Koby Robson Dressage

Premier boutique dressage training facility. Koby Robson is a grand prix trainer with a proven track record of producing FEI horses from green young stock

Dressage training and lessons from Grand Prix dressage trainer, Koby Robson. Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals earned on self trained horses. Will travel to teach or lessons offered on site. FEI school horse available for lessons. Also brokering top horse quality hay and alfalfa. We use one source so you are guaranteed the same hay from the same place, year round!


mother of a mare

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Karl Mikolka: "The Neck of the Horse"

Best explanation I have read. Super article.


eurodressage.com Although it is always dangerous in riding to single out individual parts of the horse for discussion, i would like to mention a few things about the neck of the horse. This is a part of the body that demands special attention from the trainer. The basic gaits and the neck of the horse determine the....

Anne Carroll, Sallie Lowe, Ines Ritter

To improve accuracy in all your half passes…

Align your outside hip, inside hand and the bit with your destination letter in one straight line. (This will help you remember to use your inside rein as an indirect rein, not an open one.) Imagine this line, and you will always arrive at the proper destination in all your half passes, whether they are shallow or steep, at trot or canter. —Leslie Webb (Illustration by Sandy Rabinowitz)

[05/11/19]   Alfredo Hernandez clinic May 14-16 at Big Dog Stables. I have a couple rides available. International grand prix trainer and piaffe/passage specialist. Learn how to use piaffe and passage to improve basic gaits and elasticity!

[04/19/19]   Sharing from Janet Foy!

I am reposting this from a few years ago, written by my good friend and colleague , Sandy Osborn. So well said.

For what it's worth: I just thought I would share a few thoughts from the weekend with those who care to read them. As someone who wears many hats (teacher, trainer, clinician, judge, and competitor) in this sport (dressage) and has for more years than I care to post here, it's so valuable to go out there and compete to stay sympathetic and appreciative of what both my own students and the competitors whom I judge all year long, all over the country are feeling and going through. It is VERY difficult to switch hats between judge and trainer with one's own students. The reason is because I totally understand the need to encourage and support the students who compete because without them many of us would not have jobs (!), but it goes much further than that also. Being a student of dressage is a very emotional thing to be and do! Our feelings of self-worth are all tied up in our success and progress with our horses. Due to the emotion invested we become friends with our clients. Friends support friends but trainers must push and stretch our clients out of their comfort zones if they want to compete and do well. That creates discomfort, both emotional and physical! When I am coaching I can appreciate something that was well done in the arena knowing that it was executed as well as that horse and rider are capable of at that moment in time. When I am sitting at C as the judge, first of all I have no idea how that pair may have executed the same movement at the last show or at home the day before or even in the warmup arena 10 minutes earlier! ALL I CAN DO IS EVALUATE EVERY MOVEMENT I SEE THAT DAY AGAINST THE STANDARD FOR THE SPORT EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD BASED ON THE TRAINING SCALE AND THE CRITERIA OF THAT MOVEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until the trainers and riders do something such as audit the L program and/or scribe at shows both in one's backyard as well as at places like Global in Wellington, it is very hard to know where one sits "on the food chain" so to speak. Some judges are strict to the standard of the sport but are able to do it in a positive, constructive way, others are strict but come across in a negative, sometimes discouraging way. Some judges may keep a slightly different standard at smaller shows with obviously less experienced riders than they would apply at a larger championship show. In my opinion this is WRONG because when those riders then qualify for their regionals and are judged on the universal standard by the FEI judges, they are often crushed and disappointed, not to mention bewildered by the discrepancies in their qualifying scores vs the scores they received at the championship. Our judges' education system works very hard to mentor and guide the judges throughout their careers but human nature is sometimes what it is. Some people see a glass half full, others see it half empty. A judge has a very few seconds to evaluate each movement, arrive at a score, justify it in as many words as the scribe is capable of writing, which believe me is NO EASY TASK! All I can do is suggest to those who choose to compete to stay open, get videotaped, find someone who tells you the truth and realize that how you ride has very little to do with who you are as a person and no judge is attacking who you are as a person in their criticism of what they saw in one moment in time on one particular day. They don't know if your horse was having a bad day or if this is how he always is. What a good judge can see is if the basics are correct and some things went wrong today or if the horse appears not to be prepared for the level based on what he showed on that day. So, this got long! I guess I had a lot on my mind! Good luck to everyone as the season gets into full swing around the country!

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I laughed WAY too hard over this!

