Racquets4less offers great prices on Racquetball racquets and accessories, squash and badminton. We have many demo racquets in stock, stop by and get your

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And we here at racquets4less can install the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap on any Tennis racquet or Paddle you want to customize. Truly.john of racquets4less


Hello all you racquetball players,since quarantining my workouts many times have been going to the N.Weddington park in Universal City and hitting the Wall with my trusty classic E-Force Bedlam 170 lite racquet and many times just working on hitting hard drive serves for 45 minutes and I have found that I'm really liking the Wilson Hyperion black 16g string for holding up well for this session.
If you look closely at a photo of the WALL you can see were a player used chalk to express appreciation for this hitting wall.
I also want to thank David Larson for our practice one on one with face mask in place,a real trooper in these confines. Truly.john of racquets4less


Hello Racquetballers, we recently received a stash,and I say stash of very hard to find E-force Lethal Reload racquets in 170 and 190 gram weights,these racquets are out of stock and these models are DEMO like new racquets that ,look like new play like new but are sold as a Demo model at discount prices since they have no implied Mfg.warranty.
These Lethal Reload racquets we have are one of the best Top Performing Racquets ever made by Eforce, and we have a few of these Demo models direct from them.
We are always bringing you the very best deals on racquets and other racquetball gear,we still have many factory Eforce logo and non logo edry and cotton shirts ,and warm ups, these were a clearance item direct from the mfg.
Oh yes we recently received a few Bedlam X150 racquets in stock new with warranty, and we will include a few rubber grip included.
Thx.john of racquets4less

[02/07/20]   Lethals Lethals and more Lethal racquets just when it's harder to find Lethals,another exclusive Racquets4less purchase from E-force Racquetball.
We still have new Nxt Gen Lethal 160 an 175 quads in stock but are out of Nxt Gen 170 and 190 Lethal teardrop models, ,And SO we recently received a call from E-force Racquetball asking if we wanted to handel the remaining inventory of the newer Lethal Reload racquets by E-force ,they explained that in fact all Lethals both Nxt Gen and Reload Lethal will not be going forward in the 2021 line for E-force and so we did jump on this opportunity to get these remaining frames befor any other dealers did.And this is how its playing out,E-force apparently does not even have any more Brand New Lethals now,they only had a limited quantity of DEMO racquets that were very very slighly used for promotions and fulfilling warranty use so they look like new and have very very very little use,these racquets are LIKE NEW BUT CAN NOT BE SOLD AS NEW WITH WARRANTY,and so now we have the 170 and 190 Lethal Reloads in Like New Condition but have no implied mfg.warranty and we can discount these racquets to you the players looking for this iconic E-force racquet.
This Lethal Series has been around for I think about 20 years now and very very successful worldwide, it started with the Orginal Lethal,then came the Nxt Gen Lethal series up until 2014 and then finally the current Lethal Reload series to present day.
E-Force has improved this model and added features each time and the Lethal Reload has longer RICHTER TUBES and power BOOSTER TUBES on sides to give it a very distinctive look to past versions,but the actual frame itself was very very very similar to the Orginal Lethal model,so players that knew the series were very often pleased with the updates each time it was offered since the racquet has a proven track record of performance.
Anyhow the Lethal series was always offered in 4 different weights and 2 different headshapes,they are the 160 quad, 170 teardrop,175 quad and 190 teardrop,,and always for sure the 170 teardrop always the very best seller with very close 2nd place going to 160 and 175 quad models,but actually the 190 teardrop was widely used because it was actually the most powerful of all but many players didn't feel they wanted to swing a racquet at 190 grams,but the 190 has a very strong following of players.
We now have in our possession 170 and 190 Demo like new Lethal Reloads in inventory, we also have a limited quantity of brand new 175 Lethal Reloads quad not demos with full mfg.warranty, and we have a few of the 160 Reload with full mfg.warranty.
So tell all your racquetball friends that you can still get their hands on the 170 and 190 Reloads at a discount price but no mfg.warranty, but these racquets are well made and I never found them prone to defects per say.
And like I say we still have some brand new 160 and 175 quad Nxt Gen Lethal with full mfg.warranty if your looking for those at great prices.
You can find all these Lethal models I've just written about on our website www.racquets4less.com in either the E-Force racquetball section or our used racquet section.
So if your a Lethal racquet player pickup a few of these befor they are gone,you know what a great racquet this is and you can continue the legacy .
Truly.john of racquets4less


Here is the very popular E-Force Lethal Reload 175 quad racquetball racquet on sale at racquets4less.


We here at racquets4less have E-Force Lethal racquetball racquets, both the Lethal Nxt Gen and the Lethal Reload models.
It's hard to find brand new Lethal Nxt Gen 175 Quads and 160 still in inventory,but we have them new with factory warranty.
We also have E-Force Lethal Reload models in 160,170,175 weight models,and a very special price of 119.99 for the Reload 175 Quad model.We also offer a 2 pac,that's a pair of either the 160 or 175 quad nxt gen at even greater savings when you purchase two racquets together.And we always give FREE STRIP OF RIM PROTECTION TAPE WITH EACH RACQUET FROM RACQUETS4LESS.
We have heard that the mfg.may in fact not continue with the very successful Lethal series going forward so we tried and did load up on this very favorite E-Force model of racquet.
And we think that in fact the original Lethal Nxt Gen models were,and are superior to the Reload models.But all of that is subjective and only the player using can determine for themselves.
Regardless if you like the Nxt Gen or Reload version Lethal we have them in stock until our inventory runs out.So if you know the Lethal series of how popular a racquet it is we have inventory currently.
Thx.john of racquets4less .


