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Congrats to Joel Sattgast for his new venture Trexo PT & Performance To celebrate Joel's new business we are offering $25 off our strength training guide Running on Resistance. This text takes the guesswork out of working with runners and triathletes, helping them to excel in their training and on race day. There are over 75 high definition videos, 15 contemporary, evidence-based chapters, and 3 sample 4-week training programs. This is a MUST HAVE if you work with this population of athletes.

Enter "trexo" as your discount code to get immediate access at the discounted rate.
Love it! Congratulations on starting your new company Joel!

Trexo PT & Performance was founded out of a desire to provide individualized physical therapy services, performance coaching, and health and wellness information to our clients, athletes, and community.

Operating as usual

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“The reality is…I’m an idiot.” - Simon Sinek

Wait…what?!? Isn’t this the same guy who has one of the MOST WATCHED TED talks of all time (i.e. The Golden Circle)? How is he an idiot? (hint: he’s not - but he’s comfortable being uncomfortable… context!)

It’s all about introspection and perception. 🧐

Recently, I’ve been having many conversations with coaches, clinicians, students and others looking to refine their understanding and approach to working with runners. And one common theme persists…

⚠️ Folks don’t know what they don’t know.

And as Benjamin Franklin noted, “Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.”

So how can we combat this lack of knowledge, or worse yet, this arrogance that all too often clouds our judgement and impairs our growth?

Ultimately, we must think critically… about our ideas, thoughts, and actions…and even the ‘lived experience’ that influences these parts of our personal and professional development.

Thankfully, Manske & Lehecka (2012) have outlined a process to get us started - consider the following as a brief self-audit:
✅ Am I asking well-formulated, specific, and thoughtful questions? (this is a key part of the process!!!)
✅ Am I efficient my ability to find relevant evidence? (read: do I embrace the process of knowledge acquisition)
✅ Am I critically assessing it? (…do I have the tools to do so…)
✅ Am I integrating the evidence? (…am I growing or stagnating…)
✅ How do I know if I am succeeding? Hint: Audit, Mentorship, Constructive Feedback, and Reflection

If you’re looking to hack the outcome without laying a foundation that embraces the process your arrogance is overshadowing what could become your expertise.

Now it's easier to contact Trexo PT & Performance. 02/25/2022

Now it's easier to contact Trexo PT & Performance.

Now it's easier to contact Trexo PT & Performance.

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I’m updating and synthesizing content related to the lumbar spine in preparation for Spring 2022 musculoskeletal content.

Despite evidence demonstrating spontaneous resolution of disc pathology barely a third of patients receive rehabilitation consultation, and less than 15% establish any consistency of skilled care. 😬

While these numbers are underwhelming at best, the statistic that is most concerning 😮 is that >80% receive opioid prescriptions. 🤦‍♂️

We can, and should, do better!

As Tim Flynn has observed, “Never underestimate the power of the medical 🏥system to make you worse.”

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Academicians often fall into 1 of 2 camps – their lecture (and lab) content either stagnates, remaining the same year-after-year despite emerging evidence, or…they continue to add more and more content in order to present ‘breadth and depth’ to students.

Neither is helpful to students 🧑‍💻 who are trying to handle multiple classes, varied and diverse content, and lives beyond the lab and classroom.

It is derelict to send students into a profession ill-prepared for contemporary and holistic practice due to dated instruction and content. So too, inundating students with more material year-after-year perpetuates a notion that “more is better” (which is often not the case) 🤦‍♂️

As I prepare for the start of the Spring 2022 semester my goal is to reduce content where and when able, synthesize, and present information in a way that is approachable and digestible by students. (e.g. my lecture on “Symptom Modification in LBP” has reduced from 116 to 92 slides despite updated references and additional content)

It’s a process I’ve yet to perfect (…and likely never will…)

However, we can and should do better.

What are your thoughts? 🤔

Without diluting programmatic rigor or failing to appreciate the very real requirements from accrediting bodies (institutional and professional - i.e. CAPTE) what realistic changes should be considered to better equip students entering the profession of physical therapy?

11:59:59 01/01/2022



As our society embarks on the beginning of 2022, we all are provided an opportunity to either begin or continue a process of introspection and analysis.

