Modo Yoga Seattle

Modo Yoga Seattle


Happy Monday 💗
Happy Friday 🌈❤️
Will Bekah be doing any of the online classes?
"Sign into your Mariana Tek account" is confusing to me. Can't figure out how to get an account. Thanks for any help.
This is a place I'm so happy to call "home". The positive energy that radiates throughout the studio, the teachers, fellow students, and all that Modo stands for all come together to create a rich experience. I've been practicing here close to two years now and it has helped me connect to my True Self more and more as time goes on. If you need a practice space that is safe, grounded, and filled with joy, come to Modo Yoga Seattle
Running and Yoga aren't always thought of as complementary. But we made a film on the spiritual roots of running which has more in common with meditative practices than one might think. Each of the runners in our film come from ancient traditions - some yogic, some Buddhist, some indigenous. But what binds them all is their reliance on connecting to divinity thru the breath. And each has a spiritual master and guide for their personal running quests. I promise, as an aspirant myself, the film won't disappoint. We are at the Varsity theater from 9/7-9/13. Gratitude.

Hi. We've just landed in Seattle. Our first container with yogaboards will be arrived by end of July and we now have two boards with us. Keen to try??

thats our beautiful board
Hi friends! My roommate and I are looking for another roommate! We live over on 78th Ashworth in greenlake! If you or someone you know is looking and wants more info get at me let's chat!

Modo Yoga is a green, clean, hot yoga series that stretches, strengthens and tones the muscles while detoxifying the body and calming the mind.

While all classes are rooted in the Modo Yoga series, teachers are encouraged to bring their own unique knowledge and experience every time they enter the room to teach. If you're interested in how this sweaty community works, check out our 6 Pillars page to get a sense of what we stand for.

Operating as usual


We are so excited to celebrate our 7th birthday this weekend. It's been a challenging year for us all so we decided to celebrate BIG:

FREE in studio classes all day Sat 5/1 and Sun 5/2.

FREE online classes and access to our on-demand video library through 5/2. (Use password: LOVE)

20% off unlimited membership, 5 & 10 class packages, and retail 5/1 and 5/2 only! (If purchasing online use code: 7BDAY20)

Raffle prizes from our Green Lake friends at RowdyBox Pure Barre Float Seattle Green Lake Strength & Conditioning East-West Crossing Books Teas and Folks Arts and more!

Extra classes, live music, new and familiar faces all weekend!

We are so excited to celebrate our 7th birthday this weekend. It's been a challenging year for us all so we decided to celebrate BIG:

FREE in studio classes all day Sat 5/1 and Sun 5/2.

FREE online classes and access to our on-demand video library through 5/2. (Use password: LOVE)

20% off unlimited membership, 5 & 10 class packages, and retail 5/1 and 5/2 only! (If purchasing online use code: 7BDAY20)

Raffle prizes from our Green Lake friends at RowdyBox Pure Barre Float Seattle Green Lake Strength & Conditioning East-West Crossing Books Teas and Folks Arts and more!

Extra classes, live music, new and familiar faces all weekend!

Modo Yoga Seattle updated their business hours. 02/23/2021

Modo Yoga Seattle updated their business hours.

Modo Yoga Seattle updated their business hours.


Looking for last minute holiday gifts for the mindfulness lovers and spiritual ones in your life?
Modo Yoga Seattle sells various offerings like books on yoga and spirituality, crystals and other alter offerings, yoga asana retail items, etc.
We are also honored to showcase and house items from our friends at @eastwestbookshop .
If you’re interested stop by the studio or shoot us a DM/Email to reserve a pick up time.
#supportsmallbusiness #buylocalorbyebyelocal #seattleyoga #giftideas


Happy Birthday to our sweet Chelsea ⭐️

We hold the deepest gratitude for you & all you’ve done for the studio & the community in such a short amount of time.

We are so thankful that this year has brought us all together, & we can’t wait to continue to get to know that beautiful soul even more!

