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could not get it to rotate please read
Todays goodness
had a blast on the reopen
I am have a great time in place, it's fun and very friendly even if your a Packers fan!Thank you very much Tara♥️
I love this place. La Familia
This place is a joke get 86 for no reason well I call the police on a guy that was in the bar had nothing to do with taradise this guy hits me with his truck and almost caused myself and my girlfriend to collide with another vehicle so I see him in the bar I asked him if the blue truck outside was his he said yes i am informed him i was the one he hit and ran and he said he didn't give a f**k i said let's step outside and talk about it he ignored me i call the police after they left he went told the bar i was threatening and harassment i did neither instead i was 86 for calling the police which I think was Bu****it.
Thanks so much Taradise Cafe! Awesome open mic night🙋😂Found my dream french fries, new friends, and big chuckles! The vibe is amazing here and we can’t wait to get back! thanks hilarious MC and top-notch producer for a great night!
Taco Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at Taradise Cafe. 2$ shrimp, oyster (pictured) or catfish, and $1.50 chicken or beef!
Its fucced up that something 1 person dose can make it bad for all even if u don't kno them.... Most ppl that come to taradise r friends and family.... She even helps those that don't have a way to feed themselves but ppls dum s**t can fuc it up for a whole community
Free No Cover!
New huh

Taradise Café will have it's Grand Opening December 31st 2015. American food including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Restaurant with Lounge

Operating as usual

[08/23/21]   Hello everyone,

We will be having a closing sale at Taradise Sunday, August 29th from 1pm-5pm. We are looking to sell everything in the bar so please come by to see what you like!

[08/23/21]   Hi everyone! On behalf of Tara’s entire family, we would like to sincerely thank you for the outpour of love, words of healing, and support you have sent us during these painful times. As we reflect on Tara’s memorial and the 500+ people who were present, the countless individuals who have sent kind messages, dropped off flowers, meals, and donated time and money, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every one of you.

After time to process and determine what is in the best interest of Tara’s sons, we have decided as a family not to reopen Taradise. This was a very difficult decision, as Taradise has been a community Tara worked so hard to build and a place where many loved ones found a safe space to share a warm meal and a drink. However, with so many factors at play and such uncertainty during this pandemic, it is the best decision to keep Taradise closed. Our hearts cannot bear the stress at this time. We have no doubt that the community and legacy Tara built will continue to live on through her boys and all of those she loved. We thank you for your care and understanding as we navigate these dark times, where tough decisions must be made.

For those of you who donated to the Taradise fund, please rest assured that all proceeds will be split equally amongst Tara’s three sons—DeAndre’, Baby Gee, and Zion—who are in different stages of their youth and early adulthood and are doing everything they can to move through life without their mom’s earthly guidance. Whether you donated money, time, food, flowers, or your heartfelt words, we will never forget how you have been there for us during this time.

We love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for walking alongside us during this grief journey with so much grace. We appreciate you beyond words. ❤️


Hello everyone, this is DeAndre Coulter, Taras son. We will be hosting a celebration of life this Saturday at 4pm in the Taradise parking lot. Feel free to come by and show and pay your respects. Nothin’ But Love ❤️

Hello everyone, this is DeAndre Coulter, Taras son. We will be hosting a celebration of life this Saturday at 4pm in the Taradise parking lot. Feel free to come by and show and pay your respects. Nothin’ But Love ❤️

[06/25/21]   Dear customers, Taradise is temporarily closed due to an unexpected flood in the basement. Although this is an unforeseen disruption, the sheriffs came into our establishment looking for any reason to get us shut down. They have been trying to place blame on us for the unfortunate shootings that happened recently although we had nothing to do with it and it was not Taradise customers or affiliates. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and will be back up & running as soon as possible. We appreciate all the love and support from our customers, especially those that are regulars. Stay safe & we will see you soon. Nothin’ but love!


Hey all my peoples... Please come out support this fundraising event for an amazing organization doing good work for the community. It'll be a fun-filled day with family friends and community. I'll be in the kitchen preparing some amazing food for purchase and those proceeds will be donated on behalf of myself and all of the Taradise crew...so come on out.. looking forward to seeing you all there!

