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Supercharge Performance Horses focuses on the confident barrel racing horse and rider. We offer lessons from beginner to advanced riders. We boast a positive learning environment for both horse and rider.

Jennifer Ballard has been training horses and riders in Spokane for 10 years. She has a bachelors degree in Applied Management with an Emphasis in Equine Management. Supercharge Performance specializes in the all around amateur and youth riders as well as helping each horse reach their potential in their chosen discipline. We have riders as young as 4 all the way to riders in their 60's. We also have lesson horses available and provide services to help you find your next equine partner!

Operating as usual

[01/03/21]   ISO a 6 horse trailer! Please pm if you have one or know of one for sale. Under 30k

We have a couple of show saddles for sale! High end Blue Ribbon saddles, both are 16” seats and in excellent condition. 3k & 6.5k. Pm for more info.

2020 was definitely a year to remember for us! For many small businesses it was devastating and our hearts go out to those businesses that had to close their doors. For us it had some ups and downs but we were lucky enough to not only survive but have our most successful year ever in many aspects! We had to make a hard pivot in March with everything being shut down. A horse trainers truck and trailer just sitting is both costly and also a little scary. Our rigs not moving usually means we have a lot less income. And that was the case for a couple of months, but we welcomed back beginner riders and went full force into a beginner program when Bailey came to work full time. That brought us so many new riders and almost all of them are still riding with us and many have purchased their own horses! It turned out, our outdoor activity was something we could safely do and lots of people wanted to do it! We are proud to say we haven’t had one Covid case at the barn and hope to keep it that way.
We lost Dreamer who was a lesson horse for us and a competitive horse for previous clients. She was a special girl and she went just how she wanted to. Wild and Free.
We got to go places we had never been before and got to go to several competitions later in the season. We appreciate all the event producers that figured out how to put events on during this difficult time.
We didn’t get to have our annual Christmas Party but next year it will be our best ever!
We learned so much about ourselves as trainers, about teaching different people and truly how to make the best out of a negative situation. We are so so grateful for all of our clients sticking with us! We didn’t think that this would bring a full barn, client waitlists, and the need for a bigger trailer!
Our word for 2020 was STRONGER. We definitely are stronger. Our 2021 word is EMPOWER. We hope to keep empowering riders to follow their dreams.
So, pandemic or not, we are grateful for 2020 and all that it brought us. Here’s to 2021 being another great year!!

Congratulations Lucy and family on your purchase of MS Montana Twister! Thank you Ann Muelhiems for the opportunity. We are really happy to be keeping Twister in the barn!

Merry Christmas to all of our clients, riders and followers! We are grateful for each and every one of you and hope you all have a magical day!

Every once and awhile we practice going faster on our horses. This allows the rider to gain confidence with more speed and can help the rider learn to trust their horse. This is also great for young horses just learning to handle themselves with speed. This exercise helps condition the horses lungs as well as their joints, tendons and ligaments. If the only time the horse goes fast is when competing, there can be a higher risk of injury. It is important that once you sit down and ask your horse to shorten their stride they do so quickly . This will teach your horse to respond to your cues even at speed. When applied to barrel racing, this teaches them to rate their speed for the turns.

Mackey Ireland

There is no such thing as the “wrong horse”.

Not every horse that comes into your life will be exactly what you want, in fact very few will be, but whether the come temporarily, or stay forever, every horse comes for a reason.

That reason is not always clear. It can feel like all some horses bring is stress, pain and heartache. It can sometimes feel so ‘wrong’ that you can’t see how any good could ever come from it.

But the most valuable lessons come from the ‘wrong’ horses.

When you get up after eating dirt after being thrown for the third time that ride, you’ll find resilience you never knew you had.

When your tired of sitting at the side lines, watching your friends having fun whilst your horse is still chapters behind, you’ll find patience within yourself that you didn’t know was there.

When your sick of spending every ride questioning your ability and second guessing yourself, you’ll dig deep and find the self belief that’s always been hidden inside you.

And when you meet a horse that is so broken, even giving the very best of yourself won’t fix it, you’ll find a selflessness in you to make sure that horse never knows anything but love.

Patience, resilience, determination, selflessness aren’t easy lessons, but we’re better riders for learning them.

You may think you’ve got the “wrong horse”, but you’ve actually got the right horse to teach the hardest lessons.

Learn well.


Quote by Kind permission of cromwellandlucy

You can find Lucys book -

📸 Ally Wilson Photography

🐴Edward Doyle

It’s a winter wonderland here at the barn today! Dixie loves the snow❄️

We added a little speed to Kitty last night! She’s super smooth to ride and FUN! PM or see her ad on our page!

