Address- 240 Sterling Drive, Sneedville, Tn, 37869 Daily-$5,Weekly-$15,Monthly-$30,Yearly-$300

Operating as usual


SuperFit Members!!!!!!

I posted about this awhile back, and things have slowed down some but are ramping back up again. As much as I enjoy giving everyone a great environment to workout, enjoy time with friends and become a healthier version of themselves. I CANT DO IT FREE! I do have cameras up, I do have people that are telling, I also have a system that scans how many people enter the gym following a swipe. I’ve literally let you do this for months, upon months and didn’t want confrontation. Was hoping that you would realize what your doing by not only taking advantage of the establishment, my rules but also to everyone else who pays.

If you don’t have a membership, you’re not allowed in.

If you have a membership and allow others to come in, you want have one the next time you come.

If you need a membership please contact me at 423-300-8214, or by messaging here. I will make sure you get signed up and are a current member.

Further news, if you’re getting drinks and not paying. Please right down on the tab what you owe and pay within the week. Again, I have cameras 🤦‍♂️.

The radio has become a issue again, one person is gonna ruin the whole system for everyone else. Don’t be that one person. If you’re gonna connect to it, don’t blast the radio. It’s a GYM not a CLUB.

While coming in through the night since it’s 24/7 please be considerate of the neighborhood as well. We have parents who have to get up early, and kids that have to go to school. Don’t rev up engines, or have the music in your car to loud. Please!

The last topic, is bullying it isn’t and want be tolerated at SF. SuperFit is a family oriented place. We love everyone. Any such hate or bad behavior you will be asked to leave.

As usual, consistency is key. Not only with training, but proper diet and nutrition too. Make a goal, reach that goal and make another one. Health is key in life, your body is your investment. You can make a change, it starts by walking in those doors. Hope to see you soon.



Over the last little bit, we’ve had a lot of new memberships. I appreciate everyone who has, who still is, and will always continue to support the gym. The gym is a home, and all of y’all are family. Continue to move forward in your goals and make progress even if it’s small progress it’s still progress.

Further news!!!!

I’ve been notified by some over the last couple weeks, and Also went back and looked at camera footage. While I love giving everyone especially kids an outlet to go to. Whether it’s to relieve stress, to have fun, stay away from town and the temptations this world has. I’ve noticed that there’s some that doesn’t have a membership and are also taking drinks out of the fridge without paying. While I will not call you out, I cannot allow you to continue to do this. It isn’t right to the ones that do and have paid, it’s not right to me and the business to continue paying the bills while allowing you free access to everything.

Moving Forward!!!!

-If everyone can please pay for a membership if you’re working out.
-If everyone can please continue to let me know if such activities happen.
-If everyone can please not open the door for anyone that’s knocking.
-If everyone can also keep and eye out not only for the fridge and let me know if it needs stocked.

If things continue to happen, I’ll turn off cards to the ones that are helping. I’ll also lock up the fridge which have the cheapest waters in the world. And I may have to limit hours that the gym is open…….

Please respect me, respect everyone in there, and respect the gym.



2 topics of conversation…….. Please Read!!!

1. As the picture shows, everyone needs to do their part in putting stuff up. If you workout with it obviously you’re picking it up. So when you’re done using it put it back up, simple. There’s plenty of storage to make sure weights are off the floor, dumbbells are put up, any bands or bumper plates are put up and outta the way.

2. If you don’t have a membership, you need one. Pretty simple again. It’s not fair to everyone that pays, and it’s not fair for me as the owner. I’ve made this gym for the community and have tried to give y’all the best that i can. Don’t take advantage just because I’m not there.

People are watching, cameras are on. If you see someone letting someone in the gym. Please send me a message. Be trustworthy. If you need a membership send me a message. If you’re caught letting people in without a membership I’ll deactivate your card.

In other news, keep cleaning up after yourself, if the trash is to full don’t stack up on top take it out. Respect the facility, respect one another.


