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Your mindset is the one thing in life you can control. Everything else will fall in line accordingly....one day at a time!


Is nutrition the primary area you need to improve in?

Join our holiday program by 11/8 to exclusively work 1-on-1 with RD Jordan to create a fueling game plan that is perfect for YOU this holiday season!

Link is in our bio to register, or you can go directly to www.oasismindset.com!


Our Find Your Oasis programs will upgrade your performance to help you be the best version of yourself day in and day out!

The holiday program is open for registration now! Sign up today for your intake consultation, and get ready to OWN this holiday season!


Core training is always the go to topic for most people. Check out this quick video on one of our favorite core movement variations: The dead bug!

We’ll be posting more quick tips soon!


Quick Core Training Ideas

Looking for a better and more efficient way to train the core? Check out our latest video highlighting the dead bug movement!


What’s up everyone! Here’s a super quick checklist of how to properly perform the BB Front Squat at your local gym/training facility:

1. Proper tension + Breathing: before each rep, take A diaphragmatic inhale(fill belly with air) before your descent and air shouldn’t be released until back at the top of the lift
2. Posture: Since weight is front loaded here, torso should be more upright than it would be during a back squat. Weight should be rested on front of shoulders and not the collarbone.
3. Hip + Knee Coordination: There should be a smooth descent and ascent, as your hips and knees should be on one accord
4. Knee Tracking: if you were to get an anterior view, Knees should track over the shoes which ensures optimal external rotation at the hip and proper depth relative to your anatomy and mobility.

Whether you’re using Barbells, kettlebells, or dumbbells, same rules apply. There are more items you can check for, but those are the big 4. Happy Squatting!


“The big thing about breathing, YOU HAVE TO DO IT”

Breathing is often the most overlooked aspect of training.

Correct breathing during strength training helps create the stability/tension needed to prevent injury and help you move big weight. It also aids in not getting winded as quickly during conditioning.

With Oasis, we’ll not only coach you up on proper lifting mechanics, but also on how to breathe correctly to produce the training results desired.


Holiday Program intake consultations begin next week! Make sure to reserve your spot today!


A mobile Thoracic spine is critical to your daily health!

Cross Body Reach Throughs are a great movement that emphasizes thoracic mobility while maintaining lumbar(low back) stability.

Remember, the goal is for the low back to be stable and transfer force. Make sure you’re using the spine during training the way nature intended it to be used!


Did you get your Dynamic stretching in today?! If not, there’s still plenty of time left in the day to do so.

The worlds greatest stretch is always a perfect go to when you need to open up and feel better!


Coaching satisfaction results from our Summer program!

We not only provide top of the line digital programming, we hold you accountable, and put you in the best position to succeed!

Register for our holiday program today, and work 1:1 with your own personal performance coach and dietitian. We got you! 😁💪🏾


Take your core training to the next level!

Grab a partner and try these off bench oblique Iso Holds!

Have your partner place a pad or thick towel at your ankles as they hold you in place.

Try holding each side for 20 seconds and work your way up from there. Also Try without weight first, then progress to adding weight in increments of 5 for safety.



Our Summer program participants loved the progress they made with their performance! Let’s make sure you get similar satisfaction during this holiday season!

To register, go to the link tree in our bio, or visit our website: www.oasismindset.com

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This holiday season, work 1:1 with your own performance coach and registered dietitian to not only survive the negative effects of the holidays, but THRIVE.

For only $30, you’ll partake in an engaging and comprehensive program that will set the tone for your fitness and lifestyle performance now and into 2021!


Simi Valley! Oasis is here!

Join us at Rancho Santa Susana Park on November 7th for a special edition of our Oasis Power group training class!

Post workout snacks, giveaways, and music will be available! Sign up via the Link Tree in our Bio!

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The holidays are right around the corner! Let the Oasis team provide the behavior modification and accountability tools needed to enhance your performance, and end 2020 the right way!

Visit our website or the LinkTree in our bio to register today. We can’t wait to work with you!


Time to run it back and end the year right. The all encompassing virtual performance program makes its return next month. Stay tuned for details!


Message! Things you should take away from this excerpt:

1. Get your butt up and move.
2. The Golden age of television is killing people slowly with all of the binge watching especially during the pandemic. Go play at park from time to time.
3. Carbs and fat don’t make you obese, but TOO much carbs and fat will make you obese.
4. Eat more protein.
5. Learn to train at higher intensities whether it’s conditioning or strength training.

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Expecting perfection in everything you do is setting yourself up for failure. Strive to be consistent and to educate yourself, and allow for adaptation and flexibility due to the lemons life will undoubtedly throw at you. 👑

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Big shoutout to everyone who signed up! We got people from all over the country ready to lock in and take the bull by the horns. LFG!

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Make sure to drop by this Saturday and bring your nutrition questions! Nothing like free knowledge! 🧠

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Cheers to a weekend of rest and relaxation. Next week, it’s time to lock in for the “Find Your Oasis” Challenge and see what people are made of!

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FREE workout Tomorrow morning. Link to Register is in the bio. Let’s get it!! 💪🏾💪🏾


Got a pull up bar at home? Have no idea how to build up strength to do pull ups the right way? Give these a try!

