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I want to reach out to as many people as I can. Let me help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Please inquire within. Specialties
• Strength Building
• Weight Loss
• Aerobics
• Body Sculpting
• Cardiovascular
Training Locations
• home
• outdoors
• My home
• ACE Certified Personal Trainer

The number 4 in the name has a meaning, 4 components of living a healthy lifestyle.

1. Exercise

2. Eat well

3. Live life in a healthy way in all aspects

4. Be positive/Stay Happy and everything will fall into place.

Operating as usual


Found this at 7-11. We will see now on good it is. To bad, it’s not vegan.

Found this at 7-11. We will see now on good it is. To bad, it’s not vegan.


Lifting heavier again with deadlifts. 🦾 Hopefully, everyone is continuing on in their fitness journey. If you have a question, post them here. Have a great Sunday!

Lifting heavier again with deadlifts. 🦾 Hopefully, everyone is continuing on in their fitness journey. If you have a question, post them here. Have a great Sunday!

[08/18/20]   Reaching new heights. Tonight I did 155lb on the leg-extension machine and recently did 175lb deadlifts. 🦾 Keeping the workouts going during Covid?


I usually get vanilla flavor protein powder because it meshes well with fruit or peanut butter but this chocolate flavor alone, is so good! #plantbased #protein #mealreplacement #sunwarrior #yum #results #🦾 #superfood


Are you getting in enough water? Did you know that when you feel the thirst signals, you’re already dehydrated? Never wait until that happens. Just keep sipping all day. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and our organs suffer if you don’t get in enough. So drink up! #water #hydration #healthy


Eggplant Mozzarella. I didn’t use Parmesan cheese. 😂 Still delish and low-ish carb. 😋


Nutrition tip: You know those bags of chips or big baguette where you want to eat the whole thing? Well, those small bags of things, can be many servings and rack up in calories/fats/Carbs! If you know you’re not able to consume a serving of it and be satisfied, it’s best not to buy them at all. Or save them on your reward day. That way, you’re able to stick to your nutrition goals. Trust me I get it! I love bread! But that baguette is so good, it’s hard to stay within the serving size. 🙄🥖 But if you can, more power to you! 🤩 Happy Eating!! And Happy Post 4th of July!


Have you incorporated HIIT workout’s to your routine? It’s a game changer! Quick intense workouts, that get your results!

Here’s a sample routine:
For 12 minutes do as many rounds of the following exercises. Rest only if you need to.
Squats 10 reps
Push ups 10 reps
Reverse lunges 10 reps
Spider-Man Planks 10 reps

Record your time.
Write a comment below that you completed it. 💪🏼
#hiit #results #intense #personaltrainingbysandy #workout 06/09/2019

How to Know What to Spend on a Trainer

Great article regarding Personal Training costs. I’m happy to say I’m very affordable compared to these prices. #personaltrainingbysandy ...and get the most muscles for your money. 05/23/2019

Sandy's Personal Training – Take care of your health and everything else will follow!

If you’d like more info about me - check out my website: I don’t believe in diets but I do believe in living a healthy lifestyle. If you take it one day at a time, you will be living that healthy lifestyle.

[05/19/19]   May is almost over, can you believe it? Have you stuck to your goals since the New Year? It’s never too late to get going! If you need assistance, I’m here to help.


A huge YES!!! Focus on building muscle mass and not worrying about your BMI.


It’s February! Are you still keeping up with your health & fitness goals? Remember: Exercise is not just good for your body, it’s amazing for your mind as well! A big reason why I workout, it’s great therapy!!! #feelgood #behappy #results


Staying focused during the holidays! It’s not hard at all. Get in some exercise, drink a daily protein shake to make sure you’re getting in enough protein, focus on portion control with the Holiday meals. You’ll come out on top in the New Year and have an amazing headstart! #Focused #YearRound #PersonalTrainingbySandy


Stay focused during the holidays! Here’s my protein shake! Vega protein powder, frozen strawberries and almond milk. 20 grams of vegan protein!! #plantbased #protein #vegan #stayfocused during the holidays! 💪🏼 12/06/2018

Sandy's Personal Training – Take care of your health and everything else will follow!

Trying to stick to your fitness goals during the holiday’s? If you need a little help, I’m here to assist! To get more information about me, visit my personal training website: My rates are always affordable! I also have 30 minute session programs for those within 3 miles of my location. Inquire within. #personaltrainingbysandy #LosAngelesPersonalTraining #NorthHollywoodPersonalTrainer #Nohotrainer #getresults #fitlife #HolidayHelp #Startearly I don’t believe in diets but I do believe in living a healthy lifestyle. If you take it one day at a time, you will be living that healthy lifestyle.


