Vault Fitness Spokane

Vault Fitness Spokane


Who is going to be at the 5pm workout tomorrow? I am getting back into my after work routine and need some accountability. 😊 See you tomorrow!
Back at it tomorrow!
Are you guys back open? I didn’t see any holiday hours posted or anything
0500 peeps.... very disappointed in you. Only 1 highly motivated person showed up for class this morning ☀️ . Arm day is not that bad 💪.
Trifecta finishers!!!
I want to send a shout out to Eric. He went above and beyond today on my one on one workout. Worked on things I personally needed to best help me. I love this gym and I’m so glad vault fitness is apart of my life. Thank you Eric and Janet.
Representing Vault Fitness at Bloomsday!
Janet, good luck with the Spartan tomorrow! Thanks for the great workout today too!
Good lord...just stretched my arms from typing, and man can I feel the results from yesterday's workout - Not a fan of dips, but they do work my baby muscles.
New Vault shirt ideas.
Today's workout rocked!!!

Resistance and strength training, with a focus on balance and coordination.

Operating as usual


Due to a scheduling conflict we have to cancel the two o'clock class today. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. We will be open again at 3.


Say hello to Kami Brandon, she is the winner in the ladies division of the New years weightloss challenge. Kami lost 18.8 percent of her body weight for an awesome total of 32.75 lbs. That means the girls beat the boys this time, and I do love it when that happens. Kami counted calories and balanced the macros, keeping those carbs nice and low. Solid discipline kept her in the zone at the table, but I'm pretty sure it was the 5am, every single day workout that sent her into beastmode. Most peoples eyes are still glued shut by the sandman and she is here sweating bullets and working hard to get it done. Congratulations Kami, you totally rocked the challenge, and thankyou for working out with us at Vault Fitness.


Winner of the men's weightloss challenge David Ewing. Here he is showing off his new found body. Maybe I should say newly lost body, since this dude lost 17.8 percent of his bodyweight for a total of 47.75 lbs. He used the kickstart nutritional program and adjusted it as needed. The reason it worked is not because it is a magic way to eat, it worked because David has the discipline to stick to a nutritional plan for an extended period of time, a skill alot of us would like to have. The reality of weightloss is that it never comes without hard work, both at the table, and the gym and this guy has figured it out. Congratulations David, and thank you for sweating it out here at Vault Fitness

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This is 12 weeks, 23.5 lbs. All that was required was 4 workouts per week, spot on keto nutrition (except for 5 cheats, only 1 was planned because I love food. ) I also enjoyed 2 24 hr fasts( not as bad as you think) and threw some intermittent fasting in. Also did some change up on meal times. Let me tell you, my nutritional choices have me feeling like a million bucks. Why does a coach have so much to lose? As a business owner I work a ton of hours, and blamed lack of sleep, as a coach I fell into the trap of thinking I can eat what I want, because I work out(epic fail) All of these were just excuses, and laziness. Those days are done, at 48 I feel better than I have felt in 10 years, thanks in large part to my wife for really digging in to the science of nutrition and loving me enough to force me to eat cabbage (better than broccoli) next Goal is 15 lb and I will be done! Shouldn't be to hard with a couple of months of mountain biking. Believe me people if I can do it, SO CAN YOU.


Stay fit all year long at Vault Fitness. Come in and train for your next Spartan, for snowshoeing, for triathlons...for life. Try us for a week for free it is a great way to start your day.


Happy Saturday!!!


Hey guys, I have a few announcements to make. First of all, sign ups for the Vault Fitness Newyears Bootcamp. A couple of changes coming your way. First of all this will be our first 12 week program. 12 weeks is long enough to really get that big physical change that makes the world stand up and take notice of your sick fitness. Another new benefit is a few choices in simple nutritional programs that we can customize to fit your taste. Does not include cake, and pizza, but it doesn't have to be chicken and broccoli either. The last thing I want to tell you, if you are already a member, bring a friend in, and if they sign up for 3 months, you will get those months for free. Pretty sweet right. Besides, you know it's more fun to sweat together. Let's get some people in here to join the fun here at Vault Fitness.


