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Thank you for hosting our 2021 Christmas party last night! Everyone had a great time at your amazing place! Spokane County Title
Mind if I post a stolen items alert?

This is a weird one. A pinball machine and an antique slot machine (as well as other smaller items) were stolen from my uncle's house while it was unattended for a few days; he passed away a few months ago and his daughters / my cousins have had some contractors in the house a few times to work toward prepping it for sale.

Police are going to contact the contractor and discuss a vehicle that was caught on video by a neighbor's security camera; I'm not interested in naming the contractor at this time. I also have not (yet) seen a sign of these items on for-sale sites.

I know it's a long shot to ask people to keep an eye out, but these items are heirlooms and I'm certainly interested in their safe return. Please contact me or if you know Stephanie Baird, Jeremy Baird, or Mandy Mikelson you can contact them directly too.

The pinball machine is a 1979 "Aspen" by Brunswick with distinctive wear to the playfield; photographed. Additionally, the green double bonus light was out, and the right flipper band is broken or cracked.

The slot machine is a circa 1930s "Extraordinary Page Boy" by Mills. The photograph is approximate as I "borrowed" it from eBay.

Thanks for your attention.
This is a place here in Spokane Washington. Every time I see this wall, I think of you guys. ( Jedi Alliance )
May the 4th be with you! Thanks Jedi Alliance for an awesome event last night. My kids and I had a lot of fun. Pinball was amazing. Thanks for all you guys do for Spokane.
Will you be having a party for May The Fourth?
So with the new phase 1 can you reopen for private parties? Please please please❤ I need some pinball and donkey Kong in my life. Also pong and space invaders! Okay, street fighter too! With a break in the action for pole position....oh man I have been cooped up for too long!
I wish more than anything I could come down for my birthday tonight in a covid-free world. Hang in there 💙
First time there and was defiantly not disappointing! I geeked out like you wouldn't believe. So much to see so much to remember. My son finally got to see his mom crush some video games! We had a blast and will defiantly be back!
This is one of my favorite places ever!!!!
Spokane IDIC Con FAQ Sheet

WHAT: Spokane IDIC is a 2 day event happens every year. Everyone is welcome who enjoys science fiction, super heroes, fantasy and everything in between, and wants to explore and celebrate your geeky side with other like minded people such as yourself. IDIC CON promotes local artists/artisans, local business from Hilliard & the Spokane area, and features stars of current and former versions of the Star Trek series. Talk about bridging the generational gap by gravitating towards an iconic pop culture TV/Movie series that continues even after 50 years! That is the members of the USS Bismarck and their marquee event, IDIC CON. Turkey Drop” has been a favorite every year for families and individuals experiencing food insecurity around the holiday time where they seek donations of turkeys from local super markets, and use those turkeys to augment food baskets prepared and distributed by the Hilliard VFW Auxiliary, Neighborhood cleanup and community events.

WHEN: November 1, 2 2019
WHERE: N 4001 Cook Spokane, WA
Times: Friday: 10Am to 5pm Saturday 8am to 6pm

Parking – Free both at the center and next door at the school

Memberships: at the even t VIP 100.00 Adults 20.00 Kids 10.00 Kids under ten free
Presale Memberships event: VIP 80.00 Adults 15.00 Kids 5.00 Kids under ten are free!

There will be a costume contest all prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Star Trek Deep Space 9 (93-99), Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Renegades, Star Trek Online VG, Blade of Honor (17), Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills, The Secret World of Alex Mack, The Puppet Master III, Tales From The Crypt, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, The Wonder Years, Streets, The Horror Show, Amityville: The Evil Escapes
Writer of Axanar, Star Trek Voyages Phase II (08-09), Sliders, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (96), Babylon 5 (94), Superboy (90), The Real Ghostbusters (87), Twilight Zone (86), Land of the Lost (74), Star Trek: The Animated Series (73-74), Star Trek (67) Actor of Mythical Detective Loki, Digimon Fusion Battles, Fist of the North Star Trilogy, Kitaro’s Graveyard Gang 2, Lun Lun the Flower Girl franchise, Starzinger franchise, Gaiking franchise, Adventures of Nadja franchise, Danguard franchise, Space Pirate Captain Harlock franchise, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek: The Animated Series (73-74)
Stillborn, Bitten (15), Continuum (14), Arrow (13), Extraterrestrial, 12 Rounds 2, Grave Encounters 1-2, Supernatural, Sanctuary, Smallville, Psych, Fringe, Harper’s Island, Stargate Atlantis, Underworld Evolution, The Dead Zone, The Collector, True Calling

Costume contest, cosplay panels, geeky crafts

Vendors will be present with artwork and crafts representing various fandom and genres, and of course there will be food vendors available.

