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Idk what did it (I'm thinking surfboard)but besides my legs being sore, my core has been on fire this week!!! Hadn't worked out since power combine and almost died doing Pilates today lol. Ouch!!
Wednesday's MOTD 😅
This is so much harder than it looks!
Look what arrived today!! Thanks Sarah Breault - looking forward to trying this sampler out!
My five year old loves to do tjacks from 22min hardcorps.
Seated a twist from p90
Thanks to these little guys I know what I'm not getting enough of or to much of. Dinner is served!
Lunch chicken burrito bowl. 1red, 2green and 1/2 blue.
Dinner is done....
Lunch is tuna with carrots and celery. With cheese sticks on the side.
Post workout snack. Strawberry shakeology with extra strawberries and pineapple.

Badass life-changer...aka a real girl who lost 115 pounds and decided to pay it forward. Motivator,

I'm just a girl and a wife who went on a journey to lose 115 pounds and is now trying to pay it forward by helping others achieve their dreams. I'm here to offer support, motivation, encouragement, advice and so much more--just reach out and let me know what you need. I'm also...a coach and mentor, a NASM certified personal trainer, a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a Group Fitness Instructor with over 12 specialties.

Operating as usual


This Saturday I am teaching the BRAND NEW BODYCOMBAT release, followed by the BRAND NEW RIP release. Here's the strength playlist. It's EPIC. Want to come have some fun?

BODYCOMBAT -- 845am in Studio 2 (53 minutes)

RIP -- 10am in Studio 2 (55 minutes)

Register for each class on the YMCA of Greenville app or by stopping at the front desk. Can't wait to see you!

- Sarah


This is not a brag. This is a request. Please share feedback with your instructors. Not only does it let them know that what they are doing is exactly what you want, but it allows them to make changes as needed. I have received many compliments, but I’ve also received several constructive criticism comments over the years that have really helped me to hone my skills. Sometimes we only hear or tell ourselves about mistakes, so I also encourage you to lift up your favorite instructors, the person who subbed your class, the person who brought something new to your facility, and the people who make it all work in the background. We love to know that what we’re doing is reaching you. ❤️


This is 37. Dusted off an hour of very old BODYCOMBAT tracks to teach this morning. 😈 Thankful to be here, still doing this fitness instructor/personal trainer gig after all these years. Grateful for a body that has held up…haha.

9.14.2022 -- TRX Bootcamp (45 mins) 09/15/2022

9.14.2022 -- TRX Bootcamp (45 mins)

This year for my birthday week of classes I've been bringing back some of my all-time favorites. That's exactly what I did with today's TRX Bootcamp. It's called "Band Bonanza, Round 2", and it will make you sweat! Even those of you who don't have a TRX will like this one -- it uses two resistance bands (one heavier, one lighter) and a set of moderate weight dumbbells. If you don't have a TRX you could skip that move in each series and still get a great workout.

I added this workout to my library. Don't have access? Shoot me a message.

Want to try this kind of class? I teach it every Monday and Wednesday at 5pm. I hope to see you there. Be sure to register in advance, as it's full every week. That's not a humble brag, that's just a reminder. I want you to have a spot!


9.14.2022 -- TRX Bootcamp (45 mins) Band Bonanza -- You'll want at least one resistance band and a set of moderate dumbbells for this TRX workout.Sarah Breault is a nationally certified persona...


Jayflex Fitness has sped up my ability to do a workout by giving me the ability to turn my dumbbells into a weighted bar, without having to dig out my ACTUAL bar and plates. This isn’t a sponsored post—I’m just a fan.



Balance Series (PiYo)

Love this throwback series of balance moves. At the next commercial in your football game give this a try.



Ever wonder what a cycle playlist made to honor a queen would look like? Here it is! I taught this playlist this morning, to a room full of powerful women. It started with We Will Rock You (Queen), and it ended with I Was Here (Queen Bey). Everything in between was magic. It was also a big burn--513 active calories for me, over 53 minutes.

Would you like to do this ride? I recorded It and added it to my free library. Shoot me a message and I'll get it to you.



Tomorrow’s 80’s Cycle class is going to ROCK. What you can’t see is the special intro song I have for the warmup (featuring NKOTB, Salt n Pepa, Tiffany and more). 😎 I’ll record it, but you really want to be there LIVE.


Ouch. Like, really, really ouch.


