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Orangetheory Fitness South Riding

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So normally I don’t post, I just use the feed for inspiration; however, today I’m particularly proud of myself!

I was locked out my house & car this morning with my heart rate monitor, water bottle, and workout gloves in the car. I had a choice I could run to Orangetheory (.75 miles away) to complete DriTri or continue to be annoyed at locking myself out of the house & car. (Mind you I’m one of those folks who shows up just in time for class / if not right before the late mark) I chose to run to Orangetheory (left the garage door open) completed the DriTri (Sprint) and shaved 4 minutes off my time. 🎉

Then I walked .75 miles home and continued to call my husband to open the door. 😂

Maybe next time I should try the full DriTri. 🤔

Thanks OT!
Does anyone know how to upload OTF workouts to Strava? Thanks!
🚨 Since Coach Tariq didn’t ask us if we were okay with him moving to teach morning classes, now is the time to sign the petition to get him back to evenings! 😂

Sign your initials below to show him how sad we are about missing his ridiculously good dance moves, glass breaking singing voice, ”row faster..”chants, and always PG conversations! 🙃

It won’t be the same and we are soo super sad!! (Sucks when you find a coach that motivates you and has a good play list… then they leave you 😭)

🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️Let’s get him back to evenings before it’s too late… (it probably is too late but it’s worth a try)😝

👎🏻 Post your initials below!!
Great workout today with a great coach!
Pre and Post Workout!
If you know me, you know I love a good workout. 💪

Most days you can find me getting my sweat on at Orangetheory Fitness South Riding. 🥵

So in honor of , here's how to perfect your squats...

👉 Start by standing with your feet under your shoulders and arms by your sides.

👉 Keep your torso upright, push your hips back and bend knees to lower hips until thighs are parallel to the floor.

👉 Return to start and squeeze your glutes at the top.

Congrats — you've completed 1 whole rep! 🤣

Ready for more? Repeat until you feel like you're going to pass out and prepare to be sore tomorrow!
Any word on a re-open date?

Science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired workout designed to produce results from the inside out – giving people a longer, more vibrant life.

Operating as usual


⭐️JANUARY COACH SPOTLIGHT⭐️ Meet Coach Jheanelle! Jheanelle has been working at OTF for almost 6 years. Fitness has always been apart of her life. She played a number of sports and has played Netball for the USA team. Jheanelle's coaching style is high energy, fun, motivational, form focused, and educational. Jheanelle is also the area fitness manager for 4 studios and also an Orangetheory Educator. An OT Educator gets to certify trainers to become Orangetheory coaches. Her biggest supporter is her family. Her fiancé and daughter always push her to be her best! She loves what she does and cannot get enough of the OTF community!

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 01/13/2023



Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Coach Vanessa!!!!! We love you🧡


⭐️JANUARY MEMBER OF THE MONTH⭐️ Meet Gulbir! Gulbir joined in May of 2022 alongside his wife, Moinpreet. His favorite part of Orangetheory is the structured workouts and good, loud music! In his free time he plays Texas Holden poker, watches movies, and swims!

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 01/06/2023


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 01/06/2023


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 01/02/2023

Happy New Year!🎊


Hello January👋🏼

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 12/31/2022

Cheers to 2022! Last workout of the year!!
is ready for you 2023🧡✨


⭐️DECEMBER COACH SPOTLIGHT⭐️ Meet Nicole! Coach Nicole has been working at OTF for almost 2 years. The first time she ever heard of Orangetheory was when someone approached her to become a coach. She has always worked in the fitness and medical field, so she was curious to try it. She showed up for her first workout and was hooked! Shortly after she got certified to coach. Her coaching style is high energy, motivational, form focused, and encouraging! She is a certification ju**ie! Nicole loves traveling, experiencing life, and learning new things. She is scuba certified, so naturally loves the water. She is also the proud owner of two beautiful Siberian Huskies, Koda and Athena.

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 12/29/2022



⭐️STAFF SPOTLIGHT⭐️MEET IZZY! Last month, Izzy hit her one year work anniversary at OTF South Riding. She is currently a senior at Paul VI Catholic High School and plays field hockey and lacrosse in her free time. She will be headed to Virginia Tech in the Fall of 2023! Izzy started out as a member with her mom back in 2019. Once she was old enough to work here, she applied because she loved the atmosphere in the studio and knew it was something she wanted to be apart of. Her favorite part of the job is the people she works with & the OTF community because it makes the job fun!



Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 12/25/2022

We wish you all a Happy Holidays! Enjoy time well spent with friends and family♥️


500 CLASSES FOR JIM!!!!! Huge milestone!!! Keep up the amazing work! 👏🏼

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 12/20/2022

2000m row results are in!🤩


The results are in…. SUPERHEROES will be the theme for TC 2023! Get excited!! Sign ups start 1/1/2023💪🏼

Timeline photos 12/12/2022

How could we go through twelve days of fitness so soon? Time to celebrate with challenges all ‘round the room 😉

Timeline photos 12/08/2022

You know what they say – good things come to those who sweat ✨


⭐️DECEMBER MEMBERS OF THE MONTH⭐️ Meet Bryan, Maria, and Bennett! Bryan and Maria have been members at Orangetheory since July 2020 and their son Bennett just joined last month. Maria heard from a coworker and Bryan joined so he could workout with Maria. They love the variety OTF has to offer and that the workouts are different each day. Bennett wants to work on his strength and endurance and is a big help to his mom to be an accountability buddy.


hello December! One more month in 2022, SO let’s make it a good one. 🤩 Prebook your classes💪🏼🧡

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 11/30/2022

NEW MEMBERS! 📣 Take some inspo from Annie, who’s 25 classes in and still going strong on her .

Her OG goal was to get fit for her sister’s wedding. 👰 “Now I'm 5 months in and I have noticed significant changes. I can actually run for a whole minute. My form has improved so much. [Outside of class], I have a 3-year-old daughter and I love being able to chase her around and crawl around with her. Also, the rest of my family is pretty active. I love how I can keep up with them and my students so much more now.”

Being new has never felt so good. Drop a 🧡 if you see yourself in Annie.

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 11/29/2022

Don’t get cold feet! This is your last chance to register for and have at least 6 days of FUN with your fitness family. Signed up yet? Tell us below in the comments ⬇️.


⭐️NOVEMBER COACH SPOTLIGHT⭐️ Meet Coach Tabby! Coach Tabby heard how cool Orangetheory was, and immediatly booked her first class. She had no idea what she was getting into, and little did she know how big of an impact it would make on her life. After that first workout, she walked up to the coach, asked for a job, and the rest is history. She loves how fun and rewarding her job is! Outside of the studio, Tabby loves to hike, eat tacos, and drink bourbon!

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 11/25/2022

From being unhappy with her body and health to now rocking a more vibrant life with baby in tow, member Kelsey from Orangetheory Stone Ridge says Orangetheory is the best fitness experience she’s had. Fueled by the need for change and not wasting money at other gyms she never went to (or just didn’t know where to start), Kelsey took her friend’s advice and soon discovered … hey! Being new under the orange lights isn’t intimidating. “I worked out all throughout my pregnancy and truly believe it helped me before, during and after to recover. They even gave me options during my workouts when all I could do was waddle!” 🤰 HIGH FIVES! 🖐 What are some of YOUR favorite options in class? Tell us in the comments ⬇️

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 11/24/2022

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thankful for all of our wonderful members🧡🦃 Tag an OTF friend you’re thankful for today🫶🏼

Timeline photos 11/24/2022

You don’t have to say it. We know. OTF Fam, what are you thankful for this ?

12 Small Steps to Put YOU at the Top of Your List this Season | Orangetheory Fitness 11/23/2022

12 Small Steps to Put YOU at the Top of Your List this Season | Orangetheory Fitness

12 Days of Fitness Challenge helps Orangetheory members show what they’re made of during the busiest of seasons. But that’s only the beginning: Here are 12 steps to keep that fitness momentum going.

12 Small Steps to Put YOU at the Top of Your List this Season | Orangetheory Fitness Orangetheory’s 12 Days of Fitness Challenge is only the beginning to a healthy holiday season: 12 steps to keep the fitness momentum going

Timeline photos 11/22/2022

Personality: 10/10 👏


12 DAYS OF FITNESS SPIRIT WEEK! Get excited South Riding🤩

10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Orangetheory Fitness 11/18/2022

10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Orangetheory Fitness

If you know isn’t a frozen yogurt shop, you’re already on the right track.

