Syd Shera Clay Art

Ceramic art. Clay art classes. Adults and children, no experience necessary. All ages. Handmade ceramic art and clay classes in Seattle. Syd is into alchemical change, symbols and transformation via the fire arts.

Ceramic art is a perfect analogue for transformation: as you apply heat to clay it transforms into another substance altogether. Syd's art is about what happens when she gets visited by the unseen world; subtle energies, vibrations and wave forms become visible, she sees auras occasionally, and gets visitations from unseen entities sometimes loud voices. Her work is now about listening to and grou

Operating as usual


SOLD OUT!!! Wow the whole show sold out last night!!! Northwest Bail Funds getting 100% of proceeds!! Thanks you guys!!! Email me if you want one, I’m making more. $45. Each. #sydsheraclayart


BEATDOWN TERRA-COTTA! Sale! Tonite! Now! 100% proceeds to Northwest BailFund. Sales detes last page 🙏🏽 Thanks!! #sydsheraclayart @ Equinox Studios


Happy Mother’s Day!!
Terra-cotta vases $85., tulip votives $55. Email me [email protected]. re pickup and choices! #equinoxstudiosseattle, #sydsheraclayart


Raw porcelain, cooked porcelain!
#porcelain, #sydsheraclayart, #equinoxstudiosseattle


March of the porcelain blobs..
#sydsheraclayart #equinoxstudiosseattle


So fally wally just now..


Developing New Wack tableware. Sometimes you just gotta do that idea in your head. #terracotta #sydsheraclayart #equinoxstudiosseattle #tablewaredesign


Periodic Table is riz! Second floor Equinox Studios. Thx John and Dan!! Come see at artwalk March 9 Sat nite!!!#equinoxstudiosseattle, #sydsheraclayart, #raku, #periodictable


There’s a new Zoe in the house!!CongratulationsOandGlo!!


These are desires wrapped up in clay. #raku, #sydsheraclayart @ Seattle, Washington


Goddess Rising/dream image, Core Gallery Seattle, thru Jan 26, Transformation in Womxn show. #raku, #Transformational Raku, #sydsheraclayart


Big Periodic Table! On view at Core Gallery, Seattle WA, January 2019. Come to our big Transformation in Womxn show’s opening tonight!!! 6-9 pm.#raku, #periodictable #seattleartist #sydsheraclayart


Morning. Weirdly warm December day. #equinoxstudiosseattle


Periodic table wowness. Transformation in Women show, Core Gallery Seattle. Opening Jan 3 2019
#raku, #periodictable #equinoxstudiosseattle


Work in progress, big periodic table! Opening Jan 3, at Transformation in Women show, Core Gallery, Seattle. #periodictable, #raku, #equinoxstudioseattle


Sneak Peek! See tiles for big Periodic Table! Tonight: Equinox Very Open House, studio 305/blue bldg.
Full Periodic Table reveal: Transformation in Women show, Core Gallery, Seattle WA. Show opening Jan 3, 2019. #periodictable, #science,#raku, #equinoxstudiosseattle


Tulips! Porcelain! Now!, Dec 6, Dec 8
thanks @bigdipperwaxworks for the beeswax tea lights!
#equinoxstudiosseattle studio 305 blue building, #porcelain


Porcelain Tulips! Available Nov 10 & Dec 8 art walk @equinoxstudiosseattle studio 305.


Porcelain tulip! Holiday sale Nov 8, Dec 8, Dec 15 at #equinoxstudiosseattle. I ❤️CAC’s PZN 6 porcelain!!


Goddess vases. Sold quite a few this weekend. Thank you Goddess for leading us out these miasmic times! Thank you black voters in ‘bama for leading the charge last night!! The worm is turning folks!!#terracotta #sydsheraclayart # equinoxstudiosseattle


Terra-cotta lampshades!!
Unglazed red clay interior. Come see this Sat 12/9 at Equinox Studios Very Open House in Georgetown! #equinoxstudiosseattle #veryopenhouse #sydsheraclayart #terracotta #terracottalampshade


Crazy English grolleg porcelain tealights, I was going for that ‘granite’ look! Inclusions r magnetite, feldspar gravel and 12 m grog. Come see this Sat 12/9 at our Very Open House!!#equinoxstudiosseattle #veryopenhouse #sydsheraclayart #porcelain


Basalt columns. Black stoneware. Big Very Open House this Sat 12/9! Yer invited!!
#equinoxstudiosseattle #veryopenhouse #sydsheraclayart #stoneware


