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"He is able to fly with the puck and keep his eyes up."

Nikita Kucherov can beat you in so many ways. Robby Glantz Int'l Power Skating breaks down his edgework.


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"His skating skill is extraordinary."

Robby Glantz joins EJ Hradek to break down the skating style of Elias Pettersson.

Vancouver Canucks


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Enjoy Robby’s latest NHL Network segment ... he breaks down how “The Great 8” Alexander Ovechkin generates such unbelievable power and accuracy on his famous one-time shots!!

Robby Glantz takes us inside "The Ovi Office" and breaks down his shot over the years.


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So you want to skate like Mathew Barzal?

Robby Glantz is here to help you.


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Robby Glantz’s latest NHL Network segment with EJ Hradek... He breaks down Connor McDavid’s explosive speed in the NHL all star game’s fastest skater competition!

Plus, a very special guest star, 10 year old Sloane Hartmetz, shows off her skating skills... is she faster than McDavid 😉?!?

Enjoy and feel free to share with all your Hockey friends and teammates!

Our skating expert, Roby Glantz, explains why Connor McDavid is so fast on skates.


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Robby’s latest NHL Network segment... He analyzes smaller NHL players: Mats Zuccarello, Brad Marchand and Tyler Johnson!

Enjoy and feel free to share with all your Hockey friends and teammates!

"You do not have to be Zdeno Chara to play this game."

Robby Glantz discusses the rise of the smaller hockey player.


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Robby’s newest NHL Network segment... he analyzes Superstar Patrick Kane and other NHL player’s incredible agility, leg positioning and their unique ability to get the most out of both edges!

Enjoy and feel free to share with all your Hockey friends and teammates!

"If you don't get your feet in an uneven position, you'll really struggle with the tight turns or stopping or power moves." Robby Glantz discusses how to use your edges to excel on the ice.


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Robby Glantz’s most recent segment on NHL Network... Robby breaks down the top end speed of two young Superstar’s, Keller & McDavid... Enjoy, and feel free to share with all of your Hockey playing friends and groups!

"Get the puck out in front."

Skating Coach Robby Glantz and Billy Jaffe talk Clayton Keller and Connor McDavid!


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Robby breaks down the Great 8, Alexander Ovechkin's amazing skills, skating and power.

Power skating coach, Robby Glantz dropped by NHL Live to talk about the strength of Alexander Ovechkin's skating stride and how it impacts the rest of Ovi's game. 06/20/2017

NHL Now: Glantz on skating

Robby's most recent segment on NHL Network... Enjoy and please feel free to share with your hockey teammates, friends, association members, etc.: Power skating and skills coach Robby Glantz joins NHL Now to discuss the different skating styles of Nolan Patrick and Nico Hischier 05/18/2017

NHL Now: Glantz on Subban's Shot International power skating instructor Robby Glantz joins NHL Now to break down P.K. Subban's powerful shot 03/31/2017

NHL Now: Robby Glantz

Analysis of Sidney Crosby's one-handed goal... and Mearsy's stride: Robby Glantz joins NHL Now to talk about Sidney Crosby's skating abilities 03/11/2017

NHL Live: Robby Glantz

Playoff Style Goals: NHL Skating Coach Robby Glantz takes a look at playoff goals created by great skating and vision


Analysis of Rookie Sensation Auston Matthews: 02/23/2017

Irvine's Nic Kerdiles to make his NHL debut with Ducks against Bruins

Way to go to my long time student and instructor Nic Kerdiles ... first of many!! ANAHEIM – Nic Kerdiles and Bob Ferguson, who runs the American Hockey League’s San Diego Gulls as general manager, know each other enough to have a running banter over how the winger wears his hat. 02/14/2017

NHL Live: Robby Glantz

Analysis of Superstar Sidney Crosby: Power Skating Instructor, Robby Glantz, on set to talk about the work ethic and effort of Sydney Crosby 01/26/2017

NHL Now: Move like McDavid

First Half's Best 3 on 3 Overtime Goals: Power skating expert Robby Glantz joins the show to highlight what it is that makes Connor McDavid such a magnificent skater


Coach Jeremy - How To Hockey

Thanks for the kind words about the segment, glad you enjoyed!!

Here's a great look at how Eichel, McDavid and Larkin skate. The breakdown is done with Robby Glantz, one of the most experienced skating coaches in the industry! Robby Glantz Int'l Power Skating


Everyone please keep Denna Laing in your thoughts and prayers... She suffered a severe spinal injury at the Winter Classic on New Year's Eve. Denna is a longtime student of mine and Mark Ciaccio She was the Captain of Princeton and plays Pro for the Boston Pride... The picture was the cover of our brochure for many years... I will post how to donate for her medical and rehabilitation expenses as soon as more information becomes available... Please Please remember to give your Hockey Players a big hug before and after every game! 12/18/2015

Mathieu Schneider, Chris Drury, Angela Ruggiero, Ron DeGregorio to be inducted into U.S. Hockey...

So happy for my former students Mathieu Schneider and Angela Ruggiero on their induction into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame...Well deserved!!! Chris Drury, Mathieu Schneider, Angela Ruggiero and Ron DeGregorio will be inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. 11/03/2015

Glantz talks skating technique on NHL Live Video - NHL VideoCenter

Check out Robby's segment on NHL Network... NHL Live from NYC Times Square Glantz talks skating technique on NHL Live - NHL Live is joined by renowned skating coach Robby Glantz to discuss and breakdown the skating technique of players this postseason. - With NHL Network Online you get all hockey, all access, all the time, live and direct around the league, every goal of e…


Another Bungie Race Video for Group 1!


Bungie video Group 1


Doing the Bungie Cord races w Group 1!


Working on quick starts and tight turns today w group 2 in Sweden!


Great week in Burlington, VT!


Great week in Odenton & thanks Nelson Burton!


Great job today in Darien!


A few more Group B Pics!


Great camp this week Group A... Look forward to seeing everyone again soon!


Lots of action this morning in Addison... Great group!


Great skate tonight w Group B on the Northside tonight!


Great fun last week in El Segundo... Hope to see everyone again soon!


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Another Bungie Race Video for Group 1!
Bungie video Group 1