Want to get ahead start BEFORE the eating fest?! If you need some motivation, hit me up for support! #personaltrainingbysandy #affordablerates #Notadrillsargeant 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


Homemade pizza for my reward day today! #HalloweenTreat #RewardDay #carbcycling #homemade #pizza #PineapplePizza #HappyHalloween 🎃


Low carb snack and it’s completely vegan! Vegan bologna folded with daiya cheese! #lowcarb #vegan 09/30/2018

Sandy Issa Balat

2 more weeks, until I run this race to help raise money to support rescue shelter animals! Any amount helps! A fundraising page for Sandy Issa Balat 09/20/2018

Sandy Balat

I’m participating in this run and raising money to help shelter animals! ANY amount goes a long way to help the sweet Rescues! Please help if you can! Here is the link to make a donation: A fundraising page for Sandy Balat


I’m obsessed with this!! 08/23/2018

Sandy Balat

Did another 6.2 mile jog yesterday. Keeping up the training for #RaceForTheRescues I’m fundraising to help shelter animals! Click on the link to make a donation. #donation #shelteranimals #fundraiser #dogs #cats #rabbits #horses A fundraising page for Sandy Balat

[08/15/18]   They are playing Good Fellas on tv at the gym. That’ll make you run faster on the treadmill! 😁 Anyway, this is actually one of my favorites! 😍 #fitnesslife


#Postworkout #fuel After a hard weight training set, you must immediately get in a mix of carbs/protein to reap the benefits of your #workout #buildmuscle #carbohydrates #protein Carbohydrates to replace glycogen loss so that the protein can focus on #muscle repair #💪🏼 #proteincookie #LennyandLarry #results #fitlife #personaltrainer


My big healthy low carb dinner! 3 eggs, soy chorizo and riced cauliflower! #healthy #Yum #Nutritious #PersonalTrainingbySandy #trainer #protein #muscle #results #lowcarb


I’m trying a new #vegan #proteinshake #chocolate #flavor I usually use frozen #strawberries and #almondmilk but the chocolate didn’t mesh well with the strawberries. But will try it alone next time. #protein #vegetarian #💪🏼 And yup, #crazybunnylady 😁 07/22/2018

Sandy Balat

In a few short months, I’ll be in this race! I’m looking for pledges to help out the animals! Any amount helps! A fundraising page for Sandy Balat


Saving money tip: I downloaded the Ralph’s grocery app and checked out the e-coupons to see if they have items discounted that I usually buy and they did! I saved a whopping $8 for this trip! And this Almond Milk was absolutely free! Save money and eat healthy! #fitness #personaltrainingbysandy #results #savemoney 06/12/2018

Sandy Balat

Got $5? Love Animals? Support animals at shelters by pledging while I run the 10k! I’ve been a volunteer at #TeamBunnyluv for over 5 years! Those bunnies hold a very special place in my heart and I’m running for them! To make sure they continue to have a happy life! 🐰❤️This race also helps dogs, cats and horses! It’s an amazing event! Any amount helps! Thank you for your support. #fundraiser #RacefortheRescues #animals #rescue #adoptdontshop Click on this to make any donation: A fundraising page for Sandy Balat

[06/07/18]   Happy Middle of the Year! Are you still sticking to your fitness goals? Just a friendly reminder that life happens but don’t anything or anyone keep you from reaching your goals! Happy Thursday!! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♀️


Did you go off your diet again?! It will happen, because life happens. Instead of focusing on how many times you have fallen off the wagon, focus on how quickly you get back on. The sooner you do, the smaller the gaps are between being off the wagon! 💪🏼 #fitlife #lifestyle #personaltrainingbysandy #fitnesstips #nutritiontips 04/16/2018

Personal Training by Sandy - Valley Village, CA I listen to my clients! That is a huge part of really helping them. They know their bodies more than we do so we have to listen to them in regards to injuries, etc then implement a program that fit their needs. Also, I don’t use the drill sergeant tactics, that’s not my personality. There are ot...


It’s almost April! Are you sticking to your New Year goals? It’s never too late get back on track or start a new program! #stayfocused

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Yesterday, I did 2 hours of trampolining and I sweated my BUTT OFF! Literally! Great workout to chant up your work outs.





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