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New Biosecurity & Interstate Transportation Requirements for Horses in July

Important information for those of us traveling out of state to shows!

nwdistrict.ifas.ufl.edu Saundra TenBroeck, UF/IFAS Extension Horse Specialist — Current Horse Transportation Requirements The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) regulates entry of horses…

[02/16/19]   Incredible first day with Don Regale MF at Bruce’s Field. We earned a 69.5% today at PSG and an unfortunate mistake in the second pirouette cost us our first 70% at this level. So happy with all the progress this winter and still working to bring the quality warm up with us to the show arena. Thank you Bill and Brenda Ridenour for your continued support. Thank you County Saddlery, Janell Cameron, Foundation Equine and all the rest of the team that keeps Regis healthy and on track! Looking forward to the I-1 tomorrow!

Kim Crawford Dabolt
Wayne Baesemann
Lisa Kivett
Emma Poole
Donna King
Jaron Verheij

#countysaddlery #teamwool #bestforbacks #foundation_equine

Raylan has recovered from last night’s festivities. Thank you Auntie Lisa Cowan for the new amazing toy! #catahoulaleoparddog #catahoula

Awesome give away from my favorite vet clinic!

Who is ready for gift and grab bags?!? Dental health month is just kicking off so be sure to give us a call and get on the schedule! Don't forget to tag us in your pictures with all of your gift bag swag!

Make sure your horse is ready for the show season!

February is "National Pet Dental Health Month!"
(yep, there's a month for everything!)
Since we LOVE dentistry, we're offering a great special on dental packages this month! 10% off, PLUS a grab bag of gifts and swag, AND a chance to draw for some big prizes!

It's cold, the weather is gross and nobody wants to see the vet right? Well we're hoping to change that this month and have some fun! Did we mention the prizes? For each dental, you have a chance to a win a free performance exam, Coggins, farm call, fecal, saddle pad, and more!

We love seeing people for dentistry and other "healthy horse" care- so call, text, email or message us to reserve a spot for February!
(910) 992-8225
[email protected]

Thank you #foundation_equine for your continued support. It certainly takes a village and so happy you are part of the team! Looking forward to an exciting spring show season! Thank you #countysaddlery for our continuing collaboration!#teamwool #bestforbacks

Napping level...expert! #catahoula #catahoulaleoparddog #catahoulaleopard #dogsofinstagram

Super first day in FL! Thanks to Jaron for the lesson and to Brenda Ridenour for letting me take Regis! #countysaddlery #therookie_monster #teamwool #bestforbacks #foundation_equine #jaronverheij

Super first day in FL! Thanks to Jaron for the lesson and to Brenda Ridenour for letting me take Regis! #countysaddlery #rookiemonster #teamwool #bestforbacks #foundationequineclinic

[01/06/19]   I have a couple rides available with International Grand Prix trainer and piaffe/passage specialist Alfredo Hernandez. This isn’t just for upper level Dressage horses but will improve elasticity and shoulder freedom, no matter the level of training. Clinic is January 8-10. Message me for more information.

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This beauty is sadly offered for sale as I need a more practical “barn car”. Rare two door in Serengeti Orange, you are sure to turn heads!

Shout out to #asmarequestrian for the truly superior customer service! My dry cleaner lost a vest point and a button on my favorite and several years old shadbelly made by Asmar. The fantastic customer service staff found one, single remaining button from that production and replacement vest points for me! Couldn’t be more pleased and will continue to be a repeat customer!

For Sale: Roux (Rousseau x Domingo/Dueker) 16.1 hand 2008 mare winning at Third Level and nearly ready for Fourth Level. Straight forward to ride with easy changes, Roux is ready to help you earn your Bronze Medal. She hacks out, no prep at shows and is easy in the barn. No mareish behavior, no vices, excellent ground manners and sweet temperament. Roux tries hard to please. She is comfortable to sit and easy in the bridle. Goes in snaffle or double. No maintenance required. Premium eligible. $45,000 Located in Southern Pines, NC Contact Koby 503-998-7805


[10/15/18]   I have a couple rides available in the Alfredo Hernandez clinic starting Tuesday at Big Dog Stables. Please PM me for more info!
Renowned Trainer/Coach, Alfredo Hernandez, was classically trained at the Portuguese Riding School and specializes in the development of Piaffe, Passage and Spanish Walk/Trot with high level dressage horses. Alfredo says it’s never too early to introduce horses to these advanced movements.

Originally from Jerez, Spain, Alfredo has become one of this country's leading experts in developing and schooling the Piaffe and Passage in-hand. Alfredo has coached many top riders from around the country including Steffen Peters, Alyssa Pitts, Heather Blitz, Betsy Steiner, Sandy Howard, Hilda Gurney, Jan Ebeling and Leslie Morse.