It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means!!! Bring someone free today 😬

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Also, Hope everyone is putting in the work, staying consistent, and hitting there goals. We all have different goals we’re trying to reach. We all have different ways we’re trying to attain those too.
Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having a bad day/week. Working out is tough, but it’s fun. You gotta hold yourself accountable still!
Within every missed rep or number on the scale.

Failure is not Fatal, Quitting is tho! Quitting allows whatever is in your way of stopping and controlling you to win. Don’t be a quitter, don’t make excuses. we don’t quit, we win. PERIOD


You know what day it is…….. PUMP DAY!!!
It’s also bring a friend for “ FREE” day. All day, every week on Wednesday’s , grab a friend, co-worker, or family member and enjoy a workout.
The hardest part for people to start working out is getting there. Be someone’s inspiration/motivation to get there.
Working out; takes dedication, it takes consistency. It’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint. You’ll feel better instantly, but some results take time. Progress is progress tho, don’t give up, don’t quit on YOU. Your results and YOU matter


Happy Monday!!! It’s time to re-focus. Everyday is another day to improve. Don’t let today predict your mood for the rest of the week. Stay dedicated, stay humble. Any activity, is better than no activity. What excuse are you letting stop you? Excuses stand in the way of you starting/or continuing your Goals. Get up, Get in! Show up, Show out!



I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, you deserve it. Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you brush off working out.

Consistency is key, in the gym and with your diet. Any activity is better than no activity.

Don’t let a weeks worth of working out and eating right, disappear with a setback this weekend. If it happens, then make sure you take back over and kill it SOON.

If you haven’t started yet, what are you waiting on? Excuses only stop you from starting your progress. Progress will become a daily routine, that routine will turn into a habit. Once that habit turns into your lifestyle. Then it’s time to celebrate!!!!


It’s all set up and ready to use, also brought in a standard incline bench press, another bicycle under the air conditioning 🥵 and finally a deadlift platform 😁
There’s no reason you shouldn’t be here. Don’t let fear stop you, don’t let “time” stop you. Don’t let where you are now, stop you from where you wanna be!


Jace has some exciting news;
He’s invested more into and for you guys to have more options to use.
P.s Thanks Chad Burke

-We got a new 90lb dumbbell, for one of them is starting to roll off. BE GENTLE WHEN USING THE EQUIPMENT. If you can pick it up, and lift it. You don’t have to throw it or drop it.
-We also got 2 new bars, some of the ones we’ve been using are starting to get warped. If deadlifting use the thicker black bar. It’s made more durable.
-We got a plate loaded military/shoulder press
-We got a plate loaded converging incline chest “awesome piece”
-We got a standing chest press, killer piece of equipment. Has better range of motion and different grips based off height. You can also use for triceps.
-WE ALSO got a super squat. This piece is valuable for everyone. You can do normal squats, you can do hack squats, you can also do standing calves and standing shoulder press.
We’re dedicated to make y’all better, stronger, and healthier. Now dedicated your time, your body and mind to do the same.


It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s pump day! On wednesdays we will let you bring a friend for “FREE”
Sometimes people need inspiration and encouragement. Others may need motivation or just to meet goals. Either way we’re all in this together.
Health is something we need to focus more on and not before the Dr. Tells us too. It shouldn’t only be the focus for us, but for our loved ones as well and our kids. Bad habits can turn into a daily routine. Make fitness a good habit, that turns into your daily routine.


Start the week off right, come join the family. Hardest parts getting there. Consistency is key. Not only with working out but also your diet too. Drink a lot of fluids, get some rest to recover.


Big news, I’m going to extend the fee for the year this week to $250 still. After this week the price will increase to the original $300. I’m home now and ill be in and out to help or if you need assistance just send me a message and I can meet up with you. I’ll be in everyday from 9-11a.m, 3:30-6:30p.m

Any female kids 10-15 looking for a group training session, I’ll be doing it at 4:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All you’ll need is a membership and to show up on time. It’ll last about a hour and I’ll be focusing on a lot of core/lower body/cardio.

