If you're looking to support a local small business and brand, it would be greatly appreciated to check out my current sale.

Swimbox is also offering cyber Monday which you can sign up for on their website:

If you would like to sign up for a package of 5 or 10 lessons, this might be your best opportunity!!!

The lessons can go to 2022. A perfect opportunity to prepare for Ramadan as well and any trainings you have.

Thank you again for your support on my journey.
It can be challenging to maintain your training schedule during Ramadan. Check out these tips from BeFit4Akhirah! ⬇️
Several inspiring women working in the tech and business industry shared their stories from breaking the glass ceiling to pioneering new roles, to being industry leaders. Watch the full documentary "I Am Womxn" our YouTube Channel (link below). Let us know what you think!
Keep inspiring!


Yesmine Abed
Tiziana Ceres
Luisa M. Carvajal Photography
👏 Recently, MWEN had the pleasure to host a live informal talk with Coach Ola.
Coach Ola is a graduate of George Mason University. She is a certified Personal trainer and a swim instructor. She is also a podcast host where she talks about fitness and health from an Islamic Perspective and a founder of BeFit4Akhirah
In her live session she talked about how to stay active & healthy during the winter season because days are getting shorter and colder & with it can come lack of motivation, and seasonal depression for some & COVID too can make it harder for some than others.
She emphasized the need to put aside time for the following daily to as often as possible but to start small, taking baby steps.
Her key points were broken down into the following:
1) Exercise - start with 5 min movement with static or dynamic stretches or jog and build up slowly with time or intensity.
2) Stay hydrated -
Without it body can feel tired & in winter hydration becomes even more important.
🍉 🍎 🥒
3) Make sure you are getting the right Nutrition. (Substitute unhealthy snacks with some healthy ones especially if you are an emotional eater).
4. Mental health -
-take time out for self love & self care. (start small)
-have a support system in place, speak up and ask for help.
💤 🛏
5. Grab your sleep.
6. Spirituality/Faith
- closeness to Allah.

Coach Ola currently provides virtual classes on zoom and also has daily/monthly challenges and a support group on facebook. For more information, one can directly get in touch with her or reach her through her website:
Who understands? :)
haha but Purposeful Fitness with Coach Ola taught us how to swim on land! :)
Have you voted in our awards yet?? ONLY 5 days to go!

Who is your favourite blogger in the HEALTH category

Nutrition by Nazima
Energized Muslimah
Zehra Allibhai - The FitNest
Healthy Muslimah
Body N Mind Fit
Fit Muslimah Mubarakah Ibrahim
Life of a Medic
Aysha Bint Mahmud

Don't forget to vote! There is also a free ebook available from one of our sponsors Na'ima B. Robert at the end of the voting form!

Read the blog post to find out more and to vote!
A short snippet from the entire podcast that I did with BeFit4Akhirah
Only one more day until Ramadan begins, Alhamdulillah! What are some of your goals and how have you prepared for them? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Last night we had a wonderful evening learning about staying healthy during Ramadan and beyond with Coach Ola from BeFit4Akhirah!
We also mapped out our spiritual and service oriented goals for the month with Mounira from the MakeSpace team while sharing advice, prayer, and food with one another.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Don't forget to get your Ramadan calendar from us at the upcoming taraweeh services. Taraweeh starts tomorrow night (Sunday, May 5th) at 9:45 p.m. in two locations! Springfield/Alexandria: Franconia Fire Station and Arlington: Marriott Crystal City.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Overcoming bulimia and healing spiritual wounds, a chat with Coach Ola from BeFit4Akhirah.

Healing Spiritual Wounds Event Info:

Coach Ola's Ramadan Prep fitness challenge:

Personal Training, Group Training, and much more! We help women find purpose through fitness and reg Hello everyone, my name is Ola K.

Alghazzouli, an ACE certified personal trainer. My goal is to help you stay fit and active as well as inspired and motivated. Also, as a Muslim, my goal is to remind myself first foremost and Muslims on our 5th pillar [article] of faith in Islam which is the belief in the Last Day (as we call it in Arabic: Akhira). I want to inspire all of us to workout, to stay fit, and active so our bodies can b

Operating as usual


💪Do you need support with your workouts?

