Pacific Yoga Teacher Training

Pacific Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Study Program is currently in its fifteenth year of providing teacher training and master classes to yoga students in the Seattle region.

Directors Theresa Elliott and Kathryn Payne have been teaching yoga in Seattle since 1990 and have dedicated themselves to the responsible and exceptional teaching of yoga since they founded the training in 1997.*

Kathryn and Theresa are long-standing members of the Pacific Northwest yoga community and their knowledge extends to a direct understanding of its history and culture. With over 20 year

Operating as usual 09/11/2019

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, Fall 2019

Master Class Series deadline for enrollment is this Sunday, September 15th! Yoga Anatomy & Kinesiology Lab as well as an additional section of Skill in Viny/asana start in October. See details below. Fall offerings include the Yoga Anatomy & Kinesiology Lab, Master Class Series (Sept 15 deadline) and new section of Skill in Vinyasa 02/05/2019

The Elliott Lexicon of Satisfactory Yoga Terminology

A little light reading if you are stuck at home. 8 short stories ranging from the goofy to the serious. A combination of technique, idiosyncratic terms, and storytelling. 01/18/2019

Weekly instruction into a fascinating and challenging subject.

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, Winter 2019 -
I'm excited about the new 3 month series I am teaching on the anatomy and kinesiology of yoga starting Wednesday February 6. Weekly class is a great way to learn. It allows time for the student to work with material between sessions, see what they know, formulate questions, and then come back for more. Drop-ins welcome and series discounts available. Love anatomy? Scared of anatomy? Either way, this class meets on a regular basis, giving students time to digest material between sessions, and then come back for more investigation. Wednesdays February - April, drop-ins as well as series discount available.


What's Up at TajMotion - Thanksgiving 2018 - 10/20/2018

Fall 2018 Yogadance & Vinyasa News

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, Fall 2018 -
Walking the Camino de Santiago, up-coming 200-Hour Teacher Training and more. The Yogadance Intensive participants perform at the annual Summer Works in Progress show. 08/09/2018

Master Class Series 2018 begins October 5.

Yogadance & Vinyasa News: Master Class Series 2018 - This series for yoga teachers meets on a regular basis to give instructors ongoing education in bio-mechanically sound asana technique. Option to sign up for 9 or 6 sessions. Registration deadline: September 15. 05/13/2018

Yogadance Discount Deadline May 15th, Performance Opportunities

Early Bird Deadline Reminder, Summer Works In Progress Show June 22nd - Lots of yoga/dance and performance opportunities May - June with Theresa Elliott at Taj Motion.


What's New at TajMotion - May 2018 - 04/02/2018

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, April 2018

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, April 2018 - Astavakrasana alla Led Zeppelin, Hopscotch with Bartok and more in video highlights from the Taj Motion Birthday Party #12. 02/12/2018

Mota Perpetua, a community dance project for the over 40 crowd.

Mota Perpetua Dance Project, Yogadance Performances, Intensive - I'm excited to launch this project, a place to learn about dance technique and opt-in to performing if so desired. Read more about it as well as upcoming Yogadance performances. 12/22/2017

Yogadance performance opportunity, Roll+y Poll+y

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, Year End 2017. Includes Holiday schedule, performance opportunity and more. Last summer's yogadance intensive participants perform at the Taj Motion Summer Works in Progress. See details in news letter for an opportunity to learn the choreography and perform at the Taj Motion Birthday Party. 09/26/2017

Registration Deadline this Sunday, October 1st

I'm very excited about my upcoming teacher training, the first progressive series I've taught in four years. Least you are thinking, "oh, I'll catch it next time it comes around", ya, don't think that. A few more days left to register and only a few spots left in this progressive teacher training with Theresa Elliott. 08/13/2017

Participants from the Summer 2017 Yogadance Intensive

I'm on break August 20 - Sept 20, but have quite a bit happening this fall, including Photo Yoga Shop and a new Teacher Training & Continuing Education series! Read more in my newsletter below. Summer 2018 Yogadance Intensive dates announced, Photo Yoga Shop almost full, and after a four year break, a new Teacher Training & Continuing Education series. 06/11/2017

The 5 Most Common Alignment Faults in Yoga: Triangle Pose, Side Angle Pose and The Myth of the Two Panes of Glass.