Drop some sweet birthday love for @crmyoga below—OR hop into her 5:30 power flow online tonight! See you there 💜💜


Today many of us have been gifted with the space to step out of our daily routines & give thanks 🍁

To the first responders that are spending their days keeping our fellow humans safe & healthy—we thank you to the highest capacity

Today we give thanks to the land on which we live. May we pour back in the same amount of love & tenderness we are greeted with

Today we give thanks for the space & great privilege to dive deep into this ancient practice of yoga. May we pay this practice forward to ourselves & those around us

Today we give thanks for our health, the health of our loved ones, & the health of this planet. May it never be taken for granted

Today we give thanks for our family, friends, furry companions, plants, & Mother Earth. May we find peace in the knowing that we are never alone

Today we give thanks to all of the healing that we as a collective have endured & for all of the love that is being called in every day. May we vow to give back & keep moving forward

What are you thankful for today?


there are some big shifts happening in our worlds right now, no matter where you are.

while you continue to show up for yourselves during this time, just know that we’re here for you too 🖤✨


may the fall colored leaves remind you that change can be beautiful ✨

grow • learn • evolve

settle into change & watch the fullest expression of yourself unfold right before your eyes


✨ Yin + Sound Bath Workshop ✨

it’s back! come & join us on friday, november 27th for an evening of nourishing yin yoga, taught by Jodi, while Liz plays the healing crystal bowls 💫

🌙 MYS members receive a 15% discount

⭐️ remember to reserve your spot in class after purchasing a credit

see you there ☀️


as you choose to be in this moment you have the opportunity to receive peace & the opportunity to remember that you have everything that you need.

all these little moments have led you to this moment right here. & we get to remember that they will continue to line up in our favor.

when we settle into the present moment we are gifted the opportunity to remember that the universe is conspiring in our favor. life is happening for us, it’s not happening to us.

when we can acknowledge the growth and the journey that we have endured up until this point, we get to land into the evolution of who we are right now—because of the path that we’ve traveled.

you are not the same person you were yesterday, & you are definitely not the same person you were six months ago.

dive in & feel the expansion of your edges
acknowledge the rhythm of life within you
absorb the spacious quality within you

all of this exists because of the work that you’ve done.

each & every day that we are blessed to spend on this planet is another day that we are walking, step by step, towards our highest potential.

each day is another day that we are walking ourselves home
to the who we are supposed to be
to the why in which we are here

we hope you can breathe a little deeper this week, knowing all of the beautiful work you’ve done on this journey of yours

happy sunday ✨


today is a monumental day for women & for the history of this country. today we as a collective elected the first ever woman (& woman of color!) in this country’s history. congratulations, Vice President elect Kamala Harris ✨

the fight is far from over, but today we breathe a bit deeper & celebrate the fruits of our hard work.

tomorrow, we get back to work to ensure this country receives the deep healing it needs as we work closer to making it a place for all. nobody’s free until we’re all free 🖤

keep learning.
keep working.
keep fighting.
keep using that voice, that’s what brought us here today.

congratulations @joebiden, @kamalaharris, & every single person who volunteered, called, texted, wrote postcards, & voted.

your voice was heard.

thank you @domrobxrts & @byoganow #repost


join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our one & only Jen Rand!

we are so lucky to have such a fun & loving soul in this community. we are lucky enough to welcome her back onto the schedule in november, & we can’t wait to hop back into class with her.

we hope you are surrounded in love & able to find peace today. happy birthday, Jen 🤍


happy sunday, yogis 🙏🏼✨

regardless of where you stand, we all undoubtedly have a big week coming up in america. we’ve done the work in making our voices heard, & now this week is the real deal!

we are sending out all of the love & support that we can to all of you this week 💙

what plans do you have to take care of yourselves just a little bit extra in the days to come?

if you don’t have a plan, do you feel called to make one?



hey yogis! a quick & friendly reminder that tonight we fall back an hour for daylight savings, so set those clocks back accordingly!

we hope you are able to cherish your extra hour of rest & we can’t wait to see some of you in @berootyoga’s 8:30 modo tomorrow morning.

we hope you all have a happy & safe halloween 🎃👻😷


four days until november, can you believe how fast this year has gone?!

we have some exciting new november schedule updates to share with you:

• noon classes are returning to tuesdays & thursdays
• wednesday 6 am classes are back on the schedule
• we are now offering a 2:30 pm class on saturdays & a 4 pm class on sundays

we will also be welcoming some new & old teachers back to the schedule, which we are so stoked about! stay tuned or check out the schedule to see these new changes reflected 💙

we are so thankful to be able to expand our schedule & be able to offer you more opportunities to join us in practice. see you on your mats, yogis 🙏🏼


it’s this guy’s birthday today!

