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All the Halloween grams are officially made! Get ready for some delicious Halloween candy!!!


Tomorrow's the last day to buy candy grams!! Bring your $2 to send some AMAZING halloween candy to your friends!


Thank you to everyone who has bought Halloween grams this week! We really appreciate your support! For everyone who didn't yet or for people who want to buy more we're selling all next week as well! Nikita Bess, Liliana Wilcockson, Rebecca Freed, Kayla Levy, Gaby Bouzaglou, and Georgia Leva will be selling!


Ready for Halloween?! It's just around the corner! Show your friends how much you love them and give them a Halloween candy bag with an attached handwritten note! Only $2! Come up to any of the dance team members (Liliana Wilcockson, Rebecca Freed, Kayla Levy, Gaby Bouzaglou, Georgia Leva, Nikita Bess) and start buying some Halloween grams!


Loving our dance bags!


Thank you everyone for a successful bake sale today!


Bake sale/ lemonade stand tomorrow during E lunch! Homemade goodness! See you there!


Who's ready for school?! Back to school bake sale/lemonade stand this wednesday during lunch! Cupcakes/cookies/muffins/banana bread all $2 and lemonade $1! See you there!


Bring your A game at hell week ladies!


SO proud of ourselves! We really held our own and impressed this week at USA Dance Intensive 2011! Good things come in small packages :)


Yay! We got through the week - worked so hard and now we get to relax! ... well 'till monday. Get rested this weekend and bring your A-game monday girls!


Thank you for working harder today girls! We had so many breakthroughs and will have countless more - just keep up your great effort!! It's amazing how much we all have improved ALREADY!


Fantastic job today girls! I know the first day of summer practice was tough but it'll only get harder trust me! So ice all your injuries, put Arnica on all your bruises, pack sneakers/jazz shoes in all your dance bags tonight and come prepared to work your little butts off tomorrow! We need you to go 100% all day every day in practice so get all the kinks out of your tricks tonight so they're perfect for tomorrow!


Hey girls! Get pumped for first day of summer practicing tomorrow! 1-4:30 PM see you there!!! :)

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Auditions- Jazz Funk Combo
Auditions- Lyrical Across-the-Floor
Auditions- Hip Hop Combo




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