I'm busy preparing for the Yogadance Intensive in July (Early Bird Discount Deadline is this Thursday) while creating new resource materials: two new asana videos and a new blog post. See this month's Yogadance & Vinyasa newsletter for links and more. In order to move into the lateral standing poses, the pelvis must rotate. You can't do that if your holding it between two planes of glass. See why here.


Taj Yoga

You can learn this vinyasa and how it applies to Hanumanasana in this Sunday's Skill in Vinyasa class, June 11. Meets 9:00 - 10:45am. -T

Students tend to focus to the point of exclusion on the range of motion necessary in the hamstrings for Hanumanasana(splits) and forget about what is needed in the back leg/groin. We are learning this vinyasa in the Sunday morning Skill in Vinyasa class, where the quadraceps are stretched and coordination is challenged. -T



I love seeing anatomy in motion, and this is a charming example of internal and external rotation of the femur, something I stress in my yogadance classes. The week long immersion into Yogadance meets July 10 - 14, Early Bird Discount deadline is June 15. See details under Taj yoga events.

When I grow up, I want to be this grandpa. 05/10/2017

Yogadance Ensemble at Taj Motion

Spring has finally come but summer is not far off. Early Bird deadline for July's Summer Yogadance Intensive is June 15. Also in the offerings is a "friends and family" deal. See newsletter for details. Yogadancers flow through a standing pose vinyasa that has been stylized and set to "Us & Them" by Pink Floyd, one of the yoga dances participants will learn this summer. 03/22/2017

In an “Anything Goes” Yoga World, What’s a Teacher To Do? - Taj Yoga

This popped up in my feed, timely as I ready for a weekend seminar teaching students and teachers alike how to keep from Injuring their sacroiliac and lumbar spine while practicing yoga. In an “Anything Goes” Yoga World, What’s a Teacher To Do? What alignment brings to our practice, and how to find it. By Theresa Elliott One of the challenges we face as teachers of hatha yoga is the practice has become so diverse and mutates so quickly that it begs the question: what do we all have… 03/17/2017

Wide Brain and Poodles, by Theresa Elliott - Taj Yoga

Wide Brain and Poodles is the 3rd entry in The Elliott Lexicon of Satisfactory Yoga Terminology. The title is of course totally silly, and I do use these words in class, but the concept is not silly at all: what nervous system do you choose to be in while you practice yoga?

I am reposting one blog a week (in theory) as I write more installments. Three more will be uploaded at a later date. I was talking about Wide Brain, a reference to a state of mind. I mentioned it’s fairly easy to tell if someone is in Wide Brain as they look like they just smoked a doobie. The weight of the eyes are heavy and the demeanor suggests someone who is laid back. In that moment, at age 50, I realized the... 02/23/2017

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, Mid-Winter, 2017

One of my favorite teacher roles is as "spotter" in Photo Yoga Shop. It's often a lively affair as I interact with the students through humor to help them relax, or get into the pose with them (left) to direct them into their alignment (right). See details for the April 29th shoot in this edition of Yogadance & Vinyasa News. The spotter (left) is essential in creating beautiful yoga images (right), and often entails doing the pose. More inside about PYS and other workshops with Theresa Elliott this spring. 01/07/2017

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, January, 2017

I've read a number of quasi-yoga articles lately, and information coming from these different angles helps me understand how the rubber meets the road in the field of yoga. See news letter for more. Inversions are in this months offerings, along with end of the month workshop "In the Pocket: 4 Days of Deceleration." 12/10/2016

Vinyasa & Yogadance News, Christmas and Beyond

Vinyasa & Yogadance News, Christmas and Beyond.
I'm offering a terrific deal for students who want to bring a family member or new student to "In the Pocket: 4 Days of Deceleration" at the end of January. Early Bird Registration deadline is January 1st. See newsletter for details. A favorite twist used this season in yogadance and vinyasa classes, and a likely "best of" moving pattern for the year end workshop, Good Bye 2016. 10/18/2016

