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Timeline photos 09/07/2022

4 Benefits of Mother and Daughter Exercise
Rosaria Barreto

The mother-daughter relationship is a special one; you can easily go from the best of friends to arch enemies in the blink of an eye.

A mother-daughter relationship grows with time and becomes emotional with age. But, here are a few activities that mother-daughter can do to keep their relationship joyous.

One of them is keeping themselves fit and healthy. Embarking on an exercise journey can be tough, but below are a few reasons why exercising together can help to build a strong unbreakable mother and daughter team.

Benefit #1: Accountability
With exercise, we all have times where our motivation dips. You might convince yourself that it’s only one class you’re missing, but that can soon turn to a stop in exercise completely. Exercising with people certainly helps with accountability, and what better person to do this with than your own family members. The tough love in many mother-daughter relationships is perfect for pushing each other forward. It could be attending that early morning meditation class you’ve been dreading all week or just a short run, but having someone alongside you makes it much more enjoyable and beneficial.

Benefit #2: Quality time together
We live in a GO GO GO world, I personally only see my mum on a monthly or even bi-monthly basis, but even then one of our favourite things to do together is a dance fitness class. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from each other in these situations. I am always inspired by how to fit my mum is when she works out by my side and hope to be as agile as her in my mid-50s (she will probably kill me for sharing her age). I am also sure she is probably inspired by my own drive to stay fit and healthy. Being inspired by someone creates newfound respect, which increases likability.

Benefit #3: Builds trustMother and daughter relationships can often become strained at times, leading to distrust and missed opportunities. It can be hard to see eye to eye sometimes, but exercising together is perfect in rebuilding the bond between the two of you.

A great example of this is meditative yoga or pilates, as the main focus is on relaxation and understanding yourself. The calming atmosphere promotes positive interactions and aids a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection that is often established through yoga. Yoga also improves your overall health, relieves stress, and anxiety, which in turn promotes a healthy happy mindset.

Benefit #4: The best support
We are more likely to stick at something if we feel supported in what we are doing. Knowing you have your mum or daughter by your side when exercising can be vital in encouraging you to keep going.

You will see each other at your worst and at your best, but usually in a situation where you are both struggling, or thriving opportunities arise in which you can cheer each other on.

Have you ever worked out with your mum? How did you find it?

Timeline photos 09/01/2022

Thank you, and congratulations to all the CFS Athletes who continue to put in the work and create a healthier lifestyle.

Carolina Gilliam 9 years

Amy Boyle 7 years

Dawn Ispen 4 years

Sathya Anandan 4 years

Anissa Bezanson 2 years

Daria Whettam 2 years

Tracey Lyman 1 year

Photos from CAVU Fitness's post 08/13/2022

Through the years Coach Treyson has been keeping his eye on Lauren


Celebrating years of friendship! And shout out to the OG of CrossFit Snohomish , Athlete 001


Today we said goodbye and good luck to our favorite Ballerina Payton!! She off to Harvard for her second year!!! We will miss you and count the days until you return ❤️❤️❤️


Loving some CFS Girl Time

Timeline photos 08/01/2022

Congratulations and thank you all for the hard work and dedication that has been put in over the years. CFS is a community built on loyalty and friendships.

Nicole Seekins 10 years !!!

Luke Hill 6 years
Jazmin Romero 6 Years

Annie Reynolds 5 Years

Dustin Bruce 4 years

Madeleine Henningsen 2 years

Emma Relei 1 Year
Michael Cummings 1 year
Anne Holloway 1 year
Coleen Altermott 1 year
Cora Altermott 1 year
Shanw Altermott 1 year

Timeline photos 07/01/2022

Congratulations to all of CFS's July anniversary athletes.

What started out as work has turned into a lifestyle.

Kyle Veach 6 years

Spencer Putt 5 years

Olivia Rodgers 2 years
Rhea Ballesta 2 years
Kevin Clark 2 years
John Meneses 2 years

Spencer Carter 1 year
Michelle Dumag 1 year
Laura Elckelmann 1 year
Laura Strasser 1 year
Andy Holloway 1 year
Bronny Wilson 1 year

Timeline photos 06/29/2022

Whoever thought they would see Nicole at the gym at 9:13 am???

