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Body Sculpt 100 provides a unique fitness coaching system for individuals who are interested in shedding body fat and gaining muscle tone through personal training, group training and motivational fitness talks.

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Before I train any of my clients the first question I ask is, “What’s going on with your body today?” The common answers wavers from, “I am OK” to “I am good.” Today, after I asked Oonnagh Delany what’s going on with her body, she said “Perfection.” I thought, 'how refreshing.' That’s the best I’ve ever heard! What a great way to start your day and your workout. As you move around today, think PERFECTION.


A big shout-out goes to my client Beth Jensen (a busy mother of two), she did two pull-ups today. One month ago, she couldn’t complete one. AMAZING Beth! It’s time to up the goal to five pull-ups. To achieve a better body everyone starts at zero, moving up from there is up to you and me. You can do this!


Take it easy this week
Exercising like a maniac this week after not exercising at all last year will only get you injured. Next week you’ll be sitting at home with an ice pack on your knee, watching Jerry Springer reruns. Give yourself a few months to lose the holiday weight. Take it easy.


I wanted to share this with you. Blake Wade, a personal trainer in my networking group had the best answer to this common question.

Are there specific area exercises to target your fat loss?

"This is just a blatant lie. There is no way to specifically target an area of fat with specific exercises. Although it would be a pretty convenient trick. It is exactly that: a trick. If clients come in asking about this, inform them immediately. This is one of those pieces of advice that we need to be actively denying as true. Educate your clients on the truth and hopefully they can pass it on.

If you want to lose weight, you just have to exercise

While exercise is a huge part of losing weight, it is not the only factor. Losing weight is about putting fewer calories into your body. Eat healthier foods and fewer calories. That is what will make the difference in weight loss."


No Best, Only Your Best!

It’s been a while since I wrote you a post. I have been receiving a lot of questions about what is the best workout. My answer has always been there is no best workout, find variety in your workouts and do your best. In the end only results count. If you look better in your bikini or swim trunks then whatever you’re doing works. Unlock your mind and don’t follow the crowd. Do what’s best for you. I box, lift weights, hike, run and do yoga. It’s all good!!!!


This is an except from an article written by nutrition expert Dr. John Berardi regarding weight fluctuations. Hope you like it.
"If you lose or gain weight it could be a lot of things, like water, carbohydrate, last night’s dinner and/or fat. So, when it comes to recognizing fat loss, you need to look at how your clothes fit, at how you feel, and at the scale over weeks – not just one day.

And, of course, if you want to lose weight and fat, a combination of resistance exercise and cardio is likely best."


Set a Cut-off Time
How much time do you have to exercise on any given day? Sometimes you may feel like you need 60 minutes, but today you may only have 20 minutes because you have to pick-up the kids early from school. Here’s what I suggest, it's a trick I use. Set a timer for 20 minutes and begin exercising, whenever your alarm goes off, stop whatever you’re doing, stretch and leave the gym. It doesn’t matter if you did not complete all of your planned exercises. That’s OK. Look for quality not quantity.


Trust Your Instincts-The receptionist at my dentist office told me that she was afraid to join Cross Fit because she felt intimidated and would not be able keep up with the others in the class. I told her, trust your instincts; call the gym and verbalize your concerns. There is no best workout program; many people have gotten into shape before all these new fitness trends ever existed. After digging deeper, I detected that she would rather hike and work out in the Park. There are over 1000 ways to get into shape; only trust the person in the mirror.


One of the tricks I use to help model/actors look better in photo shoots is reducing their sodium intake. An easy way is to use Mrs. Dash seasoning, it has zero sodium. Water follows sodium, that’s why some people look puffy in pictures; it’s the water retention in their skin. The vast majority of our high sodium comes from processed and restaurant food. I suggest cooking at home if you want to weigh less and look better in your Facebook photos.


Emotion drives action-"I am tired," leads to "I don't feel like working out." "I want to look sexier in 2013," leads to "Where's my workout shoes." Everyone wants to lose weight, but only a few will take action. Separate yourself from the 97%.


Enabling Saboteurs- Don't allow others to dictate your food choices. You are improving yourself and they are afraid of being left behind. Remember this today when the fast food is being passed around the office. Remember, you said you wanted a flat stomach.




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