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How To Delete The Governor On A 440cc Duromax Engine 12/11/2023

Well we ended up feeding the old golf cart engine a bunch of nitrous. So see what is taking its place!

Can anyone say 40+ mph golf cart right up!

How To Delete The Governor On A 440cc Duromax Engine In todays video I go thru the steps of deleting the Duromax 440cc engines governor. Its fairly simple to do and I thank for helping me with...


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Blowing the Golf Carts Engine 12/03/2023

Blowing the Golf Cart using NITROUS!

Blowing the Golf Carts Engine In Todays video we try to blow up this old Briggs and Straton engine thats in the golf cart using nitrous. Watch to the end to see how it goes!**** I DO NOT ...

Photos from Mr Eazy Racing's post 11/27/2023

2023 Race season is ending. Looking forward to the 2024 season, I am going to hit the youtube game even harder than I did this years. With tons of races and events in the plans the content is going to be better than ever and the exposure is gonna be mind blowing!

With that being said I plan to try to hit the goal of 10,000 subscribers for the year 2024, and have over 1 million views.

If you have a company or know of a company looking to be advertised on my youtube channel. Your company logo will be on all my intro and end screens for everyone to see.

Doing full year deals, if you are interested please message me and I'll get you details!

I BOUGHT a NEW Nitrous Camaro 11/26/2023

Well if you haven't heard the s10 is gone! So go watch what replaced the s10!

I BOUGHT a NEW Nitrous Camaro In todays video we take the new car out to do some testing. We met up with some of the boys to do some testing and have some fun races. So Give the video a w...

$3000 SD No-Trailer Race 11/22/2023

Want to help a guy out? Share my youtube video on your Story for everyone to see. This was our first No-Trailer Race and it was INSANE! We will be doing alot more of these this coming year.

$3000 SD No-Trailer Race Todays video consists of 14 cars with first round bye backs battling it out in the streets to become the one who takes home the COLD HARD CASH!!!!!! Watch th...

$3000 SD No-Trailer Race 11/19/2023

South Dakota No Trailer Racing is a NEW thing. You bumet your *ss we will be doing it more often!

Go watch these guys race for $3,000 in cash! While your there click that subscribe button too!

$3000 SD No-Trailer Race Todays video consists of 14 cars with first round bye backs battling it out in the streets to become the one who takes home the COLD HARD CASH!!!!!! Watch th...

Photos from Mr Eazy Racing's post 11/14/2023

2023 was a great year. I am super happy with the program and where it is headed. I can't thank the girlfriend Brooke Mitchell for holding the fort down, watching my biggest cheerleader London and flinging all the merch that she does. Then I can't thank Justin Jubb Nielson & Chad Nielson enough for traveling all over the midwest with me and doing what I love and Live for. Without those three my program would be nothing. Jubb turns the truck around in between rounds with Chad and then Chad also films the whole time for youtube for all of you to see at home afterwards.

The truck ran amazing all year with a few trans issues that we are now figuring out and fixing as you are reading this. The truck never seen more than 23-24psi and we were only .04 off pb passes several times even having trans issues. I can't wait for a few upgrades this winter and more power and we will be flying!

I can't also forget the spectacular companies that stand behind me and helps me push the limits! I know 2024 will be a year we are looking forward to and hope to end up in a winners circle a few times.

Go Check out my Sponsors and see the awesome products they offer.

RedTide Canopies - With the most epic Canopies in the game. Amazing product and super durable!

Hughes Performance - With the perfect spec on my Converter and valve body in the transmission.

Fuel Injector Connection - Giving this fire breathing s10 the fuel it needs with the best injectors you can get!

HuggyFab - For all your fab needs! Guy is a mad man with a welder

Illeete Designs - Not only does he do the best designs in the industry he's probably the nicest soul ive met.

Midwest Precision - With all you special needs from hotside Coatings to powder coating and wiring.

Skinnies Skreecret Sauce Traction Compound - for all the Traction needs. We have tried many compounds and nothing works like the formula they have. It's tested and proven to be the best.

Adrenaline Offroad - Mitchell and his team are the best. If you are into any form of aftermarket lighting for your vehicle you need these lights. Brightest lights on the market hands down. https://www.adrenalineoffroadoutfitte...