Jeez where did THIS come from?!! New shark cups FOR SALE Dec 9 @ our Very Open House #equinoxstudiosseattle 5pm-whenever, issa giant party & you're invited!!! #sydsheraclayart


Big Deal Annual Open House Dec 9. It's a party in West Georgetown, lotsa demos, art for sale, street art. I'm upstairs in #305, come say hi! #sydsheraclayart #equinoxstudiosseattle


Sometimes you just have to grind s*** off. Thx Chas!#equinoxstudiosseattle


Calling down the animal spirits. Soon-to-be-fired spirit rattles. They're loud! #raku #sydsheraclayart #equinoxstudiosseattle


Death, then the great cycle back to life, all along the lakeshore. #lakewashingtonseattle


OMG Harvest Moon!


This weird image came to me this morning- first dahlia, black porcelain hex vase, old net used to press texture into clay..This weird gorgeous weather feels also like the precipice of a death spiral. Puerto Rico lies ruined while we enjoy 80 degrees. What does it take to marshall worldwide effort on behalf of climate change?! How do we org ourselves plus the world?! I'm praying. #climatechangeseattle


Which came first? The Airstream or the Kalakala? Came upon this mural in Pt Angeles, its sunny disposition blew me away. Hi quirk factor. An amazing locale on earth, PA has a big long sandy spit that protects a harbor deep enough for huge tankers to anchor, with a coast guard station at the spit's tip with those lil orange pilot boats that guide the huge transnational container ships down into puget sound from the straights. Pat Hannigan and Melinda must've come here often. The crazy Olympics rise dramatically, directly behind the town, today screened in clouds of ashy smoke like the rest of the state. Got a nice art center here, and a great general store that even had pink camo for sale. Oh and a giant log yard where thousands of fir logs get piled up before being shipped overseas and logging trucks drive too fast and use those loud compression brakes to go around corners. I think I was in a time warp for a couple days. Nice grapes at the Safeway too. Oh and fishing boats galore. Such a quintessential resource extraction based pacific northwest town. A relief from all the tech. And foghorns at night.


Thinkin about jumping in...Last day of pottery camp 2017, in the blessed rain.


Seattle eclipse so creepy so cool!! #seattleeclipse


Ya #wedding


Wedding pottery and cake!

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Periodic Table is riz! Second floor Equinox Studios. Thx John and Dan!! Come see at artwalk March 9 Sat nite!!!#equinoxs...
Morning. Weirdly warm December day. #equinoxstudiosseattle
Periodic table wowness. Transformation in Women show, Core Gallery Seattle. Opening Jan 3 2019#raku, #periodictable #equ...
Tulips! Porcelain! Now!, Dec 6, Dec 8 thanks @bigdipperwaxworks for the beeswax tea lights!#equinoxstudiosseattle studio...
Thinkin about jumping in...Last day of pottery camp 2017, in the blessed rain.
Seattle eclipse so creepy so cool!! #seattleeclipse
Ya #wedding
Wedding pottery, serving pieces, #terracotta, #sgraffito, #majolica, #sydsheraclayart #, #equinoxstudiosseattle
Not made anything like this before. In honor of the bride's beauty. All brides. #weddingdress, #weddingpottery,#sgraffit...
Restaurant lampshades finished! Deliver today! #terracotta, #terracottalampshades, #seattlemade, #sydsheraclayart, #equi...
Terracotta lampshade for a restaurant. Looks simple, took many rounds of mold making, building, testing glazes. Fun work...
Pottery Northwest petal kiln firing.   Burning of the blessings #iheartpotterynorthwest




6555 5th Ave S
Seattle, WA

General information

Thursday night adult Majolica classes. Ongoing class, sign up for two class minimum. Slab build functional ware, learn to glaze with brightly colored washes, learn design principles by copying traditional designs. Class is about finding innate creativity and facilitating artistic expression. Beginners welcome, no experience necessary. It's addictive! It's fun to create functional ware in the company of friendly people. Ongoing Raku Workshops. Raku is an historical Japanese firing technique, it takes place outdoors and harnesses a roaring flame. The nature of raku is to the collaborate with the power of fire and join with the spirit of transformation as you watch your pots firing inside the kiln. To raku is to surrender control and embrace the unknown as you dig your pots from the cooling ashes after the firing. Custom parties and celebrations. Give the gift of creativity. Syd is experienced at making clay a fun, accessible, creative experience. South end location for pottery camps and classes for kids. Private and small group classes
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