Please no outside food or drink will be allowed

All patrons are encouraged to wear costumes that are appropriate for a family friendly event. Please be respectful and ask permission before you take any photographs of individuals in costume.

No real weapons are allowed. Any weapon that can cause harm by cutting, stabbing, projectiles, or hitting will not be allowed. Replicas must be approved by security and will inspected for safety and be peace bonded when entering the building.

Opportunity for all fans old and young alike can meet some of their favorite characters from the geek culture, and participate in fun projects for the young at heart! Feel a need to connect with your passion for helping others? Volunteering in the community? Maybe being a part of the making of a Spokane tradition of IDIC CON, you’ve got to check them out.
May the 4th party this year or Nah?

The Jedi Church is a Nondenominational church open to people of all faiths ," Be excellent to each other " being a better person will make the world better

Temporarily closed

Photos from Jedi Alliance's post 04/09/2022

EXTENDED SATURDAYS 2PM TO 10PM !!! Join us 135+ Vintage Arcade and Pinball Machines set to free play! SPOKANES original Retro Arcade and Museum! 5908 e broadway


Join us 8 hour Saturdays!! OPEN 2PM to 10pm every Saturday!!! All 135+ Arcade and pinball set to free play! $15 contribution per person!! 5908 e broadway


Huge thank you for another year of support !!! It really means the world to us. Thank you for making yesterday a smashing succes! We have some big plans for year 7! Don't forget we will now be open 2pm to 10pm every Saturday !!

Jedi Alliance updated their business hours. 03/26/2022

Jedi Alliance updated their business hours.

Jedi Alliance updated their business hours.


Join us Today for our 6/1 year anniversary!! EXTENDED Saturday hours 2pm to 10pm all 135+ vintage arcade and pinball machines set to free play !! $15 contribution per person 5908 e broadway ave


Mask mandate is off! We're now wear them if you want to, up to you!! Jedi Alliance is a political and judgment free zone always has been always will be !! Let's be safe and have fun! Open Thursday- Sunday all 135 + machines on free play!! Just $15 contribution per person


Starting March 26th at our anniversary party will be the 8 hour Saturdays kick off!! because we've lost our marbles it will still just be $15 contribution per person!! stay as little or as long as you like! more time to spread our message "BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER!" please share and help get the good word out!!!!!


Join us March 26th for our Jedi Alliance 6/1 year Anniversary Celebration!! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT starting Saturday March 26th were expanding hours!!! Open 2pm to 10pm Saturdays!!! please share and help us spread the good Word!!!


No work or school tomorrow join us Tonight 6pm to 10pm it is the final $12 contribution night!! After tonight all you can play will be $15 contribution per person we are quickly approaching 140 machine with more to come !!.5908 e broadway spokane valley


Tonight and Sunday only!! Ultraman set to free play thanks to spokane pinball ! Open 6pm to 10pm 5908 e broadway ave


Just put out on the game floor WWF WrestleFest 4 player ! Join us Thursday-Sunday $15 contribution per person all 135+ machines set to free play 5908 e broadway ave


New to the collection Qbert!!! Join us Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm 5908 e Broadway Spokanes original Retro Arcade Jedi Allinace still growing !!


Today marks our 6 year anniversary since grand opening of the Jedi Alliance spent the day moving life force into an amazing custom cab!! Alot has changed in 6 years and we have some top secret big plans for the future!! Huge thank you for all your support over the last six years!! Here's to the future , Cheers!


It's back!!! We've been working hard to rebuild the Star Wars trilogy. It's back on the floor and ready for action on the 100 Inch screen! Join us Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm can you defeat the empire?


Fresh off the truck one of the best pinball machines ever made!! Theatre of Magic ! Come out play some games ! Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm 5908 e broadway


Join us Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm over 135 arcade and pinball set to free play !! 5908 e braodway ave

Photos from Jedi Alliance's post 01/13/2022

Couple new games fixed and out on the floor Silk worm and After Burner !! Join us Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm 5908 e broadway ave over 135 arcade and pinball set to free play !!

Ronnie Spector - You cant put your arms around a memory (feat Joey Ramone) 01/12/2022

Ronnie Spector - You cant put your arms around a memory (feat Joey Ramone)

DANG ! love her voice! Rest in peace , 2022 is off to a ruff start

Ronnie Spector - You cant put your arms around a memory (feat Joey Ramone)

Front Porch: Reliving glory days minus the quarters 01/06/2022

Front Porch: Reliving glory days minus the quarters

Fun story about Jedi Alliance always great to do these interviews , disclaimer Qbert is coming soon not done rebuilding it yet ......very soon!!

