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Helping the Sierra Vista, AZ, people get fit and get well through exercise, nutrition, time outdoors, and positive attitude.

Since 2007, helping people get fit, get well, and have fun through exercise, outdoor adventures, nutrition and positive attitude. Specializing in weight loss and overall wellness, I have also helped athletes, bodybuilders, body sculptors and everyday people from 14 to 95 years of age! Experienced with pre and full diabetes, back pain, fibromyalgia, athritis, Parkinson's, adrenal fatique, depression, and age defiance. No matter your situation, exercise and nutrition help.

[04/24/18]   A Rep is a Set is a Workout!

Exercise doesn't have to be complicated. I once met a 70-something Native Alaskan woman who rode her snowmachine several miles each morning, no matter the temps, to cut enough firewood for the day with her chainsaw. Her life was filled with physical challenge. She didn't need no stinking workout plan.

But we do. Most of us sit too much and have been experts at taking the physical challenges out of our lives... to our now proven detriment.

Don't shun physical work.

But if you'd like a workout for your home or gym that helps keep you young and fit, healthier and more mobile, attractive and alert... think in numbers, time, and exertion level.

A Repetition is a movement of 1 repeated. For instance, I did 10 repetitions of a particular exercise.

A Set is that total number of repetitions. (10 reps makes 1 set).

A Workout is the total of what you've done. ( I did 5 exercises, 3 sets of 10 reps each).


So, you're thinking, well, nice to clarify that, but what do I do with it?

So, here is an idea of an exercise plan.

3 sets of squats, 10 reps each.
3 sets of pushups, 10 reps each (full body, modified on the knees, or against the wall...)
3 sets of curls, 10 reps each (You can use dumbbells, barbells, gallon bottles full of water, or your dog... but be nice.)
3 sets of 10 crunches (on the floor, on your bed, outside.)
3 sets of 10 bent over rows.

Now there is a simple workout that will hit all your major muscle groups and if you're just looking to do some fitness this is a place to start. It should take you less than 30 minutes.

I know some of you don't know what these exercises are. That's OK! You can look them up on Youtube. Or you can contact me. I design more personalized workouts for people via the internet. I take you through the entire process... and help you get fit, safely and efficiently.

The workout above is an example. It would also include some cardio which I do believe in (you read all sorts of exercise advice out there these days and a lot of it is written mumbo jumbo). Yes, we can get as detailed as we like (and I love that) but truth be told most of us just need something simple to begin and get moving to feel better, look better and live better.

And so, a rep is a set is a workout. Do it, or reach out, and let's get started! Instant message me here if you like...

[03/25/18]   Last week we completed a successful Strength Training Workshop. I feel privileged to pass on new as well as traditional methods of taking care of our bodies.

Our bodies are a gift that transports our spirits around our magnificent Earth. They have an incredible, joyful, demanding job and deserve to be treated with respect and gratitude. Do something good for your body every day.

Eat clean and healthy foods.
Get outside and allow at least 20 minutes of sunshine to hit your skin.
Talk to your body (Thank it, congratulate it, massage it, water it, bathe it, rest it, stretch it, de-stress it, play music for it and soak up the vibe...Take it shopping and buy it a new piece of clothing that highlights the work you've done to care for it.)

Have a relationship with your body. A positive one, no matter what.

One day, we will all lie down and say goodbye to our bodies. Let's not let that be a time of regret. Live fully, have fun, and never take for granted what your parents, nature and God provided you.

Workshop Teaches Strength Training!

Be More. That's right, Be More Than You Are.

No Gimmicks. Do you want a leaner more fit body? Are you trying hard to become a better athlete? Would you like to strengthen your bones away from Osteoporosis? Want to lose weight, look younger, get that second glance? How about heal or improve symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's, bone loss, depression, circulatory issues, insomnia...

This is No Gimmick. It is scientifically proven that everyone, yes, you too, can benefit greatly from as little as 2 x per week weight training. I've been doing it myself for 40 years.

