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Get Fit, Get Well


Free Workshop Teaches Strength Training! Be More. That's right, Be More Than You Are. No Gimmicks. Do you want a leaner more fit body? Are you trying hard to become a better athlete? Would you like to strengthen your bones away from Osteoporosis? Want to lose weight, look younger, get that second glance? How about heal or improve symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's, bone loss, depression, circulatory issues, insomnia... This is No Gimmick. It is scientifically proven that everyone, yes, you too, can benefit greatly from as little as 2 x per week weight training. I've been doing it myself for 40 years. But a lot of people don't feel their knowledge is adequate on how to do it safely and effectively. Nobody wants to hurt themselves, or feel foolish if they do something "wrong." Well, it's true, there is a "right way" to lift weights. Whether you are 10 years of age, or 98 (that's right, I currently have a 98 year-old man who lifts weights with us 2x per week) resistance exercise is good for the human body...when it's done properly. On March 13th and 20th, at 6:15 P.M. at the Alamosa Family Recreation Center, I will teach you the basics (and some advanced techniques too) of lifting weights and improving the condition of your body and health. We'll cover topics such as, exercise selection, proper form and safety, weight selection, the 3 determinants of exercise success (intensity, duration, frequency), goal setting, and nutrition. You will be provided an actual printed workout to follow. You will not be tested or put on the spot. Wear comfortable clothing (but you remain in charge of what you actually do...) Please read the flyer in its entirety... Feel free to message me or post questions here... Hope to see you there!

Helping the Sierra Vista, AZ, people get fit and get well through exercise, nutrition, time outdoors, and positive attitude. Since 2007, helping people get fit, get well, and have fun through exercise, outdoor adventures, nutrition and positive attitude.

Specializing in weight loss and overall wellness, I have also helped athletes, bodybuilders, body sculptors and everyday people from 14 to 95 years of age! Experienced with pre and full diabetes, back pain, fibromyalgia, athritis, Parkinson's, adrenal fatique, depression, and age defiance. No matter your situation, exercise and nutrition help.

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[11/12/19]   This cool weather is perfect for walking outside. Well, maybe not if it's below zero.

Muscle is important. It helps to stabilize you, burn calories, perform everyday chores, and feel good about yourself.

Cardio is crucial too. We need strong and efficient heart and lung function.

Flexibility is key to a comfortable and injury free lifestyle. Joint and muscle pain are often caused by tightness. People don't understand how much of their troubles can come from a lack of flexibility.

Peace of mind. Nothing is more important than your inner self being aligned with your life, your needs, your desires. We can work on inner peace by asking ourselves the tough questions, such as "How do I feel and why?" "What's really bothering me?" "Why don't I feel happy?" No matter your age, inner peace and joyfulness can be hard to attain and maintain. Life is full of change. We have to go with change, even as we work on what matters most to us.

These are all just words, right? It's hard to figure out what we need, that's why there are counselors, friends, family, meditation, writing, mantras, deep breathing, and all sorts of other options (no, a bottle of wine isn't really recommended as a solution to inner peace issues. As much as I want it to be.)

So this is where discipline comes in. We have to create a plan. Work it. Stay with it. If we need help, we need to find the right people to assist. Determination and patience. Keep going. Be positive with yourself.

As I started in the first few entries here in the past couple months, a beginning can be simple. Just walk. Then, add a few body weight exercises to build muscle, such as Planks for your core. Then try a few easy stretches. There are basics most of us know, or you can look on You Tube for, say, back stretches.

Then, meditation is nothing more than stopping your thinking to become an observer. An observer of your own surroundings, the world around you. Or, you can soften your gaze and try to increase the natural gap between your thoughts--to keep your mind still. Don't get upset when you find yourself thinking away again... just smile, breathe, and listen, feel, notice what's within and around you. Thoughts will keep coming. Go back to the breath. Increase that gap. Watch the thoughts like a film when they happen again. Sometimes those thoughts or even epiphanies are exactly what you've been needing... to start, try this for one minute every day. Expand at will.