father, husband, friend, king of planks, & humble, fearless leader. brandon always makes that certain everyone in his communities are treated as family & gives all that he has to assure everyone around him is taken care of. we couldn’t ask for more in a leader & role model 💙

it’s time to take all that big love & send it right back in his direction today by joining us in wishing him the happiest of birthdays. happy birthday, brandon!


our gratitude goes out to all the wonderful humans that have been able to join us in community, both virtually & in person, as well as all of all those who continue to share space & love off our mats too 🙏🏼 we are loving all of the sweet support we have been immersed in this year. 💙

it’s your turn—ready, go!


hey yogis!

we deeply honor your dedication to practice by braving waitlists & signing up for classes a week in advance in dedication to caring for yourselves during these wild times.

just a quick reminder—if you realize you aren’t going to make it to class, don’t forget to cancel! the waitlist has been filling up throughout the week & we love being able to offer a spot to one of our waitlist warriors 🧘🏻‍♀️

& to all of you—however you are showing up—we see you, we honor you, & we express our deepest gratitudes for you all. 🙏🏼


✨this is yet another season of life✨

change isn’t always easy or comfortable. but with each step into a new season comes change & transition. maybe this season of life is one to consciously lean into that change.

in what area of your life are you choosing to lean into & embrace change?


today we honor Indigenous Peoples Day 🙏🏼

we invite you to spend some time learning about and/or recognizing the land you live on today. set aside some time to honor the people who walked it long before we did.

we are able to connect deeper with the land on which we spend our days the more we engage in learning about what & who came before us.

Modo Yoga Seattle recognizes & honors that we were given the gift of building our home on the land of the Coastal Salish & Duwamish People.

📍Photo taken on Native Yakama, Puyallup, & Nisqually Land


~ mental health is health ~

times aren’t easy right now & life comes at us fast. today stands as a reminder to slow down, take some time to focus & work on your mental health & continue to check in on those around you. 🤍

together we can normalize the conversation around mental health & wellness. ✨

#Repost @mentalhealthamerica
Today is World Mental Health Day! 🌎💚 Though 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, 5 in 5 people deal with experiences that impact their mental health. Recognizing that mental health IS health will be key in normalizing the conversation around mental health and wellness. ⠀

#WorldMentalHealthDay #WMHD20 #WMHD


✨ yoga @ home ✨

hey yogis! we have love love loved having many of you back in this sacred space with us, but for those of you who haven’t been back to join us yet, we see you & honor the pace at which you’re ready to move.

if you’re still choosing to lean into your at-home practice, have you checked out our on demand library lately? with an MYS membership, you have access to over 200 virtual classes that you can access at any time.

in addition, we still have virtual classes every week for those of you looking to join teachers & students online. here’s our online schedule for the rest of the week:

wednesday 12:00 power flow w @natalielouisebishop
thursday 4:00 modo flow w @katieasare
friday 9:30 funky friday w @robiwanderer
saturday 8:30 modo flow w @wendiwithaneye
sunday 10:00 modo flow w @robiwanderer

if you either have been joining us in the studio lately or if you haven’t rolled out your mat in a while, we invite you to step into a virtual practice with us this week, live or pre-recorded!

we honor you all, & truly cannot wait for the day that every single yogi can feel safe & supported landing back in this space together. 💗


if you haven’t already heard, our very own @katieasare created a podcast @youandyourbodpod & TONIGHT is her launch workshop! join her at gasworks or virtually over zoom to experience the fruits of her hard work this year.

if you’re not already following @youandyourbodpod go give the page a follow to keep up with new podcast episodes!

thank you katie for sharing this part of you with us, we honor you 🙏🏼

see you tonight!
TOMORROW is the big day. Can’t wait to learn and move and grow together 🔥🐬💛


your current situation is not your final destination. 🙏🏼


✨ workshop announcement ✨

join us for Yin & Sound Bath on friday, october 9th (two weeks from today!) for some beautiful yin practice with Jodi, who will be accompanied by Liz playing the healing crystal singing bowls.

sign ups are now open online—spots are limited so sign up asap. we hope to see you there 🙏🏼


always meet yourself where you’re at 🙏🏼

ready for the hot room? join us for class tomorrow.

monday in-studio schedule:

6 am modo w/ @berootyoga
9:30 am modo flow w/ @bsutt78
12 pm power flow w/ @bsutt78
4 pm modo w/ @crmyoga
5:30 pm power flow w/ @kylie_sutton_
7:30 pm modo w/ @eyyshaaa

not quite ready to step back in? don’t forget about our virtual library with all of your virtual yoga needs!