🫶I am offering three more free virtual workout sessions inside the group Purposeful Fitness with Coach Ola plus I will be offering again outdoor workout sessions during Thanksgiving break.

🍂We have about 3 more weeks until Thanksgiving!🍂

🌐With the world news, we can be paralyzed, emotionally overwhelmed, & unable to stay focused.

🏃‍♀️Incorporate workouts into your busy life to help you cope better and to release the stress out. The workouts will include bodyweight and weights if you have at home. All the replays are available inside guide 1.

🟢I have also started a whatsapp channel for all updates. If you would like to stay up to date and receive free tips and positive vibes, check out my channel:
Follow the Ola K. Alghazzouli [BeFit4Akhirah] channel on WhatsApp:

Remember to:
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

Coach Ola


An influencer & someone I know said on her socials, "No one cares about your meals and what you're sharing right now" as she is crying over what's happening in Gaza. I'm crying too, so don't take me wrong. But it doesn't mean we stop living our lives either. There needs to be a healthy balance and that balance must start with the mind, inside our brain, at the amygdala.

Nutrition is one of the factors to help you with your emotional regulation and well-being. The saying never changes, "You are what you eat." And your brain is also, "you are what you think."

Feed your brain with nourishing food and break a sweat through your workouts to release the endorphins to your body.

I prepared meals for next 2 days plus washed fruits to have them ready during the week. I have a history of eating disorders. Eating fruits and veggies can be a challenge for me. It's crucial that I keep going & keep this process as simple as possible.

If you haven't joined our group yet, we have 5 more free 30 minutes workout sessions with me inside Purposeful Fitness with Coach Ola

Remember to:
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.


Are you exhausted emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually over what's happening around the world?

For a limited time only, I am going to offer short workout sessions virtually inside my group, Purposeful Fitness with Coach Ola and offer short healing sessions as well.

During times like now, it becomes crucial to make time to exercise and to become more mindful with your emotional well-being.

I understand right now it is a heavy time for us all as we are going through grief, through sadness, and through many different emotions at once.

Give your body the opportunity to become physically active to release the endorphins out, to release the stress out, and to take care of yourself ❤️

I look forward to seeing you on the other side: Purposeful Fitness with Coach Ola

Remember to:
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 10/12/2023

This is an old pic. And when you swipe left, it's a repost from 2021! During these times, please make time for your mental health and check in with yourself. It can be draining for people who feel the feelings and emotions of everything around them and who become anxious about hard times like these. Stay strong and keep going.

Remember to:
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

With love,
Coach Ola


I'm glad we have this post up! It's in a timely manner right now. Take care of your mental health and emotional well-being at times like now.

Save this & share with your friends on your stories, and tag them in the comments below ⬇️

Here are helpful resources:
3. .foundation

And of course more! Tag them below if you know resources for mental health professionals. There are so many these days!!!

Are you looking for private Facebook group and accountability?

Come and join our group at Purposeful Fitness with coach Ola!

You can also sign up for swim lessons with Ola at Swimbox and George Mason university as well as inquire on personalized personal training programs.

Click the link for more information!

Remember to:
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 10/11/2023

Happy Tuesday ❤️ 😊
Did you know for $10, you can get your InBody test taken at most gyms?

I got mine taken this morning before my workout and when I got back home, I took my girth measurements and current pictures of my body shape to track my progress.

While I'm still doing physical therapy, I decided to listen to my body and do what I can handle right now.

To learn more about InBody tests, visit

🏋‍♀️Most gyms offers this test for free when you sign up for their personal training packages.

🔢Numbers are important for health progress. Numbers such as hip to waist ratio is an important indicator to health.

🎅Obesity is an epidemic as well and is one of the leading causes for cardiovascular diseases. But fitness and nutrition alone aren't the only solution to the obesity epidemic.

🧠The mind is an important area to track as well. But how do you track mental health progress?
Are feelings measurable for example?

