfit in Scottsdale, AZ, our personal trainers are proud to offer the best gym and complete physical fitness program in town! We don't just have a private atmosphere for your one-on-one training sessions, but we also offer a complete diet, training, and cardio program to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our social community will leave you feeling like you just worked out with your bes

Operating as usual




Hey everyone! It’s me, coach Azalia, here to wish everyone a happy day and also to share some info about some benefits of eating red meat (I made this yummy salad and felt like it was necessary to share).

I wouldn’t suggest eating red meat more often than not, but having it once in a while definitely has its benefits

Red meat is a great source of protein(try to only buy grass-fed and organic meat with no added hormones or antibiotics). It contains iron that is easily absorbed into the body, making it really beneficial for those who are anemic or for people just deficient in iron. Red meat also supplies us with vitamin B12, which is helpful in keeping nerve and red blood cells healthy. Last but not least, red meat contains zinc, which helps keep our immune systems strong and healthy.

My favorite way to incorporate red meat is with a salad and a side of quinoa, or with just a veggie on the side like broccoli, asparagus or Brussels sprouts. Try this for your next hearty dinner!


Coach Carlos here!
I can’t stress how important sleep is for so many aspects of your health: fat loss, muscle gain, appetite, mental health, productivity and even happiness!

When you sleep, you recover. When you don’t, your body, your workouts, and your goals will suffer.

However, I know that sleep is way more complicated than just “going to bed early” and "getting more sleep". Another strategy is working on getting BETTER sleep, even if you can't get more hours asleep.

These are some of my favorite tips for improving your sleep quality



Jennifer started with us back in September and has been putting in so much work three times a week with coach Jayme. After a few diet adjustments she started to really see the results!!!!

We are so proud of you Jennifer. She is living proof of what discipline and dedication will do! She is stronger than ever!

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Jumpin’ for joy on this beautiful day because the warm weather has finally arrived!

It’s always fun to switch up your routines a bit when you’re wanting something fresh, and a perfect way to do that (if you don’t already) is by adding some outdoor activities.

Exercises like running, jump rope, walking lunges, jump squats, sprints, hikes etc. are all great to do outdoors. Fresh air and vitamin D 🌞 does the body and mind well!

Grab your workout partner and let’s head outdoors!

Jump rope is probably one my favorite ways to get some good cardio in, and it feels so good to jump in the sun! I was Derek’s jump rope buddy today since he needed some encouragement to start, and he did a great job keeping up (maybe not so much staying in frame but that’s besides the point)☺️

- Coach Azalia

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Small Group Personal Training is another great way to get results here at EVERYBITFIT

Use it as your primary training or use it to add more sessions to your current routine in an affordable way 💪🏽

Still have questions?
Come try a session on us!

Send us a DM for details!


Aaaahhhh yeah!! New class starting this week!


Greetings friends! Coach Azalia back with more things glutes and hamstrings!

These are called Reverse Hypers

They’re a great exercise to work the glute complex and hamstrings.

Reverse hypers can feel a bit uncomfortable or unique at first, but the more you do them the easier it is to find a comfortable position.

Start with 3 rounds of 15-20 reps

Try these on your next leg day and feel free to thank me later 😆

Oh and bonus tip:
Don’t forget to breathe during your exercises, folks!

By the way…. Our 3 week challenge has officially started! It’s three weeks of workouts and accountability to help you start making changes to your lifestyle and body 💪🏽💪🏽

ITS FREE for members and $25 for non members - send us a DM if you are interested!

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Join us!

For questions and sign ups send us a DM!

Photos from EVERYBITFIT's post 02/06/2022

Join us!

For questions and sign ups send us a DM!


Start your Saturday right!


Twisted Steel and Flex Appeal


🚨 Join us tomorrow!🚨

Exciting news, this Tuesday two of our very own coaches will be doing one of their workouts on Instagram live!

Please join us at 5:30pm on Tuesday Jan 25th! Be ready to work from the comfort of your home.


🚨 New day!!! 🚨

Exciting news, this Tuesday two of our very own coaches will be doing one of their workouts on Instagram live!

Please join us at 5:30pm on Tuesday Jan 25th! Be ready to work from the comfort of your home.



Exciting news, this Tuesday two of our very own coaches will be doing one of their workouts on Instagram live!

Please join us at 5:30pm on Tuesday Jan 18th! Be ready to work from the comfort of your home.

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Hi everyone! Coach Azalia back again☺️.

As we are approaching the new year I just felt that it was necessary to give a huge thank you to every one of our EVERYBITFIT clients for giving us the opportunity to guide, teach, support and encourage you to be the best version of yourselves you could possibly be.

Showing up isn’t easy sometimes, and so we make our best efforts to make your training sessions EVERY-BIT worth your while 😜

I’m so thankful for my clients for trusting me through their journey, and for getting to know each and every one of you during our sessions. Watching you achieve your weight loss goals, your perfect form goals, life goals, etc. makes every bit of what I do so worth it, so this post is for all of you🙌🏼.