Alfredo Hernandez is a California based dressage trainer who works with horses in all stages of training to start developing the basics for piaffe and passage, or to improve the piaffe & passage for seasoned competitors. Riders and horses of all levels are welcome. Horses in the clinic need not be started in Passage/Piaffe, these inspirational sessions can be designed to introduce or develop Passage/Piaffe and can also provide focused instruction in other areas of dressage

Alfredo enjoys working with amateurs and professionals alike. His clinics are fun and educational leaving everyone with a renewed sense of motivation in their training.

For Sale 3 year old filly by the exceptional Hanoverian stallion Fabregas (Florencio/De Niro/ Lanthan) out of a Hilton GS/Wellington II mare. Currently 16 hands. Fancy This is well handled and ready to start. She has been sacked out and lunges, trailers and has been on outings. She is good for the farrier and vet. She is lifetime registered with USEF and USDF as well as microchipped. Fancy will excel in any arena with her elastic movement and wonderful temperament. She is curious and kind and really loves her people. Priced at $10,000 for quick sale, open to offers/financing. Located in Southern Pines, NC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAycbCsLdqQ&t=14s

[11/04/17]   So excited to visit South Africa again!


Jolie Sale

Grand Prix horse for sale. Perfect JR/YR horse or U25. Jolie is 16 years old, 16.1 hands and small bodied. Has had one foal. Is sired by Fidermark. Never had hocks or stifles injected. Her owner bought her as a 6 year old and has done all the training. Owner is 65. The mare is 100% reliable, not spooky, marish or dirty in any way. Perfect ground manners, in your pocket personality and gorgeous (which always helps!) Trail rides and jumps a little bit too. Very easy to sit. Barefoot behind. No vices, injuries or illness. She goes in a snaffle or double. She trucks into a show, gets off the trailer and straight to work. Really a sweet mare. Please let me know if you need any other information. Asking $95K. Located in Southern Pines, NC. Approximately 1 hour from Raleigh/Durham airport.


Jolie Sale

Grand Prix horse for sale. Perfect JR/YR horse or U25. Jolie is 16 years old, 16.1 hands and small bodied. Has had one foal. Is sired by Fidermark. Never had hocks or stifles injected. Her owner bought her as a 6 year old and has done all the training. Owner is 65. The mare is 100% reliable, not spooky, marish or dirty in any way. Perfect ground manners, in your pocket personality and gorgeous (which always helps!) Trail rides and jumps a little bit too. Very easy to sit. Barefoot behind. No vices, injuries or illness. She goes in a snaffle or double. She trucks into a show, gets off the trailer and straight to work. Really a sweet mare. Please let me know if you need any other information. Asking $95K. Located in Southern Pines, NC. Approximately 1 hour from Raleigh/Durham airport.



Handsome dressage professor offered for sale. Dempsey is a 17 hand, 1995 American Hanovarian gelding sired by Dederick out of TB mare. Dempsey has shown through Prix St. Georges with his amateur owner but is looking to step down and teach his next rider the ins and outs of showing and earn their Bronze Medal. He is simple and safe, no vices, trail rides alone or in company and packs his owner's children around the arena. He is very sound with minimal maintenance (hocks done three times in his life!). Purchased from breeder as a 6 year old, no injuries or illness, this horse has had a lifetime of top notch care. Priced at $15,000 but best home is priority. Located in NC, approximately an hour south of Raleigh. https://youtu.be/z2pSHl80tvQ

1995 American Hanovarian Gelding offered for sale. Dempsey has shown through Prix St. Georges but is looking to step down and earn his next rider their Bronz...


Horseman's Forum: We Need To Modify The USEF Equine Drugs And Medication Rules

Food for thought....

chronofhorse.com The author, an equine law practioner, thinks that the USEF's drugs and medication policies need to be updated to reflect the exponential advances in modern day drug detection technology.


A labor of love... a riding instructor/trainer's perspective.


vineyardoakdressage.com You charge HOW much for an hour riding lesson?! I am cancelling my lesson today sorry for the late notice. I am cancelling my lessons this month sorry for the late notice. I am going to put off...


The Souls The Barn Builds


chronofhorse.com I own a company, Linder Educational Coaching, which works with kids having trouble in school. While my company works with a variety of issues, I tend to specialize in teenage boys with behavioral issues. I now live in Arlington, Va., with a mere two miles to the U.S. Capitol in the District. However…

[11/29/14]   Open stall from Southern Pines to Aiken Friday and returning Sunday. Let me know if you need anything shipped! Competitive pricing, years of experience, excellent references!

[09/28/14]   Special pricing through Sunday Oct 5th! Beautiful 2nde cutting straight orchard grass, 50 pound bales $12 per bale. Very nice 2nd cutting alfalfa 55+ pound bales $12 per bale. FREE deliver and FREE stacking with minimum one ton order. Located in Aberdeen. 503-750-7804

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