📈📉There are different ways to track progress of mental health such as if someone is on medications and can get off from them for life. Mood swings and mood management is another way to track such as how resilience can you be during the hardest times in your life.
Relationship statuses and how well your interpersonal relationships are going.

Are you able to get out more often or afraid to step outside of comfort zone?

What if we put numerical measurements to these factors and track alongside body fat, body weight, and body measurements?

These are my own thoughts and questions I'm asking out loud.

As always, remember to:
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

Coach Ola


2nd week of physical therapy ✔️✅️! And I have booked my sessions for the rest of October, Alhamdulliah. And I have 2 weeks off from my water aerobic classes at GMU for pool construction clean up. I will no longer be working at SwimBox as of right now. I will return when I can.

Literally I pray that I can slow down a little bit and actually catch up with life, catch up with myself, and take care of me.

Sometimes injuries are set backs and are blessings too. 🙌


Movement Podcast: Are You Overstressed or Under Recovered?

Movement Podcast: Breaking Down and Battling Low Back Pain

These are helpful and important episodes.

The biggest takeaways are:

1. There are environmental and non-training related factors to consider when looking at clients/patients who are experiencing pain while exercising.

2. The multifidus muscles are sometimes inhibited and are needed for strong back.

Again: Look at the root causes of pain and not just the symptoms.


Sobhna Allah. As I'm reading through IDEA Oct 2017 magazine edition, I found this statement:

"Addressing excessive and/or compulsive exercising can not only play a big part in recovery but may also be a lifesaving. Hausenblas, Cook & Chittester (2007) state that in individuals with ED [eating disorders], excessive exercising is the behavior most strongly associated with su***de." ***depreventionmonth

Please support the Fairfax Walk this fall to help #stopsu***de 09/24/2023

In shaa Allah if all goes well with schedule and life, I plan to do this last walk in the northern Virginia area. And if I can, I am planning to record a quick workout demo if I find myself comfortable in front of people. Because I believe fitness and mental health must go hand in hand. And if I will continue to share what I'm learning from the mental health field because it's not within my scope of practice to diagnose or provide treatments, but I can share what I learn and refer to research whenever possible.

Sharing my experiences is only one piece to connect with others on a personal and emotional level.

Borderline personality disorder is something I have recently been sharing about that's related to su***de but it's not the only disorder or mental health issue that is related to su***de. There are other factors to be learned about and to be talked about to raise awareness, to shatter the biases we might have, and to empower the vulnerable ones struggling with su***de ideation that there is hope and there is a way out.

Please support the Fairfax Walk this fall to help #stopsu***de Please support the American Foundation for Su***de Prevention to help save lives and bring hope to those affected by su***de. Donate or register to walk!


🙌 Let the journey begin! Almost a month ago is when I fell off from the stairs at home, 8-24-23! I'm still in pain and pushing through because it's what we do, right?...

Wrong. We take time out for ourselves and take care of pain to improve ourselves.

This is my first time doing physical therapy on myself and for myself so I'm happy I'm doing it at last.


Hi everyone 👋
I have IDEA Health & Fitness Association magazines since 2016! 😮‍💨🥲
And I'm in the process of decluttering my office. It's one of my goals to declutter my emails and office by end of Sept if possible.

Therefore, I am on a mission 😎
And I did an Instagram poll asking my audiences whether I should do a podcast episode, reel/post, or a combination of sharing the summary of each magazine. The answers were podcast and few both.

In order to hold myself accountable, I am going to re-read them and share posts about them on my socials. I'll try to combine couple of magazines into a podcast episode. I should be able to get back into recording and publishing new episodes hopefully by Dec 2023 or in 2024, in shaa Allah.


Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 09/07/2023

Swipe left 📱👈

If you have been a regular follower of Ola or BeFit4Akhirah, then you will know she talks about Su***de prevention month during September.

This is a triggering topic, which is why the trigger warning was mentioned above the post.

I hope you find this post helpful, educational, and supportive.