But a lot of people don't feel their knowledge is adequate on how to do it safely and effectively. Nobody wants to hurt themselves, or feel foolish if they do something "wrong."

Well, it's true, there is a "right way" to lift weights. Whether you are 10 years of age, or 98 (that's right, I currently have a 98 year-old man who lifts weights with us 2x per week) resistance exercise is good for the human body...when it's done properly.

On March 13th and 20th, at 6:15 P.M. at the Alamosa Family Recreation Center, I will teach you the basics (and some advanced techniques too) of lifting weights and improving the condition of your body and health. We'll cover topics such as, exercise selection, proper form and safety, weight selection, the 3 determinants of exercise success (intensity, duration, frequency), goal setting, and nutrition. You will be provided an actual printed workout to follow. You will not be tested or put on the spot. Wear comfortable clothing (but you remain in charge of what you actually do...) Please read the flyer in its entirety... Feel free to message me or post questions here... Hope to see you there!

[12/26/17]   A fit and well lifestyle doesn't have to mean killer workouts and a spinach salad every night for dinner. It means moderation, finding what you enjoy, that makes you happy, while being sensible about what you eat and do. Moderate exercise such as walking 3 miles four times per week, and cutting back on sugar, processed foods, and alcohol may be a great start for you. Small steps in the right direction add up. There is no argument that stress reduction, exercise, and nutrient rich eating will make a difference in your life. But it does take time for those things to make you feel and look healthier. Don't look for short term pay offs... take a longer view, be patient, and know you are helping yourself and honoring the body, mind, and life you have. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Parkinson's disease progression can be slowed with vigorous exercise, study shows

Another report out that states how exercise can help those with Parkinson's disease. I've worked with Parkinson's patients. If you would like a personally tailored exercise routine, or want to be part of an exercise class that helps deliver the benefits outlined in this article, contact me and let's get started.

I've worked at this for 9 years now, also helping those with obesity, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression, stress and anxiety, and sleep issues. We can make a difference for you!

Patrick 210-852-8980
[email protected] High-intensity exercise a few times a week can delay severity of Parkinson's disease symptoms in those in early stages, research shows.

Home - Alamosa Parks & Recreation

Looking forward to a winter of sitting around by the fire? Don't! Come to the Alamosa Family Recreation Center and take classes to get the blood flowing! My own classes start today, December 5th, and there are many others to choose from as well. Study after study shows--sitting is bad for you when done too much. We need frequent exercise.

Here is a link to the center so you can check out class offerings.

Hope to see you at classes, they are free and included with a very reasonable membership fee.

[10/17/17]   Good summer? Have lots of fun? Wondering what winter will bring?

Starting in December I'd like to offer a 3 month Life Change program aimed at getting us back in fit condition, losing weight, eating better, feeling better and looking younger and more vibrant.

This program will be held at the Alamosa Family Recreation Center where you will need to be a member, which is very affordable.

People I have worked with in the past have lost up to 98 pounds, gotten out of pre-diabetic states as well as diabetic, improved stamina, strength and function, lessened back pain, improved fibromyalgia and arthritis symptoms, lessened depressed states, and received thumbs-up results from their doctors.

This is for everyone and anybody who simply wants to feel better, function better, and see where they can take this new image of themselves, this new lifestyle.

This will NOT be an ascetic, military-like boot camp. YOU will design this program with my guidance. It will be fun, livable, and you will reach your own goals if you follow the program we create. And yes, you will need to make some hard choices, become more active, and use your self determination, along with the rest of us....

I need 4 people minimum to sign-on. With that, there will be no additional cost, only your membership. We'll move forward together.

If you are interested write me at [email protected].

YES, you can.

[08/30/17]   Worried about your weight, or how you're feeling, or how little physical activity you're getting--STOP worrying! Worry is a waste of energy. It's a pattern of thinking that can demobilize and kill. Take one day at a time and set a goal for minimum activity each day. If you are sedate, meaning you get no real movement (no walking, or other exercise that raises your heart rate for at least 30 minutes several days of the week), if you feel you're just too old, too tired, too heavy, too sick... STOP that thinking. Start with what you can do. Look to the examples all around you... people with disabilities who use their body and stay as strong as they can, folks who have lost even hundreds of pounds to regain their health and freedom. I am not kidding.
Look those stories up. Look one up every day for inspiration.