Day After Thanksgiving Work-Off, Moving in Time, In the Pocket

Yoga dance & Vinyasa News, Fall 2016
After drawing this, I wondered how those early days of rendering hand turkeys informed my current appreciation of yoga. Seriously. Other than that, moving slowly and the intrinsic benefits of deceleration continue to be on my mind, in my body and the focus of the classes and workshops I am offering. Like hand turkeys? Got you covered. Want more substance? See announcements for two "wide brain" offerings to help you through the holidays and other stressful times. 08/27/2016

Skill in Vinyasa, Sunday mornings with Theresa Elliott

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, Late Summer, 2016 Class resumes late September in series format, along with yogadance on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 06/20/2016

Yogadance Intensive Two for One Special

I've heard from numerous "pairs" that they would like to take the yogadance intensive, and I'd love to have them. See below for this summer's "twofer" offer. Here's a great opportunity to do the intensive with a pal, mother, daughter, son or husband, two for the price of one. Limited spots available! 05/20/2016

Yogadance & Vinyasa Newsletter, May 2016

Time on my mind, and a few words and videos about moving slowly. I'm fascinated with slow. Maybe it's an antidote to my busy life, and whereas a "lively" pace seems to be my homeostasis, ironically it's often because I'm packing it with slow.


Taj Yoga

The Summer Yogadance Intensive is July 11 - 15! Come to the ongoing class Tuesday mornings to learn short sequences, or come to the Intensive to learn an entire dance. Early Bird Registration lasts until June 1st. See Events for more information.

I am playing around with fun sequences in my Tuesday morning Yogadance class with an eye towards the Yogadance Intensive July 11-15. Early Bird registration for the intensive lasts until June 1st. See "Events" for more information. 04/18/2016

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, April 2016

Summer Yogadance Intensive in July, Early Bird deadline June 1st, FAQ's Enrollment has already begun for July's Yogadance Intensive. Early Bird discount June by 1st. 03/05/2016

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, March 2016

Yogadance & Vinyasa News, March 2016 Skill In Vinyasa class has been extended, ongoing Yogadance resumes Tuesday mornings, March 15.


Taj Yoga

Skill In Vinyasa: Getting Unstuck. Moving from the Lateral to the Saggital Plane. This is one of the most common issues I see with yoga students. In a desire to "go deep" students jam into their joints, producing the opposite of the desire effect, and they get stuck. This simple technique frees the front hip joint so students can come into the correct alignment in Parsottanasana. -T

Skill In Vinyasa: Getting Unstuck. Moving from the Lateral to the Sagittal Plane.
Many students will inadvertently wedge themselves into Parsvottanasana and have difficultly adjusting. Lack of mobility is usually blamed, but more often than not the reason they cannot move is the bones are in the wrong place and the joint is jammed. This simple technique of using cat/cow frees the joint so the hips can be brought into the correct position, and can be done by the student, or through assistance of the teacher.


Taj Yoga

Skill In Vinyasa: Slow Motion Study, Stepping Back Into Down Dog
Last Sunday we deconstructed how to step back into Down Dog, and the potential for interesting and satisfying movement. This video is like the Readers Digest version of a half hour discussion that involved working with partners. If you'd like to attend class but haven't had a chance, you still can! Watch some of the earlier movement deconstruction clips posted on the Taj Yoga page to get familiar and come on down.

Skill In Vinyasa: Slow Motion Study, Stepping Back Into Down Dog
Last Sunday we deconstructed how to step back into Down Dog, and the fabulous potential for interesting and satisfying movement. Keep in mind, this is like the Readers Digest version of a half hour discussion that involved working with partners. If you'd like to attend class but haven't had a chance, you still can! Watch some of the earlier movement deconstruction clips posted here on Facebook to get familiar and come on down. 01/17/2016

Skill in Vinyasa, Sunday Morning with Theresa Elliott

Yogadance News, Mid-January 2016 Learn how to move with skill and grace in yoga. See short video with movement concepts for this two month class.


Taj Yoga

I will be teaching a Sunday morning class, Skill in Vinyasa, for two months starting at the end of the month, January 31st. I made a little video to show some of the stuff I have been playing with lately and to show what we might work on. See details below. Limited time only, please share!