Take 5 minutes ⏱ and consider 3 questions to help you align your priorities in the New Year. (🔗 link in bio)

Let me your thoughts 🧐 - ask questions❓- consider sharing the strategies and considerations you’ve planned to set in motion over the coming months.

Wishing you strong, healthy, and productive training in 2022 and beyond! 💪👊

11:59:59 If you are like most individuals, the end of 2021 and the start of a New Year often results in intentional or unintentional periods of reflection. Maybe you’ve thought of making a resolution or...

Trexo PT & Performance updated their address. 12/18/2021

Trexo PT & Performance updated their address.

Trexo PT & Performance updated their address.

Trexo PT & Performance updated their business hours. 12/18/2021

Trexo PT & Performance updated their business hours.

Trexo PT & Performance updated their business hours.

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While many in the US took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate with friends and family, a client I’m fortunate to partner with in Japan knocked out his first 100 mile ultra-run, finishing in an outstanding 16:58:26. (sub-17 for his first attempt at this distance 😳🤯)

In preparing for this event we spent a good deal of time discussing nutrition requirements and intake timing. Without a doubt, executing a well intentioned nutritional plan was paramount to his success.

Attached is a brief overview of some of the main take-a-ways to consider if you’re planning your own ultra event.

Wishing you strong, healthy, and productive training! 💪👊
therapy #509

Photos from Trexo PT & Performance's post 10/17/2021

"If you think you can or you think you can't…you're right" -Henry Ford (part 5 of 5)

Each day this past week we've 'followed the data'. But one thing the 'data' is lacking is how to integrate these principles into the noise that comes with…
…family commitments…
…work requirements…
…kids practice(s) and extra-curricular activities…
…altered learning environments due to C0V!D…
…maintaining healthy relationship(s) with family and friends…
…___________ (insert here)…

Without a doubt, success in the form of a BQ, or really any accomplishment, is never a straight line. It is far more ebb and flow, zig and zag.

Dogmatic approaches of "70 mile run weeks or else…", "high intensity training or else…", "x-mile long runs or else…", x-number of days p/week running or else…", (and the list goes on…) do little to acknowledge the complexity of balancing training and goal attainment with life.

Each of us has to balance and keep in check misplaced confidence, logical and training errors, misconceptions and biases, and blind spots.

Perhaps you've been following the data and still have been unable to nab a BQ. Pause for a moment - are you fostering a healthy ecosystem? 🌳Do you have someone in your corner who has your back when life and training have landed 1 too many punches? 🥊😵‍💫

Tom Landry once observed, "A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be."

Today, I'm outlining 2 clients I'm fortunate to work with - both experiencing success at the marathon (i.e. BQ and beyond). But more importantly, both have balanced their ecosystems.

If you've thought and known you can qualify for Boston then you're likely right. Now, as training ebbs a bit, is a perfect time to consider your own 'balance' and who you have, or don't have, in your corner.

🙏 Thanks for following along this week. If I can be a resource for you moving forward don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Train Smarter…Not Harder (part 4 of 5)

Cutoff times are ⬇️, margins for successful registration are ⬆️, and BQ runners are running ⬆️ miles and ⬆️ frequently. Take-a-way: train harder, right? 🤦‍♂️ Nope ✋…but you should train smarter 🤔 Let's look at a bit more data…

When Strava looked at marathoners year-over-year (Strava = 44 million users), those who ran less volume 😲 at MP (marathon pace) or faster achieved lower times vs. those training harder more frequently (e.g. 25% @ MP vs. 43% @ MP). Example: a sub-3 hr. marathoner (pace 75% of volume at 7:31-7:47 p/mile pace.

Considering quantity and quality of mileage also helps to frame our discussion.
✅ Running 10 mile runs.
✅ Interestingly, running 3-4 hr. 39% 5-10 mile runs / 17% >10 mile runs and at >4 hr. 40% 5-10 mile runs / 17% >10 mile runs.

🚨 Take-a-way: it's less about how long you're 🏃🏃‍♀️ (duration) and more about what and how (frequency, distribution)
🧐 e.g. easy vs. threshold vs. fartlek vs. L*D

This data jives well with Seiler IJSPP 2010, Esteve-Lanao et al MSSE 2005, and Seiler et al SJMSS 2006, and others who've identified a polarized intensity distribution (e.g. 80% easy/aerobic = L*D, 20% at or above race-pace) as 'optimal'.