“Kitty” is looking for her next home! She is an 18yr old APHA, Red Dun mare. About 15.2. She’s patterned in all the gaming events and has been used as a trail horse also in the past. Was a lead line horse with the previous owners as well. We think Kitty is not a good fit for stall and small turnout pen life so she needs somewhere she can be out more. She loves her stall but has gotten too hot for her timid rider. She is fine when someone more experienced hops on and if you like to go fast then she is your girl! So she is not for a beginner! She does all the things a broke horse should like tie, stand for the farrier and vet and in the wash rack. Trailers awesome, not mareish and gets along great with other horses. Not currently in need of any maintenance or supplements. Up to date on everything. Sound and vet checks are welcome at buyers expense. Spokane, WA. Pm for more info 3️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

Last night one of our beginner riders was having a lesson with Bailey and she rode by me and said “sometimes I never want to take my gloves off because they smell so good”. My heart instantly melted because that is super sweet of course, but that pretty much sums up the “why” of Supercharge ❤️
When I was a little girl I wanted a place like this so badly and a group of friends to ride and learn with and most of all, wanted to smell that smell, hear the beautiful sound of the leather on my saddle squeak, feel leather in my hands and breathe into my horses’ neck and dream all the dreams. My dream is to make a place where others’ dreams can come true and their gloves can smell “so good” 💕💕💕


Last chance to get on the order for Supercharge merchandise! All orders must be submitted by Thursday December 3rd at 9:00 am so we can get the order sent in!!

Feel free to message the page with any questions and to place your orders!

Don’t forget to message us if you are interested in any merchandise so you don’t miss out on the order!!


We will be placing another order for Supercharge Gear!! If you would like to purchase some merchandise, please message us what you would like!! Prices vary based on the amount ordered!

Our logo can be printed on hats, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, you name it!

We will be placing the order on Friday December 4th so if you would like to be included in this order we will need your order in by Thursday!!

Please share! ❤️


We will be placing another order for Supercharge Gear!! If you would like to purchase some merchandise, please message us what you would like!! Prices vary based on the amount ordered!

Our logo can be printed on hats, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, you name it!

We will be placing the order on Friday December 4th so if you would like to be included in this order we will need your order in by Thursday!!

Please share! ❤️

When you count your blessings this year, don’t forget your horse!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Supercharge Performance Horses 🍂

In our barn the words “I can’t” are not used. Instead we encourage our riders to say “I need help”.

It starts when we’re little kids...
“I can’t pick up the horses feet.”
“I can’t carry the saddle.”
“I can’t make him trot.”

Then it happens as a youth:
“I can’t keep the barrels up.”
“I can’t get him in the alley.”’
“I can’t win a check.”

Then as an adult:
“I can’t ride.”
“I can’t win.”
“I can’t succeed.”

The words “I can’t” plague our minds with self doubt, in ourselves and our horses. We’re presented with challenges, and instead of hitting them head on, we crumble and say “I can’t.” Those very words have killed more dreams and futures than any other phrase. And the irony is, they’re a lie.

Because you CAN.

The next time you’re faced with adversity, instead of giving up because you “can’t,” change your mindset. Rather, ask “how do I,” if you’re struggling with something. Surround yourself with people who are willing to help answer that question. Remove “I can’t” from your vocabulary. Failure is, and never will be, an option. You’ll be surprised how much further you get in life when you stop being your own obstacle. You CAN do it.

- Lee Bailey Bradshaw (Black Cursive Barrel Horses)

We want to wish a very Happy 21st Birthday to Elie! We are so grateful for you and all of the hard work you do everyday! Thank you for always bringing your infectious smile to the barn ❤️ Have a wonderful day!

Way to go Elie and GG!! They have been working so hard the last couple months to step up their game and it paid off. They ended up winning the 3D! Well deserved and we are proud of you!

We love being able to give riders the opportunities to ride new horses. Here is Estelle who is riding three year old Twister. Estelle currently leases KC who is Twister’s momma! So fun to watch our riders become confident enough to ride a new horse around!

We are so grateful to have an indoor arena that allows us the ability to continue riding all winter long ❄️

We have filled our turnout position! Thank you to everyone who shared! For those who inquired about the position, we will keep you in mind if something opens up in the future!

Estelle and Lily braved the cold temperatures on Saturday for a playday in Creston! It was Lily and Peewee’s first time competing and they did great in all the events and had fun learning what a competition setting is all about! Estelle and KC made some stellar runs as well! We even got to bring Dixie, a four year old who got to experience the craziness of a play day! We were so grateful for sunshine and clear skies, clean runs and an overall great day to enjoy our horses! Thank you to Creston Equine Center for putting on a great event!