or hop into one of our online classes this week:

mon. 4 pm modo w/ @katieasare
tues. 9:30 am modo w/ @vsinops
wed. 12 pm power fuzion w/ @patriciaoh
thu. 4 pm modo flow w/ @ katieasare
fri. 9:30 am funky friday w/ @janeybaeby

see you on your mat, whether it’s in the hot room or online. either way, we can’t wait to see you!


this weekend we honor the life & legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

with a small figure yet giant presence in the court, she was a champion of gender equality & justice, which she devoted her entire life to.

while the loss of Justice Bader Ginsburg will mean a lot for this country moving forward, may we first take the time to grieve the loss of someone so great & honor her memory as a pioneer for the rights that many of us possess today.

she spent her life pushing to bend the arc, & now it is our turn to step up & continue the fight.

we are forever thankful for all she was able to accomplish, & may her memory be not only a blessing to many of us, but a revolution. may she rest in power. 🖤


just because the protests have settled down & the conversations have declined, doesn’t mean the work is done.

the fight for racial equality in our country is far from over. here’s another reminder that it’s a marathon & not a sprint.

check in questions for your weekend:

✨ in what ways are you making sure that you’re actively listening? podcasts, books, & conversations with BIPOC are such useful tools & great opportunities for active listening.

✨ how willing are you to make mistakes? it’s hard to acknowledge & embrace mistakes, but it’s also part being human. the sooner we are able to accept that we will make mistakes, the sooner we will begin to make progress.

✨ how conscious are you being of the language you use & the actions you take? it’s important to continue to examine the ways in which you are speaking (or not speaking) on these topics or the ways in which you carry yourself in these situations.

here’s a guide that @diveinwell has created for you to continue (or even start) those conversations with yourself & those that you love. follow them for more great content!

also a big thank you to @sinikiwe.stephanie for sharing this guide earlier this year & for continuing to share inspiring & thought provoking content that continues to challenge us to think & grow. if you’re not already following her, now’s the time to start 🤩

continue to listen to those podcasts & audiobooks
continue to speak up & challenge those societal norms
continue to be curious, to ask, & to LISTEN
continue to show up & continue to lead with love 🖤



we’re missing those blue skies today & can’t wait to cherish them again soon ✨

here to check in with everyone—how are you really doing today?

what practices are you leaning into to help keep you grounded this week?

we invite you to unwind with a modo class with @crmyoga today at 4:00 💙

not free today? check out our schedule online & maybe step into a class this weekend 🙏🏼


join us in taking a moment to wish this magical human a happy birthday 💫

your love, wisdom, & rock solid foundation are contagious & you transform every room you walk into. thank you for walking this journey alongside all of us & sharing all the corners of yourself with MYS, its students, & the community. happy birthday anna 🖤✨

drop a 🧡 below to show this birthday beauty some love!


thank you @norajmaxwell for the conscious check in 💛
i put this post together last night. this morning, i came across the following quote by @thenapministry that encapsulates everything i wanted to say: “social media trains us to consume endlessly and to be extractive. we scroll for hours, reading quick words, reacting and placing ourselves in a trance that leaves little room for integration, critical analysis, or deep, slow understanding and research.”

my hope is that my stories — or any other information on allyship and antiracism that you consume on IG — are not exhaustive, all-inclusive lessons, but are instead fodder for deeper self-reflection, conversation, and growth. if you don’t think about the stories you’ve watched (or other infographics you’ve seen, or the articles / posts / screenshots you’ve posted to your stories) much beyond first seeing them, how impactful are they really?

your value as an ally is not measured by how much you know or have learned, but by how willing you are to enact that knowledge (and to do so consistently and without reminder).

if your answer is “no” to any of these questions, (re)watch the following stories, all in my highlights — and then, figure out a way to keep these reminders at the top of your mind from here on out:
📚slide 1: diversifying your IG
📚slide 2: implicit bias
📚slide 3: part 2
📚slide 4: colorism
📚slide 5: part 3
📚slide 6: part 4
📚slide 7: posting to IG
📚slide 8: part 1

#antiracisteducation #antiracist #antiracism #allyship #educateyourself #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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Cause Sunday's are for filling up: we like to dabbling between yoga and stepping outside our comfort zone!





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Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 9pm
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