Hey all my peoples... Please come out support this fundraising event for an amazing organization doing good work for the community. It'll be a fun-filled day with family friends and community. I'll be in the kitchen preparing some amazing food for purchase and those proceeds will be donated on behalf of myself and all of the Taradise crew...so come on out.. looking forward to seeing you all there!

Photos from DJ Peg's post 03/06/2021

Photos from DJ Peg's post

Photos from DJ Peg's post 03/01/2021

Photos from DJ Peg's post


Fresh Out Tha Northwest Pop Up Shop!! Friday March 5th at Taradise Cafe in Seattle!! Savvy Smith will be on the decks!! #FreshOutThaNorthwest #PopUpShop

Photos from Rolly&Tay Family Catering's post 02/24/2021

Photos from Rolly&Tay Family Catering's post


So I guess the thieves can get out when everybody else can’t. Taradise got broken into this morning about 830😡😡😡😡

Photos from Rolly&Tay Family Catering's post 02/09/2021


Photos from Rolly&Tay Family Catering's post 02/08/2021

Photos from Rolly&Tay Family Catering's post

Photos from Taradise Cafe's post 02/07/2021

Join us today for Super Bowl 21 @ Taradise Cafe, opening at 2🏈🏈🏈
$5 Bloody Mary’s
$2 Draft Busch
$5 Touchdowns
$3 mimosas
$3 Street Dogs
Along with wings, fresh calamari, fish $ chips, loaded fries, shrimp cocktail etc...
Of coarse wear your mask, indoor and outdoor limited seating. Hope to see you there❤️

Photos from Rolly&Tay Family Catering's post 02/01/2021

Finally!! Come get warm with a good drink and amazing food!!


We are here at Taradise Cafe in white center till 10:30 today and tomorrow! Here is the core menu , specials and additional info listed below .

Today/Monday special :
Patty Melt - 1/2 lb burger served on sourdough bread topped with grilled onions & Swiss cheese served w/ fresh cut fries. $10

Taco Tuesday specials:
Taco plate : Your choice of fried fish or shrimp topped with mango chutney, cabbage and drizzled sour cream. Served with fries....$10
2 Tacos : Your choice of seasoned ground beef or chicken on flour tortilla topped with lettuce, shredded cheese, fresh pico de Gallo and drizzled sour cream....$6

Outdoor seating when available and to go orders always available . Walk in or give us a call . Hope to see you ! Thanks for the love and support !


Last night was Taradise’s 5year anniversary, we couldn’t celebrate for obvious reasons but we will be there at today with prime rib and of course black eyed pea‘s. Please stop by and say hello and wish us a happy anniversary.
And of course watching the buckeyes at 5🏈🎉🏈🎊


MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TARADISE. Open from 3-11 outdoor seating only. Fire pits and heaters but still dress warm.

Today’s special.
Christmas Eve Dinner.
- Steelhead Salmon with veggies and choice of chicken soup or pene pasta with cream sauce. Just today $12.


Rolly&Tay Family Catering


Rolly&Tay Family Catering


Rolly&Tay Family Catering

Hey everyone , forgot to post the number to call in to go orders if you’d rather not do walk in orders . Number listed below.

We are here at Taradise right now . Come in and get a drank and/or some grub! We got seatowns crackin chicken sandwich !

Call us 206.402.4260 ! Happy holidays !


Rolly&Tay Family Catering

Hey peoples,
Just wanted to share with you that we will be doing a pop up kitchen at Taradise Cafe in white center from 3PM-10:30PM tomorrow 12/15 offering Mexican theme food in light of Taco Tuesday! Doing to go orders and covered outside seating as available . CASH ONLY. (ATM on site . )

Menu of the day :
•Loaded Nachos Supreme topped w/refried pinto beans ,choice of meat, cheese,pico de gallo, olives, jalapenos ,sour cream and guacamole

•Grilled Quesadilla
Cheddar blend with choice meat served w/ lettuce,sour cream and salsa

•Single taco
Choice of meat, cheese, shredded lettuce and salsa

*Taco Plate 2 tacos with your meat choice, mexi-rice, refried pinto beans sour cream, homemade guacamole and fresh pico de gallo

•Beef Mexi Burger topped with shredded lettuce, shredded cheddar and 1000 island served w/seasoned Tots

[11/08/20]   Let’s go hawks!! Open for breakfast❤️🏈
$3 mimosas
$5 bloody Mary’s
$5 touchdowns
$1 Busch


This Saturday at 9:00am!!! Join us at Taradise Cafe and help cheer on my son Baby Gee for his 1st game with the Buckeyes. 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈$5 Bloody Marys, $3 mimosas, $6 breakfast burritos.


