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Operating as usual


This is so true!

You need to begin to see any sort of success, yes your going to fail over and over again but that's how we learn and do better so we can reach our goals and dreams! 💙


You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea,
and that’s okay.
Just be yourself.


Its almost a new month and my schedule is open to coach two women who are ready to grow in their business and personal life and be the bad ass they are!

You need this if....

✨ You need guidance

✨ Want to understand a growth mindset

✨ Want to overcome negativity

✨ Want the steps to having Confidence

✨ Want to build your self esteem

✨ Want to find your purpose and direction within your Business

✨ Want help getting your Limiting beliefs more positive and on track.

✨ Want more leads

Go ahead and book a call with me, The first 15 min is FREE and then it's $75/hr.


The most important conversations you'll ever have are the ones you'll have with yourself. 💙


✨ Take one step at a time, and eventually you'll get there ✨


There is power in kindness! 💙


🌷Story Time 😬 🌷

One way to stay true to yourself is...

✨ Releasing the thought that you are not good enough ✨

✨ At some point in our lives, we develop the idea that we are not good enough.

✨ As a young child, about 11 years old, I grew up in a very abusive home with my Bio Dad( who I have nothing to do with today), but I was made to feel unworthy, which carried into my adulthood.

✨ However, I am overcoming the conception of not being enough and realizing that my thoughts, feelings and ideas matter.

✨ Yes, it does take time and work to overcome feelings of unworthiness.

✨ Let go of the past and know your worthy of so much and have a purpose here on earth.

✨ We all are worthy of feeling love, acceptance, and that our thoughts and ideas matter.

✨ Once we release the belief that we are not good enough, we can be true to ourselves!




You don’t have to be who you are NOT to try fit into places that wouldn’t look twice at you anyway. Be who you are!! Stop compromising your authenticity.


The key to being in the world but not of it is recognizing that things are changing and shifting but not identifying with it. It’s taking control and accountability of your actions and it’s impact on the world around you.


Where do you stand?

Do you struggle between a growth and fixed mindset or do you strive fully with a growth mindset??


Hey there!

It's a new week! Happy Monday!

I will be working on a workbook called "Get your Mind on Track" which will be available soon! 💜


💜 Good Morning! 💜


Good Morning 😎
&& Happy Thursday!!

Be obsessed with improving yourself.


Monday August 22, I will be starting a 5 Day Challenge in my group that will help you discover what kind of Mindset you have and fulfill that confidence you need in your business and personal life.

If you want in, please comment 👇


Change your mind, change your life! 💜


If you want to know what the 5 Life Changing Mindset Shifts are please head over to Women Entrepreneurs- Flourish Your Mindset


May any negative energy trying to bring you down come to an end.

The dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind.

The clarity replace confusion.

The hope replace fear.

The blessings fill your life.

This is your year, you know it, I know it.

This is it

Happy Tuesday 😁 💜


Do you struggle with self love?


Affirm it!

Everyday you should go through some sort of affirmations, it will help you throughout your day and even change your life 💕🙌


Mindset is everything. 💕

Whether you’re talking about career success, starting your own business, getting through a tough workout or being a parent, having the right mindset can make the difference between success and failure.


This digs deep within the soul, something to think about🤔

Do you understand what this is saying?

Fear is a FEELING.

Take away the feeling, and what is there really to fear?

Feelings can't hurt you, they aren't real. This is your mind trying to keep you in the realm…


Happy Sunday! 🙏💕

Which Mindset do you have? 🤔


Living a life full of positivity is important, but not every day is going to be perfect, and that's ok, we are going to fall on some negativity or run into it, it's a matter of how we handle those situations and move forward.

Do you live with more negativity or more positivity??

If there was no negative, no hardships, our lives would be dull! Nothing to improve would mean constant disinterest by all of us.

If we should forget the word “optimism”, what could replace it?

Positivity is the way to go

To be positive is a way of living. If you’re positive, you’re looking ahead, trying to improve things and focusing on the bright side of things.

Does this mean we have to be born that way?

Of course not. So let’s look at where it comes from again.

It originates from the Old French “positif” or Latin “positivus” which meant “to lay down” something in the law and later gave birth to the meaning “certain”.

Is to be positive to be certain then?

Well in a way, yes.

I see positivity as a mindset of being certain that things can always be better.

If it’s a mindset. It can be built

--Coach Megan


When you think about your mindset, is it where it should be to live your best life? 🤔


To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.


Success doesnt come easy. It takes hard work, determination and dedication! 😍🙌


What are you super excited about? Share some love and inspiration!💥💖

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