Though she was there for the 8 am class.

Timeline photos 06/16/2022

CAVU Fitness will honor Eva Mireles this Saturday with an 8 am, and 9 am WOD. All are welcome to participate, honor, and donate.
In honor of this event, wear your school, your child's school, or any school shirt you have.

Hero WOD for EVA Mireles
On Saturday, June 18, the Workout of the Day will be a Hero workout called Eva Strong in honor of Eva Mireles. Mireles was a member of Shotgun CrossFit and a nine-time participant in the CrossFit Open. She died on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, while shielding her fourth-grade students from a gunman at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

The Workout

With a partner, 5 rounds for time of:

24 double-unders (each)
19 toes-to-bars (total)
2 clean and jerks (total)
400-m run (together)

♀ 135 lb ♂ 205 lb
Mireles' coach Mandi Reading and some of Mireles' closest friends put their heads together to create the Eva Strong workout. The workout contains Mireles' favorite movements, and the rep scheme memorializes the lives lost in the tragic shooting: 5 for May, 24 for the day of the month, 19 for the number of students, and 2 for Mireles and Garcia.

Anyone interested in making donations in Mireles' honor may direct their contributions to the
Robb School Memorial Fund


When you have moved on from Father Daughter Dance you have Father Daughter WOD

Timeline photos 06/06/2022

Summer is almost here!
Our CrossFit Kids registration is now open.
Please fill out the online waiver at for your child, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Saturday, June 18 at 10:30 am, we will be having an open house with a special WOD and discussing the program for our CFS Kids and Teens class

Classe dates and ages

CFS Kids ages 6-10 years old
Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 am - 11:15 am
June 21- Sept 1

CFS Big Kids
Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 10:30 am - 11:30 am
June 22- Sept 2

Timeline photos 06/01/2022

Congratulations to the CFS Athletes on their anniversaries. Thank you for all the hard work, sweat, and tears you have put in at the gym and in life.

Lauren Heitmann 5 years

Gabby Henrie 4 years

Neil Jackson 1 year


Grateful that we can all be together to remember the sacrifices others have given!!!


Memorial Day Murph 💙❤️


When you trust the process of following a program results will happen. 130lb Sn**ch for 16 year old Gabby!!

Photos from CAVU Fitness's post 05/15/2022

Kids, Fitness and Summer!! ☀️🏋️‍♀️
CFS Kids will be starting June 21. We will have two groups this year 6-10 year olds and 10-14 year olds. See you in the gym!! For more information please email [email protected]

Photos from CAVU Fitness's post 05/10/2022

Looking for your newest family member to love ❤️ These adorable puppies are looking for families! They are double doodles (the stud is a goldendoodle, and Georgie (mom) is a labradoodle) they have a little bit of mini poodle mixed in so they will be on the smaller end of doodles, ranging from probably 25 to 50 pounds with the smaller girls at the smaller end and some of the larger boys at the larger end. Contact Joey Vale Camper Doodles

Timeline photos 05/09/2022

Where it all began! So many happy memories on this board!

Remember the excitement of getting your name up for a MU!!

Through the years, some have moved on, but we will always have a bar for you at CFS!!

Timeline photos 05/04/2022

Please join Rhea Ballesta on Saturday for a Foundations of Nutrition Class! You will learn tips on healthy eating and how to nourish your body with the nutrition it needs so you can live life to its fullest. This class is an informative way for anyone looking to learn more about the body and why eating certain foods can keep you healthy, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

All our welcome please email [email protected] for any questions

Timeline photos 05/01/2022

Happy CFS Anniversaries!! When we say CrossFit for Life, you all have owned it!! Thank you for your dedication and willingness to make yourself healthier and better for life.

Carole Wilson 10 years
Val Lehtinen 10 Years
Tom Hollenberry 8 Years
Socks Foster 7 Years
Kristin Blakely 3 Years
Jennifer Jackson 1 Year
Crystal Green 1 Year

Photos from CAVU Fitness's post 04/30/2022

CAVIU Community sale is now open. 9-2 today.