Good times at Taradise with Shawn Kemp. ❤️❤️


Old school Taradise


Join us to watch the Seahawks tomorrow morning at 10am, we will have a breakfast casserole, $5 Bloody Mary’s, $3 mimosas.


Outdoor BBQ at Taradise. Come get your dinner☺️


Come try our Wednesday menu , starting tomorrow 😋


Let’s try something new this Sunday night. Come get your Taradise tacos you’ve been missing 😋


Come get your dog on at Taradise Cafe; 6-10. With Savvy playin the music starting at 5-10. We have great, refreshing summer drinks! Opens at 3, temperature takin at the door, mask required. ❤️


Looking forward to seeing everyone. Just a heads up we will be taking temperatures at the door and please wear your mask if not one will be provided for you. Thank you❤️🎉😌🎊

[08/02/20]   I just wanted to thank everyone that called, text,messaged or found a way to reach out to me while I was sick, it really means so much to me❤️. A huge shout out to those that went out of their way to bring Raquel and myself food, supplements and everything we needed. That’s so important when not only can you not leave but don’t have the energy to go to the store. THANK YOU, Tama, Kaya, Nicole Corella and Ramon Soliz for being there for us everyday ❤️❤️❤️❤️

[07/26/20]   Hi Everyone:
Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. I deeply value this community and have always promised transparency. With that, I would like to provide a few updates on the status of Taradise in light of COVID-19:
First and foremost, the bar is closed until further notice. Unfortunately, my assistant and I were unknowingly exposed to the Coronavirus outside of the bar on or around July 12, 2020. Following this exposure, I worked at Taradise from July 13 through July 15 due to my lack of awareness that I had been exposed.
The following day, I traveled out of town. On July 18, while I was out of town, I found out that I had been exposed. I traveled back to West Seattle, where I have been in quarantine. As soon as I learned of my exposure, I also promptly informed each individual that I was in contact with between the time of exposure and the realization that I had in fact been exposed. I was tested the following morning on July 19.
Before business hours when no one else was present, I went to Taradise to do the required tills and sanitize the bar. I took adequate precautions by wearing a mask and gloves while present in the bar. On July 22, I received my positive test result. This has been a scary and difficult time for me and my family, and I do not take this lightly. I would like to reiterate that since I learned of my exposure on July 18, I have not had any social contact.
Shortly thereafter, I learned that one of my bartenders had been exposed from her significant other. I made the decision to close Taradise until further notice because I recognize the social responsibility we have to one another during this global pandemic. We will remain closed until I can assure that our staff and patrons are healthy. The safety of our community is my utmost priority. Upon reopening, we will restrict seating to outdoors, in line with the new state mandate.
My heart hurts for anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19. This pandemic is both isolating and painful, and I have learned this firsthand as I am very ill. I thank you for your support and understanding as I navigate these unforeseen times of struggle.
I will be in touch with future plans for Taradise, but until then, I hope you all stay safe and healthy.
Tara Scott
Owner, Taradise Café


Hella Fresh DJs

Check out Savvy Smith tonight at Taradise Cafe in West Seattle!! #DJSavvy #HellaFreshDJs


South 2 West Boiled Peanuts, LLC

Just met Slick Watts from the Sonics, back in the day, at Taradise. What a nice way to end the day here. @ Taradise Cafe

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After work good times at Taradise. I love this vibe😊❤️🍾
Come join us to watch Baby Gee on king 5 tomorrow @ 6:30 @ Taradise Cafe. All the positive support & love we can get we ...





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