Front Porch: Reliving glory days minus the quarters My glory days aren’t exactly the ones Bruce Springsteen refers to in his iconic song.

The Great Pinball Steve is having car issues., organized by BRANDON DEFREESE 01/03/2022

The Great Pinball Steve is having car issues., organized by BRANDON DEFREESE

Steve is the best and has helped me keep the pinball machines at Jedi Alliance running since we opened 6 years ago. If you can help please do.

The Great Pinball Steve is having car issues., organized by BRANDON DEFREESE Recently the great Steve Mckenny AKA Pinball Steve, Is having … BRANDON DEFREESE needs your support for The Great Pinball Steve is having car issues.

Photos from Jedi Alliance's post 01/01/2022

Happy New Year ! Thanks to everyone that supported Jedi Alliance over the years! To a better 2022!!


Open Regular hours this week Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm come down play some games check out this beauty For Sale Godzilla !(taking orders) Spokane Pinball Company delivers the goods again!! Don't forget New year's party Friday some ones gonna win a 2 hour private Party!!


Happy holidays to all , see ya Sunday the 26th 6pm to 10pm


Inlaws in town ? Distract them for few hours with over 135 arcade and pinball machines all set to free play! Join us THURSDAY or SUNDAY this week for game night 6pm to 10pm 5908 e broadway. We will be CLOSED FRIDAY and SATURDAY

Photos from Jedi Alliance's post 12/05/2021

We just hit a new milestone for us at the JA Now 135 + Arcade and Pinball machines on the floor !! Join us Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm at our new building 5908 e broadway ave! All.set to free play plus a Pop culture museum 1of a kind movie props and vintage toys !!!!


Working hard this week at the Jedi Alliance to get some NEW GAMES out for the winter ! Come out Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm can you beat Gravity Hill 2 ?? Well see....5908 e broadway spokane valley

Photos from Jedi Alliance's post 11/26/2021

OPEN EVERY THURSDAY-SUNDAY 6PM TO 10PM All Ages ! Over 120 Arcade and Pinball machines. 1 of a kind screen used Movie props, vintage toys,Ramones display and more !!! A must see collection of vintage pop culture for everyone !!! 5908 e broadway ave

Photos from Jedi Alliance's post 11/26/2021

Book your Private Party Today ! Exclusive Use of Venue all 120 games set to FREE PLAY !! 20 HD movie screen. Pop culture museum featuring 1 of a kind movie props! starting at $399.99 message for more info


Just added to the Game Floor all original tempest really nice vector monitor !! Closed for Thanksgiving join us Friday-Sunday this week 6pm to 10pm 5908 e broadway


Back on the floor Star Wars Pinball!! New flippers , waxed and ready for action ! Join us Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm 5908 e broadway ave


Back on the game floor 4 player NBA JAM ! join us Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm 5908 e Broadway ave


Join us Tonight 6pm to 10pm Best Value in Spokane 4 hours of unlimited Arcade and Pinball action ! Plus Pop culture Museum featuring Screen used Movie Props , Toys, posters, Ramones!! 20ft HD movie screen Just $12 contribution per person 5908 e broadway ave


Join us tonight for 3d Halloween ! We will be starting the night PG with Coraline at 8:30pm we will be going R rated with the classic Friday 13th 3d! Of course all the games will be on free play !! $12 per person Costume Contest, Free Candy, It's a JA Halloween join us 5908 e broadway ave

Photos from Jedi Alliance's post 10/28/2021

Look who's back just in time for the 3d Halloween party !! It's stunt dummy Slappy and Ash's severed hand from Evil Dead 2! Sunday party starts at 6pm or join us Thursday-Sunday 6pm to 10pm 5908 e Broadway ave


Another classic added to the collection Black Knight !!! Join us Thursdsy-Sunday 6pm to 10pm 5908 e braodway!! Thanks to Time Bomb for the good deal on this beauty!

House of Arcade worship Johnny Ramones guitar built

Private collection of pop culture including over 100 arcade and pinball machines, massive vintage toy collection and screen used move prop display. Open to the public Friday and Sunday 6pm to 10pm $10 contribution per person all attractions are free. We are 2 brothers with a passion for all things pop culture. We are “Raiders of the lost Arcade” Spokanes original retro arcade, we do this for the passion of preservation!

A few things that make the Jedi Alliance 1 off a kind

we are a Star Wars church

we currently hold the worlds record for highest price Ramones collectible to sell





5908 E Broadway Ave
Spokane, WA

Opening Hours

Thursday 6pm - 10pm
Friday 6pm - 10pm
Saturday 2pm - 10pm
Sunday 6pm - 10pm

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