With love,
Coach Ola

Remember to Swim4Akhirah.
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

***deprevention ***de

Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 09/07/2023
At 97, the First Lady of Fitness Is Still Shaping the Industry (Gift Article) 09/05/2023

I actually met her in LA this summer, and I took pictures with her. I still haven't shared everything from CA trip 🥲 or summer BeFit4Akhirah related activities.

But her energy was just amazing masha Allah! At her age. I was inspired and motivated from her to give back this kind of energy to my parents, to myself, to my clients, and to the world.

Age is nothing but a number. Your movement might change as you age but if you do early prevention then you'll age gracefully.

At 97, the First Lady of Fitness Is Still Shaping the Industry (Gift Article) Elaine LaLanne — who revolutionized modern exercise alongside her husband, Jack — is a model for aging well.


Thank you for your support and interest in our work. In case you have not seen our stories, Coach Ola did go through a little hiccup that allowed the summer to come to an end work-wise.

This summer, we had a survey to get your responses for swimming classes, but it seems like the times we hosted them didn't work out. We will have more to come in 2024, but we need the time to kind of pause, reflect, and continue the work.

We also didn't get a chance to show everything via posts; therefore, we will.

Until then, come join our private group inside Purposeful Fitness with Coach inside Facebook! 💪

Remember to Swim4Akhirah.
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

Coach Ola


Alhamdulliah, yes I'm still fighting through pain. I taught the last water aerobic outdoor class for summer 2023 with one of my jobs. But before it, I had another class at GMU back to back. Then I had almost two hour break between my next swim lessons. I had three swim lessons back to back. Yes, welcome to the life of a fitness coach. This is nothing if I compare myself to what other fitness instructors go through.

Our industry is exhausting. Any injury is a set back and emotional situation too regardless of what you do for living.

However, my managers were understanding and asked me if I wanted to stay home and not teach. I couldn't say no because I wanted to show up for our participants especially with GMU has just opened up for the Fall 2023 semester. I also didn't want to rely on substitutes for my water aerobic class right now.

It's my responsibility upon my shoulders.

So what I did at GMU was the same way as how I am showing in this picture. I put the workout up on the chair and slowly demonstrated the exercises. I didn't push myself as I was told from the physician assistant yesterday. She told me to keep it light impact.

But at this pool, since it's outdoors, I went in the water with them. Since the water was cold at first, it felt nice as if I'm in ice bath 🥲. I also sat on the noodle and used it as a chair in the pool when my body couldn't take it anymore. 😎 Yes, I also had to sit at GMU and not move for a minute because my body feels like a rock after long time moving around.

The classes went well and so did the swim lessons. I am also on anti-inflammatory steroid medicine now which is easing the pain JUST a little.

After classes, I used the ice pack in the car seat to ice my back while I'm driving between work places. It's just like a pillow.

Yup. This is my life and the life of many other fitness coaches as well.

Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.
Coach Ola

If you haven't joined my community yet, come and join us inside Purposeful Fitness with Coach Ola


📢This is the LAST call for our summer 2023 classes! THREE [3] MORE SWIM CLASSES TO GO AND 1 AQUAFIT CLASS TO GO!

✅️There are still spots available! There is a class tomorrow, Monday, Aug 14th.
To sign up, click the link below:

💪Take advantage of this opportunity before it's too late. For private lessons during this summer, you can view my schedule through

👀If you want the truth: we have ZERO women signing up for our swimming classes. I'm quite speechless. Monday, Aug 28th has some spots taken. But the rest are empty.

💪But this is the best that I can offer. People ask for swim lessons and water aerobics but when the opportunity is presented in front of them, other priorities come up.

💪Ola also works at SwimBox, LetSwim, & GMU. Her schedule is pretty full. Thank you for your understanding. This is all she can do. The rest is up to people whether they are ready to take action or not.

📢We hope you take advantage of this opportunity before it's too late.

Remember to Swim4Akhirah.
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.
Coach Ola

Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 08/10/2023

Isn't it sad that I'm supposed to be teaching water aerobics class right now, but no one signed up? Literally, no one

So why am I here then?

