JST of South Dakota

JST of South Dakota

JST is a Youth Bowling Tour hosting tournaments in the Sioux Falls and surrounding area.

We create an opportunity for youth bowlers to bowl in tournaments and earn scholarship money.

Operating as usual

Photos from JST of South Dakota's post 01/08/2024

Congratulations to Jaren Heil on his advance to Junior Gold!

Congratulations to our champions today-Evan White and Lincoln Heil !


we are one week away from out Round
Robin at Eastway Bowl Please make sure to get those registrations in by 1/1/23 to avoid a late fee. To register please go to tournamentbowl.com


As a high school bowler, you can apply for the Dexter High School All-American Team. Each student-athlete selected receives a $1,000 scholarship! For more information and how to apply, visit https://ibc.smapply.net/

Photos from South Dakota USBC's post 12/03/2023
Photos from Bowling for Zander Scholarship Tournament's post 10/20/2023

One of the great benefits of USBC Youth membership is the chance to earn college scholarships so that you can pursue your dreams. We offer several scholarship opportunities for our youth bowlers. The application deadline is Dec. 1, so you only have a few weeks left to apply!
Apply today https://hubs.ly/Q023yjYr0

Photos from JST of South Dakota's post 10/15/2023

Today’s JST!!


-Micah Jensen on his 300
- Hunter Noteboom on his 803 (299,226,278)
- Gage Craft taking home 1st in the Handicap division
-Hunter Noteboom taking home 1st in the Scratch division


Sundays Oil Pattern….
The “Mike Kruse Special”
(And even I don’t know what it is!)


Sundays prizes include:
-15 # Katana Strike
-shoe slider
-puff ball
- (2) shammy
-hada patch

Scholarships include $1000 - with an additional $100 (from an anonymous donor).

Thanks to all our donators this year!!


Get those registrations in to avoid the late fee for Empire Eliminator! Today is the last day!


Who is ready for the Empire Eliminator?!?
-$1000 added scholarship
- optional junior gold qualifier
-optional brackets

Make sure fo get pre-registered to avoid the late fee (10/8 deadline)

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!


We are just 3 weeks away from our Empire Eliminator!
@ Empire Bowl

Pre-registration is encouraged!


JST shirts are here!
Let me know how you would like to get them to you! You can message me.

Photos from JST of South Dakota's post 09/18/2023

Congrats to our champions today!!
Hunter Noteboom (scratch division) and
Patrick Morgan ( handicap division)!

We were able to provide $2430 in scholarships today along with some gracious donations of a bowling ball ,accessories and monetary; provided by Brunswick ( John Bercier), Yankton USBC, and anonymous Yankton USBC member, Chad and Emily Kringle, Classic (Andy Schutt), Shelly Carroll and Andrea Staples!!

Thanks to Jim, Yankton Bowl, volunteers; Jan, Nolan and Marissa for helping this run smoothly!!


All 3 JST events have a $1000 added scholarship, Junior Gold qualifiers,raffles and more!


Last day to pre-register to avoid the late fee for the Yankton JST!!


We are 2 weeks away!! Get those registrations in!!
$1000 added prize money, ball raffle and other giveaways!!

JST Bowling Spirit Wear 2023 08/31/2023

The JST online apparel store will accept orders until tonight at 11:59 pm!!! Hopefully you have had ample time to check these out and order!
Thanks to All Around Graphix!

Check out the online store

Orders will be available for pick up by the end of September or sooner!!

JST Bowling Spirit Wear 2023 Online ordering for JST Bowling Spirit Wear 2023 ends on Thu, Aug 31, 2023 (11:59 PM CDT)

JST Bowling Spirit Wear 2023 08/18/2023

The JST online apparel store will accept orders until Monday August 31st at 11:59 pm
Thanks to All Around Graphix!

Check out the online store

Orders will be available for pick up by the end of September or sooner!!

JST Bowling Spirit Wear 2023 Online ordering for JST Bowling Spirit Wear 2023 ends on Thu, Aug 31, 2023 (11:59 PM CDT)


Attention Bowling Community!
The Sioux Falls High School Presidents Bowl is right around the corner. The Presidents Bowl (football games and basketball tournament in January) is the single biggest fundraiser for the SF schools booster clubs, INCLUDING BOWLING !!

Please consider supporting the Lincoln Patriots bowling team along with all the SF schools booster clubs!!

Tickets are not school specific, and all money raised is distributed evenly to all Sioux Falls public high schools .

Last year the Presidents Bowl fundraiser supported the student organizations and raised over $37,500!!!

Tickets are $10 for students and adults.
Tickets purchased at the gate on the game cost $15. Pre-K are free. Ticket sales end Sept 7th.

