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Specializing in the integration of Postural Restoration Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Training. Located in the Pinehurst area of North Carolina we are a great destination to come rehabilitate from injury or train to be a better athlete.

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Congrats Toni on your win!!!! Your hard work and dedication pays off. 🎈

[05/18/20]   This weekend Jen, Hayley Kava, Tricia, Kelsie, Brooke and our Brother from another mother Scott Kaylor attended another Postural Restoration Live stream. We are all in constant pursuit to understand human behavior, postural patterns and how the Brain always wins. This one blew our minds 🤯 and we CAN NOT WAIT to share what we learned.
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Free Webinar Series: PRI Breathing Mechanics in Covid Times

During this entire COVID-19 pandemic, we have been preaching the importance of respiration. WAIT !!! Scratch that! We have been emphasizing the importance of respiration in EVERY treatment plan, with EVERY patient that works with us since we opened our doors! Want to learn more?? Listen to our Mentor himself! Ron Hruska! Mark your calendars! This is going to be GOOD!! We are excited to announce a Free “PRI Breathing Mechanics in COVID Times” Webinar Series beginning next week. We have been receiving phone calls and emails with questions on how the science and techniques of PRI can be applied to COVID-19 patients. What do we recommend, and why? Well, if you ha...

Using @kmotion3d for @posturalrestoration upright proprioceptive sense integrating vestibular ocular reflex. A key tool in our arsenal to help patients appreciate neurological influences on patterned gait activity. #prination

Jen, Kelsey and Brooke making the best of a COVID -19 weekend by attending Postural Restoration Institute live stream of Cervical Revolution course! #learningneverstops Postural Restoration Institute

In case you missed the Facebook Live of Chris’s Golf Fit class this morning, here’s another sample. Want in? Just call the office to find out how to join these live streaming classes. Once COVID -19 crisis has passed, we will resume live classes. But.... space will be limited. Call today to get on board!! 910-603-2788. We offer monthly unlimited access or pay by the class.

Golf Fit class

PRI Golf Introduction Explained

Are you frustrated because pain when you play golf? Here Chris explains to a client in Australia how postural asymmetrical patterns can be causing his pain and how he would fix it. A good listen while we social distance and play golf.

If you are frustrated because of pain when you play golf you should watch this video. This was a discussion with a potential client in Australia on how postu...

Did you sprain your ankle gardening this weekend? Starting to feel some low back pain after a few too many hours on the couch binge watching the latest Netflix drama 🐯? Afraid to go to urgent care or the Emergency Room? We can help!

North Carolina is a Direct Access State for Physical Therapy. This means that you can come to see us without a referral from your doctor, and skip the waiting room! We are offering both in-person sessions or telehealth visits that can be completed from the comfort of your home. For most patients the first appointment must be completed in person. For in office patients we are taking a number of precautions including staggered schedules, frequent cleaning and social distancing patients/staff within the clinic. Call us today to find out what your options are so we can get you back to what you love PAIN FREE!

We are in-network with TRICARE, Medicare, First Carolina Care and BCBS! Don't have one of these insurance companies? No worries we offer direct billing services for out of network insurances! Call 910-603-2788.

Worried about coming to PT during COVID-19? Here’s a little further protection from the virus! Zoom in to see the logo’d balloon my patient brought me this am!❤️🎈Postural Restoration Institute

Here at SSP, we aren't letting COVID-19 get in our way of providing safe service to our valued patients and fitness clients. We will NOT just survive in this time of crisis! We will THRIVE! Just take a look at how a day in the life of our team has evolved. Hayley and Tricia are seeing their patients via Telehealth, Jen, Brooke and Kelsie are doing live visits and following every CDC recommendation to keep our patients safe and healthy. Chris will be in the BEST shape doing all his classes on a ZOOM platform. Stay tuned for more virtual classes to come. We are taking this crisis very seriously and want our patient to know that PT is ESSENTIAL health care. We understand these are difficult times ahead. We are committed to continuing to offer the highest quality care to everyone whether live or via Telehealth. Be safe everyone! Remember.. Just Breathe!

One 2 One Physical Therapy

SSP friends! Please take a moment to read this blog post and suggested technique to take care of your lungs. Heather Carr is a PRI superstar friend and colleague. You bet our patients will be learning this technique next week!! Thanks so much One 2 One PT!