Because a friend of mine can come to today's class so I offered swim session.

And guess what? We still had to start the class with her walking in the water first to become comfortable before she got the lesson started.

I actually do this with my clients at SwimBox as well.

My next water aerobic class is on Aug 31st. Then it's not until 2024 for you to get this opportunity again

:) for more information.

With tough love,
Coach Ola


Join us this Saturday for a seminar on nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

I will be among the guests to speak with the community for fitness and overall benefits of exercise for health.

There will be others as well. And we are there ready to answer your questions, concerns, and take in your feedback.

Remember to Swim4Akhirah.
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

Coach Ola

Research Archives - Aqua Fitness Online 08/09/2023

If you are interested in reading research or blogs on aquafitness, check the link below.

I am offering one class tomorrow 4-5 p.m and one on Thursday, Aug 31st 4-5 p.m.

Come and discover what aquafitness does to your body.

To learn more, click the link below:

With love,
Coach Ola

Research Archives - Aqua Fitness Online Effects of Resistance Exercise on Bone Health July 12, 2023 Authors – A Ram Hong1 and  Sang Wan Kim2Author informationArticle notesCopyright and License informationDisclaimerGo to: Abstract The prevalence of chronic diseases including osteoporosis and sarcopenia increases as the population ages...


✅️It takes patience with oneself to see results in anything one wants to achieve.

🎙On my podcast, I have spoken on the importance of dryland training at least through 3 episodes! []

😊I keep repeating myself that I'm not just a swim instructor because I don't want you to associate me with swimming alone. I'm an ACE certified personal trainer, and my background is in fitness coaching. I have the skillset to teach beginner - intermediate level of swimming only!

✅️Yes. I'm passionate about various topics, and I bring it all back together to fitness.

🖐Below are 5 top exercises that you should be doing to become a better swimmer:
1. Plank - Work on your core strength because it helps with stability and balance.
2. Bird dog - yet another core exercise that involves balance and coordination. This is crucial for swimming.
3. Squats - build up glute strength and work on your hip movement - hips back, knees behind, and back straight.
4. Push up: upper body strength, which is important for chest muscles - especially if you want to get better at breaststroke.
5. Glutebridge: another glute exercise that helps to mimic the backstroke movement of lifting up hips in the water.

💪There are MORE exercises to add to the list.
This is what I recommend starting off with.

✅️Yesterday, we had 3 ladies come to my semi-private group swim lesson. And it has been an honor to work with them. One of them is a returning client, Alhamdulliah.

To learn more about my current programs, visit for further information.

Come and join our private Facebook group: Purposeful Fitness with Coach Ola
Share your workouts. Ask questions. Cheer others on!

Click the link in our bio for more information!

Let's keep MOVING with a purpose

Remember to Swim4Akhirah.
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.
Coach Ola

Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 08/03/2023

Did someone say rain? Oh wait what? Rain?

As long as there is no thunder and lightning, it's safe to be in the pool.

Apparently there has been some technical issues with Swimply app. I had issues last summer too. It's happening again.

I did not know I had rental for today until I received email notification. I panicked. Luckily, my client who signed up for 10 lessons with me was willing to meet up at the house.

We did it while it was just drizzling. Now it's obviously more raining so we got blessed [sure and lucky].

If you want to consider signing up for swim lessons, this is the last chance I'm calling for it. for more information. for my transparency in my prices.

Unless you can afford coming to swimbox which I know another friend joined them. Our schedule didn't match so she's working with another instructor.

I'm a certified personal trainer. I'm a fitness coach. Remove the idea of Ola as the swim instructor.

Thank you,
Coach Ola

Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 07/30/2023

I got my morning coffee and peanut butter jam. I'm so energetic 😂😎👀 Let's do this! Tri It Now

My first sprint aquathlon race in the summer. I usually do races only in the fall to finish year off strong. Now I want to finish summer off strong and start 4th quarter off right, by Allah's Will.


Is this too much info?😂😎

This is my outfit for today's race! And yes my speedo swimsuit alive.

