Ruffhouse Jiu Jitsu

At Ruffhouse we believe that everyone is unique. With your goals in mind we can guide you to be a better you. It doesn't matter what your goal is.

Is Ruffhouse Beginner Friendly? Absolutely. Everyone starts at the same place – the beginning. We welcome beginners like our own family. Come find out for yourself. Just show up with shorts and a t-shirt and learn from the best. Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Right for Everyone? We teach men, women, and kids of all ages and skill levels. We feel everyone can learn valuable skills such as self-defense, discipline, and perseverance all while having fun at Ruffhouse.

Operating as usual

Photos from Ruffhouse Jiu Jitsu's post 06/15/2021

Photos from Ruffhouse Jiu Jitsu's post


The Ruff boys clean up good. Congratulations Andrew Ruff & Erica Ruff πŸ’πŸ’’

The Ruff boys clean up good. Congratulations Andrew Ruff & Erica Ruff πŸ’πŸ’’


These just in! Please help support if you can.

These just in! Please help support if you can.


Over and over you've shown us what it means to be tough, to have heart. To not be "a baby with a pencil neck." You told us that "excuses are the nails that build a house of failure." And through the worst year we've ever had, you lost 35lbs in four months. You lead by example, you do more for your friends than you do for yourself. This year may not have been your year, but you're still one of the best in the world, no matter what Courtney says. ❀️


Congratulations Chris

Here is a sneak peak of our new 3200 Sq Ft Facility. Featuring a front Matted area of 32' x 32', an over flow 20' x 30' matted room. 500 sq ft of weights and cardio equipment. 4 bathroom/showers. Plenty of lockers and a front desk and sitting area.

It's a work in progress, it needs a little TLC but it's ready to roll!

Stop in and check us out!


Happy Birthday King Arthur! πŸ₯³πŸ₯—πŸ—πŸ¦΄β˜•οΈπŸŽ‰


Washington Fitness Alliance

Update from Blair McHaney, President of WFA, in response to Governor's latest announcement




Happy Halloween from the Ruff family. This is the way.


Congratulations Adam! πŸ₯ˆπŸ’ͺ


Guess who's 2020 PanAm Heavyweight Champion!


πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ This weekend is the 1 year anniversary of Ruffhouse Columbus πŸŽ‰

Congratulations Chris Larkin!


Following in his father's footsteps, Little Arthur trains everyday, in both juniors and adults class, helps new students, teaches class, and cleans the gym. Not to mention he won gold via three armbars in his last tournament. πŸ’ͺ

The qualities he has gained from his father and from jiu jitsu; leadership, perseverance, courage, discipline and grit to name a few, will stay with him for life. He is growing into an amazing young man. Congratulations little Arthur! 08/12/2020

Infinite Martial Arts - Covid Relief Fund organized by Sara Cabala

Many of you witnessed Stefan receive his black belt from Professor Arthur in December of 2018, at our Renton location. This GoFundMe is for the gym where Stefan teaches Jiu Jitsu, in San Francisco. Please help if you can. Infinite Martial Arts - Covid Relief Fund Dear Friends of Infinite Martial A… Sara Cabala needs your support for Infinite Martial Arts - Covid Relief Fund


Part of our students' weekly lockdown homework- this week they are designing their own gis. Check out this one from Eleanor


Half Sumo is supporting dojos across the country by designing rashguards and donating the profits to the dojo. They have decided to partner with us! This rashguard is on sale for one week ONLY online, get it now and you can help your gym survive the lockdown πŸ™

Men's, women's and kids sizes available

#godofwar #ruffhousejiujitsu

[04/07/20]   When you're 4 and tired of filming jiu jitsu videos.


Ruffhouse kids. We don't play.


Outtakes from filming the Junior's warmup videos. You're welcome πŸ˜†


Well, the medals have arrived for our Friendship Cup in-house tournament. Gold, silver, and Rose Gold πŸ˜† Friendship Cup | In-house Jiu Jitsu Tournament


The feeling of your first gold medal. Hard work, fear, courage, exhaustion, pride, so many other things.
Our annual in-house tournament is coming up. Sign up now


The Ruffhouse Friendship Cup | In-house Jiu Jitsu Tournament is two months away. Our tournament is great for anyone; if you've never competed, if you're a seasoned competitor, or if you're getting ready for a big tournament. Have some fights, make some friends, win some medals.

Gold silver and bronze medals this year. Free tshirts for pre registration. Double elimination for kids. Open weight prizes for adults (we even have white belt open weight!).

Represent your gym! Register now


Shoutout to this husband & wife pair: Kristin and Aaron. Both in their 40s, Aaron got his first win at blue belt today. Kristin got her first submission win. Both placed and signed up for open weight. Both won their first open match against heavier opponents; Aaron 16-0, Kristin with a gi choke. Both going home today with double silvers.

#Dreamteam #Ruffhouse


Making friends at Portland Open. 😈


Taking home everyone's arms and the gold medal in a sub-only tournament. Little Arthur Ruff πŸ’ͺ


No pulling guard here


Using Judo, movement and kochi to dominate your opponents momentum. Everyday in big kids class


Bah humbug

I got some of the best students in the world!

Hand made quilt signed by my students.

Thank you for the beautiful quilt Kayla!


Happy birthday to my mom. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays! Frohe Weihnachten β›„πŸ¦Œβ„οΈ


❀️ the kiddos


Poor Phi πŸ˜†


The best moments πŸ˜†


Our end of year belt promotion and seminar with Clark Gracie! Thank you to all of our students! This was our largest seminar in the northwest so far, with more than 100 students in attendance ❀️ πŸ™πŸ₯‹

Congratulations Harly on your purple belt

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Outtakes from filming the Junior's warmup videos. You're welcome πŸ˜†
No pulling guard here
Using Judo, movement and kochi to dominate your opponents momentum. Everyday in big kids class
Our end of year belt promotion and seminar with Clark Gracie! Thank you to all of our students! This was our largest sem...
Train to break those arms πŸ’ͺ☠️
Visiting the killers at Shelton for Sunday training. πŸ‘Š This is the newest Ruffhouse, Adam and Francisco have done a grea...
This is the best thing that happened at our tournament today. After Master Kim wins his brown belt match, Professor surp...
Master Kim promoting another student to blue belt. Mike is 63 years old and one of his most dedicated students. Congratu...
These guys - and gal - got their rounds in at noon class. We are ready for Portland Open! Who's coming along this Sunday...
Seattle's third location of Ruffhouse Jiu Jitsu opens in January. Be ready!
Vid from the position of the week!!! Loop Choke!!! Raw footage, no editing, just pure awesomeness!!! Oss!!!




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