Hello Everyone!

We just created an important video and accompanying blog article teaching what we consider to be the most important breathing exercise to performing daily, right now for your lung health during the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch the video below and try it! This exercise is easy, fun, and makes breathing very therapeutic. Please share this video/article with your family, friends, coworkers, and loved ones. Make this exercise into a game of who can exhale or low tone the loudest or longest. Give it a try and let us know how you do!

Here is the link to the article on our website:

Sandhills Sports Performance will begin offering telehealth visits for patients with BCBS, Tricare and First Carolina Care over the next few weeks. We ask for your patience as we all learn together. In the midst of the COVID-19, we are making every effort to keep our staff and patients safe. We continue to follow the CDC's guidelines. Each therapist is treating 1:1 with an appropriate safe distance from each other. For those of you who do not feel safe leaving your home, we got you! Please do your best to practice social distancing, hand washing and don't forget to BREATHE!!
Please share!

Who knows the struggle?

Tips, tricks, and struggle stories welcome ⬇️

Postural Restoration Institute

A nice perspective from the Postural Restoration Institute on how to stay engaged while at home over the next couple of weeks.

What are some of the ways you can continue your daily habits from home? Learning to become your 6 year old self might be all it takes!

[03/16/20]   We would like to let our patients and clients know that Sandhills Sports Performance is taking the Coronavirus very seriously and keeping our staff and patients safe is our top priority.
1.When entering the facility we ask that everyone please wash their hands.
2. If you have a cough, sore throat or temperature please call in and let us know that you will need to reschedule.
3. We are disinfecting every piece of equipment that our patients touch after each appointment
4. While in our facility please respect the social distancing recommendations of 6 ft

We will keep you posted as we receive more information and our practices change.

It’s so much fun teaching golfers how to avoid back pain by getting air out of their hyper-inflated left side in their backswing. #sandhillssportsperformance #posturalrestorationinstitute #priforgolfers

It was a great weekend of teaching and learning! We are blessed to work together each day. Hosted and taught Myokinematics of the Hip and Pelvis. Nothing like sharing the PRI love in N.C.! Special thanks to Kasey Aiken for helping me this weekend. She is a rising star on our PRI Faculty. Postural Restoration Institute

Jen and Kelsie kicked some major butt today running the Pinehurst Half-Marathon!! #PoweredbyPRI #Prination Postural Restoration Institute #somanyhills #poweredby🎈

One of my favorite techniques for getting golfers to feel their left heel grounded with left abs and right trunk rotation. #posturalrestorationinstitute #priforgolf

[01/16/20]   Immediate opening for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Job requirements and description below.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Certified Athletic Trainer

The Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Certified Athletic Trainer will be responsible for a comprehensive program design, implementation, and supervision of clients of various ages and skill levels.
The candidate must:
• Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.
• Be a “team minded” professional who embraces growth and challenges.
• Possess the ability to work in individual, small group and team settings.
• Have a thorough understanding of the physiological basis of exercise and the ability to evaluate, program/instruct according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Preferred or National Athletic Trainer Certification (NATA) and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Preferred.
• Understand and demonstrate proficiency in technical skill knowledge domains in order to provide services with their scope of practice.
• Have the ability to administer and interpret results for submaximal cardiovascular and fitness assessments.
• Work with PT staff to assist with plans of care and transition to personal training if applicable.
• Possess previous skills in athletic performance
• Be able to work with growth and development needs of unique client populations consisting of high school, college athletes, and adults
• Maintain safety, maintenance, and cleanliness of facility
The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the field of Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, or other closely related discipline.
• Valid CPR Certification
• 1 or more years of clinical experience preferred
• Experience in Postural Restoration preferred

Send Resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Muscles are either concentrically-oriented, eccentrically-oriented, or in a nice resting length-tension relationship.

Thinking in these terms can help clear up the confusion that comes along with the idea of “if it’s short, it has to be overactive and stronger than it’s antagonist”. If a muscle is in a slightly contracted state, it isn’t as if it’s constantly getting jacked. It’s just in a state of contraction likely due to the position of the muscles and joints around it.

