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פילאטיס מכשירים בפתח תקווה - אור פרסמן

This really requires no words but I’ma say it anyways ... Pilates is one of the most efficient and effective movement methods out there. Period. 💪🏼

That's how your abs look when you do #Pilates!

(🎥 Bluebird Pilates Munich)

Always love my weekly sesh with my girl Darcey! We talk biz, we dish on yummy, healthy recipes, we therapize each other...oh, and we do Pilates, too💪🏼


Pilates Is Famous For Sculpting Lean Bodies, but It's Actually the Ultimate Injury Rehab

popsugar.com Dancers and athletes have learned the secret healing powers of Pilates for injuries — it's time you did, too.

Pretty much sums it up 😉

I truly have the sweetest clients ... thank you Caitlin for these beauties and Ginger for my tea and bath salts ❤️❤️❤️

Caitlin and Ginger gettin’ their core burn on💪🏼🔥🙌🏼

The Pilates Barre has officially changed its name but all the same awesomeness ( and more! ) is still happening over here 💪🏼 New Aberdeen location too! 🔥🔥🔥

פילאטיס מכשירים בפתח תקווה - אור פרסמן

Just sayin’ 💪🏼🙌🏼

Teaser time!

(🎥 @woodsfit)

YO! F.R.E.E. 7 Min Sweat today at 2:00 pm est! Let’s Burn & Firm together💪🏼 Register at www.burnandfirmpilates.com❤️

My 5”10 and over class 😳👯‍♀️💪🏼 ( Not for real, they just all happen to be tall with loooong legs! ) Go ladies🎉🎉🎉

Doesn’t get much cuter than this❣️

Guess what I’m holding y’all??!! Keys to a new studio, THAT’S WHAT🎉 The Pilates Barre is soon becoming Burn and Firm Pilates and Barre ... new location, new name... same ass kicking classes, now including our exclusive Burn & Firm circuit classes, straight from our members only online program ... get ready to laugh, sweat, strengthen, lengthen, carve, and be a part of a very special growing community of women ( and guys, please!!! ) who support and cheer each other on💪🏼 Stay tuned for updates 😘

פילאטיס מכשירים בפתח תקווה - אור פרסמן

That's how your abs look when you do #Pilates!

(🎥 Bluebird Pilates Munich)

I LOVE my clients 💕 Thank you George, Teresa and Lois for making my BD special! There’s no greater gift than your grunts, groans, sweat and laughter ❌⭕️

Buff Bold and Beautiful

❤️Try 30 sec sets of each move consecutively with a 10-20 sec rest between rounds for a total of 5 rounds ... if you're feeling extra sassy, throw in a 30 sec cardio set at the end of each round, ya little badass! My lil' arse always talks to me the day following this quickie! PRO TIP: when you lower to tap the hip/glute to the mat on inhale, you are flexing the hip and hinging it back. Use your deep exhale to fire the core and glutes to extend the hip forward. And don't you dare sink into that supporting shoulder, I'll know it! Now commence to shaping dat ass❤️

Buff Bold and Beautiful

❤️Mini me and I finally managed to pull one off! This is a fun and challenging partner exercise with sliders ... @abbeyscheeracc_ and I are trunk twisting and passing a weightless playground ball, but if you want to increase the challenge, you have good stabilization and balance and your partner is over 10 ( ha! ), passing a weighted ball would be great!❤️

Buff Bold and Beautiful

❤️Got a furry fatty? Squat that thang!!! #fattysquats❤️

Buff Bold and Beautiful

❤️Have a band and a staircase? Then you have a workout! These are just three of about 100 moves you could do - and to add a HIIT component you could alternate these slow, controlled, strengthening moves with stair running, elevated plank jogging or stair jumps / alternating jump lunges... but the point is, you don't need a gym full of expensive equipment to get in shape❤️

Buff Bold and Beautiful

❤️Oooooooh-BLIQUES!!!!! K y'all, HERE'S THE SECRET ... see my hand placement in the first and second set? It's all about OPPOSITIONAL RESISTANCE! When hand is placed on outside of knee, PULL with hand, RESIST with knee. When hand is placed to inside of knee, PUSH with hand, RESIST with knee. Do the movement with and without resisting and notice how much deeper the abdominal firing is with the latter. Additionally, you are ... 1. Flexed up and over bra strap 2. Rotated 3. Elbows wide. 4. Shoulders down 5. Ribs wrapped in and down. 6. Abs deepened toward spine. 7. Every vertebrae ( esp lumbar ) actively engaged into the mat - will want to lift when extended leg is lowered. Now you're ready to go KILL IT❤️