Start with what you can. Everything counts. One 5 minute walk today, 6 tomorrow, 7 the next... all that matters is that you state your goal and you work toward it. Small steps equal a mountain climbed, a life saved.

I am 60 this year. I sit more than I ever have. Exercise comes harder than it used to. But if I don't fight through that thought that I am too tired, that I don't feel like moving, what is going to happen? My muscles are going to atrophy. My heart is going to weaken. Impurities will clog my arteries and organs. I will age physically faster than if I positively push past those moments of tiredness and use what I still have.

There is no sadness, no defeat in aging, in being heavy, in being sick or injured or depressed... there is only HOW WE REACT TO IT.

It's your choice.

[04/27/17]   Where are you in health? Do you BELIEVE in your health and well being? When we are youngest, say, under 40, we operate with a belief that we will always have power and endurance, an ability to get what we want done each day. Then, for most, sometime after 40 we begin to notice things changing -- little pains for no explainable reason, eyesight softening, less energy, less immunity (more ills or more time to heal after ills) and bulges where once there was only muscle and bone.

We are going to get older. It is the fact of life so few consider when younger.

I am 60 now and I have confessions to make. Confessions because as I feel myself aging, as the signs begin to take on such shape and character that there is no longer any denying the inevitable, I am looking back more and more and realizing how what I am seeing and feeling most certainly is linked to prior lifestyle choices.

Born Irish and Italian with social parents who drank and smoked and ate the way they all thought was healthy back then, I grew into that party pathway and built on it. In the 70s when I was in high school, smoking pot was epidemic as were the use of other harder drugs and, wow, did we swill some booze. I did it, quite a lot of it, and my young, healthy body handled it. I thought.

The way of life you choose early on will become habits hard to break as you pass through the years, and I can tell you, those habits DO HAVE an effect on who you are and how well you function. They have an impact on everything from your health to your mental health, to your relationships, your work, how you achieve and how you fail. What you do, how you treat yourself, even has an effect on our society.

Being physically fit my entire adult life, I convinced myself that exercise made me healthy, brought me back to the surface, and negated all the other impacts I shoveled over myself.

My own experience as well as that of others I know, and science, says NOPE. It doesn't work that way. Heck yes, exercise helps, it is a part of a healthy lifestyle, but choking down cigarettes, guzzling booze, popping pills, or drinking pot tea every day is going to take a toll whether you exercise it off or not. A high fat, processed carb diet is going to clog your arteries even if you jog 20 miles a week.

We can be individuals, communities, states, a Nation of healthy people enjoying all that life has to offer IN MODERATION, or we can indulge beyond good sense and pay for it with health issues as we age, and as we move through all the blessed years of our lives.

This is my soapbox shout out to you all. I know, I know, the preacher telling us how to straighten up AFTER he has all the fun. I get that. But fun comes in many colors. And we all learn from experience, our own and, if we are willing to share, that of others. I am not suggesting you live an ascetic lifestyle, never having a drink or a steak. I am asking that you look at your body, your mind, your life as the gift they are. Make your choices well. Life is long and oh so fantastic. Invest in yourself and your health. Take care.

[04/01/17]   Winter's second coming! LOL. Well, come to the Alamosa Family Recreation Center and join one of the many free classes that will get you warmed up.

There's also personal fitness and wellness counseling available, just ask me, and basketball, volleyball, pickleball... it goes on and on.

It DOES not matter your age, or even your condition, it is a fact that movement, exercise, camaraderie, will add up to a healthier and happier you!