Bottom line. Don't go through everyday a victim of time, or the needs of everyone but yourself. Yes, help others! But everyone needs and deserves time to maintain themselves (body, mind, spirit...) as well. Take small steps and just keep going...

[10/05/19]   How is your fitness plan going? Are you moving your body, or spending much of your time still? Look it up. A sedentary lifestyle will kill you. No drama, just facts. Sitting causes poor circulation, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, weakens the heart and lungs... and what the body comes to know, the body wants. Sugar, stillness, fat... it'll crave it. Movement, fruits and vegetables, balance... it'll crave that too, IF you teach it to. That's the secret. Think it, do it, teach it. Repeat. It's a lifelong commitment. But listen (hear me whisper) you can have fun and treat yourself too. Those personal trainers who live 24/7/365 by the rule of competition and Doing Without are in their groove for a reason. It's important to them. You find YOUR groove. Just strive for health and let the rest fall in place. Or, if you have that specific goal of healing, weight loss, disease prevention or minimization--go there.

For me, I started fitness at 20 years of age when I joined the Army. I always hiked and spent a lot of time outdoors, but the military showed me what I didn't know about myself: I was capable of more than I ever thought. I entered a fitness lifestyle and never let go. I wasn't ALL ABOUT fitness. I just tried to eat well and exercise 3 to 5 times a week. I also drank alcohol and ate bad food plenty. Three decades later, at the age of 50, I ran my own training service in San Antonio for eight years starting in 2008. I met with anywhere from 2 to 12 clients a day, providing 30 minute to 1 hour sessions. Why? I wanted to teach people that they were capable of more than they ever thought. They could reach their goals! You too!

But here's the secret many trainers won't tell you, at least not right away. They don't know magic. They can't change you. YOU do that. They can help. They can show you the way. But YOU have to do it.

How? By not saying no. By not putting it off. By believing in yourself. By developing practices. By being patient. And focused. By prioritizing YOU.

When I started this blog (if you will) 2 months ago, I was out of shape, drinking too much, and had a 24% plus body fat reading. Today, I am at 21%. Carolyn said she can see new muscle definition on me. I am 62. This is not a good time in life to get out of shape and let oneself melt into the couch. I have been exercising 3 to 4 times per week, eating better again, and drinking far less. I feel stronger and healthier and more positive about my life.

So, if you feel you are overweight, or ill, or weak, or tired, or fading away... if you've been told you don't look well, or that your health indicators are not in a good place (like blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass, endurance) then hear me now... YOU can change it. YOU.

I talked about walking. Have you? Have you practiced your intervals (fast then slower then fast again)? If not, start today. If so, excellent! Now, go for the core. Start to gently strengthen your core, that is your stomach and your back, primarily. Go to You Tube. Put in "Plank." I want you to find the Elbow Plank. It's also called modified plank because I want you to start with your knees and elbows touching the ground. Focus on the form. Keep your body flat, your hips at shoulder height. Don't sag your lower back. Build up to a minute. Three times. Yup. Keep walking. Reach an hour 3 to 7 times per week. Do these 3 planks 3 times per week to start. Move. Breathe. Smile. Repeat. Questions? Just ask.

[08/28/19]   Good Day Sunshine! Just really enjoying the gorgeous mornings here. Wow.

How is your new exercise lifestyle going? Have you put together the ingredients from the previous post here to organize a plan? Have you started?

We left off last time with... what to do. It's one thing to have these items organized on paper and committed to...

A plan.

...and quite another to know WHAT exercises to do.

Movement is healthy. Living a life on your butt is not. But what movement?

1) Movement that protects or helps to heal any issues you currently have.

Bad, painful knee? Don't run.

See what I mean? Don't laugh. Eight years as a personal trainer and 44 years in an active lifestyle (until recently, ahem...) and I can tell you--it is amazing how many people further their injuries through exercising improperly. It's not rocket science. If you are hurt, have a disease or an injury, or even simply age related discomfort, you do NOT need to or want to hurt yourself trying to get better.

