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Training Championship horses and riders for over 20 years We train horses and people. Specializing in amateurs in Dressage, Reining, Equitation, Sport Horse in hand and under saddle, Hunter, Country pleasure, Western Pleasure, Carriage Driving, Showmanship.

We can also train horses who are having people problems. We try to understand what the horse is thinking and needing and solve the issues to create a harmonious relationship between horse and rider. We have brought multiple horses back to Spokane as National Champions as well as trained students from the age of 6 through adult. Many of our young riders who started with us pre-kindergarten and move

Operating as usual



Oh gorgeous boy, retirement becomes you. So good to see you old friend. Happy and peaceful. After a lifetime of showing, winning and then making little foals, you deserve this.

gofundme.com 11/18/2019

Click here to support Help for Crista and Kevin during hospitalization organized by Erica Curless

They would never ask, but Erica Curless put this together so I'm sharing this here for them. We can use it for meals, for therapy, for clothes, help with their needs during this tough time until we can bring our Crista home. Thank you Erica Curless for starting this!

gofundme.com Erica Curless Help for Crista and Kevin during hospitalization Parkinson's Disease is a viscous beast. Crista was moved today to a rehab center in Spokane aft

[11/17/19]   Update all, if you're sending cards to Sacred Heart for Crista, please hold off until I give you more information. They're moving her to Manor Care on Assembly out by Albi Stadium today to start hopefully gaining some strength in rehab.

I will update tomorrow with address to send things to and details about visiting.

Thanks for all the love and prayers.



Everyone has been asking for an update on Crista so we decided to do it here so you can all hear at once.

She has been in the hospital for the last two weeks; the Parkinsons is a vicious beast. The brain is still such a medical mystery, that the doctors are having a hard time finding the right balance between Parkinson's meds and the DBS (deep brain stimulator) that was installed a couple months ago. She's very weak and her cognizance ebbs and flows. We live for the days where she is stronger both mentally and physically.

What you can do? Pray. For strength, for resilience, for peace, pray for both Kevin, Crista and her son Anthony as well as their family.

If you want to send cards, etc.

Crista Lambert, Room 834
Sacred Heart Medical Center
101 W 8th Ave
Spokane, Washington 99204

We will let you know when that changes as we hope to get her moved to a rehab facility when she's strong enough so she can start making recovery with therapy.

If you want to help Kevin Christiansen, he's doing double duty between the farm and hospital. Meals are great, helping with the horses cleaning out pens, helping feed. If you have experience with horses and want to pitch in, we would love some helping hands.

You can message here to coordinate or ask questions. If you want to put messages on Crista's facebook wall for support, when she's strong enough we will show them all to her.

Thank you for all the loving words of support, Kevin and Crista truly appreciate their horse village.

With love,

Kathleen Sullivan Garman

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Australian Shoulder Relief Girth

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apost.com 09/09/2018

Women Who Own Horses Live 15 Years Longer Than Those Who Don't, Says Studies

We’ve got some great horses for sale. Get one and live 15 years longer!

apost.com Owning pets is always enjoyable. Many studies show that the elderly have better mental health when they have a pet. It turns out that owning a horse can also be good for you.


Remembering our soldiers today. All of them.

American soldiers paying tribute to all the horses that lost their life in World War I. This was taken in 1918. Very powerful photograph! ❤️ #PhotoCreditUnknown


This is my personal show saddle built very well , 15 1/2 seat like new champion go to there web sight an see them this will be a steel message me for more An prices on all I have one more western show saddle billy royal will post pic later


This another hunt saddle I have it's also is in excellent condition will come with irons An cover 17 in message me if interested


This is a clients almost new not even broke in message me if interested


I have several good saddles for sale this one is my old jump saddle in great condition priced right message me if interested