The 31st Annual Presidents Bowl football game will be held on Saturday, September 9, 2023.
3:30pm Lincoln @ Jefferson
7:00pm Washington @ Rossevelt.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping support our LHS student organizations!

You can message me with your name, address, phone number, number of tickets and if you will be paying cash or check ! I can also take Venmo -kruse-4



Tournament Rules

Check in for each event is 9:00 am with event start time of 10:00 am.

1. These are USBC certified events and are open to youth bowlers that hold a current/sanctioned USBC youth/adult membership whose birthdates are August 1st, 2005 or later. Non-members are eligible after paying USBC dues and MUST have a USBC sanctioned average.

a. The tournaments are run as scratch and handicap divisions. Handicap division is an average of 189 or below with 70% of 200.

b. Ending averages for the 2022-2023 season are used. Bowlers are responsible for notifying the tournament manager for average changes of 10 pins or higher for a minimum of 21 games in a league.

c. All events will be held on a challenge pattern and are not released until day of tournament.

2. Entry fee/sign-up:

a. Only cash will be accepted the DAY OF the tournament. No pre-pay accepted, however pre-sign up is recommended and appreciated.

b. Pre-sign up at tournamentbowl.com, select tournaments upcoming/JST (location). Click on ENTRY FORM. Please provide bowler name, USBC #, average and contact information of parent. You will be directed to select handicap or scratch qualifier. If the bowler wishes to participate in the optional Junior Gold qualifier, please select appropriate squad. Please indicate DOB and if Junior Gold membership is already held. This information can be added to the comment section of entry form.

c. $65.00 Entry Fee ($20 lineage, $35 scholarship, $10 expenses). Entry will increase to $75.00 if registration is less than 7 days prior to event.

d. Walk-in entries are accepted, however the entry fee will increase to $75.00

e. Bowlers who are unable to attend for which they have already pre-registered must notify the tournament director prior the tournament at least 24 hours in advance.

3. Brackets:

a. Optional brackets are available for $5.00

b. There are brackets for each division (scratch and handicap).

4. Scholarships/Payout:

a. Scholarships will vary depending on format of tournament and may be adjusted per event. Scholarships will be finalized the day of the event.

b. All scholarship funds, for both divisions, will be returned 100% and will be deposited into the bowlers’ SMART account within 30 days of conclusion of event.

c. Trophies will be provided to the champion of each division.

d. $1000 will be added to the scholarship fund for each tournament.

5. Format: The format for each JST event will vary.

a. 9/17/23 @ Yankton Bowl (3010 Broadway Ave, Yankton, SD 57078)

i. Sweeper will consist of a 6 game qualifier for each division. Bowl on 1 pair of lanes, moving 1 pair right each game. After 6 games, the top half of the field in each division will advance. Pins will carry over to the next round. The field will then bowl 2 additional games –staying on assigned lanes for both games, for an 8 game total. The top 5 scores in each division will advance to a stepladder format.

b. 10/15/23 @ Empire Bowl (3800 S. Westport Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57106)

i. Eliminator will consist of a 4 game qualifier for each division. Bowl on 1 pair of lanes, moving 1 pair right each game. After 4 games, the top 12 in each division will advance. No pins will carry over. The top 4 players in each division will receive a bye. Qualifiers 5-12 will then bowl 2 games –staying on assigned lanes for both games. The top 4 bowlers from this round will move on, joining the top 1-4 qualifiers from the first round. These remaining 8 bowlers will compete in a second elimination round consisting of 2 games –staying on assigned lanes for both games, with the top 4 in each division advancing to next round. The 4 remaining bowlers in each division will bowl 1 game with the top 2 scores advancing. Those top 2 bowlers will then bowl 1 game in a championship match.

c. 01/07/24 @ Eastway Bowl (3200 E. 10th Street, Sioux Falls, SD, 57103)

i. Round Robin will consist of a 4 game qualifier for each division. The top 8 in each division will advance to round robin match play- all qualifying pins will carry over. During match play the winning bowler will receive 30 bonus pins per game. If a tie occurs each bowler will receive 15 pins. Once round robin is complete the bowler in each division with the most pins is the champion.

Ties: In the event of a tie, a 9th and 10th frame roll off will determine the winner/advancer. Further ties will be determined by a 1 ball roll-off.

6. Late: Any bowler arriving late shall begin play and the score to count, beginning with the frame being bowled. Frames missed shall be credited with a 0.

7. Dress Code: Bowlers must wear a collared or bowling jersey. Male bowlers must wear dress pants or dress short. Female bowlers may wear skirts, slacks or dress shorts. Skirts and shorts must be fingertip length when arms are down at sides. Ordinary T-shirts will NOT be allowed. Jeans of any color, sweatpants, yoga pants, leggings, hats are NOT allowed. Any apparel depicting ci******es, alcohol, drugs or weapons will NOT be allowed. Tournament manager has the right to disallow any apparel that does not meet this criteria and the tournament manager decision is final.