Kannas Automotive & Performance - Handling all the maintenance on the tow rig and wiring on the s10. He had the s10 all wired up this winter with all the things we changed as I was living in the stone age before.

Automatic Transmission & Gear - For always being behind me and making sure the truck gets the power to the ground. Cory and the boys over there are the best in the area and know what they are doing.
Watertown South Dakota

Davis Technologies - For all the Traction needs on the brains of the operation. Also for making sure I'm staging with the power ready to be released by a button.

Steven Kiehne - For the brains behind the laptop. I know I drive this guy crazy but he honestly has helped so much and makes the truck rip down the track/street. AND YES STEVEN ILL GET THAT DRIVESHAFT SENSOR YOU REMIND ME TO GET EVERY TIME WE TALK!

Like I was saying this year was amazing and 2024 will be even better. If you have a company and would love to join my program feel free to reach out and message me or email me at [email protected]. We are always looking for companies that want to succeed and do it together. Peace out 2023 as 2024 is right around the corner!

Parts Let Go On The S10 11/12/2023

Last time we had the s10 out parts let go! Give the video a watch and see what all happened!

Parts Let Go On The S10 I changed a few things on the truck and in the tune to try to see what is going on with this truck. In this video you will see how the night went with these ...


When Hughes Performance has a video of your truck in their booth at some of the largest shows in the nation, it really makes you happy inside. Hughes Performance and myself have been working together since day one of the s10 build and I can't believe that an amazing company like them seen potential in me and has been in my corner since. My program wouldn't be what it is with out the Hughes guys behind me. We are all like minded with the same end goal. If you are not running some of their products you need to reconsider some things as this company is driven to strive in a tough market they are in and have some of the best R & D people there is. This is why I continue to be apart of the team as even when we are doing great or on top they say there is room to get better and go faster.

BIG YIKES! 11/07/2023

Have you guys watch the video of me breaking the s10 on the street? If you have you need to!

Click the link below and laugh when it sh*ts the bed!

BIG YIKES! We went out to our new spot to do some street testing. Lets just say it didnt end how we wanted it to. Watch the video to see how it went!**** I DO NOT OWN T...

BIG YIKES! 11/05/2023

Broke the s10! Watch the video to see how it broke!

BIG YIKES! We went out to our new spot to do some street testing. Lets just say it didnt end how we wanted it to. Watch the video to see how it went!**** I DO NOT OWN T...

E-Scooter GIVEAWAY!!! 11/04/2023

BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO Landon W for winning the E-Scooter GIVEAWAY! Landon was pretty pumped about winning it and was not far from me so he has already received his Scooter!

What we have coming to look forward to is tons of content coming out on youtube from races and testing along with a bunch of Sema videos to winter upgrades.

We also have Jacob A Leete making new shirt designs so be looking for posts about those to get pre-orders in for those.

But here is the live video of the E-Scooter Giveaway!

E-Scooter GIVEAWAY!!! This is a Live video for all of those who entered into the E-Scooter GIVEAWAY.


Today's the last day to be entered in for the GIVEAWAY! All it takes is a shirt purchase to be entered! It's that eazy! Buy a shirt and have a chance to win an electric scooter! That simple. Head over to and get entered!


Tomorrow is the FINAL day to get your orders in! It's eazy just run over to and go grab a shirt or two. You can be the new owner of a new E-scooter. Just head over and buy that merch!

Dragy Street Racing 10/30/2023

New Road means some super sick races! Click the link and watch these cars battle it out on the streets for cold hard CASH! But don't run too fast as it's a index dragy race!

Dragy Street Racing We Headed out in the night on a new road and did a 7.5 dragy race. 16 cars with first round buy backs. The night was brisk but the cars where moving. Had som...

Photos from Mr Eazy Racing's post 10/25/2023 getting some epic shots of the s10!

Photos from Mr Eazy Racing's post 10/24/2023

1 WEEK LEFT! That's 7 days to put your orders in to get entered into winning this BRAND NEW E-Scooter!

Also for an added BONUS, all shirts are on sale for $20 + Shipping till the end of the Giveaway! So this is your chance to get a nice shirt or two and possible win a scooter that retails for $440!

Drawing will be Nov 3rd! to get your orders in!

Ice Cream Cruise Day 3 10/23/2023

The 3rd and final day at Ice Cream Cruise. Watch the video as we take on small tire class for a $6,000 pot while still running the normal Sunday racing!