Let's do this! In shaa Allah and bismillah


I signed up for Tri It Now race for tomorrow since May or June, a sprint race. And I'm not feeling ready. 2 miles run, 400m swim 😟😩 Let see how the race will go.


😟☀️🌞 Stay safe. Stay hydrated. Get your sunscreen lotion on. Even I got mine on.


Are you ready to finish summer 2023 off strong 💪?

☀️This summer, I am only able to provide the following dates and times for group classes. I took the survey answers and tried my best to make it work out for all of us.

✔️If you are still interested in private lessons, refer to this post on instagram:

💪To reserve your spot and get started with swimming classes, visit the link below:

💯I highly recommend that you join aquafit classes because it's super important for your joint health.

👉To sign up, click the link below:

😎Let's finish summer off strong and make an opportunity to swim this summer ☀️

Remember to Swim4Akhirah.
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

Coach Ola


Alhamdulliah, I have finally returned to my own private swim lessons.

If you have been chasing me or looking for how to work with me, again, please read the following:

1. Visit for group lessons. I still need to find another pool and create content to promote.

2. Look into my availability through
Creating this calendar has been life saver for all of us!

3. Consider SwimBox even though it can be a bit pricey. There are other instructors besides me. I'm not taking anything personal if we don't end up working together.

4. Consider George Mason University. I'm not accepting any clients through them right now.

5. Email me with the subject line: swimming at [email protected]

I AM behind. I am catching up. I am doing my best ability to manage and show up.

Remember to have abundant mindset. Allah is our sustainer and our rizq is already written down.

I am sorry if I have not responded back to you. Today's clients have been in contact with me since LAST SUMMER! She wasn't the only one.

Thank you for being understanding.

Come and join our private community inside Purposeful Fitness with Coach Ola to ask questions, share your workouts, and receive support. In the near future, I do hope to move out of Facebook and create my own community elsewhere.

With love,
Coach Ola

Remember to Swim4Akhirah
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.


☀️Are you looking for swimming classes with me again for the summer?

🙌Fear not! I got you covered! Please visit

✈️Before I went on my work trip, I booked pools. However, due to maintenance issues with the Leesburg location, it got canceled. Therefore, I'm going to find another location to rent out through Swimply!

✅️But the website has the schedule, and I'm going to try and add more dates if possible. This weekend's class is canceled because I didn't have time to promote it, and I'm still catching up with work right here in Virginia!

💪Let's do this!

Remember to Swim4Akhirah,
Be Strong. Be Fit. BeFit4Akhirah.

Coach Ola

Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 07/18/2023

These were the last two sessions that I attended at IDEA Health & Fitness Association WORLD conference.

And my goodness. I have SO much that I want to share with the world. This is why I will do a podcast post after I reflect and review what I learned from this conference.

The first session confirmed and validated my approach to fitness and life: self regulation over self discipline!

The second session confirmed and validated my profession as a fitness coach. In fact, I gave out TWO copies of my Welcome Ramadan book. One was given to an attendee because he asked the speaker in regards to what can we share about nutrition to our clients. What is considered within our scope of practice?

I told him that I did talk about nutrition within my Welcome Ramadan book but limited. So after he finished speaking with the speaker, he asked the name of my book. Since I had extra copies, I gifted it to him.

The second copy was given to the speaker. I asked his feedback in how can I connect with doctors and other professionals. He accepted the gift of my book to go through it and provide back constructive feedback.

Alhamdulliah wa al Shakur to Allah.


Now that I'm actually back in Virginia, I will share the truth with social media. [I guess Facebook]

I have purposefully not shared my out and abouts on the trip because I wholeheartedly believe in evil eye. It's mentioned in the Quran and sunnah.

Even though I barely shared with you all what I've been doing, there were ups and downs on the trip. But I don't attribute it to evil eye. I attributed it to the fact that we just needed to keep Allah in mind at all times.

Also, I was able to meet few friends we know in California. And I wasn't able to see all LA but I'm not too bummed about it. There was one friend I didn't see because before my trip, there were miscommunication between us, and she no longer wants to see me. Yes. It hurts inside. But I'm also okay with it because I know I wasn't wrong alone. We all make mistakes.

