The Mod Scientist/TMS Cosplay

Manufacturing and customizing of Cosplay costumes, weapons and accessories (including costume type jewelry) as well as upgrading of nerf type blasters.

Operating as usual


Spent some time at Lilac City Comicon over this last weekend. Made an appearance as Vader, the Sand Trooper, and of course Iron Man. Helmet is a re-worked Legends Series Mark 50, painted in the Mark 20 "Python" colors

[10/08/18]   Due to health issues, I will be unable to take any commissions for a while. I will try to get current ones completed, however it may take longer than usual. Thank you for your understanding.
The Mod Scientist.


Finally getting the 3d printer back in working order which allows the Clone Trooper commission to resume. Then getting the FOTK armor molds finished up. Then the MSE Droid project can commence. Oh, and sourcing Shadow Trooper parts for my Wife, finalizing my Sand Trooper, some gauntlets for myself (Merc) and Joey Graham (Boba Fett).


The things you have to do in a cosplay house.....

[06/21/18]   Finalizing a couple of personal projects, then I will start 3d printing the molds for FOTK/Phasma armor (vacuum formed final pieces). No definitive dates on when the kits will be ready, but we will post again when the first run has been quality checked and assembled.


Just a quick test board for a friend's Super Hero shield colors. The following pic (not the best quality) is why primer or a base color is so important. Left to right base coats: Gloss white, silver metallic, flat black. Top to bottom: Duplicolor Anodized Blue, Duplicolor Anodized Red, CP Royal Blue, Rustoleum Gloss Navy Blue, Base coat row.


Because sometimes your back up costume needs a back up.


Playing around with some audio editing software and my TRamp for Wencon 2018.

[04/12/18]   Embarking upon the journey that is First Order Storm Trooper building. Co-op project with the plans of 3d printing molds then vacuum forming components. Hopefully we can get a good quality, reasonably priced final product.


Rough idea of what a finished detonator looks like. Some detail work on the lighting to figure out.


3d printer is up and running. Will be doing a batch of Thermal detonators for the Star Wars people. $10 each plus shipping, unfinished (will glue the shell halves together for no cost), finished units will vary, $15 and up. Available options, once I source components, will include paint/weathering, led lights, sound board, belt hanger or magnet. PM the page if interested.


Filling in the seams on the chest assembly, attaching the pieces to form the bevel at the arm pit areas, then the collar plate.

[04/21/17]   I am considering doing a limited run, late this summer, of resin cast Mandalorian helmets. Will be reasonably priced, and will be finished either primer only, or painted with up to 3 colors (limited to simple patterns). PM this page if you are interested. *may or may not be approvable for Mandalorian Mercs or 501st Legion.

[02/16/17]   If anyone is going to Radcon in Tri-Cities this weekend I will be at The Galactic Alliance booth in my Darth Tuk'ata kit. Stop by, say hi, and maybe drop a donation in one of the jars. 02/10/2017

Symphony Special: Heroes, Villains and Sidekicks Superheroes… satisfying the urge to put wrong to right… or to take over the universe. Morihiko Nakahara and the Spokane Symphony are delving into the rich history of the superhero genre to create an exciting program of spine-tingling scores, including music from Superman, Batman and more. Whether yo...

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Playing around with some audio editing software and my TRamp for Wencon 2018.
Experimenting with some additional sound loop /mp3 things for my Vader costume. This system is available for purchase if...
Tis but a scratch.




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