I moved to Colorado less than 2 years ago. While in San Antonio, Texas, for 8 years before that I worked as a personal trainer with clients who lost up to 100 pounds, lowered their blood sugar and warded off diabetes, improved sleep as well as fibromyalgia symptoms, toned muscle for fitness competitions or simply daily living, improved flexibility and lessened pain including knee, shoulder and back issues. One person wanted to learn to run marathons (wasn't even walking regularly) and has since walked and run dozens. An 82 year old gentleman named Charlie came to me, pretty healthy for his age, and we had him doing 50 full body pushups after several months of training; and another man of 93 who shuffled in the door regained his ability to walk regularly and also rise from the floor without assistance.

Bragging? Heck no, THEY did it. I helped show them the way. YOU can do it too. But you have to decide to do the work. It may not take as much as you think.

If you don't like gyms just let me know, we can work with that as well.

Come on! Join us.

[02/07/17]   Think healthy, well, powerful.

[02/04/17]   I am starting a new Senior Fitness class at the Alamosa Family Recreation Center. This class is meant to assist people who have reached a point in life where they need some coaching on what sort of exercises to do to help them regain stamina, balance, strength, and stability. If you are one of our cherished Elders, or a person who has never exercised before and wants to start carefully and simply, maybe you're healing from surgery, an accident, or other issue, or feeling joint pain and want to know how to minimize it through proper activity, this class is for you. Contact me here, or come by the Center and let us know you're interested. I will be starting soon and need to know the level of interest in the community.

Have a great day and get active!

Get Fit Get Well! Carolyn Regan and I did Alamosa, Colorado's Rio Frio ice run this morning. -7 at the 9 AM start! LOL. The beautiful sun, and the activity level, kept us warm. Over 200 people came out! Don't pass the winter days inside, get out for exercise and sunshine! We all need it.

[01/23/17]   People aren't always aware how important exercise is. Or, they are but they don't take the time to do it.

Often people say to me that they get the exercise they need by walking. Walking is excellent exercise, but it isn't enough to increase your health and wellness to your greatest benefit. And walking can be performed in a way that provides less than optimal improvements.

If you really only want to walk for fitness follow a few tips and get the biggest dividend for your time invested. Walk at least three times per week for a weekly total of three hours. Walk fast. I mean, fast enough that you have to concentrate on your movement, and you begin to heat-up and need to breathe through your mouth. Put hills into your course. Hill climbing (whether on a treadmill or outdoors) works additional muscles, burns more calories, and strengthens your heart and lungs. Carry weights. They can be light weights, like one pounders to start. Move your arms as you walk, do curls, overhead presses and side lifts. Breathe deeply, have fun, and KICK IT!

Women need to strengthen their bones and even light weight lifted in high repetitions until the muscles tire can build greater bone density. You don't need to be a body builder, but you do need to exercise you arms, shoulders, back, and chest.

Additionally, your core muscles (those in your abdomen, sides and lower back) are essential for strength, stamina, spine safety, posture and balance. Many falls could be prevented with a little additional core and leg strength. There are hundreds of great core exercises such as planks, pushups, woodchoppers and stability ball crunches that take no or very little gear and go a long way toward building a more stable body.

All you need to create a healthier body and increase your functional lifespan is 3 hours of exercise weekly, divided between your walking (cardio) and resistance (upper body exercise performed with weights or body weight). For my customers, I add a bit of agility (for the brain and motor control) and balance (for safety).

With all the confusing information out there about health, this is a fact: exercise works. It can be mild, moderate, or intense... and the benefits usually increase according to three principles: frequency, duration and intensity (but even mild and moderate exercise work).

So do your exercise at least 3 times per week, for three hours or more total per week, at an intensity level that makes you feel like you've exercised, increased heart rate, breathing rate, and tires you out to some degree.

Some people feel immediate benefits, but give it at least three months before you start to judge. If you don't feel, see, or hear (comments from others) after three months of honest effort, give me a call and we'll find out what's going on.

Or, if you'd like an exercise plan developed specifically for you to do with a trainer or on your own, let me know; we can do it in person or over the internet and phone.

[email protected]

Now don't only think about it. Start today!

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