Any male kids 10-15 looking for a group training session, I’ll be doing it at 5:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All you’ll need is a membership and to show up on time. It’ll last about a hour and I’ll be focusing on form/overall strength/cardio.

Anyone else who wants to train with me/Seth Heck it’ll be at 9p.m.

I’ll be adding some pieces throughout the week to the gym to help improve it.

We got to do better with putting the weights up and cleaning up the equipment after use.



Happy 1 year “Gymiverssary”!

It’s been an amazing year, with a lot of ups and some downs. We appreciate everyone who has supported us in one way or the other. Without y’all, the gym is just a gym. With y’all it’s much more. It’s a safe haven, it’s a stress reliever, it’s a place to make friends, a place to reach your goals. Fitness/Health is a key piece in life. It teaches you valuable life lessons as well. You become apart of a family.

Moving forward, the gym is still open and will continue to be open. I’ll be home beginning the week of June 6th. Once home I’ll be adding more pieces, and spending more time there as well. I’ll be doing a training class for kids under 15 and I’ll also be training myself for anyone that wants to join “details to follow”

Beginning tomorrow May 30th. The gym will be open to anyone for a week for (FREE). I want to see more people inside there and now you have no reason not to come. If you decide within the week that you wanna sign up either let me know personally or you may see someone there to sign up.

The Membership Fees are as followed;

For members who supported us with a year membership to Renew yours it will be $225.

New Members a year for this week will be $250.

The year fee after this week will be $300


Add to a year plan- $125
Monthly unlimited-$30
Weekly unlimited-$15
Daily/Per Visit-$3

We do offer many of discounts;
First responders
Senior Citizens

We also have silver sneakers/active and fit as well.


Photos from SF's post 03/14/2022

Post 2 of 2;
Rumors are circulating that the gym is for sale. That’s an accurate statement. I’ve went back and forth wondering what the right decision would be to make. In the best interest of me and the family we’re gonna have to part ways. I’ve invested alot of years into making this a reality for our small town. A lot of blood, sweat and tears to watch it be built and over the last 9-10 months seeing the effect it’s had on our community and everyone that’s came in is unreal. Again I appreciate everyone that’s supported it.

With that being said, I know what’s invested into this, I also know the profit we’ve made within the months it’s been opened. The equipment is less than a year old, tanning beds brand new since opening. I’m willing to listen to offers, I’m also willing to negotiate. I also don’t mind running this business from afar “if not bought or lowballed” but obviously better.

We do have silver sneakers and active and fit.
We also have 24/7 access
All rubber weights that are $3 a lb
We also have multiple pieces of equipment in the basement that’ll be included.

Everyone please Share that will!

“Sometimes life gives you a second chance, because just maybe the first time you wasn’t ready.”


Post 1 of 2;
Recently a lot of things have happened, not only on the inside of the gym but also on the outside “chatter”.
Starting effectively Today 03/14/22. They’ll no longer be music played aloud inside the gym. Please bring headphones if you’d like. We’ve given to much lead way to where music has been played loudly and also played to where it’s not appropriate for everyone that comes inside the gym.
Also, anyone that enters the gym will need a key card to access it. Staff is very limited at the moment. Anyone allowing access to people without a key card will have there’s turned off as well. Anyone who wishes to sign up or needs a key card, please message “Justin only”, whether it’s FB or personal phone 423-300-8214. Deal with him, no longer “Myshone”. I’m currently working in North Carolina but I’ll manage somehow to get you signed up or whatever need you’re dealing with.
Tanning is also for members only that has paid. Tanning rooms will be open from 7am-10pm at night. Anyone caught using the tanning without paying will be issued a warning.
Other rules that apply, no Chalk will be used, no cussing, no yelling profusely, no grunting loudly. And PLEASE don’t drop any weights unless deadlifting. They are very expensive. Drinks will still be sold as long as everyone is paying there tab, if anyone has any other questions or comments please contact “Justin”

This gym was and supposed to be a family friendly environment. Not only have I failed at maintaining it that way, but some others have as well. I want people to enjoy working out, but I also want people to talk about how great an environment it is inside there. To all that has supported it from day 1, thank you. To some that has stopped coming because of the above issues I apologize. We’ve made it this far and made the gym very successful. We’re coming up on the 1 year anniversary and it couldn’t been done without all of y’all.