It is with a heavy broken heart I have to let everyone know that this sweet and beautiful mare, "Curly" - her registered name is Wave on Wave- was hit by a car early this morning and was killed. A heavy snow covered branch took part of her fence down and she along with Gus, Elvis and Jett went for a walkabout. It was dark and foggy, however she was wearing her fancy plaid blanket so I don't know how they missed her.
Curly is one of those "worth her weight in gold" horses. She has taught many horse crazy young riders how things work. She also is so smart that one rider can get on her for a lesson and she will give them slides, spins, and lead changes. The next rider can be new, barely able to stay in the saddle and she will take care of them.
Mostly though, she was my pet. She lived in a large pen with her friends next to our back yard I already miss her. I never in a million years thought that I would have this happen to one of our horses. I am over protective of them, which causes most of the fights between Kevin and I.

Life is delicate and fleeting. So even if you are tired or don't feel so good, Don't forget to pet your horse

Happy Trails to you Curly
Until we meet again....

[11/30/17]   We have one of our own up for sale !!! fhirebird , ( Elvis ) he's 7 with limited showing , last showed as a 5 year old in dressage sport horse under saddle an in hand . Won region 4 shus an was scoring 68s an above , then do to illnesses he went into the lesson program an has been good. Top 5 at region 5 sh. Dam La hazard, she's an El gazi daughter sire is A noble cause. This boy is fun an needs to be shown . Plz message me on price An pic


Do it!

Need stocking stuffers? Consider riding lessons! We teach all ages of rider, our main focus being the confidence and trust between horse and rider. We have lesson horses and we also welcome your horse into our program. Multi-lesson packages available with discounts. Please message us for details or call 509-701-4469


Need stocking stuffers? Consider riding lessons! We teach all ages of rider, our main focus being the confidence and trust between horse and rider. We have lesson horses and we also welcome your horse into our program. Multi-lesson packages available with discounts. Please message us for details or call 509-701-4469


A question was asked of me the other day from a young lady that I was giving a lesson to; “how can I gain confidence in my riding?” Since then I have had a couple other students in the same situation. As I watched them ride from the start I already could tell there were problems. Keep in mind, all of these ladies have been riding for awhile. Now each of their horses are in various stages of training and range from 5-12 years of age. All were bought as broke and trained horses but can't track a straight line with a ruler, can't canter or hold their leads and let's not even talk about not stopping when asked. The riders, although they've been riding in my program they’re at best advanced beginners. So to answer the question, in my opinion the one word is TRUST. They have none. They've been mounted on horses that they don't trust and the horses don't trust them. This goes back to my tried and true and trusted theory; you need to get the best broke horse you can and pay more than a dollar. Most free or cheap horses are there for a reason. Now I know a lot of bleeding hearts out there will be pi**ed at me for this but when you have 40 plus years training and teaching as I have then you can open up a conversation with me. No I didn't say these horses couldn't be fixed, I said the owners are green and will need lots of help to gain TRUST,but it can be done!

I give lessons on former show horses from 5 - what ever age, I trust my lesson horses that they will do their job to teach trust to my riders that they will stop, turn, back, trot and canter when asked. Giving your riders the ability to trust their mount will help them gain confidence to become riders. Remember the mere act of riding is just staying on, you become a rider only when you can trust that you can trust in your ability to communicate to your horse.

Talisman can help you, please message or call for more details.

[11/27/17]   This was a great day of lessons up north at lady raven stables, I've given lessons before to a nun but I will have to say this is the first lessons that I have given to nun on a Sunday, loads of fun you made my day sister mary !!!

[11/16/17]   Have a hard time communicating with your horse? Try us we've been communicating with the equine mind for years.The secret is that usually it's their human's fault. Text or message me for lessons and/or evaluation of the problem, learning to fix it yourself can be cheaper most of the time than full training.Trust me, I can help.

[11/08/17]   For those that are interested I have horsemanship lessons on Sunday up north at lady raven stables starting time 11:00 am , for those of you that don't want to haul south to S E C this might work for you , text me or pm

[11/08/17]   Big thank you goes out to the Cobb family for getting the new footing in record time !!