You may know it involves a workout or already know someone who is a member. But if you haven’t yet become a member, it might be because you don’t exactly know what makes OTF so unique, fun and effective – no matter what your goals are. So, let’s get into it. Click the link to learn 10 things we bet you didn’t know about Orangetheory.

10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Orangetheory Fitness Get to know Orangetheory Fitness through these ten fast facts about our workouts, our culture, our coaches, and more.


3 way tie for bingo between these ladies👏🏼 & that’s a wrap on splat bingo… until next time 🧡

Timeline photos 11/16/2022

PSA: The rower footplates are an excellent stress outlet


first person to win BINGO…. STEFANIE O! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Which flag(s) did you capture and how many meters total did you row? Drop it below 👇

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 11/14/2022


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 11/13/2022

You may not solve all life’s problems ... But tomorrow, you can ROW ‘em all away. Have fun and drop a 🚩 if you’re prebooked.

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 11/11/2022

Today we celebrate Nate and every who finds their fire after time in the service. “After about three years and not finding my true passion, I fell upon a coaching position at OTF La Costa in Carlsbad, CA. I knew as soon as I walked through the studio doors, I found [what I had been missing]. I was hooked, the workouts were fantastic, I saw positive changes in so many individuals, and I loved to come to work every single day. was my sanctuary. It truly changed my life. From the studio staff to the amazing members, I felt that bond I missed in the military.”

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 11/11/2022

Thank you to all our veterans and those still serving for your commitment and dedication to our country! Happy Veterans Day🇺🇸🧡

What To Wear To Your First Orangetheory Class | Orangetheory Fitness 11/10/2022

What To Wear To Your First Orangetheory Class | Orangetheory Fitness

During your first Orangetheory class, the last thing you want is to realize that you forgot a sweat towel or you wore the wrong shoes. Here are five things you should have that will set you up for success in the studio.

What To Wear To Your First Orangetheory Class | Orangetheory Fitness You should be focused on your workout, not what you’re wearing. Feel prepared for your first Orangetheory class with these tips.


Do you want to share your OTF Journey and inspire people around the world?

Drop your story below!

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 11/07/2022

Aliyah Boston x 🏀. We teamed up with the most outstanding player in the Women’s college basketball.

She collaborated with our fitness team to create the “Shot Clock” workout - a medicine ball workout that includes agility drills and some of Aliyah’s favorite go-to core exercises inspired by her training regimen.

Train like Aliyah and prebook your class for November 10th – first class is free so grab a friend who loves 🏀 🏀 🏀 to join in on the fun.


Who's your favorite OTF Coach? Shout them out and drop their IG below!

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 11/07/2022


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 11/05/2022

Tomorrow, you have one extra hour to crush your goals💪. No time is no excuse. Tag a friend and make this count.

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 11/03/2022

. Tomorrow, you’ve got twelve minutes to put one foot in front of the other. Cut the “I can’t” nonsense. Cut the noise, everything that holds you back. What can you do in twelve minutes to bring you further than last time? Drop that goal distance ⬇️.


Favorite thing about OTF: I know that I will always have a positive customer experience and a fantastic, challenging workout during each visit.
Goals: My goal is to be physically fit and ensure my blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol and the rest of my lab work indicate healthy levels.
Free time: In my free time, I volunteer as an educational mentor for students in high school thru doctorate studies.
Fun fact: I am a shoe feen and a book nerd!


Do you remember your first time at ?

What was that experience like and what advice do you have for someone thinking about going in for a free class this month?

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness South Riding's post 11/01/2022

hello November👋🏼 Prebook those classes for the benchmarks. Check out Thanksgiving and the day after adjusted schedules!


Did you complete Hell Week 2022!?

Share your pics & results below!

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It’s not a benchmark, it’s a benchMONTH! Join us on August 1st at your favorite tread for Marathon Month. Run, jog, or p...
Coach Mary bringing the 🔥🔥🔥 for ALL OUT w/ Aoki this morning! Get your spot in the 10:30am or 11:40am, don’t miss out on...
TWO DAYS LEFT TO GET THE JUNE PROMO!! Call the studio at 571-989-7600 to join and get your first month FREE!!🧡🧡
❗️REMIX IN SIX❗️Get excited for the 6 week challenge starting June 13th! Sign up at the front desk- registration is FREE...
And the winner of April’s Refer & Receive is…… KESHIA BOND!!!!! 🥳🥳 Please pick up your new Theragun whenever you’re in t...




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