8.24.2022 -- TRX Bootcamp (45 mins) 08/25/2022

8.24.2022 -- TRX Bootcamp (45 mins)

Have you been thinking about coming to my TRX Bootcamp but wondering what you're getting yourself into? No worries! Here's today's class, so you can see that it's absolutely approachable, with modifications provided for almost everything!

I teach this class twice a week: Monday and Wednesday at 5pm. It's a 45-minute class, and you do want to sign up in advance, as it's limited to 16 people. Each class is different, so even if you come to both days you'll get a different workout each time. Sometimes we add medicine balls, kettlebells, rowers, bikes, battle ropes, or other fun equipment too.

Let me know what questions I can answer for you. Hope to see you in a class soon!

PS Don't forget that I have a huge library of free recordings featuring all sorts of formats and workouts. If you'd like access to that, shoot me a message.

-- Sarah

8.24.2022 -- TRX Bootcamp (45 mins) You'll need two single dumbbells for this TRX workout (one moderate, one heavy). Please also remember that I try to crop out my class participants for their ...


One of the best parts about today was that Rach invited EVERY PERSON IN ATTENDANCE to help present a track from the new release. She didn’t have to do that. She knew people were there to see HER, but she included everyone and made it about US. ❤️


Balance Series (PiYo)

I LOVE this series. It never gets old, even though I originally posted it in 2016. 🤣

8.10.2022 -- TRX Bootcamp (45 mins) 08/11/2022

8.10.2022 -- TRX Bootcamp (45 mins)

Here's a recording of the TRX Bootcamp I taught tonight (cropped to protect the privacy of. my class). It's a great total-body workout using a TRX and kettlebells. If you don't have kettlebells you could easily sub dumbbells. I provide a lot of modifications as well.

Let me know If you try it!


8.10.2022 -- TRX Bootcamp (45 mins) You'll need a moderate and a heavy kettlebell (or dumbbell) in addition to your TRX.Sarah Breault is a nationally certified personal trainer and group fitnes...


Bored of the same old strength workout? Here’s the class I’m teaching tonight, where I pair a TRX with kettlebells for the ultimate full-body burn. Specific cardio moves are not required, because this will naturally raise that heart rate. Feel free to try it or use it with your own classes.


8.7.2022 -- PiYo Live (55 mins) 08/07/2022

8.7.2022 -- PiYo Live (55 mins)

Here's the recording from this morning's free live class, featuring PiYo Live. This class requires no previous experience or specific fitness level. All you need is a mat and a non-slip surface.

Also, since It's National Twins' Day, my kids make an appearance around minute 24.


Sarah Breault is a nationally certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over 10 specialty certifications. You can find her online at You can also subscribe to her mailing list to get free workouts emailed to you once a week by going here: Any material shared here is the property of From Fitness to Freedom, LLC, a SC limited liability company, or is utilized with the appropriate licenses from the original creators. No reproduction of this material is permitted without express written permission. Always consult a physician before beginning a workout regimen.

8.7.2022 -- PiYo Live (55 mins) Sarah Breault is a nationally certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over 10 specialty certifications. You can find her online at www.F...


FREE Zoom class: PiYo Live Sunday, 8/7
Link in the comments -- Tag your friends! "See" you there (your video won't be turned on).


Still a great total-body workout, even from 2016!


Last night’s dinner 🥰


Homemade Sriracha Tofu Bowls 🥰 Green pepper, carrot, jasmine rice, Sriracha, agave, tamari, soy sauce, tofu and scallions, topped with black sesame seeds.


Balanced lunch 😉

I made my own chicken salad, chock full of sried cranberries and grapes, plus lots of lemon (zest and juice). I also made my own oatmeal cookies with raisins and chocolate chips. It’s pretty satisfying to make something and then devour it immediately.


Dinner: charred kale and broccoli with pickled radish and carrot slaw, topped with sautéed chicken and lime, chipotle aioli and black sesame seeds. If I’m going to eat meat it needs to be GREAT. 🥰


Brand new combo (to me):

Slice sweet potato into chip-size slices. Sear on a flattop or in a pan. Top with curry-spiced eggs/vegan egg. Devour like nachos. 🥰🥰🥰 —Sarah


HEAT ALERT: The air conditioning in parts of our building is unexpectedly down. It’s hard to tell my BODYCOMBAT folks that they have to dial back their intensity for safety, but a hot room is a different environment. We took more rest breaks and drank more water than usual, and even dialed down they still got a killer workout. If you live in an are where heat is a factor, please know that “taking it easy” on your workout is not bad and won’t set you back. As you can see here, I still burned a massive amount of calories. The thing is, the heat will allow your muscles to over-stretch, so you have to watch yourself. It’s summer ya’ll, but be safe as you work on that bikini body! (And yes, I think all the sugar I had with the kids yesterday really helped me today. 🤢)



Do the hard things. Never stop learning.