Due to schedule changes we are looking for someone to turn horses in and out on various days throughout the week! We are located between Spokane and Cheney. You must have prior horse experience, have reliable transportation and be reliable yourself as the horses depend on you. This is an easy and fun job! Pm for more info

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❌ We are looking for more lease horses ❌
This horse will be used for play days and it is a plus if they know the gaming patterns but not required!They must be able to walk, trot, lope nicely. As well as tie and cross tie safely. Older horses with some maintenance are acceptable. We are mostly looking for full care leases but have the option to purchase if it is a good fit! We have a wonderful facility and your horse would have the best care possible!

Send us a message if you have a horse that needs some extra love 💕

First Down Dashers (Liz, Estelle, and Taylor) had an awesome time at the Halloween playday! Thank you to the Sunhaven crew for putting on such a great event!

We have another lease matchup to introduce! Diva was paired with sisters, Kenzie and Alexis! She is a sweet older mare who is teaching these girls what riding and caring for a horse is all about! We love watching them smile as they get to ride! Thank you to Caitlin for trusting us with your special girl!

Introducing our newest lease matchup! Lily and Peewee! Lily started riding with us this summer and has loved every second of it! Peewee is a retired barrel horse who is here to show Lily the ropes! Thank you Alyssa for allowing us the opportunity to use your sweet girl! We can’t wait to watch Lily and Peewee grow as a team! ❤️

We love watching other women succeed in such a tough industry! Congratulations to this rider!


Sarah Dawson and Selvarey just won the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity with a huge fence run of 224.5 for a 661 composite.

She's only the second woman in history to win the Snaffle Bit Futurity Open -- and the first since 1993.


Entrepreneurs say that if you do what you LOVE, you will never work a day in your life...

Wait wait wait... let me rephrase that for you...

Do what you love and you will work harder than you have ever before💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

This entrepreneurs life is no walk in the park

Do what you love and you will work more than full time hours

Owning your own business is a constant grind

Do what you love and you will have moments of self doubt

Do what you love and you will have tons of sleepless nights

Do what you love and you will have millions of lessons to learn

But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it because we do this for ourselves and no one can take that away from us

As entrepreneur, we know we love what we do and We work really hard

We have to give a shout out to all our clients for entrusting us with your precious unicorns and your children! They all teach us something new everyday and it worth all the work!🦄🦄🦄

This was from a friend, who is also a hard working entrepreneur!

We love and appreciate our lesson horses everyday ❤️

I am a lesson horse.
I am a horse that isn’t as recognized as the top hunter jumpers, the best western pleasure horse, or the 1D barrel horse, I am a lesson horse. I am the backbone of the foundation to do all of those things. I am a lesson horse.

I am not loved by one person. I am loved by several people. I don’t have my person, I have my people. I am a lesson horse.

I will teach your child and yourself more than just to ride. I will bring your child out of their shell. I will teach your child about life. I will be yours and their shoulder to cry on. I am a lesson horse.

I will bring my family the joy of teaching kids. I will bring my families business growth. I am so loved by my family, even if they don’t express it everyday. My family allows others to show me love and enjoy me. I am a lesson horse.

At the end of your childs’ journey on a lesson horse, they will out grow me. They will find one that jumps higher, a horse that is show quality, a horse much faster than me. But, I will never outgrow being a lesson horse. I will be the one that loved your child and helped your child grow into the rider and person they are. I am a lesson horse.

At the end of my time as a lesson horse; I will be covered in grey hair. Each grey hair came from each hour I spent as a lesson horse. I will be in a field of green grass, I will be taken care of as I was when I was a lesson horse. I will watch your child from across the pasture love her new horse. But, I will love your child more than any horse can. I will be the backbone of the business, the family, and your child. Don’t forget about me, I am a lesson horse.

I am a lesson horse.

*words stolen from a friend*

Estelle and Liz had a great time at the WSH Halloween fun day last weekend! This is so rewarding as coaches to watch them thrive and participate at any level that they want to. They work hard every week on their horsemanship and building a relationship with their horses so they can have all the fun!! PC: Dukarts Ranch

Our up and coming 4yr olds got to make a few runs in Salina! We are really excited about them and thank their owners for trusting us with their special mares 💕

Custom Baquera and Jennifer running their fastest time of the weekend in Utah! They placed 4th in the 2D which got them a nice check!!

Custom Baquera 💕

Our Story

Supercharge Performance Horses was started in 2008 by Jennifer Ballard at Westar Ranch. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Equine Management, Jennifer moved to Spokane, WA and began working and training at Westar Ranch. Westar Ranch is located just 10 minutes south of downtown Spokane.

In 2020 we are welcoming Bailey Mapes as our full time assistant trainer. She has earned a BS in Natural Horsemanship with minors in instruction and management. Jennifer and Bailey specialize in the amateur and youth riders in speed events while applying and practicing proper horsemanship. We offer training in:

  • Barrel Racing

  • Coaching Youth and Amatuer competitors
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