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Cherise Briggs is a Yoga Teacher~Artist~Free Spirit~Healer~Giver of love & high vibrations
Native Phoenician spreading love & peace through yoga & art

Operating as usual


Om shanti shanti shanti

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Dr. Jpop’s 4 stages of allyship we discussed in last week’s Yogis Off the Mat •
Follow or contact Dr. Jpop to go deeper with these thoughts! She has sosososo much more to offer!
Thank you for your voice & all your hard work!!

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Yogis Off the Mat tomorrow morning on FB live. Kelly & I will be talking about authenticity & allyship

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Learning and unlearning as much as possible. Showing up in as many ways as we can for each other is key!

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*FRIDAY* this week Kelly & I will continue our discussion on self-care on FB live! Don’t miss it! 💖

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Tune in tomorrow morning (Thursday) 10am- FB live as we chat with @bex.livinglife about self-care!

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Fernando is excited to be talking about Reiki TOMORROW on Yogis Off the Mat with Kelly & Cherise! 😝💖✨

Check it out on FB live 10am!

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A Call to Unite - Special Message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama… | The 14th Dalai Lama

Love these two!! 💖💖 The Official Website of The Office of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama


Tune in Thursday at 10am to hear @emilystooks talk about Reiki & energy healing & even show us a couple quick tips! FB live on Kelly’s page (tagged here!)

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Embarking on a new adventure!! I’ve had the goal of teaching SUP yoga for a couple years now! And the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together!!

Water ☑️
Board ☑️
Started SUP yoga certification ☑️

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Do more of the things that make you happy dance! 💖💖


Yogis Off the Mat are taking you to the kitchen tomorrow with @xoabyogi walking us through some of her favorite things! Tune in on FB live on Kelly Carter’s page 10am! @kellyylovesyoga

Feel free to contact any of us for more info!

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Who else has been working on honoring their process through things, no matter how messy or wobbly it gets?

Everything is not always great, but honoring where we are and what we’re learning is worth it.

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This is a vibe for me lately!
And a wonderful reminder!
So I spread this and share it with you all!
Thank you @soulightmovement for posting this!

✨I find myself grateful for this time and the small gifts I’ve been given through this challenging moment. But I also honor the struggle, as it clears my path to deeper understanding of self and the entire human experience. I honor that where I am in each moment is ok, and perfectly where I’m supposed to be. I’m riding the ups and downs, the waves of life and cultivating the peace within✨

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Yogis Off the Mat with Kelly & Cherise featuring Kelley Doyle

⚡️NEW⚡️ Yogis Off the Mat with Kelly & Cherise featuring Kelley Doyle on My YouTube Channel for you all!!

This week we dove into the relationships of mentors.
Check it out, enjoy & let us know if there’s topics you’d like to hear us talk about 💖

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4.23.20 Yogis talking about mentorship & those type of relationships


My wish for you today (and everyday)

✨I hope you are surrounded by peace, hope & plenty of room for growth✨

Let’s all remind ourselves of all the things we’re grateful today & each day!
Thank you to our Mother Earth for sustaining life for us. Let us breath in unity & feel the depths of the wonders we’ve been given.

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Cherise Briggs


Cherise Briggs's cover photo


Honoring the quiet moments like these. Allowing myself to create space and be still to just see what the current brings to the surface. Feeling the depth within. ✨

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Yogis Off the Mat with Kelly & Cherise earlier today! Talking about creating a sacred space for yourself 💖

Let us know what you think, comment, like, share- let us know if there’s topics you want us to dive into!

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Yogis off the Mat with Kelly & Cherise

Thursday freshness for you all- my & Kelly Michele talks called Yogis Off the Mat!

This one is about creating a sacred space for yourself

Check it out... let us know what you think and even pitch us ideas of things you want to hear us talk about!

✨What did you think/ how did you feel about the reflection at the end of the video?✨


Join us tomorrow morning 10am on Facebook Live as we discuss creating a sacred space for yourself and give you tips on how to do that!

