Actioncoach - Spokane

Actioncoach - Spokane


A huge congrats to Kevin Weir aka Actioncoach - Spokane. We love connecting our friends and past clients with a little something extra to say thank you for being a part of our extended real estate family.

Enjoy the delicious bites at Wooden City Spokane!

We have more fun drawings are in the works to reward our followers, clients, and friends. Reach out to your favorite team agent to get in on our next round of fun prizes.

Meet the team-

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Welcome to ActionCOACH! We are the world's #1 leading B2B coaching company that firmly believes in helping our local communities grow. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand we are here for you!

Operating as usual


Happy Pi Day!

How do you feel about pie? Do you love it or hate it? If you love it, what's your favorite kind?


Life IS good today!

Comment and tell us something that is bringing you joy right now. (In business or not in business!)


Filing is a necessary evil.

How do you keep your business documents organized?

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Tech tip: Create text shortcuts on your phone so you don’t have to type out commonly used phrases.

Swipe to learn how for both iPhone & Android users.


Success is not final;
Failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.
-Winston S. Churchill

What is something that you feel like is the most motivating to you?

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Would you believe me if I told you that email is still one of the best digital marketing channels available?

I know that it seems somewhat complicated, so most never even try it. Trust me, that is not the case.

Email marketing is easy when you know how to utilize the correct tools and know what to do with your emails.

Swipe to read the full post.


GROWTHCLUB IS COMING! Are you sick of me saying that yet? I hope not! It's EXCITING!

If you have an established business and have a team of 2-30, GrowthCLUB is perfect for you!

This month we will discuss team building, business knowledge, work on building a 90 day plan and so much more.

This is an in person event but you are also able to watch live via zoom. Tickets can be purchased here


How do you follow-up with customers?
A. FB or IG Messenger
B. Email
C. Over the Phone (Text or Call)
D. Video Conference


What moment in your life are you most proud of? I bet you have a picture….

Share it below!


To some, networking can be rather intimidating. However, networking is something that can happen with anyone, anywhere. There really are no set locations that it has to happen, or even any rules how. You meet people everywhere, don't you? Meeting people is the exact way you grow your network!

It's simple, really. Meet someone new, strike up a conversation, and ask what they do. 90% of the time they will ask you what you do as well. You never know the kind of influence or connections a new person has. A simple hello can go a long way, online or offline.

I have networked in truck stops, casinos, a hospital room, the Virgin Islands, the list goes on and on.

What is the strangest place (in your opinion) that you have networked your business from?


Visuals have power! Post your sales goals in your work space and cross them out when (not if) they are achieved.

Are you already utilizing this tool?
Tell us how or show us a pic!

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Using social media means much more than posting content on one or more social channels. To see results - and save you time and money - you need to be strategic.

Here are 6 ways you can save time and money with social media marketing.


It's Weekly Goals Wednesday!

Shout out your goals that you are working to crush this week so we can cheer you on! 🙌🎉

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Hans Poortvliet deemed today as World Compliment day, a day that aims to address the “basic human need for recognition and appreciation.” It feels great to receive a compliment. Research shows getting a sincere compliment gives us the same positive boost as receiving cash. The health and happiness benefits of the compliment giver are also well-documented.

Compliments really are one of the easiest two-way streets available in terms of spreading happiness around you and increasing your own. The more you compliment, the better you feel. Make someone's day by praising them.

Here are some compliments to try out for yourself. 😂 🤷‍♂️


"There's fortune in the follow up." Have you ever heard that?

It is important to include a call to action in your follow ups! It doesn't always have to be an action that (immediately) benefits your business. You can try suggesting a new way to use the product that they purchased from you.

What are some calls to action that you have included in the past?


PAUSE... something that we often times forget to do when we are running our business. It's okay to take a break from your task list for 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day. Take the time that you need to refresh and get your mind and body ready to conquer your work week.

For me, Sundays are my day of rest. Lazy Sunday, if you will.

What are some things that you do to pause and reset for the week?


Systems make success more predictable.

When you are following proven steps you can count on a return (and that’s important)!

Do you need system help with,
A. Customer acquisition
B. New recruit training
C. Communications

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Small businesses are the lifeblood of the United States economy, accounting for 99.9% of all the businesses in the entire country.

Here are five financial management tips for small businesses to ensure your business is run successfully.

Swipe to view the whole list.➡️


If you could only make one business phone call before your phone died, who would you call!?

Network & Learn: For Business Owners | LinkedIn 02/23/2022

Network & Learn: For Business Owners | LinkedIn

In two days Kevin Weir & Caleb Stapp are joining forces to review financial & business education to help you achieve your goals. ✅

They will go over strategies to help you save time, attract & retain employees, preserve your business, and effectively grow your business in six steps.

The best part? IT'S FREE!🎉

Join them via Zoom on Friday, February 25, 2022!📅
RSVP to reserve your spot today!
See you soon!

Network & Learn: For Business Owners | LinkedIn Financial and business education is an important part of achieving your goals. As a business owner you have your hands full minding day-to-day activities. Are you taking advantage of the financial tools and business strategies available to help you run your business more effectively? Join us to netw...


Weekly Goals Wednesday!

List your weekly goals in the comments so we can cheer you on!

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Here are some great free websites that you can add to your list for efficient & productive content creation.

The thing that I love about these tools is how much time they save me. They are all very easy to use and give you the time to invest into your other daily tasks.

Swipe to view the whole list.


What is one thing in your business that you need the most help with? 🆘


How are you preparing for success this week?

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