Because my clients need a good laugh on a Monday morning ... and no, none of these fictional characters are based on you!!! ... well, maybe Brittney 😍👯💪🏼

Buff Bold and Beautiful

❤️This is a serious, deep core burn when executed slowly and with precision and good form. Beginning with head, neck and upper shoulders lifted off the mat - abdominals deepening each vertebrae into the mat, arms hovering at side, pressing long into the ( 3lb ) hand weights. Legs extended, actively adducted and lowered where you can maintain spinal connection to mat with effort. THEN you get to move! As you lift long arms to circle, ribs wrap in and down and abs draw in even deeper - this anchors the movement of the arms and is what effectively strengthens your core... circling is followed by three controlled, slow "pulses" initiated by core, not overcompensated with hip flexor firing ( they should be working in unison, but think core first! ) ❤️



WATCH with AUDIO & in HD

My clients would NEVER have such trust issues ( wink, wink ) 😈


World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

dailyoccupation.com We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. So, here it is. I…

Buff Bold and Beautiful

❤️I may not know what to do with a giant zucchini ( I hear you snickering ) but I can make a mean ass smoothie! My FAVE #smoothie lately is this little power packed beauty ... here's the recipe:
🔹One small banana
🔹One scoop choc whey isolate ( of course, use your fave protein powder - if possible, no artificial anything )
🔹One tbsp ground chia seeds 🔹One tbsp organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil 🔹2 handfuls frozen organic kale 🔹One tbsp natural almond butter 🔹Handful of Ice 🔹Unsweetened, carrageenan free almond milk, to desired consistency. Sooooo good and sooooo good for you❤️


Class review: The Bootybarre workout

aladygoeswest.com What to expect in your first Bootybarre class and talking about what the Bootybarre workout is like. Details, class format and more.

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Buff Bold and Beautiful

❤️Well its permanently painted on my wall, so it's definitely happening... lol... so excited to finally be imminently launching Burn & Firm Pilates with the ever badass @erinhuggins! Labors of love take a long time, especially when you're both busy mamas with FT jobs, so you keep that little flame burning, until it finally grows into an inferno! And trust me, we're on fire, and you will be too, very soon! Stay tuned for more info... let's do this thang together❤️

Happiest client of the day! And definitely the cutest ... thank you Caitlin Green for bringing sweet Paige to Pilates today! She's gonna have a killer teaser💪🏼😍

Sylvester Stallone

Brutal! Working out with my daughter doing Pilates… Oh my God. This is like going the distance with Clubber Lang and Drago before breakfast!! This is an amazing workout but definitely not for the faint of heart that that that I've lifted weights I have boxed, wrestled, Track and field, played football and many other sports… But this one pushes you to the limit… And [email protected] stallone


Reasons why all athletes should do Pilates

www.si.com A list of all of the benefits of Pilates, including better flexibility, trunk stability, injury prevention and athletic performance.

This is a section of our Burn and Firm HIIT class from today ... safe to say we'll be feeling it tomorrow 💪🏼😳

True story.

If anyone wants to schedule a session with our guest instructor, I'd jump on it..she's much nicer than I am 😈

It's about to go down Pilates Barre Style💪🏼👯
#burnandfirm #tomorrowsgonnasuck #neverstop #pilatesistheshiz

I mean... does it get any cuter than THIS ??!!😍😍😍 👶 👶 👶

Don't just move. Move with intention. Move with integrity. Move from your core. It's the only way to build your best body...your strongest, beautifully postured, lengthened, defined, flexible and symmetrical body. That, my friends, is what Pilates does for YOU❣️💪🏼❌⭕️

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Yeah, it turns out that this whole ballet / barre thing is a little challenging😂😳👯

Bodybuilders Try Ballet For The First Time

Another reason to workout at The Pilates Barre ... our mascot is a fuzzy pink unicorn❣️🦄💪🏼

#bootybarre for life!!! Superior in every way, including biomechanics, flow, structure, instructor knowledge and skills, AND FUN FACTOR!!! Young, senior, pregnant, beginner or advanced, it can be safely modified for everyone...and it works you from the core, out - because it is Pilates-based. Nuff said... just do it 💪🏼❣️

Girls, I can't wait to see what we come up with this week💪🏼👯😬 #pilatesbarre #burn&firm #omgI'mdying

Yes, we are laughing, whining and probably swearing a tad... But our triceps are getting CUT😳 Hehehe... #rideordiecrew #pilatesmakeshotties #iknowhashtagsareannoying

Pilates brought us together...besties now forever! Chicks who play together, stay together! Love you all so much❤️

My clients WERK!!! Jeanne Hobbs, you're KILLIN' it today👯💪🏼

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