Those positions are dictated by how you train, live, breathe, sleep, and eat.

Many of our older clients expect to be in pain as they get older, even if they continue to exercise. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s a test we use to assess the pelvis and build a fitness program that will keep you as healthy as possible.


This is what hard work and consistency looks like. This gentlemen, 68 years of age, has worked with us since July of 2018. Over the course of a year and a half, he’s put on 11 pounds of pure muscle at his age.

As a result, he always tells me how many compliments he gets on a weekly basis from people who have noticed how fit he looks now.

That’s extremely impressive and completely realistic for anyone who has that goal.

This is our absolute best deal we’ve ever had. You do not want to miss this!!

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Timeline Photos

As we approach the holidays, keep in mind you won’t shrivel up to a raisin if you take a week or two off.
- McMaster et. al, 2013
- Costa et. al, 2016
- McMahon et. al, 2014
- Fisher et. al, 2013
- Mujika et. al, 2001
- Mujika et. al, 2000

Many people have overactive pecs and lats that are taking over the role of shoulder internal rotation, as that is technically one of their functions. However, we don’t want a secondary function of a muscle to be compensating for a primary function of another.

To restore healthier shoulders and scapulo-humeral mechanics, try this:
✅Head over pelvis
✅Shoulders just below 90
✅As you pull back, actively drag down the handle/band
✅Don’t elevate shoulders

Remember, none of this will stick if your ribcage isn’t in an optimal position to work with your scapula in the first place. See my video on shoulder pain for more.

Ankle mobility? Hip mobility? Not always.

The truth is, if you walk into any commercial gym, you’ll see people chasing numbers in an attempt to get bigger and stronger. However, many of those individuals are getting strong in a less-than optimal pattern.
Movement patterns involves sequences of muscle activity that respond to postural demands and challenges. These patterns are heavily influenced by cortical postural centers (visual and balance systems), and to a lesser degree, spinal reflex centers.
The CNS constantly monitors the loads placed on the body through information it receives from sensory receptors. The sensory input is perceived and interpreted by the CNS to determine which muscles to facilitate or "turn on", and which to inhibit or "turn off" in order to perform a movement efficiently with minimal detrimental effects to our joints and soft tissues.
Under increasing stress, spinal reflex centers increase in activity. The result is an increase in the tone of the trunk muscles that stabilize and extend, thus creating a pattern of extension bias as you try to lift the heavy load and push for more reps. Through repetition, these patterns become ingrained and habitual.
Extension bias will promote increase anterior pelvic tilt and utilization of the lumbar extensors and quads as prime movers as opposed to a more neutral pelvic orientation that promotes balanced facilitation of the hamstrings, abdominals, and the aforementioned extension musculature.
Compromised position of a limb or joint alters the length-tension relationship properties of their associated muscles, creating one of two situations:
➡️Hypertonicity - Overly-facilitated musculature that leads to tight/short antagonistic muscles and movement limitations in one or more planes of motion.
➡️Hypotonicity - Overly-inhibited musculature that leads to excessive movement in one or more planes of motion.
Tone that is not opposed or balanced leads to altered, compensatory patterned movement. It becomes our new "normal".
Restoring balanced tone requires placing the joint(s) that are compromised in a position that fosters healthy input from the brain to the muscle, which inhibits hypertonicity.

We’re extremely proud of Mike. He continues to hit personal records every week!

Learn our strategy for long-term, lasting changes to this problem.

Breathing is the #1 corrective exercise for shoulder pain.

Knee pain can be tricky, but if we’re only looking at the knee, we won’t get very far for long-term results.

I truly believe this is the best possible way to use strength and conditioning as a tool to maximize performance given the asymmetrical nature of the body.
Forget what old, outdated fitness ideologies have told you. This is modern training.

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✅Here are a couple of exercises I like. These are HARD!! Stay tuned till the end to see how I felt after doing just a few breaths of the last exercise 😂
💡My intention with both of these exercises is alternating posterior mediastinum (back ribcage) expansion. As I close off the ab wall on one side, that opens the posterior ribcage on the same side and chest wall on the contralateral side. This is very similar to gait in how when our arm moves forward, a similar action happens. Much of our training should reflect the gait cycle in one way or another, because healthy gait = a likely healthy individual.

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