8. Code of Conduct/Behavior:

a. Cell phones/Headphones/Air pods or any use of electronics are strictly prohibited during game/tournament play. These may be used during warm-up ONLY, however cell phones can be used to calculate scores after each game. Individuals are subject to fees or ejection for failure to comply.

b. Unsportsmanlike conduct/behavior: This behavior will not be tolerated on the lanes or inside the tournament venue. Individuals are subject to fees or ejection for engaging in any improper tactics or conduct, including, but not limited to physical and verbal abuse.

c. Profanity: No profanity is allowed on or off the lanes. Individuals are subject to fees or ejection for such behavior.

d. Alcohol/smoking/vapes etc: Use of alcohol, smoking/vaping or any illicit drug use is prohibited on or off the lanes. Individuals are subject to fees or ejection of such behavior.

e. Only bowlers, scorekeepers and tournament officials will be allowed in the bowling area.

f. Fees:

A verbal warning will be provided for the first offense of any of above behavior. At the second warning a $5/fine will be issued and the funds will be included into scholarship for the tournament. If a 3rd warning is required the individual will be ejected/disqualified for the tournament.

9. Junior Gold:

a. Each event will hold a Junior Gold Qualifier. This is optional for any bowler. The qualifier must consist of at least 4 Junior Gold members- male /female or any combination of 4 regardless of gender. The format will consist of 3 games of scratch competition and is taken from the first 3 games of the JST event. Bowler are permitted to enter only once per qualifying event. Reentries are not permitted. Pre-registration is encouraged at tournamentbowl.com

b. Divisions include U12, U15, or U18- only qualifiers or may be a combination of any of the divisions. Athletes are only allowed to compete in the Junior Gold national competition that includes their appropriate age division. Any eligible bowler who qualifies for the Junior Gold Championships will be placed in the appropriate division based on their date of birth.

i. U12 (08/01/2011 or later)

ii. U15 (8/1/2008-07/31/2011)

iii. U18 (08/1/2005-07/31/2008)

c. Bowlers must purchase a Junior Gold membership for $30 (U15/U18) or $10 (U12) prior to participating in a qualifying event. Forms will be available to complete membership at time of check-in, but it is strongly encouraged to complete prior to event.

d. Members who have already earned entry in the 2023-2024 season can still enter and participate in qualifying events. However, athletes can only earn one entry into the Junior Gold championships, he/she must accept the berth from his/her earliest completed competition.

e. If a Junior Gold member wins an entry but cannot attend the Junior Gold Championships, he/she is responsible for alerting the Junior Gold Championships qualifying event director of the entry may be passed to the next qualified participant in the event. An athlete who gives up his/her spot or is unable to attend must requalify for the following year; individual berths are not carried over to the next year. If the Junior Gold member fails to alert the Junior Gold event director, he/she risk disqualification from the Junior Gold qualifier for the following year.

f. The event will be conducted on a challenge laying condition.

g. Cost of entry to the Junior Gold qualifier is separate from the JST event.

-U12 only qualifier will be $25/participant

-U15 only or combined U12/U15 qualifier will be $37.50/participant

-U18 only or combined U12/U15/U18 qualifier will be $50/participant.

h. Qualifying events for the Junior Gold Championships are given a 1:4 advancement ratio WITH the “or a major fraction thereof” stipulation. Please see chart below:


Entries needed to advance an additional player

1:4= 7 participants are required

1:5= 8 participants are required

1:6= 10 participants are required

1:7=11 participants are required

1:8=13 participants are required

1:9=14 participants are required

1:10=16 participants are required


If the qualifier has 5 or 6 entrants, the tournament will advance the winner under their 1:4 ratio. The second place finisher would be given the opportunity to pay any remaining shortfall between the entry money collected and the entry fee and claim a spot in the Junior Gold Championships. This option is only available to the next player in line. If that player declines to exercise this option, it ceases at that point.

If the event has 7 entrants, the tournament will advance the winner under their 1:4 ratio and an additional advancer under the “or major fraction thereof” stipulation.

i. In the event of a tie, a roll-off of one frame will be completed.

j. Junior Gold members who qualify from a Junior Gold qualifier receive a paid entry for the Gold Championships.

k. Junior Gold Championships finalized packets will be emailed directly to the advancers

10. All rules are subject to change at the discretion of the tournament manager. USBC rules are followed. Please see bowl.com for more information. Please contact your tournament manager for further questions or concerns.

Beth Kruse

[email protected]

Photos from JST of South Dakota's post 08/07/2023

Here they are! Thanks Marissa for getting these together! Copies will be distributed to centers.

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Congrats to Addy Nelson on bowling a 299 at the JST event at Empire Bowl today!  Great bowling, Addy!





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