Isometrics = the great builders of starting strength. These type of contractions occur when muscles do not shorten or lengthen but best believe...they’re hard at work.

This clip is of a 3 position Pull Up Iso Hold. This movement is a great way to build the necessary strength and control throughout the full Range of motion of the pull up.

Start out holding each position 5 secs, then progress to 10 secs, etc. until you feel ready to move on to assisted pull ups/regular pull ups!

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Let’s get better this Summer! Registration open until 7/10/20 💪🏾 LINK TO REGISTER IN BIO!

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Hey everyone, here’s a list of Oasis events for the month of July!

Most of these events/resources are free or super inexpensive, so if you find value in any of them make sure to join in and share with anyone else you know who may benefit!

Links to all events that require registration are in the BIO. 💪🏾


No matter who A coach is working with(athletes, weekend warrior,etc.) every client is going to have sh*tty reps and even sets.

When this happens, Many coaches instinctively tend to over cue and confuse the trainee even more. In this clip, notice the trainee in the burgundy shirt struggling with single leg RDLs. Instead of going to him and over coaching, I keep my distance, give out a global external cue that the other participants can hear as well. I let him figure it out. He doesn’t get it all together in this clip, but he now has the tools(aka cues) to be successful. The body is one adaptive organism and will eventually figure it out with more reps of the movement!


I hope you got some overhead presses in today 😉 This is one of my favorite variations out of the double racked position with a KB.

Gives you that silverback 🦍 feeling afterwards 💪🏾

These can be used as a primary movement or an auxiliary movement. Depends on what your program calls for.

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FREE live workout reminder this Saturday for the 4th of July!

Sign up link in the BIO. 💪🏾 let’s get it!


Discover what you’re capable of starting today by signing up for the Find Your Oasis Challenge!

From 1on1 consultations and customized nutrition guides, to live total body conditioning classes and nutrition webinars...we provide the tools you need to create sustainable performance habits for the long term!

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It’s Sunday! Get your Mindset together for the upcoming week and don’t let anything stop you from being great! 💪🏾


Happy Sunday! Here’s a list of the upcoming Oasis events. For more details go to www.oasismindset.com or check out the LinkTree in our BIO.

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Summer plans destroyed? Here’s your opportunity to make this season one of positivity, fun, and discovering what you’re made of!

Join the Find Your Oasis Summer Challenge today, and you’ll set the table for creating sustainable performance habits moving forward well beyond the end date of the program!

Swipe right for the step by step process of the challenge, and DM/comment for any additional information. Let’s get to work!

@ Los Angeles, California


RECOVERY: So many factors that play into it. What do you do well? Where can you improve?

Lately for me I could improve on disengaging from thinking about work and my business so the quality of my sleep can be solid.

I’m interested to see how you all shut off of your brain 🧠 before bedtime so you can wake up refreshed. My go to methods are: Calming wave sounds, deep breathing, and reading+hot tea

Drop a comment below or DM me!

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Pleased to announce that on Saturday July 11th, Board Certified Sports Dietitian wil be joining me for a special IG Live to discuss everyone’s favorite topic: NUTRITION!

The conversation will be centered around current diet trends and whether or not they’re effective, questions that our clients ask us frequently, and any questions that you all have!

That’s right, DM the Oasis IG account with any questions you want asked to Noel, and we’ll be sure to answer it! Bring a pen and notepad and come ready to learn and interact!


Registration is officially now OPEN! From start to finish, I’ll guide you for 6 weeks toward discovering your personal Oasis!

From personalized digital training programs and live group workouts to nutrition guides and live webinars created by registered dietitians, you’ll have all the tools needed to establish sustainable performance habits!

Reserve your spot today at [email protected]" rel="ugc" target="_blank">[email protected] or by clicking the LinkTree in our Bio. Registration closes 7/11/20

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Thank you for the feature and the opportunity to tell our story. We’re just getting started! 💪🏾


@ Los Angeles, California

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Another live training session coming right to your home! Register for free today at www.oasismindset.com or by clicking the
Link in our bio. Hope to see you there!


Stop recruiting the traps during rows and hit the target muscles groups by using these cues:

✅ keep shoulders down and away from ears, maintain a table top flat back
✅brace your abs for a Mike Tyson Punch throughout the entire movement
✅ drive your wrist toward your side pocket and squeeze your shoulder blade at the top


Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Simi Valley?

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Our Find Your Oasis programs will upgrade your performance to help you be the best version of yourself day in and day ou...
Core training is always the go to topic for most people. Check out this quick video on one of our favorite core movement...
Quick Core Training Ideas
What’s up everyone! Here’s a super quick checklist of how to properly perform the BB Front Squat at your local gym/train...
“The big thing about breathing, YOU HAVE TO DO IT” Breathing is often the most overlooked aspect of training. Correct br...
A mobile Thoracic spine is critical to your daily health!Cross Body Reach Throughs are a great movement that emphasizes ...
Did you get your Dynamic stretching in today?! If not, there’s still plenty of time left in the day to do so. The worlds...
Take your core training to the next level! Grab a partner and try these off bench oblique Iso Holds!Have your partner pl...




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