Photos from SF's post 01/19/2022

Back with the Goodies!
In order to keep everyone hydrated while the staff isn’t there. We’ve implemented a HONOR system. We will continue to leave the refrigerator open for the convenience of y’all only if things are being paid.
I engineered a fine piggy bank to drop your money in if you have it available, if not they’ll be paper there just write your name what you owe us next time someone is around to collect. Prices are visible on the fridge!

In other news tanning beds are only available during staffed hours, they will be locked if no one is there.

Classes are still up and going, Mondays and Wednesdays at 7. With a morning class on Saturday’s at 11. I encourage everyone to come, it’s with a fantastic instructor and it’s a great environment.

Rates moving forward;

Per 2-$50
Per 3- $70
Per 4-$85



We’ve had alot of people wanting that weekend class it’s here now. Starting tomorrow and throughout January. Class schedules will be Mondays and Wednesday @7 and Saturday’s @11.

We’ve had a great turnout so far with new people joining the gym. Health is key in almost all daily activities as well as in overall life. No better time to take control of you and who you wanna become than now.

Still have a special of $25 for a month and I’m extending that throughout the rest of the month. Other rates are as followed;
Yearly- $250 “best overall deal”
Weekly- $15
Daily- $3

Look forward in seeing more new faces but as well as all the extended family that’s joined already. We’ve had a successful half year and bigger things are coming soon. We all become 1 once we enter SF.


It’s been awhile since I’ve made a post due to my work schedule.
The new year is upon us, and what better way to make a resolution except within yourself. Being the only gym in sneedville and within a 40 minute radius we’ve got the place you need to be.
I’ve slacked in maintaining not only the social media aspect but also the personal, friendly and business aspect as well.
This was a huge dream for me, and I’m not the type to fail. I’ve watched numerous people come in and change themselves whether it’s by the looks of their body or the confidence within.
This is a unisex gym made for anyone above 10.
I’m here to help, we’re here to help.
Our staff for the upcoming future will be;
Trevor Parks
Ashton King
Seth Heck
Kameron Davis
With sightings possibly from Myshone, Alyssa and the computer playing Jace.
This staff is very knowledgeable on how to use the equipment and the proper way. They are there at your convenience whether it’s to sale you something or sorta as a personal trainer if needed. “If someone isn’t living up to your expectations” please send me a personal message and I’ll fix the problem. If anything else isn’t up to par; bathrooms, gym equipment, concessions, etc…… let me know as well.
I’m still currently working in Alabama and should be home soon.

Our staff hours will be;
Monday-Friday 7-11, 1-5, 6-10
Saturday and Sunday will not be staffed.
During these hours you will have access to tanning beds and also anything you need to purchase. If you’re needing a membership even on the weekends message me direct or contact me 423-300-8214, or Myshone at 423-300-7438.

Starting 12-20-21 thru 01-08-22, You will have a opportunity to sign up for;
yearly special- $250 tanning included $350
Also beginning next week monthly memberships will be $25 including tanning $40 until the end of January.
Still offering 5% off for any first responders, nurses, teachers, military “active or non”.

We are still actively current with Silver Sneakers and active and fit.

We are also 24/7 now. Given that situation anyone who loses a card they’ll be a $10 Charge for a new one. Anyone caught letting anyone in will be given a warning and then banned if happened again.

I’ll update you on the class schedules as we’re pursuing a Saturday morning class and trying to figure out schedules for Marlene and Chandra as well.

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns that you would like to address let me know. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and can’t wait to see y’all soon.

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It’s all set up and ready to use, also brought in a standard incline bench press, another bicycle under the air conditio...




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