We will have room for training horses starting in December, back to training again finally!!!! Also starting Saturday's at 3-5 horsemanship lessons, come and get connected with your horse - learn how to communicate with your partner the horse, from beginners to advanced riders . These methods have helped us win many national championships in every discipline from dressage to reining . As always regular lessons on Sat-Wed-Thu. Message us or text for more info and pricing (509-701-4469) - let's ride !!!!

[11/06/17]   Love giving lessons to people that truly want to learn 😎thanks to the lady's up north for coming out on this snowy day , anyone is interested in attending lessons at lady raven stables on Sundays plz contact me cell, pm me or email , good group an lots of fun.

[10/27/17]   Just to let everyone know crista is just waking up from back surgery , her scheduled 6 hr surgery was only 4 1/2 hrs an went great, surgeon felt really good about the procedure 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠so happy for her

[10/12/17]   A thought for the wise, if we're so dam good at fixing problem horses what makes you think we're not good enough to not start problem with a horse , only trainers will truly love this lol ha ha lol


Know anyone looking for riding lessons of any kind? Please call Talisman Training Center. We teach horses and riders of all ages and disciplines. We can teach you to ride or handle for fun or help you achieve your Grand Prix Dreams. One of our students is pictured here. (509) 701-4469. Please feel free to share this post!

[10/06/17]   Call , text , or message me for horsemanship lessons , any level of riding

[10/06/17]   Getting this out there for those that think we here at TTC are done , been having great lessons with new clients, last night was great love seeing family's riding together in our horsemanship sessions 😎an yes I am recovering from shoulder surgery but they didn't sew up my mouth 👄. Looking forward to riding again in 3-4 weeks, plan coming together.

[09/03/17]   Sorry for the long absent , due to crista's health an my hip injury an now shoulder surgery an trying to keep things up an going at the farm it's been busy , however Iam still training an giving a boat load of lessons to young an old . Talisman training center is going into the teaching mode we believe the knowledge we have can be shared in the way of , horsemanship lessons an with our years of show experience we have real good idea of what it takes to get there an would greatly i joy in sharing that info. We can an helped hundreds in an out of the show pen so feel free to contact us . Have fun on an with your horse


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Arabian Horse Association


I can't think of a better horse for Kevins rehab. Thank you for being so good Black N Style!


And the journey begins now...

[04/26/16]   Update on Kevin tonight, he's in great spirits (it may be the drugs). They've got all the broken parts duct taped and screwed together and he will be completely off his right leg for any weight bearing for quite some time. The hip socket at the femur was broken and had to be surgically repaired, same for the left wrist. He will get to go home in a few days. When he's able to terrorize everyone from a scooter or wheelchair he will be at the barn giving lessons to the kids again, but it will be awhile. Both he and Crista thank everyone for their prayers and love and outpouring of support. Crista commented "I never knew people felt this way". THANK YOU everyone! Kathleen

www.gofundme.com 04/25/2016

Click here to support This is for Keven Christensen by Terri M. Lehnertz

Please do what you can for Kevin in money, time or prayers. Please also share the link to others in the horse community. Posted by Kathleen Sullivan


www.gofundme.com Kevin Christensen is an local horse trainer who was serverly injured in a horse related accident on Saturday April 23 2016 .


Talisman Training Center

For my friends who have come to horse shows and supported Steph, our trainer was in a terrible horse accident yesterday and today had surgery on his pelvis, hip and wrist. The recovery will be long and slow. Please keep Kevin Christiansen in your prayers today. We love our animals but you never know when something like this will derail it all.

Thank you all for your prayers and offers to help. It's overwhelming! For those of you that don't know Kevin was bucked off of a horse yesterday and spent last night in the hospital. He had surgery this am for a broken wrist hip and pelvis that includes plates and screws. All went well but he will be in the hospital a couple of days. Thank you all for all the love it really helps!!




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