Ice Cream Cruise Day 3 Our 3rd and final day at the annual 1320 videos Ice Cream Cruise. Rain from saturday night made the small tire race the first thing sunday morning. We drew m...



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This is the lifestyle I live!


Have you went over to and got you a shirt or two? Just reminding everyone that you have until Oct 31st to place a t-shirt order to get in to win this E-scooter.

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I'm telling you now, if you are not subscribed to the Mr Eazy S10 youtube Channel you are missing out on some epic videos. I'm 2 months out with bad *ss videos being posted every Sunday at 4:30pm!

Ice Cream Cruise 2023 Day 1 10/08/2023

Sunday Sunday Sunday! The first of 3 videos from Ice Cream Cruise. Go give the video a watch, thumbs up and subscribe if you are not subscribed!

Ice Cream Cruise 2023 Day 1 We headed out to our favorite event of the year. 1320 Videos annaul Ice Cream Cruise. Its the largest car event in the midwest with 3 days of racing, Massive...


What's everyone been doing? I've been still recovering from Ice Cream Cruise.

Hope you all are subscribed to the youtube channel to see the fire content that will be coming out starting this Sunday 10/8 @ 4:30p.

Got 3 bad*ss videos coming out you all don't wanna miss out on.

Here is a sneak peak of one of my passes racing a nasty Honda!

This Truck Is Driving Me INSANE!!! (Still having Shift Issues) 10/01/2023

It's Sunday and you know what that means!


Watch today's upload and let me know what u think!

This Truck Is Driving Me INSANE!!! (Still having Shift Issues) Its Saturday and we are at our local track Thunder Valley Dragways for our anual Heads Up Race. We entered the 5.50 in hopes to go rounds. Drew my good buddy...

Photos from Mr Eazy Racing's post 09/29/2023

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Photos from Mr Eazy Racing's post 09/26/2023

WOW WOW WOW! The past weekend was one for the books. 1320video's Ice cream cruise was lit 🔥🔥🔥

The weekend start off on Friday racing the truck class. For some reason the weather scared alot of people away so the truck class had 12 of 16 trucks show up. 6 of those trucks consisted of us sioux falls boys so my odds were not good and most likely was gonna race a homie first round. So go to chip draw and what would u guess! I drew my homie Danny first round. Looks like I was gonna see his tailgate 2 times in 2 weeks in round one. But for some reason a guy not in our class was in our chip draw so we had to redraw. Luckily I got a out of towner in his turbo c10 and Lucky Danny got the bye. First round comes up and I lined up and took off. Truck was making a lick for my shifting issues to happen and not go into 2nd on the 1-2 shift but still got the win. Second round comes up and of course I get Danny. We lined up, I finally treed him and had him to about the 200-300ft mark where truck didn't shift again and he went around me putting me back in the trailer. Danny then went on to win the truck class so congrats to you buddy.

Saturday morning came super fast and we were at the track at 830 and was setting up for the show. Mid morning I was approached and asked if I wanted to race small tire class that night. Me being here already and wanting to just make pass after pass said sure. So we spent the day under our sick custom Illeete Designs designed RedTide Canopies canopy talking to fans, selling merch and giving all the little kids candy and hot wheels cars. The show was awesome and had probably around 2000+ cars with 10-20 thousand spectators. Cars and people for all you can see. The venue had no more capacity which is a good thing! The show started winding down so we packed up and headed to the track to get ready for the small tire racing when this one cloud came in and dumped a ton of rain making the track shut down for the night.

Sunday Bright and early we Headed to the track to get ready to do the small tire race and also get ready for the normal Sunday race event also. Drew my buddy Josh's wife Sarah that has a mean foxbody first round. I got her out the hole, the truck shifted and made a great pass but her car was just the better car and came around me giving me a fat L. She made it all the way to the finals and lost to Be**er Bomb in the small tire finals. Being eliminated from small tire we hurried up and got the truck ready for the normal Sundays event. We ended up qualifying I believe #7 or #8 in the Dominator class which was consisted of the Fastest 16 cars on the property. After qualifying they did a random chip draw to determine the ladder. We ended up getting our buddy Tom that not only won a class Friday but Runnered up in a different that night to. Tom had his car dialed like always and just Laid it to me first round of elimination. That left us packing for the weekend watching the remaining races that night. Tom went all the way to the finals and put up a fight to just be edged out at the finish.