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A great reminder to move with intention rather than habit or mindlessness. Create high vibration within so it will radiate from you and pay no mind to the low vibrations around you. Always leading by example 💖✨

#spreadlove #movewithintention #youmatter #yoga #shineyourlight #highvibes #bethechange 🌈


Finding balance.

Enjoying looking back & remembering exciting, wonderful times like these.

And just as excited to be planning & looking forward to the next adventures.

The key is always drawing yourself back to the present moment, grounding down & appreciating the gifts that are in the here & now.

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Mindful Flow Yoga with Cherise



New Flow Friday! Posted a new yoga video for you all on my YouTube channel! Link in the comments below. Or subscribe to my channel to not miss any new videos!

I love to connect and hear from you so please leave me a comment, like, share whatever & let me know what you think or feedback.

If you feel inspired to donate- it is always welcome but not expected

🌟Venmo @cherisebriggs

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Everyday I focus my attention on gratitude. And today one of the many things I’m grateful for is the opportunity to take class with my close friend @kellyylovesyoga!
It has been years since I’ve been able to take her class! Thank you Kelly!
It takes me back and makes me feel like we’re mat to mat again!

I would love to hear what you’re grateful for today! Leave a comment or DM if you prefer!

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New things happening!! This beauty @kellyylovesyoga and I will be chatting it up on IG Live Thursday morning! Talking all things yoga, life, the struggle, the inspirations & all that falls in between! Tune in to join the chat!

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Happy friYAY! Ready for some yoga to help you clear your mind and find your center?! Click the link in the comments for my 1st ever yoga video!

These are some very challenging times we’re all living through but we can come together and support each other in many ways! So just know I’m here to support you all! Reach out to chat or even for more specific support.

I would love to know what you loved on this video or what you might want more or less of!! comment below👇

Donations for online classes are accepted & greatly appreciated❤️🙏

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No need to donate funds. The BEST way to share the love is to enjoy the flow, like, comment, & share with ALL your friends!! 💖💖

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Tomorrow I will post my first yoga class video! Check back in the am for details!

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As another day draws to a close and a promise of tomorrow on the rise my wish for you is to bring your awareness to 3 things you’re grateful for today!
There’s so much power in bringing your mind to what you’re grateful for! The more you do it the easier it is to not only be grateful, but to recognize what it is you’re grateful for even in the darkest of times.

#calmyourheart #spreadpeace #begrateful #calmthefluctuationsofthemind #wereallinthistogether #everythingistemporary #iloveyouall


Got my post yoga glow going & just wanted to say hi!
Remember to radiate love! You are enough! Inspire others with your light! #inthistogether #yogaglow #yogawithcherise #yogaathome #youareenough #radiatelove @spiritualgangster


Important reminders.
We may not be in control of many things in our lives at this moment but these things we can control.
And we can help ourselves by managing stress to the best of our ability, in turn allowing us to help others. #rememberyourpower #managestress #findyourpeace #letgo #thistooshallpass #inthistogether #spreadlove


Hey there friends & yogis
I hope everyone is hanging in there & finding ways to stay positive & take care of themselves & others.
I, like the rest of you, have been working my way through the ups & downs of these crazy times.
And like lots of you, I turn to others to help lift me up when I’m down & need inspiration. So thank you to all my yogis & friends giving & sharing everyday! Here’s a lil video of my practice today- helping me to stay grounded, clear minded & cleaning out all the garbage hiding inside.

Sorry for my delay on making posts & reaching out. But know I’m here if you want to reach out and I will continue to work on somethings to post for you all.

#wereinthistogether #staystrong #staysafe #yoga #yogawithfriends #yogawithcherise


The new year has brought a new sense of calm. Finally settling into our new home in Seattle, I am planting roots here at Yogabliss and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I work the front desk Thursday mornings nice and early and am currently on the sub list to teach. As I expand here I will keep you all posted! Until then come check @yogablissmercerisland out! I love it here! #yoga #mercerislandyoga #yogaforthesoul #yogacommunity #yogabliss #findyourcenter

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