We have racquetball Indoor court shoes,gloves,eyewear,bags and we can resting and regrip racquetball racquets.
And have the new Sector 5 racquet from E-Force in stock.

[09/30/19]   Hello.we

[08/23/19]   Had a great article posted by the TennisNerd, the article is about XL extended lenght tennis racquets and he also mentions the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap and how easy it is now for players to easily customize their own racquets by installing the XTP tennis butt cap. Thanks TennisNerd
And we also got another mention in Tennis Industry Magazine in June 2019 issue for the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt caps.

patreon.com 08/23/2019

The School of Tennis Racquets - 7 - Length | Tennisnerd on Patreon

Xtp Xtended Tennis Product butt caps getting some great PR from TennisNerd,.
And in the article they mention several allstar pro players using XL racquets on tour.
Thanks jonas Errickson the TennisNerd.

patreon.com Join Tennisnerd on Patreon to get access to this post and more benefits.


Hello racquetballers for 2019,,,we are always having a sale here at racquets4less in E-Force, Head ,Wilson, Gearbox, Ektelon,ProKennex in new and used,racquets ,gloves ,Shoes,bags,eyewear, headbands,,and we have top notch stringing service.
We have this great new Wilson Hyperion mono core string we like alot,its durable and playable and comes in the color of BLACK.
WE have XTP line of XVIBE string dampener and XTACKY rubber grip.
And we are having more and more tennis players and pickleball players using the XTP tennis butt cap product to stretch their racquet and paddles.
We just posted a brand new 40 second animated video about how XTP can work for you.


e-force best selling racquetball racquets are a great bang for your buck,and we have many versions of this great racquet starting at only 79.99 with free shipping and free rim protection tape and free XVIBE dampener for every racquet.
I'm showing the newest of the Bedlams 2019 170gram with power tubes and extra long Richter tubes with Teardrop shape,but also showing the 160gram Bedlam Stun Quad Electric Blue model also.
We also have a great special purchase on the E-force newest Backpack in the Takeover motif, Buy any newest Takeover racquet and get the matching Backpack for ship cost only a 50.00 backpack for ship cost only.

And we just received out latest shipment of Wilson Sporting Goods Indoor Racquetball court shoes,The Wilson Storm and Kaos indoor court shoes are in stock.Its hard to purchase shoes over the internet so stop by and try a pair on.

And thank you for your continued support we wishing all you players out there the very best in 2019,we at RACQUETS4LESS are committed to bringing more racquetball gear for less $$$..THATS OUR COMMITMENT.


We Are Taking the XTP Xtended Tennis Product GLOBAL.
Our new Patented XTP tennis butt cap now has distributors in Australia, New Zealand thru Top Serve Tennis and the United Kingdom with Racquet Depot, we should have Canada covered very soon stay tuned.
XTP tennis butt cap is the easiest fastest most economical way of adding that slight edge to your Tennis ,Pickleball or Paddle/Pop Tennis racquets or paddles.By I stalling the Half Inch extension end cap many players are finding out what that slight STRETCH EFFECT can add to their game.


Still offering E-force Special Promo on TakeOver racquetball racquet,,I have a few demo bags and E-force clothing samples you just pay ship cost when you get the newest models..
All TakeOver weights in stock 160,170,175,190..


Hello..the newest E-force racquets have arrived,,
The TakeOver now in stock,,it a very cool neon blue/black/white color scheme, and it's about power as Eforce has stiffened the frame due to strategic laying of graphite and carbon fibers in key places around d the frame to add stiffness and POWER..
We have great pricing and are offering promo clothing and demo bag give away,,just ask for these promo offers.Only at Racquets4less..thx.john

racquets4less.com 02/01/2018

Racquetball Racquets - Racquets4Less.com

Hello al you racquetball people..THANK you for your support over the years..We have a new game changing TENNIS product that we have recently filed several patents on and will be marketing with our new Supprise Partner?? .So more to come and if your a Tennis Player we think your gonna Luv yhis new product ..Our Launch Should be late Feb..so stay tuned..And we recently made a very VERY special purchase of Wilson Hyperion Power string 16g although its 1.30mm so it is more like a 16 light gauge.IT IS VERY VERY DURABLE STRING AND COLOR IS "BLACK" yes Black..alot of racquetnall players like durable Black string for their racquets and thats what this string is..Check the www.racquets4less.com site for special price.thanks.john

racquets4less.com Racquets4Less: racquetball racquets, eyewear, headbands, gloves, badminton, squash, shoes, racquet stringing, re-grip service, E-Force & Wilson rackets.

[10/10/15]   S

e-forcelethal.com 06/08/2015

e-force lethal

Racquets4Less has a special website about #eforcelethal and #eforcelethalreload #racquetball #racquets. These racquets are becoming hard to find so check them out on https://racquets4less.com/product-category/racquets/e-force/

e-forcelethal.com e-force racquetball racquets specializing in nxt gen lethal lethal reload and bbedlam stun 160 170 175 190 have hard to find racquetball racquets by e-force and offer the VERY best prices of all current inline racquets for racquetball,like Head EXTREME racquetball Wilson blx racquetball Harrow racqu…

[04/28/15]   Always call us for DAILY DEALS ON ALL BRSNDS we hsve expert advice snd know racqurtball equipment,8286254645 thx.john




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