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Is Oryx on your bucket list? #HuntSuppressed #SilencerCentral

Ringing steel at CanCon. Happy #FirearmsFriday Silencer Nation!

Check out that bullet wake! Stone Glacier #SilencerCentral

Who’s got a thousand yards in ‘em? Stone Glacier #SilencerCentral

Subsonic 300 Blackout. How's the sound?(h/t ig rjhumphrey)

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Trick or Treat?? Happy Halloween Silencer Nation!

Did you carve a 🎃 this year? It's not too late!

Sunday fun day!! Who else could plink .22 all day long? ✋ 🤫 #silencercentral📸IG: tdchunts

It's Friday! Let's have some fun!! #fullautofriday #firearmsfriday

Some full-auto 🔥 comin’ at ya! #silencercentral

With or without the suppressor? You know our answer! Banish 45 on a ZEV Tech OZ9.(h/t ig Elev8td_Armory)

What do you use, a 🔪?? @hickok45 getting it done in style. 🎃 Banish 45 Suppressor on an @fnamerica 545.

Silence Delivered. #silencercentral📸IG: harleywood2a

IMPACT! Buck 30 Suppressor on a Springfield Waypoint .308 at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous 2023.

While the idea of acquiring a Federally registered gun accessory might be intimidating, it can be quite simple when you ...

Name that range!

It’s no exaggeration to say that you can hunt almost any game animal in the world with a suppressor – so long as you’ve ...

Are silencers as quiet as in the movies?How loud a suppressed pistol is depends greatly upon the caliber being fired and...

Light work! (h/t ig clarkshooter)

We complete over 5,000 threaded barrels per year!We have our own CNC Lathe and provide the fastest threading service in ...

Noisy Body Parts
😆😆 What else makes more noise than your suppressed rifle??Check out the full review by Eastmans' Hunting Journals here: ...

The name’s Bond. James Bond.

What's your longest shot? #SilencerCentral

So fresh AND so clean. What say you Silencer Nation? #silencercentral

Suppressed lever action? 🙏 Yes please. @HenryRepeating 45-70 with a Banish 46 Suppressor. #silencercentral

Do you have a pistol that would sound better with a Banish suppressor attached? #SilencerCentral

What’s the distance on this shot?? What’s your guess?

Keeping it classy this Full-Auto Friday! What's good Silencer Nation?