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Specializing in the integration of Postural Restoration Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Training. Located in the Pinehurst area of North Carolina we are a great destination to come rehabilitate from injury or train to be a better athlete.

Why NASAL BREATHING is so beneficial | Sandhills Sports Performance

New post! Learn why nasal breathing is so essential for proper posture, functioning in daily life, and to help prevent snoring. Why NASAL BREATHING is so beneficial Conor Harris June 19th, 2019 Breathing, Exercise, Postural Restoration We all know the term “mouth-breather”. It has a pretty negative connotation to it, doesn’t it? Well, it should. And here’s why: In order for us to gain a full understanding to why nasa...

Why golfers BENEFIT so much from finding their heels | Sandhills Sports Performance

Are you a golfer? You must find your HEELS on and off the course! Check out our new post to find out why: Why golfers BENEFIT so much from finding their heels Conor Harris May 22nd, 2019 Breathing, Core, Exercise, Golf, Postural Restoration, Uncategorized If you aren’t already, stand up, and notice where your weight is on your feet. I bet you that you are on your mid-foot and/or toes. Don’t worry, t...

This past Wednesday, our very own Hayley Kava, MPT spoke with Pinehurst Surgical Women’s Health Center OBGYN’s and Staff. They discussed optimizing women’s health in pregnancy and the 4th trimester with pelvic floor physical therapy and Postural Restoration. They also discussed: continence, pelvic pain, exercise in pregnancy and post partum and diastasis recti.

She was joined by Natasha Baker from Earthbound Doulas and Julie McEvoy from Southern Pines Cross-Fit.

Hayley has completed Herman and Wallace Pelvic Floor PT training to complement her PRI training. In addition, Sandhills Sports Performance is now excited to offer pelvic floor physical therapy.

See our post about what pelvic floor PT is, FAQ’s about pelvic floor PT and if it could be right for you:

💡Whenever I hear a client or athlete tell me they have scoliosis, it always is a fun moment when I nonchalantly say “Yeah, me too.” The human body is naturally asymmetrical and stuck in a right pelvis-orientation. In order for you to not walk in a circle, you compensate. Part of that compensation is a left-oriented spine to even you out.
🔑 The real problem is when you get an overly dramatic curve, they’ve had surgery, or they’ve compensated upon their already existing scoliosis into a new pattern. But unless that’s the case, I prioritize movements in right trunk rotation to get their spine to turn back to the right and pelvis back to the left. I also try to get left Internal Obliques and Transverse Abs involved to accomplish this task of regaining a more neutral pelvic and spine alignment.
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Back pain – Why it doesn’t have to be that complicated | Sandhills Sports Performance

New blog post: Back Pain - Why it DOESN'T have to be that complicated!

Check it out:

👍🏼This exercise is one of my all time favorites. It facilitates activation of the hamstrings and obliques, two muscles absolutely essential for preventing and treating back pain. Those muscles oppose the hip flexors and back extensors that get overactive and contribute to poor posture and pain. Due to the posterior retraction of my ribcage, I am putting my hamstrings and obliques in optimal length-tension relationships for activation.
🔑 The key for this exercise is to FULLY exhale through the mouth. That will exponentially increase the activation of your hamstrings and obliques, all while intensifying the stretch of your back extensors and lats. Try this in your warm up for 3 sets of 5 breaths and see how much better you feel, move, and breathe.

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New toy at the facility! We’re on the front lines of utilizing force plate technology integrated with PRI. This tool is fantastic for showing clients how they distribute their weight in movement and in stances.
#forceplate #posturalrestoration #prination #physicaltherapy @ Southern Pines, North Carolina

New Blog Post: Why you Should STOP Stretching your Hamstrings

Check it out!

O’Neal Pelagics back at it after a much needed break

What's Your Story: Hans Johnson

Hans has been extremely dedicated to our wellness program since December. He attends many classes each week, sometimes doubling up on two a day! He has seen significant progress in his time here as he prepares to join the military.

1. What do you want people to know about you?
I’m an aspiring Navy Seal. I’ve trained with SHSP for several months now and have been physically preparing myself to go to basic training and eventually BUDS.

2. How did you learn about SHSP?
SHSP was recommended to me by my surgeon after I had a shoulder injury. He said it was the best place to come for rehabilitation in the area.

3. What goals have you achieved or want to achieve?
I’ve been aiming to get into shape so that I can pass the endurance, push up, pull up, and sit up tests to get into basic training. I’ve crushed those goals and now I’m trying to improve my overall strength.