Sunday night at the track was also epic as if was my homie Kyle Loftis Birthday weekend and he bought a ton of fireworks to celebrate his birthday. I tell you what, that was hands down the best firework show I ever have seen. Straight epic. We ended up rounding the night off with Justin Jubb Nielson getting a photoshoot of his truck done by Illeete Designs.

Monday morning we took London to the zoo for being super good this weekend which she loved. We spent 4 days with our close friends making memories, hanging with all our racecar friends and meeting great fans that support this journey I choose to travel. This weekend was one I'll never forget.

I hope you are all ready for the epic footage Chad Nielson took all weekend to come out as I plan on this weekend to starting on editing those videos. 3 videos 1 for each day.

Plus if you were around us all weekend helping out I can't thank you enough as at times it was crazy busy between racing and selling merch so I may not have tagged you but you know who you are and I appreciate you.

I am already stoked and ready for ICC24 to come. Here are some moments that were captured this weekend!

Can't thank the sponsors also for believing in me and having faith in me.

Brooke Mitchell
Redtide Canopies
Midwest Precision
Adrenaline Offroad
Fuel Injector Connection
Kannas Automotive & Performance
Davis Technologies
Hughes Performance
Skinnies Skreecret Sauce Traction Compound
Illeete Designs

Cow Loses All His Money Betting On Power Wheels Races 09/25/2023

I was at the track all weekend, but I didn't forget to post a video up on youtube. It's a power wheels race that got put on at my local track. The kids were having a blast! Also Justin Jubb Nielson lost some money betting on races against Chad Nielson

Cow Loses All His Money Betting On Power Wheels Races Today's video is all about the kids. During our local tracks Heads up race they had a power wheels race. with over 20 little kids entered it turned out to be...


We are out here! Stop by and grab a shirt or two. Every shirt bought gets you entered to win a E-Scooter.

We also have hot wheels cars, candy and stickers for the kids!

Ice Cream Cruise

Photos from Mr Eazy Racing's post 09/22/2023

From NOW till October 31st I am doing a E-Scooter Giveaway. If you going to be at you can stop by my booth and buy some merch to be entered! If you are not going to make it go to my link in my bio and go purchase some merch there. If you buy 1 shirt you get 1 entry, 2 shirts is 3 entries, 3 shirts is 4 entries and so on. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

*shipping only to the lower 48 state*


Just your friendly reminder! We will be at the annual 1320videos Ice Cream Cruise this weekend. Racing Friday, show Saturday and racing Sunday.

Below is the map for Saturday. We will be right next to the food court in the big red blob on the map.

Stopping by our booth and purchasing some shirts will secure a spot into a chance to WIN a E-Scooter. Don't miss this opportunity to not only get some merch but win somthing at the same time.

We look forward to seeing everyone out there and having a good time.

Testing for a Big Race 09/17/2023



Testing for a Big Race We Headed to the track with the power wheel and the s10 to get some testing in for our local tracks heads up event. The cool air made the truck run so good b...

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Sema 23
Sema was awesome. I had a blast out there
When Hughes Performance has a video of your truck in their booth at some of the largest shows in the nation, it really m...
Today's the last day to be entered in for the GIVEAWAY! All it takes is a shirt purchase to be entered! It's that eazy! ...
Just keep watching my every move. I'm still improving!#streets #streetsarealwaysopen #streetracing #streetracingchannel ...
Twerk it like Miley!#streets #streetsarealwaysopen #streetracing #streetracingchannel #streetracers #carporn #cars #car ...
🔥🔥GIVEAWAY🔥🔥THERE ARE 12 DAYS LEFT!Right now is the time to go grab you a t-shirt from to get you entries ...
This is the lifestyle I live!
They ain't wrong! They also will make you broke!#streets #streetsarealwaysopen #streetracing #streetracingchannel #stree...
Have you went over to and got you a shirt or two? Just reminding everyone that you have until Oct 31st to ...
I'm telling you now, if you are not subscribed to the Mr Eazy S10 youtube Channel you are missing out on some epic video...
Jack Barclay Photography always doing the best racing action packed pictures, then secretly doing epic edits of the boys...





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