I already saw the Nike banner excluding Muslimah woman in hijab in downtown LA. And I still find it interesting that other Muslims haven't called it out as I have. Representation need to stay consistent and not seasonal or in certain places and times. For example, in Canada, I saw another Instagram post of a Muslim women owned organization where they are celebrating their newest achievement in a building. I am happy for the organization. Nike has sponsored them before. But inside the building, there were pictures of Nike posters as well. There were 0 muslim women in hijab on those posters.

California is known to be the place for surfing and swimming. Therefore, I did sign up for surfing lesson at Vince Beach and signed up for paddling at Mission Bay.

Unfortunately for me but fortunately for my mom, my snorkeling activity was canceled at La Jolla Beach. I wasn't able to reschedule it because we had to drive up to Newport Beach the next day.

I used Groupon to sign up for activities. This was my very first ever business/work trip. I never planned for a trip from point A to point H until this trip.

This opportunity taught me lessons and allowed me to step outside my comfort zone.

It allowed me to revive faith in Allah and believe in miracles that can happen.

Alhamdulliah and all gratitude to Allah swt. ❤️

Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 07/17/2023

I am obviously back in Virginia 😆. I find it creepy to let people know I'm traveling right now. But thank you California for the stay. Thank you American Council on Exericse for the invitation. Thank you IDEA for the opportunity to volunteer and participate in the sessions. Thank you to family and friends that knew about this trip and have supported me for it. As I am back in VA, I will be announcing our upcoming swimming lessons for this summer asap.

Tomorrow is last day in Dhul Hijjah and in our Islamic calendar year.

Take an opportunity to reflect on how this year has been for you.


Yes, I am a member of WIFA and certified through ACE. It was nice meeting some of the ladies that I have only met through Zoom networking meetings. There is definitely a huge difference between meeting people virtual and meeting in person.

Photos from BeFit4Akhirah's post 07/14/2023

This is my first IDEA Health & Fitness Association IDEA WORLD conference but not the first IDEA event. There is IDEA PTI which happens once a year for the most recent years and locally in DMV area.

Sobhna Allah. In one of the sessions I attended today, the speaker saw my post inside IDEA World Convention Attendees where I also shared how NIKE didn't represent us. How hard is it to find a woman to wear a headscarf and have a spot for her on the poster. 😄

It's amazing that we are in the last few days in our Islamic calendar.

Let's finish the last few days off strong and start next week on a fresh note ✍️

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How it all started out: BeFit4Akhirah

The name BeFit4Akhirah came together in 2014 when I was listening to lectures on YouTube called, “Prophetic Dynasty” from Imam Wisam Sharieff. This year I also lost my grandmother as she passed away back home, in Damascus, Syria. Her death was very emotional and heartbreaking for me because she was calling my mom’s and my name in the hospital while she was sleeping and saw us in her dream. The doctors asked who were these names and why did she call them. Once they found out they were her daughter and granddaughter, the doctor said they need to be here because the chances of her living are very slim. I was in school at that time, Spring semester at George Mason University, and I couldn’t leave. However, my mom was able to go and be with her during her last days.

Prior to birth of BeFit4Akhirah, I have battled su***de attempts, overcame eating disorder(s), and much more. I have had my up’s and downs as I still do, but they were hard to deal with, and I did seek professional and spiritual help as well as had amazing support system by my side.

When I discovered the lectures on YouTube, Prophetic Dynasty, I found my connection again with Allah swt as well as felt connected with all the prophets. I took the lectures very seriously as I took notes in my notebook and saved them till this day, and I was watching as well as taking notes privately in my room without having anyone find out. And the reason for that is because seeking Islamic knowledge has been a little struggle for me because when I wore my hijab in 2011 and started practicing Islam more, I was told that I am becoming “religious” and that I am going “extreme”. So I had lost the balance and fell off wagon, and until this day, I remind myself to keep trying and stay as strong and true as possible to my belief and values.

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