CAVU community Sale today at 9-2

Timeline photos 04/28/2022

CAVU Fitness will be having a huge community sale on Saturday, April 30, 9 am -2 pm

Household items
Name-brand clothing for all
You name it; we will have it for sale.

CAVU Fitness is located at 16326 Hwy 9 in Snohomish

Grab a friend and grab some new items!!!


She said yes !!!! Congratulations Lex and Kevin!! Weddings are the best!!! 💍❤️

Timeline photos 04/12/2022

PASSION WOD 9 am Saturday, April 16, 2022, at CFS
Every year, as part of our observance of Easter, we take a moment to reflect on the pain and suffering Jesus experienced when He laid down His life in an act of sacrificial love for the human race.

Gyms and FAITH RXD Chapters around the world host the Passion WOD on Easter Weekend, most of them on Good Friday.

Every year, the workout is the same. Each movement holds significant meaning:

Double Unders- to remind us of the lashings he received by a whip with shards of bone and metal that ripped his back.
Barbell Carry/Back Rack Stepping Lunges- to symbolize Jesus carrying his own crossbar to his ex*****on site as he took the weight of our sin upon himself.
Burpees- to signify him conquering death by rising again.

100 Double Unders
800M Barbell Carry (95 lb/65 lb)
100 Burpees
Along with the Passion Wod we will also be making Blessing Bags for the less fortunate. Everyone is asked to bring items to fill the bags. Personal hygiene, socks, unperishable food, and safety items are some of the things that are great to fill these bags.
I will have a sign-up sheet at the gym for items needed, and even if you can't make it Saturday, any donations are greatly appreciated. I would be happy to pick them up from you if required.

Please pass this email along to anyone who would want to join us for this event.

If you are planning on attending, please let me know by email or text
[email protected] 425-359-9817 by Friday, April 15.


Congratulations Sydney and Cole your beautiful little baby is finally here. Welcome to the most exciting time of your life

Sydney is now 💙

Parker Noel Preece
March 26th at 5:56 am
7 pounds 12.5 oz

Timeline photos 04/01/2022

Today is the kick-off to our April Sit-Ups for Pups challenge. Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey, as well as supporting a cause very near and dear to my heart. Whether you choose to do 20 or 150 sit-ups, THANK YOU for your support, I hope you have a little fun with this too, plus who doesn’t love abs of steel. ⁠

Stephanie Lewis and Bristol⁠


She said yes to the 💍 Congratulations Coach Kyle and Danielle ❤️❤️ We can’t wait for you two to get home and celebrate.


Thank you Gabby for your very detailed drawings on how to correctly lift !!!


What ever your going through you’re not the first. Become a part of the community that will help you through it

Timeline photos 02/23/2022

This Saturday at 10:15 am, we will be having our Faith RXD WOD.⁠

Please bring your friends, family, and kids!⁠

Even if you are not a member of CFS, we would love to have you. Please email [email protected]

Timeline photos 02/01/2022

Congratulations to CFS Athletes on their Anniversaries.

Thank you for your loyalty not just to the gym but also to yourself to become healthier and happier, which inspires others to do the same.

Jeff Thompson 6 Years

Joe Birkmeyer 3 Years

Ji Lincoln 2 Years

Sarah Forstie 2 Years

Timeline photos 01/19/2022

We are so excited to announce Faith RXD is back !

We will be meeting at 10:30 am this Saturday at CFS.

Everyone is welcome; we will be having a team WOD and discussing the importance of having a Christ-filled life.

Please email Wendy at [email protected] with any questions

Timeline photos 01/17/2022

Need a little family time? Try CFS for Father Daughter WODS.

Timeline photos 01/01/2022

Happy CrossFit Anniversary, CFS Athletes

Always remember....

You are capable of things unthought of!

Quinn Golden 8 Years

Alicia Erickson 7 Years

Ric Newgard 4 years

Greta Henrie 4 years

Erin Birkmeyer 2 years

Joe DiScala 2 years

Larry Moore 1 year

Derreck Fleischmann 1 year


Who remembers when Elfie hacked into CFS programming??? I wonder if he will try again this year ………….


Who remembers when Elfie hacked into CFS programming??? I wonder if he will try again this year ………….

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