Finally, Ronnestad et al SJMSS 2014 and Blagrove et al SM 2018 aide us in recognizing the value of strength training as it benefits economy, threshold performance, and musculotendinous stiffness, among other ecosystem benefits.

Snagging a BQ requires integration of habitudes (see post 3 of 5) as well as smarter training. Tomorrow I'll wrap things up with 2x case studies of athletes who've built success over the marathon distance

Photos from Trexo PT & Performance's post 10/13/2021

(part 3 of 5) Habitudes of BQ runners

If you're not in the 13% or 15% of marathoners (see yesterday's post) all hope is not lost. Let's follow the data for more info… 📊

For both men and women, the 12 weeks leading up to a successful BQ share several common denominators: 🤔

✅ Weekly mileage is ⬆️ (BQ men avg = 46.62 vs. non-BQ men = 24.89 -- BQ women avg = 40.19 vs. non-BQ women = 23.48) That's a difference of 21.73 miles for men and 16.71 miles for women.

✅ Peak mileage is ⬆️ (typically @ wk. 8-10 in a 12-wk. marathon build). BQ Men peak ~60 miles, BQ women peak ~54 miles. Non-BQ men achieve ~43 miles, non-BQ women achieve ~40 miles. That's a difference of ~17 miles (39%) for men and ~14 miles (35%) for women.

✅ Runners who achieve a BQ are also running more frequently: BQ men achieve 7.05 runs p/week and BQ women 6.7 runs p/week. Non-BQ men hit 5.34 and non-BQ women 5.29 respectively. Interestingly enough, most of these runners are only running an avg of 5-6 days p/week - take-a-way: they're running more but not sacrificing recovery 😴

In short, BQ runners demonstrate the following habitudes - they are:
🗓 Consistent (7 x 365 x 10)
🧐 Calculated ("hope is not a strategy")
💪 Committed ("the enemy of the 'best' is often the 'good'")

Tomorrow we'll look at intensity distribution 📈, variability of training, and risk ⚠️ mitigation. Stay tuned…

(Data from Strava, Running USA Marathon Report, Garmin)

Photos from Trexo PT & Performance's post 10/12/2021

Want to qualify for Boston? Follow the data…📊 (part 2 of 5) 'Making the Cut'

Since 2012, (intro 'rolling registration') and 2020 (lowering BQ times by 5 min.) running Boston is elusive. Hitting a BQ time doesn't guarantee registration, but… "the opportunity to submit a registration application". In short, you better hit that qualifying standard with room to spare to guarantee a spot in Hopkinton.😳

And there's more - younger AG = more competitive (calculated based on % of runners denied vs. % of total number of runners who achieved BQ). Practically speaking, if you're in the


Want to qualify for Boston? Start by following the data…

The Boston Marathon typically falls on "Marathon Monday". However, due to race cancellations/postponements (i.e. C0V!D) the 2021 race was moved to today (Oct. 11).

Snagging a BQ continues to be one of the most elusive accomplishments in marathoning with fewer % of 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️ accomplishing this goal each year. Further complicating matters, since 2012 the BAA (Boston Athletics Assoc) has ⬇️ qualifying times and has moved to rolling registration, allowing those who qualify by 20, 10, and 5 min. faster than BQ times to register early with preference given based on speed of qualifying time.

It is no longer 'enough' to hit your qualifying time alone - many runners need a buffer. Since 2012, the avg buffer overall needed to ensure entrance is 2:54 faster than the qualifying time. But since 2017 that number has jumped to 3:58. 😰

The data is pretty clear here 📊 - in order to BQ runners are:
✅ running more mileage over their 12 weeks leading into Boston (though less than you might think… 🧐)
✅ running more miles weekly, peaking >13 (women) and >16 (men) miles p/week
✅ running more often - women 1.4x and men 1.7x more runs p/week
✅ running slower more often and harder when it matters (above marathon pace)

This week I'll be walking through the data on a daily basis, providing a blue print for success (and how to mitigate the risk of injury). If achieving a BQ is on your radar follow along, posting your questions below. And if you've already snagged the elusive BQ what do you believe contributed to your success? 🤔

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