These are lessons my grandfather instilled in me. He collected textbooks and was always working on some new skill set well into his 80’s, despite already being a learned professional, Mechanic Engineer, Naval aviator and instructor, college professor and patented inventor. His lessons stuck with me.

Today I finally passed an exam I’ve been working on for a YEAR. The exam was the completion of a specialty certification know as the Corrective Exercise Specialist (basically a lite version of a physical therapist—which I say from having shared my materials and practice exams with several physical therapists…haha). It was by far the toughest certification I’ve done, and that’s saying something given that I’ve been at this for over a decade.

Sure, it’s just some additional letters to tag on to my professional name, but I have a ton of pride about this one. Last summer I took the exam just to see where my baseline knowledge hit. Because of the level of specificity and detail involved in the questions, and because it’s so much more functional anatomy than I’ve ever come across, I got a 56%. I wasn’t even embarrassed, because this material went wayyyyyy beyond what I used in personal training. It was far more in-depth than anything I would’ve taught about the body in my health class. It took real work to master enough of the material to pass the exam the second time around. I will hold that 72% high and wear it like a badge of honor...haha!


I had to pull back a little in each class in order to survive teaching 3 back-to-back classes this morning, but wowzers did I still get a burn. I don’t recommend this schedule to anyone, even the most fit of instructors, but it’s fun once in a while. Haha! Starting at the bottom was 730am Bootcamp, then 845am BODYCOMBAT, and lastly, 10am Group RX RIP. Now…a nap.


Brand new, free Insanity classes are going up on my library right now. Don’t have access? Shoot me a message!



“…we do exercise like Mommy!” 🥳


Come see me at the Caine Halter YMCA this week! I’m teaching ALL the formats. Be sure to sign up online or by calling the front desk.

—TRX Bootcamp 5-545pm

—Insanity Express 530-6am
—BODYCOMBAT Express 6-630am
—Cycle 915-1015am

—Bootcamp 730-830am

I may also be subbing the Friday strength class at 530am. Stay tuned!


My garage gym is almost done being unpacked. You know what that means? Free classes are about to start streaming again! Stay tuned.



I’m off to take MY class at MY gym with MY people.

We moved back to Greenville, SC for lots of reasons, but at the top of that list was BODYCOMBAT on Tuesday nights at the Eastside Family YMCA. Not joking. I left a big chunk of my heart with this class when we moved away. Whether I was teaching it or taking it, this class was always my favorite thing…and now I get it back!

Let me be the one to tell you to grab hold of what you love and never let it go. Fitness is supposed to be fun, so find something that sparks your soul!


This is my original group of TRX Bootcamp participants. They showed up at 530am every Friday, and they crushed every challenge. Will my new class be just as amazing? 😉 Starting on June 6th you can join me at Caine Halter for a 5pm indoor/outdoor TRX Bootcamp. There are over 20 spots, so be sure to sign up!


Real talk. Thank you to those who were in the room today.


Free Online Workout Library 04/19/2022

Free Online Workout Library

Hi friends. Just a reminder that anyone with previous access to my free online workout library has been removed. If you'd like to continue to access the library in 2022 and beyond you'll need to opt back in by completing this form: If you've already done this then you should have a brand new workout in your email right now.

Free Online Workout Library By providing your e-mail address, you consent to being sent no more than one e-mail per day containing a link to a fitness class/video filmed by Sarah Breault (From Fitness to Freedom, LLC). These emails may also contain recipes and fitness tips.

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I'm just a twin-mom and a wife who went on a journey to lose 115 pounds and is now trying to pay it forward by helping others achieve their dreams. I'm here to offer support, motivation, encouragement, advice and so much more--just reach out and let me know what you need.

I'm also...a coach and mentor, a NASM certified personal trainer, an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist and a Group Fitness Instructor.

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Jayflex Fitness has sped up my ability to do a workout by giving me the ability to turn my dumbbells into a weighted bar...
Ouch. Like, really, really ouch. —Sarah
“…we do exercise like Mommy!” 🥳
Real talk. Thank you to those who were in the room today.—Sarah
Life comes full circle when you least expect it.Today I gave out advice that Stephanie and Anne once have to me. It felt...
7.11.2021 Stability Ball, Dumbbells and Bands
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