Exercise can cause muscle burn (OK) or it can cause joint pain (probably not OK unless with a trainer or physical therapist.) The discomfort from exertion is one thing (that will get you where you're wanting to go), but pain in joints, connective tissue or organs... NOPE.

Obviously this page is right now dedicated to those people who aren't exercising, don't really know how, or even those who may know how but seek a bit of support to get restarted or try something new.

Rule Number 1. Cause no injury. Safety first. Slow and steady is and was my motto. After you prepare your body properly, you build up to harder work (or play or therapy, or whatever you choose to call it.).

Simple movement that warms you, tires you, exhilarates you, is what we start with.

If you have been doing nothing, walking is a great way to start.


OK, I mean it. Walk. Change your life. Go first thing on a gorgeous morning. Right as the sunsets on a lovely evening. Go through your list, your place, your time, your humility, etc., and put it together simply. Walk for 15 to 30 minutes 3 times this week. A good thing to do is to walk the same route, time it, and then try to beat your time by a little each day. You want to feel like you're exercising but not feel shortness of breath, pain, tightness in the wrong places... breathe deep. Loosen up. Feel good. Say positive things in your mind (I am strong. I am active. I am healthy).

The biggest issue for people just starting out is doing too much, or fizzing out fast, after a week or three. You do have to commit, but you don't have to kill yourself. Have patience. Be determined. Why are you doing this again? Say it in your mind. YES is your new word and NO isn't. You have to feel this in your heart and mind. Do it for yourself and also the ones you love.

So this week walk, swim, ride a bike, dance, shoot hoops, golf (no cart), tennis, garden, play with the kids, play with the dog, walk to the store, you name it... but get moving. At least 15 to 30 minutes three times. Oh, and find ways to laugh as well. This doesn't have to be serious, we just have to know that exercise helps us get and stay healthy. So does laughter. Exercise can increase your lifespan. So doing it is a sign that you love yourself and your family. It isn't selfish time, it's generous, smart, compassionate time. Go, now, move.

[08/13/19]   Another beautiful day in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Coming here from over 8,000 feet in Colorado, 4,600 seems easy. Cooler than one might think for this time of year this far south, monsoons lately to wash the heat away, gorgeous clear mornings.

I've been keeping up my new exercise program. How about you? Do you have one?

There is no argument, exercise helps to create health. When we do it, our bodies and minds react in helpful ways. Truth. Where there's blood flow and oxygen good energy builds.

So, if we're not doing some exercise, living a healthier lifestyle, how do we start? What do we need? The answers may seem obvious, but also prove elusive.

A plan.

Time is a function of setting priorities. We have to be honest with ourselves. EVERYTHING cannot be more important than exercise and health. If it is, then we simply will never block out definite time to take care of ourselves.

Place is easy. If you have all the other necessities on the list it is easy to find a place. Notice that equipment is not part of the list. GYM is not there either (though equipment and gyms can be awesome, they are not necessary...). Exercise is movement against resistance, whether walking or lifting, etc.. Never tell a trainer you don't have a place to exercise. They'll get down and do push-ups as you speak. Close the bedroom door, watch TV and do it, go outside, close your office door, and, yup, a cubicle can work too.

Determination. Yes. You need it to create your drive (not wait for it to happen), to decide that you do in fact have the place, the time... this is what keeps you going... and it is where most fail.

Humility, because you need to quit worrying about what you look like, what others think, say, express. Laugh about it, as you keep moving. Nobody cares about them, but they applaud you for doing what's good for you. You need to applaud yourself, humbly.

Patience. Results begin to happen after several weeks, maybe 6 or 8. They are not consistent, but if you stay the course (this is a new lifestyle, remember...) you WILL get results. Study after study shows, exercise works. Actually, it works EVERY time you do it. Your body might be a bit sore, but it loves you for it.

Goals: lose weight, regain health, be more energetic, look better, feel better, heal or slow disease, be a better athlete, fix an injury, defy aging... goals are good. One of my favorites is to cut body fat, which is, above a certain amount, very bad for us. What are your goals? Be careful. Be sure they're yours, not anyone else's, and certainly not the latest trend.