4. How have you benefited from SHSP?
I came in with a debilitating back injury and I was quickly back to 100% with PRI. I also came in unable to deadlift even 100 pounds and now I can lift over 300 no problem! My overall endurance and muscle tone has improved a lot as well.

5. What do you want people to know about SHSP?
It’s the best! I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get fit and/or get over an injury. It’s also different than a normal gym and much less intimidating. The atmosphere is very welcoming and conducive to newcomers.

[03/17/19]   Sandhills Sports Performance is growing and we are in need of two full-time outpatient Physical Therapists! We’re looking for thoughtful, energetic, hard-working individuals that wants to work with our forward-thinking professionals. A preferred candidate has previous Postural Restoration training, but willing to train.

For a full job description visit our website

What's Your Story: Sofie Moyle

Sofie has been coming to SHSP for 4 years and is a wonderfully consistent participant in the Barefoot and Balance class we hold on Monday and Thursday from 10-11 am! She’s been through both our physical therapy and wellness practices within our clinic.

1. What do you want people to know about you?
I’ve lived in the area for 30 years. I moved here from New York and originally from Sweden. I moved here because I had horses and wanted to work on a horse farm. The area here is also great for outdoor-oriented people such as myself. However, due to my activity level and age, over the years I accumulated several injuries.

2. How did you learn about SHSP?
I start doing wellness exercise at First Health when they opened, but then I heard about SHSP through a friend and they raved about how beneficial their unique practice is for building strength and overall health. I’ve been here ever since!

3. What goals have you achieved or want to achieve?
I’ve been here working with Postural Restoration Institue at SHSP since 2015 with Chris and Conor. I’ve successfully improved my strength and rehabilitated out of several ailments and injuries.

4. How have you benefited from SHSP?
When I’m not doing PRI exercises or workouts, I feel very stiff and out of alignment. I know that PRI is a very valuable part of my life and in my age, I can’t live without it!

5. What do you want people to know about SHSP?
The staff is very knowledgeable and I trust them fully. It’s a welcoming enviornment and they do a great job educating you on why they do what they do.

It’s a great day to crawl if you’re an Oneal Pelagic! @posturalrestoration

What a fantastic group we have for our PRI High Intensity Class! A wonderful aspect about our classes at SHSP is that we consistently have participants that come from many different backgrounds and ages. Pictured below we have:

- A pregnant participant

- A 22 year old participant who is training to be a Navy Seal

- A 70 year old golfer

- A former patient coming back from a significant shoulder injury

This truly illustrates that anyone can come to our classes and get a great workout in!

Checking your assumptions: What our perceptions get wrong | Kelly Brush | TEDxMiddlebury

Here’s some of our inspiration to the
“What’s Your Story?” campaign
Take a few minutes to listen to Kelly a friend and part of our VT Poulin Performance family.

Kelly Brush Davisson was born and raised in Charlotte, Vermont. She started skiing at the age of 4 and began alpine ski racing at age 7. Kelly attended the G...

What's Your Story: Jim Irwin

Jim is a client that has been consistently coming to Sandhills Sports Performance for 4 months now. He works with our trainer Conor Harris through attending different PRI Fitness classes.

1. What do you want people to know about you?
I am a retired veteran, love golf, and fitness. I've been in the area for 20 years.

2. How did you learn about SHSP?
I met Chris Poulin 6-7 years ago and was very interested in what he had to offer. I followed his career in the local area.

3. What goals have you achieved or want to achieve?
I wanted to improve my fitness and strength for golf along with my overall health. I have seen significant improvements in strength and fitness so far!

4. How have you benefited from SHSP?
It's an ideal place to workout. The staff is very friendly and willing to assist with various programs and individual workouts.

5. What do you want people to know about SHSP?
It's a great place to meet people with common interests in golf and fitness. There's great equipment for any type of training or exercise.

Stay posted for weekly features of our clients and the stories they have to tell about their experience with SHSP!

Postural Restoration Institute

Can’t wait to Host again!! Thank-you to who all came to the course!

Jen Poulin was able to host Pelvis Restoration at her home clinic Sandhills Sports Performance in Southern Pines, NC last weekend! Thanks for hosting and to everyone who attended and contributed to the weekend!

Wow! What an honor to teach my first Postural Restoration course of my 2019 course schedule at Home!! I had 22 enthusiastic course attendees learn all about how to balance asymmetric patterns around a lateralized Pelvis! The Nation grows 22 stronger today! Postural Restoration Institute.#prination

Finishing up Day 1 of the Postural Restoration Pelvis Restoration course here in Southern Pines! Jen was very excited to have the opportunity to teach in her home clinic to a crowd of eager participants.