I’m so excited for this new year and all that it has to offer for us all! Be ready to let me know what your New Years goals are, because I am SO ready to help you achieve them🤩🥳👊🏼.

We are all in this together, and I am forever grateful to be a part of the EVERYBITFIT fam!

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Tasty food doesn’t have to always be horrible for you, and healthy foods don’t always have to taste like cardboard!

Coach Azalia here, I know it can be challenging to keep a healthy, well-balanced diet around this time and I think it’s important for you all to know that it’s okay to both enjoy yourself AND stay healthy while you’re doing it.

Here are just a few examples of some really tasty, vibrant and healthy meals to remind you that healthy food can be fun and appetizing!

-Grilled chicken salad
-Quinoa veggie bowl

Ditch the boring salads and dull flavors - add some fun to your meals for the new year!

All of these are packed with protein, vitamins and nutrients that are all beneficial for a happy and healthy body.

Eating the right foods is essential when you’re working towards your fitness goals, and we are here to help with that every step of the way!


We added another day! Come through Monday, Wednesday, or both!
(Both days complement each other)

Send us a DM if you have any questions. Hope to see you there 👊🏽




Client: Dereck 💪🏽

Killing it with the negative pull-ups!

Negative pull-ups are great for those trying to improve your pull-ups! (All of us should be trying to improve our pull ups cause why not?).

In a negative pull up, you use support (in this case the band) to help raise yourself to a pull-up, making sure chin goes over the bar (or as close as you can if you’re just starting out).

Then, resisting gravity, you slowly lower yourself down while maintaining control of your back and arm muscles.

These are helpful for improving grip strength, core strength, and really working the upper and mid-back, as well as biceps and forearms!

Thank you, Dereck, for being the hard-working superstar that you are, and for showing us you didn’t come to play! 🙌🏼🤩 as for the rest of you, let us know how your pull ups are coming along!!


Renegade Rows!!!!! 😲

The perfect combination to add to your next workout or HIIT session!

Adding in a push-up causes even more of a burn. Make sure to keep proper form throughout the whole exercise.

If needed, a great modification is to allow the knees to be on the floor. Typically go lighter on the dumbbell weight for the rows 🥴

- @jayy.phitt


Start your Saturday right!




Looking for a new exercise to incorporate into a circuit or total body workout? 🤩

Squat to Push Press is one of Coach Jayme’s favorites.

Not only are you incorporating the lower body but adding in the shoulder press creates that total body workout.

A big key for this exercise is focusing on adding reps first - rather than adding weight. Most of us can’t shoulder press the same amount of weight as our squats.

Give it a shot!

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Azalia’s got something different for you today… and it looks amazing 🤩

“yep, you guessed it, a meal prep post 🍽.

This one in particular happens to be for one of my vegan clients who is struggling to lose weight. What they didn’t realize was that just because they were eating a vegan diet didn’t necessarily mean they were doing it the right way.

A vegan diet consisting of a bunch of soy/mock meat products is honestly just as detrimental to your diet and health as eating inorganic and very processed meat products. I’ve introduced her to some whole, clean, vegan meals and it’s made a huge difference in the way she looks, feels, and thinks.

Workout all you want, but diet will always be equally (if not more) important. Be mindful of the ways you’re fueling your body and notice the difference it makes when you switch it up a bit.

This meal plan consisted of…
▪️sweet potatoes and vegan chili with sautéed broccoli and spinach
▪️chickpea tuna with kale and plantain chips
▪️Mexican fajita bowls with sautéed mushroom, onions and peppers with brown rice and black beans
▪️whole wheat pasta with sautéed white beans, broccoli and cherry tomatoes, with a side of fresh spinach to mix in after heating up.

Want more tips relating to eating habits, meal plans, or general food questions?

Let’s us know! We’re always super happy to help ☺️


Start your Saturday right!

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We are down to the last few days of the toy drive!!!
P.S. thank you @thecyclingcook for the bike!

Photos from EVERYBITFIT's post 12/01/2021

Come get FLEXY!
Tonight we got @ferrisfitness coming in from 3p-6p offering free stretch sessions!

- Use it to get warmed up
- use it to relax after your workout
- or stop by a for some mobility maintenance



Photos from EVERYBITFIT's post 12/01/2021

Bring yo toys!🎄🎄☃️


from Coach Carlos
Athletes! (And those that want to keep their athleticism) Put these in your program!
Landmine Anti-Rotations

1) clasp the end of the barbell. You don’t need much weight for this.

2) Rotate the barbell to one side of your body.

3) Rotate the barbell back to the starting position. Initiate the movement by SQUEEZING YOUR CORE.

4) Repeat.

- try to keep your hips at still as possible
(they might move a bit but this “intention” will help you control the movement and engage your core)

- resist turning this into just an arm workout
(you’ll feel it in your upper body for sure but your want to emphasize your core muscles)

-If you can’t complete the movement by squeezing your core and you have to muscle it up with mainly your arms… you are going to heavy.

Give it a shot!

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