A Plan. This means all the above, defined, written, and committed to--with the addition of details as to what you're actually going to do. The plan, the determination, the humility, the place, the patience, the time combine to deliver the goals.

Ask yourself questions about each requirement above. Make choices. Do you want change? Then make it so.

YES, you can.

You may not know what to do yet (what exercises), but if you get the other elements ready, I'll try and answer that question next time. Hint (it's not rocket science...)

That's the smile of someone who's just completed their first gym workout in way too long.

Bit of truth here: I just got done driving a truck and travel trailer around the southern United States for over 8 months. Too much sitting, too many beers, and too much pizza (God I love that stuff). It's fun, but it's dangerous to live like that. More truth... I'd been doing some bad habit stuff even before that. Not enough action, too much garbage in the belly, in the veins, period.

So, here I am now with 6% body fat to lose and the same amount of lean body mass to gain. Not for ego, but for function. I need flexibility too. I'm walking around like an old man and, well, enough said about that except that it's UNacceptable.

Another trainer secret. Trainer's are people too. We make mistakes, need support, have to reach deep to get motivated and stay motivated.

Want to to see how I do? Keep me honest? Join in? Follow this page... and let's get busy. Next post? How to start a Get Fit, Get Well lifestyle.

Get Fit, Get Well

[07/23/19]   Hello Sierra Vista, Arizona! I have just relocated here from Colorado and am excited about meeting and training clients who are determined to improve their fitness level and overall health. Between San Antonio, Texas, (8 years) and the Alamosa, CO, area (3 years) I have worked with literally hundreds of customers ages 14 to 92. (Yes, I had one client, Charles, 82) who could perform 50 full body pushups with perfect form).

Whether you have a physical condition, desire body fat loss, want to feel and look healthier, or simply want to learn a great workout for yourself, I focus on your goals, not mine.

In the days to follow I'll be posting here as I setup and learn more about Arizona and especially Sierra Vista. Please feel free to contact me with questions... you can email through the site, or simply post your question on the page and I'll get be happy to respond.

Have a great day. Be good to yourself, you deserve it

Patrick Murphy

[04/24/18]   A Rep is a Set is a Workout!

Exercise doesn't have to be complicated. I once met a 70-something Native Alaskan woman who rode her snowmachine several miles each morning, no matter the temps, to cut enough firewood for the day with her chainsaw. Her life was filled with physical challenge. She didn't need no stinking workout plan.

But we do. Most of us sit too much and have been experts at taking the physical challenges out of our lives... to our now proven detriment.

Don't shun physical work.

But if you'd like a workout for your home or gym that helps keep you young and fit, healthier and more mobile, attractive and alert... think in numbers, time, and exertion level.

A Repetition is a movement of 1 repeated. For instance, I did 10 repetitions of a particular exercise.

A Set is that total number of repetitions. (10 reps makes 1 set).

A Workout is the total of what you've done. ( I did 5 exercises, 3 sets of 10 reps each).


So, you're thinking, well, nice to clarify that, but what do I do with it?

So, here is an idea of an exercise plan.

3 sets of squats, 10 reps each.
3 sets of pushups, 10 reps each (full body, modified on the knees, or against the wall...)
3 sets of curls, 10 reps each (You can use dumbbells, barbells, gallon bottles full of water, or your dog... but be nice.)
3 sets of 10 crunches (on the floor, on your bed, outside.)
3 sets of 10 bent over rows.

Now there is a simple workout that will hit all your major muscle groups and if you're just looking to do some fitness this is a place to start. It should take you less than 30 minutes.

I know some of you don't know what these exercises are. That's OK! You can look them up on Youtube. Or you can contact me. I design more personalized workouts for people via the internet. I take you through the entire process... and help you get fit, safely and efficiently.

The workout above is an example. It would also include some cardio which I do believe in (you read all sorts of exercise advice out there these days and a lot of it is written mumbo jumbo). Yes, we can get as detailed as we like (and I love that) but truth be told most of us just need something simple to begin and get moving to feel better, look better and live better.

And so, a rep is a set is a workout. Do it, or reach out, and let's get started! Instant message me here if you like...

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