Ladies and gentlemen this is Scott. Scott is the Male winner of the Vault Fitness fall weight boot camp. 10.4 percent of his bodyweight magically disappeared in 8 short weeks. Dont tell anyone, but guess what his secret is.....PORTION CONTROL!!! Ooops, the secret is out. Scott also used some fasting tricks for a few of those weeks. 12 hrs on, 12 off. This guy is a hard worker at 6am, and no matter how difficult the workout, he always is a bright light of humor, and joviality. I love having this guy come in and kick ass, and make me laugh while he is at it. Thanks for sweating it out here at Vault Fitness. What a great addition you are to that 6am class.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is Carla the winner of the Vault Fitness fall weightloss bootcamp. Carla, was able to drop 9% of her bodyweight in 8 short weeks. What is her secret? Dont tell anybody, but she practiced portion control. This was more difficult for Carla than for most of us, due to some food allergy issues. Want to know another secret? Carla shows up all the time. She is the epitome of playing through the pain. Serious knee issues never keep Carla from getting in here and sweating hard. Thankyou Carla for working out at Vault Fitness, we are so proud of you, and that "Cant stop, wont stop." Work ethic.


Great job today everyone. See you Monday!


Hope to see everyone tomorrow.


Good luck everyone!

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Two Sunday Spartan Sprinters playing in the mud. Nice work Steve and Dea! Wash those shoes off before you come into the gym! 😜

Vault Fitness Spokane updated their website address. 09/10/2018

Vault Fitness Spokane updated their website address.

Vault Fitness Spokane updated their website address.


Hello Everyone,
Just a reminder, we are closed through Tuesday. We will open again on Wednesday morning at 4 a.m. See you all soon. Enjoy the weekend.


Check out the happy faces on these two fabulous babes. Leg day can be so fun😆


The Fall Weight Loss Challenge starts on September 10th. Sign up now and workout for the rest of the month for free.


Don't forget we are closed this afternoon and all day tomorrow. It's Hilliard Days. Go enjoy the parade in the morning and visit the local shops. See you Monday.


Vault Fitness Spokane Fall Weight Loss Competition

Fall weight loss competition starts on September 10th. Sign up now and workout in August for free. Send a message or stop by for more details.



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Timeline photos 06/09/2018

Timeline photos

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Ladies and gentlemen meet your winners of the summer body bootcamp. John and Charlotte. Two outstanding athletes, that decided to eat right, and show up and work hard for a mere 8 weeks with great results. John lost 22 lbs even, and Charlotte lost 14.8 lbs. The big secret to their success is not a secret at all. Weightloss is achieved in the kitchen, and we all know it. These two know it as well, but had the focus and dedication to put it into action. They are the perfect example eating well and not starving. Also a wonderful example of sweating it out in the gym. They understand that you don't just show up. You show up with a purpose and you have to put in the work. Success doesn't come to you, you have to go get it. I hope more of us will follow John and Charlotte on the road to getting fit and healthy. It is something all of us can do, you just have to REALLY do it. Thankyou John and Charlotte for your outstanding effort in the gym and especially on the nutritional end of things because we all know, that is the really hard part.

Timeline photos 04/21/2018

Great workouts this morning. Thanks for coming in!


Ladies and gentlemen is Charlotte, and she is the first winner in our first weekly drawing for the summer body boot camp. Charlotte absolutely kills her workouts, even on the days when just getting here is a challenge. Her form and focus have turned her into the machine you see before you. Hey, how about that Vault Fitness yoga mat. Just show show up 4 times a week. Not only can you win some swag, you might find you WILL get fit as hell. Get in here and sweat your butt off, it can only be good for you!!!


Ladies and gentlemen meet your winner of the show up show down, Reilly Bealer. She is going to need that bag full of goodies to use on those sore muscles. Reilly is one of the hardest workers I know. Not only is she a killer in the gym, where she is always going hard, sweating, and lifting heavy, she is also a brilliant mind. How she finds enough time and energy to get to the gym and still keep that high GPA is beyond me. WSU med school watch out, this girl is on fire. Thankyou Reilly, for being a bad ass, and getting sweaty at Vault Fitness

Timeline photos 04/02/2018

And the winner of the Show Up Showdown is....?

Timeline photos 03/31/2018

Wake up and workout.


Happy Monday guys!! This is Lonnie Ervin and he is a true stallion. This guy understands the meaning of play through the pain. A bad spine and nutritional challenges do not hold him back. Lonnie is always lifting as heavy as he can, never taking the easy way out. He also has great muscle endurance, and can do all battle rope exercises for the whole minute. It has been my pleasure to train Lonnie for the last few years, and watch him grow as an athlete. Thanks for showing us all how to get the most out of what we have Lonnie. When you are here at 5pm, my day is complete.
On another note this is the last week to sign up for the summer body boot camp. Go for it guys, it can only be good for you, and remember summer is right around the corner!

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