Martial Arts Training Academy

Mixed Martial Arts Training - Striking & Grappling from standing, in the clinch, and on the ground Instructors:

Eric Ritter - 5th Degree Black Belt (Kenpo), MMA/point fighting/grappling experience, Inducted member of USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, & instructs Law Enforcement.

Books and Videos are available! Brian Brandt - 2nd Degree Black Belt (Goju Kenastan), MMA/point fighting/grappling experience, & instructs Law Enforcement. Affiliated Instructors:

Brendan Finnigan - 5th Degree Black Belt (Kenpo) & competition experience

Scott Alford - 1st Degree Black Belt & competition experience

Operating as usual


Riccardo "Baleia" Ammendolia


THE 3RD MOUNT ESCAPE? When I first started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, our techniques came from instructional VHS, and Grappling Magazines OR the techniques shared or learned by those who visited the United States or Brazil. In the beginning, the Gracie style "Basics" was a set of techniques found common amongst many of the people teaching the art. When it came to escaping the mount position, there were essentially 2 fundamental techniques everyone knew of. 1) Hip escape to guard & 2) Oopa Mount Escape (Reversal) Those techniques had different variations and combinations but that was it. So, when I saw this video back in the day of Lloyd Irvin escaping the mount of one of the biggest names at the time, Fabio Gurgel, my mind was blown. Not just because of the fact that there was a 3rd escape, but that an American had done it, in rolling with a high level world champion. Now, in reality, this technique could have actually been something shown commonly in Brazil, but it definitely was not something people were practicing in this time (Around 1998) Nowadays, this technique is as common as it comes and has many variations. Jiu-Jitsu constantly evolves and what is new will be common one day. The evolution of the sport is absolutely what separates it from other combat sports and arts.


The Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle


Leg Lock Masters DVD is finally back open. Enrico Cocco has been doing leg locks since 2001 and is ready to show the setups, and defenses he has developed over the years. Get your leg game going now or fall victim tho those who do.


Jiu Jitsu World League


Who said women's can't fight? 😂 this is a real display of how Jiu Jitsu beat anything 💪


Randy "The Natural" Couture


Just a short time ago training with Brock.
Xtreme Couture MMA #tbt #xtremecouture #ufc200


Lloyd Irvin Jr.

It's the little details

My first seminar in over 15 years(closed guard) at Ffa 04/20/2016

Gene Lebell in Boxing vs Judo fight in 1963 -

The legend! Before Royce Gracie pitted BJJ against the boxing of Art Jimmerson at UFC 1, another decorated grappler put his art on the line against the sweet science on a live broadcast all the way back in 1963


The Grapplers Guide - BJJ and Grappling

Happy 2016!

Get 296+ Choke Videos! Triangles, No-Gi Chokes, Gi Chokes! Go To

[10/07/15]   Due to Brian and Eric's schedule, classes will be suspended at Gym Life Express until further notice. You can contact us here for updates.

[06/17/15]   There will be no class this weekend as we gear up for the new location. Rest, enjoy your weekend, and we will see you back in class next week!

[06/12/15]   Exciting news is-a-coming! :)


When a Student Resists Your Technique

Bwahahaha. ...the bow at the end is great!

Master Ken shows you how to deal with a student in class or at a seminar who tries to embarrass you by resisting your technique. Music by Kevin MacLeod: www....


Move of the week, Vol.18 Gracie BJJ Academy of Reno.

Great choke techniques

Move of the week, Vol.18. Charles Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy of Reno/Carson City. With Gary Grate.

[05/21/15]   There will be no class this weekend due to the holiday. Happy Memorial Day!

[05/10/15]   Happy Mother's Day!

[04/10/15]   There is no class this Saturday. Rest, relax, and be ready to go on Tuesday!

[04/04/15]   Remember there is no class today. Happy Easter!


SIDE CONTROL- Fly Paper Choke

For more BJJ Videos Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Kris Kim, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Tony Passos. Head Instructor for Yongsan BJJ at Trent War...

[01/18/15]   Congratulations Davit for taking first place in the Vegas tournament this weekend! Post videos!

P.S. I hear you had unique win (allegedly). Something about a face mask?? Lol....

[01/03/15]   Happy New Year....Now get to class!

[12/23/14]   We will be closed until Jan 3rd for the Christmas Holiday. Eat, drink, be merry, and have a happy New Year! Then come back ready kick some butt in 2015!! :-D




14444 Magnolia Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 6pm - 8pm
Saturday 2pm - 5pm
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