Skill in Vinyasa, Sunday mornings with Theresa Elliott
A funny thing occurred to me while on sabbatical. I thought I might like to teach a Sunday morning class for a few months. So I am, January 31st - March 27, 9:00 - 10:45am.

Below is a clip of movement concepts possibilities I may present in Skill in Vinyasa, but actual content will be determined the day of the show.

Drop in, $20. 5 classes/$90, 10 classes/$170

Open to those curious about how to move in yoga with grace and dignity. 5 years of some physical technical training, preferably yoga. Ability to do head and shoulder stand. Sense of humor a must. Or by instructors consent.


Taj Yoga

Part of my sabbatical "project list" included getting the Suspensory Salutation videoed and posted. Here is the Extened Play version, one of three I have posted on the Taj page, to help reminded those of you who have worked with me what the sequence is. The Extended Play is my favorite, but if you have never done the Suspensory Salutation, take a look at the Introduction version to help get an idea of what the sequence is about. Both version incorporate a fair amount of repititon as a way create "wide brain", but it also happens it's a good way to learn a long vinyasa. -T

Extended Play Suspensory Salutation
I have been developing and teaching the Suspensory Salutation and variations as an alternative to the Sun Salutation for years. A key component of this work is the utilization of repetition and suspension to help induce a parasympathetic nervous system response while practicing. I often reiterate a movement 2-3 times, but it is up to the practitioner to decide what is best.

These videos are a visual reminder for those who have studied with me as I give no verbal instruction. However, you can pick-up the sequence by watching them, and If you are new to the Suspensory Salutation, I suggest you watch either the Introduction or the Extended Play multiple times. Both of these versions show repetition of movement concepts, making it easier to understand the organization of the sequence, which is loosely based on the Sun Salutation. -T

Posted are three levels:
•Introduction to the Suspensory Salutation: incorporates blocks, repetition of concepts and bent knees for the hamstring challenged. It’s a little shorter and shows the easiest approach into and out of poses.
•Extended Play Suspensory Salutation: repetition of pendulum movement concepts designed to access the parasympathetic nervous system in a 3 minute sequence that is meant to be repeated. Includes all movement concepts plus a few advanced variations coming into and out of poses.
•The Essential Suspensory Salutation: single repetition of movement concepts that one might switch to having warmed up with the Extend Play. Without the usual repetition, the transitions come more quickly which challenges the mind to stay focused.


Hey Pacific Yoga grads. It's the last day to vote for yoga article of the year. Hope you will take a moment to read, share and vote for "After 27 Years Teaching Yoga, I Got a Job at the Mall". And don't forget, Seattle Yoga News is hosting a holiday party this Saturday where the winners will be named. -T

The finalists for the Seattle Yoga Awards have been announced. It is time for you to vote for your favorites: (voting open until 12/3)

Congratulations to all the finalists!

For yoga teacher of the year: Danielle Gaudette, Danielle Zissou (Open Up Yoga Teacher Training with Danielle Zissou), Pamela Chang Yoga, Tina Templeman, Terilyn Wyre Yoga.

For yoga studio of the year: Alive & Shine Center (formerly Yoga Centers), Firehouse Hot Yoga Kirkland, Kula Movement, Center for Yoga & Health, ROOT 2 RISE YOGA, Sweatbox Yoga

For yoga organization of the year: Alive and Shine Foundation, OmCulture, Street Yoga, Yoga Behind Bars

For yoga article of the year: "After 27 years teaching yoga, I got a job at the mall" by Theresa Elliott (Taj Yoga), "An inspiring story of transformation: from tough teen to a loving yogini mom" by Rebekah Santiago (Sweat Hot Yoga), "How yoga helped get the Seahawks to the Super Bowl again" by Ivo Grossi, "The social spirit of healing: lessons from teaching yoga in the Middle East
" by Robyn Long Yoga, "Yes, you took four classes this week…but when was the last time you actually practiced Yoga?
" by Danielle Zissou

Winners will be announced during the Seattle Yoga Holiday Party on 12/5:




Yoga teacher training, workshops, retreats, private instruction.



9250 14th Ave NW
Seattle, WA
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