[01/26/19]   Sandhills Sports Performance is growing! We are looking for a full-time Physical Therapist to join our team.

Please visit our website at and view our most recent post at the bottom of the page that includes job description and requirements.

Elevated cross connects for the O’Neal Pelagics this morning.

Now why isn’t this one a good idea??

What’s right about this one??

What do Jen and Chris listen to on road trips?? Very nice compliment to our Postural Restoration programs! #gotCO2
#controlledpause #justbreathemaynotbesoeasy

Last night we celebrated the Holiday Season! The fun began at Southern Pines Escape, where we solved the mystery and got out! We then met our plus ones at Southern Prime to enjoy each other and celebrate an Amazing Year! Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Merry Christmas! ❤️

Yesterday was a proud moment as SHSP supported athlete Fulton Smith was surrounded by his closest friends, coaches and family as he signed his national letter of intent to attend and play golf at Wake Forrest next year. It’s been an honor and privilege watching this young man grow and we look forward to watching his continued success as a Demon Deacon!

Conor and Chris getting ready for warm up and cool-down at the Veterans Day fun run. Thank you Vets!

[11/12/18]   Happy Veterans Day! Our practice was built on service to our Military Community. My very first patient at SSP was an Active duty soldier. Our staff has Military connections. I am proud of our staff, the dedication both personally and professionally they make every day. Proud to be an American ❤️🇺🇸 👊


We have several exciting new special deals for the month:

Veteran's Day Special (November 7-14th ONLY): Thank you to to all of those who have served or are currently serving our great country. This week we would like to honor you with $50 off a package of 10 personal training visits. Contact us today at 910-603-2788!

Fall Special: $39 for TWO 3D Styku Body Scanning. Learn accurate body composition, girth measurements, health risks and calorie needs in 30 seconds. Check out our web page to learn more.

Happy Halloween from Thing 1-3!

Postural Restoration Institute

While you were all enjoyed a pleasant fall weekend in the Sandhills, Jen was at it again spreading the good news of PRI up in Worcester, Mass. Have unrelenting piriformis, SIJoint Pain, lower back pain and/or sciatica? If so come see how our PT’s help you get control of your “AF and FA”

For anyone who's taken a course with Jen Poulin you're familiar with seeing "Yellow VWs", now keep your eyes out for "Mustang Sallys". Worcester, MA - Myokinematic Restoration - Course in Review

Many of you come to our clinic for the unique experience of how Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) could help you get out of pain and dysfunction. However, since PRI is not yet common practice within the Fitness Industry, many typical group exercise classes can unfortunately put you back at risk to reinforce your previous dysfunctional patterns.

We recognized this as an opportunity to expand upon our current offerings and revamp our group exercise classes to offer a truly unique experience. Now, we offer several classes a day that have different training goals, but all incorporate PRI principles and exercises. This way, you are not only improving your fitness, but also benefiting from PRI so that you can regain or maintain your body's neutrality.

Attached below is a copy of our new schedule as well as descriptions of each class! If there is a class you would like to see offered in the future, please let us know!


New class offering: Functional Training Class! Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00 am.

What is the purpose of the class? Functional movement consists of movement patterns that humans are foundationally based upon. We are born with these patterns innate to us, but over time as we age and become sedentary, our body loses the ability to perform these movements effectively. As a result, our body can compensate in places it shouldn't and pain develops. A perfect example would be a squat. We all perform dozens of variations of a squat within our day when we sit and stand up. If we repetitively put our body through this task when our posture and muscles are compromised, we are predisposing ourselves to dysfunction and pain.

The goal of this class is to restore those basic movement patterns while realigning our posture to compliment our regained movement capabilities. We aim to make those daily, functional tasks of our lives pain-free and more efficient.

If you want to decrease pain, increase your quality of living, and gain strength, this class can help you achieve those goals.


Morning recovery for the O’Neal Pelagics Swim club. Just off a great weekend where everyone dropped time. #repositionretrainrestore

Introducing Conor Harris, our newest team member! Conor is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist coming all the way from Portland, Oregon. His background is very diverse and has worked with all types of populations from youth to geriatric to professional athletes. He is very excited to have the opportunity to train several local sports teams and build a personal training client base.

If you are interested in reaching your own personal fitness goals or want to eventually transition from rehabilitation to training, inquire with us at the clinic or email him at [email protected].

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